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Motorola Announces the Moto X – Starts at $199 On Contract Through Five Carriers

verizon moto x

After months of waiting, the Moto X is here. Today in New York City, Motorola pulled the curtains back for its new “Made in the USA” flagship device. The phone will launch on five carriers in the U.S. starting in late August/early September. The device will be priced at $199 on contract for the 16GB storage option, but for $50 more, you can grab the Moto X in 32GB on contract. 

The devices features a Snapdragon S4 Pro dual-core processor with the Motorola X8 Computing System, a 10MP camera, Android 4.2.2, 2GB of RAM, a 4.7″ HD 720p display, 2MP front-facing camera, Bluetooth 4.0, 2,200mAh battery, Touchless Control and a whole lot more.

Starting at launch exclusively for AT&T, buyers can head to the MotoMaker website and design their very own Moto X. With the customization choices vast between build materials, colors, engravings and cases, there is no doubt you can make one that you will instantly love looking at.

To see more Moto X, check out our full unboxing and hands-on gallery here, and peek at MotoMaker here.

Via: Motorola

  • ThomasNeidhart

    hmmm… They better do a 180 rather quickly on the high-end $199 On-Contract pricing. The HTC One and Samsung S4 are fare superior phones for $199 On-Contract! With the cute customizations we all would have fun doing, but covering up unless they give you a free clear case with purchase (there’s your idea Moto!) and innovative features, along with mid-range specs this phone would be VERY popular at $149 On-Contract and sell like hot cakes at $99 On-Contract.

    Also, $499 Off-Contract would sell well, and quickly at $449. Reading $199 On & $599/649 Off, is such a disappointment. I was going to buy one to help American jobs, but there’s little reason to do so at this pricing that clearly is overreaching.

  • Kisuk3


  • Reginald Jefferson

    Man, a lot of people upset over something that was expected. You guys were really that surprised? Can’t wait till you guys find out about water being wet.

  • cancerous_it

    This thing must be made of unicorn shite. That’s the only explanation for the price.

  • Luigi90210

    Contracts. What are these? I don’t have a contract on tmobile

    • ThomasNeidhart

      contract or not, you still pay for the full price of the phone. TMo just makes you pay monthly as a separate fee for the new phone, the others add it to the monthly price. Sprint is the best value at 70, and 48-58 if you have their old SERO plans

  • Kelly OBrien

    Just went limp !

  • Bummed

    One of the biggest tech let downs ever. $200 on contract. So much for googlerola hating the carrier pricing model.

    If there is carrier bloat….I will change my statement and say that this IS the biggest tech let down/fail

  • SmokeNMirrors

    The best news from today is that we can stop wasting time discussing the Moto-X. It’s pricing makes it an epic fail. Carry on…

    • ThomasNeidhart

      ha! that’s one good thing. the discussions can end, and the 2% that are gonna buy it can have the discussion. I woulda paid $99 on contract (if I was off I’d have paid $400, not 600+), so they’re hurting their sales by demanding this rate, unless it’s Carrier bloat on the pricing!

  • SomeDooD

    I am disappoint.

  • JD_26

    having no further surprises today makes me think … why wouldnt some1 just get the Droid mini.. it sems to do everything this phone does and if someone wanted a phone to feel small in hand im sure they wouldnt mind .4″ less in screen size !

  • AdamJay

    Definitely disappointed. The Moto X is SOO close to being an extremely compelling device. It’s a great looking phone, all hands on accounts have said that it feels great in the hand, Made in the USA, and (if the 24 hour claims are accurate) great battery life.

    But outside of being Made is the USA, there is NOTHING unique or great about the Moto X. Nothing that sets it apart from the S4, HTC One, or iPhone. On screen notifications are nice, but I don’t see that selling millions of phones and it’s certainly not that exciting to me.

    The Moto X needed to have revolutionary pricing or cutting edge specs to be a game changer and it has neither. I know that specs are not everything and we’re to the point with mobile processors where the software is holding performance back more than the hardware (at least with Android). However, I would be all over this phone if it had a cutting edge camera, phenomenal display, and more up to date processor.

    As it stands, you’re paying a high-end price for a mid-range phone. It’s pretty simple for me…there is no way I’m paying $199 for this phone when I can get a superior phone for the same if not less.

