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Moto X: Recapping Today’s Events


Moto X day has essentially wrapped up for us, at least in terms of initial coverage. Tomorrow will likely be more fun, though, because we’ll have had some real time with the phone, and already have a series of posts in mind to show off everything this phone is capable of like comparisons and features that we wish every phone had. I’m enjoying every moment with it so far, if you can believe that. 

We are definitely hearing loud and clear the anger towards the price, exclusivity of MotoMaker to AT&T, and the locked bootloader, but I challenge you to think a little differently with this phone. Motorola is certainly trying to. They feel that the overall experience of this phone will meet the needs of a bigger range of people than most phones out there without having to put the latest and greatest processor inside or a 1080p display.. I know it’s a tough sell to many of us, especially when we have all been sold on the spec wars, but something just feels different with this one. I can’t fully explain that yet, however, I will certainly try.

In the mean time, we blasted out a dozen or so stories immediately at 3PM Eastern, some of which you may have missed. In case you did miss any of it, we’ve got a round-up of links for you below.

Now, take a deep breath, sleep away the anger overnight, and come back tomorrow to see what else we have in store for the Moto X.

  • skzion

    How much of the 500 million has gone to this site?

    I’d rather buy a lightly used RAZR Maxx HD.

  • Alex Smith

    I’m definitely still excited about the phone. Form factor is completely overlooked, and I’ve held off upgrading because I dont want a phone that measures 6 inches, let a lone carry it.

    With the Moto X they made a phone for everyone, which definitely doesnt please many hardcore android fans, but I hate the spec war. I don’t care what a phone can do, I want to know what it does do EVERY time I need it to. Specs are plenty, and if the camera is solid, I’ll be pretty happy with purchasing the Moto X.

    P.S. Blame the blogosphere and “sources” for ridiculous hopes it would be $300 off contract. That would of made me happy, but realistically you can’t expect that.

  • skzion

    “Enjoying it”? Blah!

  • Ian

    So we don’t get “the latest and greatest processor inside or a 1080p display” but we still get the price tag as if we got those things…and you challenge me to think differently? How much of Motorola’s $500M marketing budget are you getting?

  • AC

    this phone goes against moore’s law.

  • chris420o

    can someone please tell me the difference between the moto x and the droid ultra/mini on verizon….bc….i fail to see why they would have two of the same phones released at the same time…

  • Jon

    So you want us to accept yesterday’s tech for today’s price? Thanks for dumping on us.

  • Bummed

    Do Not buy this phone as like the OG Droid Razr there will be a Maxx version in Feb. This will cause buyer remorse and when you get buyer remorse you do things like getting an iphone. Don’t get buyer remorse….

    • hkklife

      Well, acording to our dear departed friend Bionic, there will be a faster “hero” version in October with a 5″ 1080P screen in October. Then in Q1 2014 we will supposedly see the G/Nova with a 5.2″ 1080P screen, KLP, removable battery and Snapdragon 800.

      However, at this point I don’t expect anything but more disappointments and pricing catastrophies. The X is going to end up being Motorola’s Palm Pre–a poorly spec’d, overpriced and horribly executed bet-the-farm release that’s way too little, too late.

  • chris420o

    i hate you moto…i hate you so much it hurts…it hurts to hate you this much but i do..every time you get me excited you fail me…your not apple…no one wants your midrange phone for the cost of a premium one…ur bringing a knife to a gun fight with htc and samsung…what makes you think you can win? I thought this was america!?!?!

  • Scott Wood
  • MC Wong

    I can get a real high end flag ship device Google version for that kind of dough! Not a mediocre colorful device. How often do I talk to my phone without turning it on? Battery life, sure but I can carry an extra battery out power bank/casing. At least I get leading edge hardware running stock android.

  • aDROIDfreeworld

    Lol and I just found out I’ve got an upgrade on another line available. I guess I could upgrade that line to the moto x, transfer it to my line, and *hit all over Verizon’s communist data plans once again.

    The question is if it 16gb is worth it?

    • Weber

      I’m in the same boat. I’m due for an upgrade as of the end of last month. Not being able to go to the VZW store and pick up any of the phones I’ve had my eye on really sucks. I’m waiting for the reviews on this phone to make a decision. It might be the one or G2 (fingers crossed) for me if this one doesn’t come out soon. I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

      • aDROIDfreeworld

        The G2 will be a nice device – I believe it has on screen nav buttons? Yeah, getting to play with these phones is nice before you buy, but not always ideal. I’m guessing big red won’t get the 32gb version because they don’t really wanna sell these anyways, and will say “buy a DROID MAXX if you need more memory.”