    I just don’t understand what Motorola is thinking.

  • I’m pretty disheartened by that price point. Actually, very disheartened.

  • jer85008

    Can we officially start the Nexus 5 hyperbeasting now?
    Nothing more to see here….

    • j973

      Yes please this Motorola S**T is depressing

  • duke69111

    RIP Motorola. It was nice knowing you.

  • Razma

    Im looking at my Gnex with renewed appreciation

  • I cannot be more disappointed by this. This price is absurd.

  • i actually think the phone looks awesome. im still rocking a vzw gnex. honestly we still don’t know what pricing is going to look like in a couple of months. this might just be a launch thing so carriers don’t freak.

    • eibook

      Good point, the phone will have 2 year old specs in a few months so the price should drop dramatically.
      I think the phone looks sweet as well.

  • Fadeley

    why is everybody so butthurt? it’s a smartphone, what’d you expect?

    • j973

      Motorola is behind the game . Offer a phone at low price off contract grab the market back make money in volume . look what they have to compete with Samsung Galaxy s4 and Htc One . Motorola might as well lay down and wait for the bulldozers because Samsung and HTC are going to flatten them

  • So disappointed. I don’t want a giant S4 and I’m not really into the HTC One. I was so excited to get rid of my laggy Galaxy Nexus and move onto something cheaper off contract. Guess we’ll be sticking together a little bit longer.

  • JD_26


    Um.. NOT

    only thing that can be said is MEH!

  • vOc627

    I’ll bet a dollar not even 10% of the people crying about leaving Verizon will actually leave so long as that unlimited data plan is intact.

    • AMTrombley89

      I’ve left my unlimited behind. I don’t mind tiered data so long as I have at least 2GB for myself. And once my Maxx HD contract expires, I’m BOOKING it towards T-Mo for the no-contract prices and the Jump! program. Hell, I may even pay the VZW ETF if the Nexus 5 is worth jumping on right away. I regret not getting the N4

      • vOc627

        I applaud you sir for putting your money where your mouth is!

  • ojd514
    • vOc627

      At a very similar price point to the other, far superior Google play edition phones I’m sure.

      • eibook


  • Jeremy Martin

    Nope…not doing that on Verizon. That means it will be $599 or $699 off contract. Bionic you and sarge screwed us again.

  • tutaina

    Now what am I going to do????

  • This is not the Droid you are looking for…

    This is a phone for the masses:
    1) It’s not top of line specs
    2) It’s not a great buy off contract (un-initiated will have no idea) due to giving up unlimited to get $199 price
    3) This is an iPhone-like play (thank Guy Kawasaki) to get the same Android phone across all the carriers and to fight against the “dreaded” “fragmentation”.
    4) Pretty colors, etc.. (aka: Marketing)
    5) Rumored $500M advertising budget

  • Dan

    WOW!…I just found out for the same unlimited plan I have on verizon, is $100 cheaper on T-mobile…plus I get 15% company discount…BYE VERIZON ASSES!

  • landon

    I was skeptical anyway

  • samizad

    Now I have to wait until the Nexus 5.

    • j973

      Give the nexus at least 32gb and im sold . dont know if that will ever happen. Im to the point where I refuse to be in contract and refuse to pay 550+ for a damn phone . even if the next nexus is 16 gb looks like that will be my option and im just going to have to deal with it .

  • Razma

    9 months left on my verizon contract…..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    edit: wait, its 10 months…..AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • jer85008

    Let’s see…

    Typical contract pricing? Check.
    Not a single surprise that hasn’t been leaked? Check.
    Verizon customers screwed again? Check.
    No firm release date? Check.

    This all leads me to one important question: When is the HTC One coming to Verizon again?

    • eibook

      Maybe a better question is when people will start getting fed up with VZW’s crap and leave.

      • j973

        Ive already started…

      • jer85008

        I’m beyond fed up, but still working my way out of a five-line family plan. Down to three lines now, with two more contracts ending within three months.

        I need to go do some yoga or meditation….patience.
        Will try to hold out and not get the HTC.

        • eibook

          Tough it out man…The ONE is a great phone though…

  • samari711

    Ugh, I was hoping for a better option to replace my POS Thunderbolt. There’s no way in hell I’m rewarding HTC for repeatedly screwing me over, and I don’t really want to give Samsung any money either. None of the Motorola options seem particularly attractive now.

    • j973

      I know how you feel . 🙁
      Nexus I Guess

    • eibook

      It may be time to give HTC another look. The ONE is as good a device as the Thunderbolt was bad. Plus, HTC had some help from Verizon with the Thunderbolt.

      • samari711

        I’m pretty sure that Verizon had nothing to do with the OS being 2 versions behind before the device was on sale or with major features disappearing right before launch. I knew I was going to have a bit of a rough time being an early adopter but this phone was worse than what I thought was possible in the worst case scenario.

        • eibook

          I guess, technically, the ONE is two versions behind but it doesn’t really seem to matter, the phone is solid.
          But don’t kid yourself that the carriers have nothing to do with the OS being behind.

  • Nayners

    This simply will not do. Why pay N4 pricing, for a lesser phone, on contract? Boo. No thanks. PS. Only girls care about that many customization options. Fail Moto.

  • vOc627

    Massive MotoTrollo.

  • M3D1T8R

    I’m still curious about this phone, but without being truly customizable, looks like I’ll be sticking with my DNA and hoping the Butterfly S some how manages to come to Verizon (not likely, I know). Really how hard would it have been to add a 64GB option for an extra $50… More customers, and more profit. 32 is a lot better than 16 (which shouldn’t even be an option for a 2013 “flagship”), but not worth the trouble of selling my DNA and buying this.

    And my predictions of no online customization for Verizon and weeks/months until arrival sadly proved exactly correct.

    And the price is a joke. Made in USA is awesome, but what happened to Google not needing Moto to have profit margins like the others. They could have really changed the game releasing this for even $450 off contract ($99 on). Somehow I have a feeling we will be seeing reduced to that price very quickly after launch and the disappointing sales to come.

    And hopefully a quick retire of the 16gb, replaced by the 32, and the 32 becoming a 64 option. Please. Been literally years now with no upgrades in storage. GNex almost 2 years ago was already at 32. Better screens and processors for HD content, but no additional storage required by it. Phones can play full HD, cool, but maybe store only ONE movie on the device… What a joke./end rant.

  • J2000pro

    The same typical carrier and vendor crap that we’ve been seeing for years. You can tell from the sentiment in all the comments, how tired, and how jaded everyone is of it. I’ll be keeping my aging Razr Maxx until it dies, and continue to use as mostly an access point for my Nexus 7.

    • Utekking

      Thats what I am doing, Keep the Maxx until something happens and using it for my Nexus!!!

  • Chippah


  • j973

    Motorola FAIL . all these fu**ing on contract prices F**K these greedy ass carriers and Manufactures how much damn money do they have to make . Verizon might have the best service but i still drop calls on them so what difference does it make to switch Wifes AT&T discount 25 % or go prepay tmobile or prepay AT&T I will never sign a contract with anyone
    I Guess ill be rocking my razr Maxx hd for awhile longer . and its sim unlocked works on tmobile and att fu*k yourself Verizon

    • ravenofdoom

      This. It’s basically market collusion between manufacturers and carriers… manufacturers are guaranteed a certain quantity of product is purchased and that they won’t fail outright, and in return carriers are ensured that customers are forced into giving them a bounty of at least $2000/year (e.g. $80-85/month x 24 months) without reprisal. Win-win for everybody (except the consumer).

      • j973

        Yes I know so sad . Prepay is coming to the rest of my handsets . already have one i took off of verizon and put on tmobile next will bemy other 2 phones most likely att 60 dollars a month 2gb its whatever

  • Weber


    • JoserJDM

      My co-workers are staring at me while I laugh my head off. Thanks, I needed that.

      • Weber

        I do what I do when I do what I do.

  • ravenofdoom

    I could accept the lack of 1080p screen and slightly older tech CPU, but locked bootloader and $575-$650 off-contract price, and you’ve lost yourself a customer. Their tweaks and CPU customizations will make it somewhat smoother, but ultimately it’s still Android and you’ll still get random stutters.