  • Danon

    For all of you Xphone haters out there my question is, what if this device was the new nexus 5 with the same exact specs, and the same exact customization, would you be disappointed with this device? I think not, the point being is that most people buy smartphones bcuz of its popularity and not because of the specs, and y’all know! it, have you tried the s4 on metro pcs network? Bcuz if you have then you would soon discover that specs or not all what you think they are, bcuz the s4 performance on metro pcs network is horrendous! So some of y’all can talk that nonsense about how VZW Being the DEVIL all you want, but its a reason wHy yall still put up with them, and thats is bcuz you know they have the best NETWORK quality To offer….so NETWORK quality are just as important as SPECS… if not than go ahead and leave VZW are AT&T and then come talk to me about SPECS.

    • Dave

      big difference nexus is cheap OFF contract and updated asap…. this is NOT

    • JG

      *because *because *because *because

      OK, that’s better.

  • lye

    I personally think it looks awesome. If it has battery life close to what it says it’s the best on the market for me.

    • lye

      I do wonder if the google version will still have the cool lockscreen & ok google now stuff

  • Michael

    Your all delusional. Only people who spend hours trolling specs actually give a damn that its only a mid range phone. This isn’t a nexus device, its not the second coming. Its a phone 90% of people will enjoy. The software and hardware are optimized. Which means it will do all the core things you actually need it to do 10 times better. Its MADE IN THE USA so STFU about the price or stop complaining when jobs get outsourced.

    Either was its a million times better than my OG razr so I’m getting one. You guys can sit around and run your silly benchmarks all day.

    • guesswhat

      by the way when they run benchmarks they will find that it beats galaxy s4 ..

      so I dont know where all this -ve’ty is coming from this is the most innovative smartphone i have seen in android world for some period .

      • guesswhat

        well want to clear my statement ..it doesnt beat S4 in all areas ..it defnitly does better in graphics department..which is the most important part..

    • PhoenixPath

      “10 times better. ”

      Nice claim. You’re backing that up with…what, exactly?

      “Its MADE IN THE USA”

      Er…try; assembled. Nearly every single part of the device is made *outside* the US. Don’t get me wrong, having those jobs here to assemble it is great, but don’t do their marketing for them and imply it is more than it is.

  • StankyChikin

    Seems as though those who have spent actual time with this device have nothing but praise for it. I believe that this device will do quite well.

  • MafiaMM

    Better Headline – Moto X: Recapping Today’s Bust

  • Franz

    I don’t think we are the target audience (Tech blog readers). This might be huge for the everyday consumer. The one that just wants his phone “in blue.” It’s still a risky move.

  • Luxferro

    You don’t have an unveiling event, that only tech geeks are interested, to drop a mediocre phone hardware wise for $600 when we know what can be gotten for $300-350 via the Nexus line.

    If their target is mainstream sheep, then skip the event and just make cool commercials. They won’t know the difference and gladly pay.

  • fallsgable

    I can SOOO totally relate to this entire Moto X flop….
    it’s like every hooker I have every called….
    In the beginning, you’re a bit nrevous, not knowing WHAT exactly to expect….
    Then you start looking through the local papers, and the online boards, and cable access channels, and you do some homework….Her specs seem pretty good, and the pics you’ve seen certainly don’t detract from her…and the reviews from others that have actually had their hands on her, lead you to believe that this IS the one!!!
    So you make the call, and what you receive is nothing like you were anticipating the entire time….and the price is higher….but, she’s already there, so you figure, “what the hell! Lets play with it for a while, and see how it goes!”
    the first 5 minutes are awesome….you’re doing things you’ve never done before….and so easily too….after about 10 minutes of pushing all of her buttons, you start to realize, “hey, I’ve been here before, and I’ve done all of this before…..and NOW I am PAYING FOR IT!”
    The thrill is suddenly gone….NOTHING new different or exciting here!
    you/she wraps herself back up, smiles and leaves….
    The dissapointment begins to set in…..”That was NOT AT ALL what I expected…” you think to yourself….ah well, maybe someday!!

  • Destroythanet

    It’s interesting that when Apple does this routine: mediocre specs, high price, emphasis on software features, some of the Moto fans will talk all kinds of crap, then when Moto does it, haters just don’t understand it’s all about “the experience” and just don’t get it lol. Hypocrisy at its finest.

    • DJ SPY

      I’ve been a Motorola supporter for over a decade and honestly say this is laughable. $600 for this? No thanks. If I were to drop that kind if cash on a phone I’d pay the extra $70 and get the Droid Maxx.