    Being on verizon with 8+ months of unlimited contract leaves me with few options. My Gnex is getting sluggish, but I don’t want to shell out $600+ for a phone when Verizon may cut me off the unlimited teat. The prospects of a Nexus device on Verizon are slim until a phone sans CDMA (solely VoLTE) is unveiled… but that won’t be until mid-to-late 2014.

    • Greyhame

      I think I’m going to take a good, long look at AT&T prepaid. Just hating Verizon more and more every. single. day.

      • ravenofdoom

        I’d do the same if I wasn’t frequently travelling and, by Verizon’s account, “abusing” my unlimited data. I tether and use VPN while travelling which easily accounts for 2GB per month; add-in downloading TV programs when I don’t want to watch CNN at the hotel (another 4GB); email and etc. adds another 1GB.

        My current plan costs me $75/mo (450 min, 250 texts, unlim. data)
        Cheapest 2Gb plan would cost $100 ($40 base + $60 for 2Gb)
        Plan to match my data usage would cost $130 ($40 base + $90 for 8GB).

        That’s $75->$130, or +$55. At 24 months, that’s $1320 lost. (and at best you get +$400 from subsidy). Even if I were able to use only 2GB/month, that’s $75->$100 or +$25. At 24 months, that’s $600, and STILL more than the at best $400 subsidy.

        The only thing that would really piss me off is if Verizon cuts month-to-month right around after my 8 months are up, because then they’ll be screwing me at the +$25 or +$55 and also have made me lose out on the $400 subsidy.

        A part of me almost wishes that Verizon would come right-out and say they’re terminating unlimited and forcing people to share-everything… that way at least I don’t have to feel like I’m in limbo with them having the potential to pull the unlimited plug on me any given day off-contract.

        • Droidzilla

          If you get good T-Mobile coverage, get a Nexus 4 (or a Samsung SGS4 or GN2, if that’s more your flavour) and unlimited everything for $70/month off contract. If T-Mobile coverage sucks where you are, then I’m sorry for your loss.

          • ravenofdoom

            Sadly, t-mobile coverage isn’t great where I live… but moreover, since I travel a lot and rely on my phone for GPS/navigation, crappy t-mobile coverage across the rest of the US puts me in a difficult position. Verizon is really my lifeline for reliable turn-by-turn navigation and 4g speeds for work VPN connectivity.

  • Thomas Cholette

    Looks like our hero has fallen. Disappointment hangs heavy in the air.

  • Castortroy

    I might as well go buy a used DNA

  • Mike

    Read the article then slid the Galaxy S4 out of my pocket, gazed into it’s lovely screen and though “Damn I’m glad I didn’t wait”

  • Keith

    This couldn’t have been more disappointing. I was ready to drop $300 for off contract. This is one of the most epic fails I’ve seen. Unbelievable.

  • Gnex

    Call me crazy, but I really like it.

  • samari711

    So the Moto X is the Droid Mini with the Droid Ultra’s price tag? Go home Moto, you’re drunk

    • j973


  • MichaelFranz

    honestly they should of just droid branded it and made the moto x the new droid line. now verizon has 3 droid line phones and now a moto x to sell….and they swear by the droid brand so moto x wont be pushed except by moto’s advertising efforts

    • aDROIDfreeworld

      dude they really should have just left verizon in the dust with this phone – we already have three new crappy DROID phones as it is. Let the other carriers lord over Verizon with exclusiveness lol.

  • eibook

    Oh well….There’s always the Nexus 5 (if you’re not on VZW).

  • Danny

    Well I relized that my contract don’t expire till Dec. Hopefully something better comes out by then. I will not pay $200 for a phone with less memory storage than what I have now, on contract! I’m getting real sick of Verizon. Been with them for years. Think I might just get T-mobile in Dec. My company gets a 17% discount with them Looked forward to today, now I’m sad Google/Moto screwed up. And and AT&T exclusive to rub it in!?!! F’ AT&T and MOTO!!

  • ToddAwesome

    I blame Bionic.

  • Zeph

    Really? Only 24 hours of mixed usaged time on a 720p screen, dual core 2200mAh battery? The thought of a little smaller phone spec wise for better battery life was appealing, I’ve lost that too.