    • Alex Goings

      I am reserving judgment. Optimizing “the experience” is a great thing to do. It will get you great battery life without sacrificing performance when done right. It looks like moto may have done it right. I don’t know because I haven’t used it or seen any in depth reviews yet. Apple claims to have done it right, but they have not. No iPhone has ever actually been buttery smooth. They are laggy pieces of s***.

  • Joey Funk

    i think what everyone is forgetting about this moto X device is this:


    This is moto’s “flagship” phone, like the S4 or HTC one. Granted, it doesn’t have top of the line specs, but thats not what moto wanted in a flagship, they wanted good software and good enough hardware with made in america and customization all over it. I mean, its running 4.2.2 for god sakes.

    If moto were to make a nexus, im sure it would be top of the line, simply because thats the point of the nexus line. im sure LG will get rights to the nexus again this year because samsung got it for 2 versions before them.

    • aDROIDfreeworld

      if moto were to make a Nexus, Verizon’s CEO would take extra time out of his day to call motorola and Google just to tell them with absolute pride that they will NEVER approve such a device on their network – and that’s God’s honest truth.

  • wolfedude88

    No one should be disappointed with the specs. We have known it for a while but the price is the problem plus the exclusives.

    Sure apple charges for a premium but they can because they are the only ones making anything iOS related so if you want it you ha d to pay their price.

    There are a ton if android oems and they are equally priced and good great experiences and are a lot better specd.

    I would sound like a sheep to be happy about going with the x when there are better alternatives for the price.

  • Bruce

    Don’t want to see anymore articles on Moto X. Motorola dropped its balls big time, but they still have the balls to price this phone so high.

  • It’s not the specs.

    It’s the exclusivity and the price (does anybody have a definitive off-contract price yet). Oh yeah, and the bloatware. We all knew what was coming spec-wise.

    I think Verizon customers are the probably the most upset of all, as we’ll likely not see a Play store version of the phone. If there indeed isn’t, I’m leaving when my contract is up on my 2-year anniversary of my Bionic purchases (Yeah, i bought 2 of them). I am not buying any more phones from Verizon, or with VZW Bloatware.

    So disappointed in the “soon”s coming from Motorola. How soon? These aren’t like carrier upgrades. Surely they have to know when the AT&T exclusives end.

  • No one mentioned you get 50GB of Google Drive storage free for 2 years with the X. I want to see the reviews of the phone and the Play Store pricing before I decide.

  • Debit

    I would like to see a comparison between the Moto X and the new Droid Maxx.
    Yes, 32g X is on AT&T and the 32g Max is on Verizon

    • DJ SPY

      48 hour battery life versus barely 24 with light to moderate usage, 5″ (full! No on screen buttons) screen vs (I think) 4.5″ and I think the build quality is better on the new Droids.

    • Sporttster

      Need a 64gb Maxx and THEN I’ll consider it…otherwise, forget it. Why should I go from 80g’s on my Razr Maxx (16gb internal plus my 64gb card) to a lousy 16gb or even 32g?? That’s just absurd! Forget cloud crap. If I’m in a area with bad signal, there goes the music or whatever else I was doing. Need that internal storage space.

  • monk

    I can’t wait to see how it runs in the real world… Tired of everyone saying it sucks because of specs… I pray it runs like butter and everyone eats crow 🙂

    • StankyChikin

      Most of them are just upset that Google didn’t subsidize it… Amazing how this was good enough to be their next phone until it wasn’t $300 off contract and now it’s a POS…

      • woodraskam

        I don’t think that’s the message here at all. People feel like it’s overpriced. At $300 off contract it would have been amazing value. At $550 to $600 off contract, its nothing special.

        • StankyChikin

          I understand but they also haven’t experienced the device to pass that judgement. Top specs don’t necessarily make a device high end.

    • hkklife

      All of the buttery smoothness in the world cannot make up for a too-small screen, gimped storage, AT&T exclusivity and overly high contractual pricing. The bulk of that $500 million marketing war chest is obviously going to line every blogger’s pocket in exchange for “favorable” initial impressions and reviews. Instead, Moto should have subsidized that sucker and let the blogosphere create the buzz.

      • mule0331

        you mean small screen and gimped storage like the awesome worldbeating Nexus 4?

        • hkklife

          A. The N4 is nearly a year old. Storage and fragility aside, it was pretty world-beating upon its release in 2012.

          B. The N4 was a screaming deal last year and still remains unbeaten in value today.

          Look, I am sure the X is a solid little phone (as all recent Motos have been) but it’s simply being touted as something that it’s not. What it IS is a reasonably spec’d upper midrange device that is horribly overpriced and has been horribly designed, advertised, and executed.

          Now, cut this sucker down to $0-$100 on contract and $350-$400 unlocked and it’ll be another story entirely.