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A Look at Verizon Bloatware on the Moto X

verizon moto x bloatware

The Moto X is not bloatware-free. Early reports suggested that Motorola was going to do everything in their power to keep the bloat to a minimum, possibly on an Apple level, but I’m not sure they won that battle. Sure, they kept the amount down when compared to phones from LG and Samsung, however, there are still plenty of pre-installed Verizon apps that cannot be removed. 

In the set of screenshots above, we’re counting nine (9) in total – Caller Name ID, Mobile Hotspot, NFL Mobile, QuickOffice, Verizon Tones, Voicemail, Setup, My Verizon, and VZ Navigator. Now, you could argue that a couple of those aren’t actually bloatware and that they are useful, but by our standards, they make the cut.

You could probably toss in Assist, Migrate, and Moto Care if you were getting really picky, but since those are a part of the Moto X experience, we are leaving them out.

  • Matthew Ponce de Leon

    The Moto X has half as much bloatware as some other Verizon phones (18 vs Moto X’s 9).

  • akhi216

    NFL Mobile is not bloatware, that is all. Blasphemy!

  • Tim

    Can’t be removed? So when it gets rooted, just sudo adb remount; sudo adb shell rm /system/app/[bloatware].apk, reboot to recovery, clear cache/dalvik. Done.

  • Simon Belmont

    Good God. VZ Navigator still exists?

    I thought that went away years ago. Way to go, Verizon.

  • Simon Belmont

    Good God. VZ Navigator still exists?

    I thought that went away years ago. Way to go, Verizon.

  • yummy

    Bloat bloat bloat
    Wonderful bloat
    Green eggs and bloat
    You should have seen
    the bloat that got away! It was
    thiiiiiiiiiiiis big!

  • StuckWithVerizon

    So they (Googrola) is going to spend $500,000,000 to market this. Why didn’t they just use that $$$ to lower the price?

  • William_Morris

    So in other words, 9 more things it doesn’t need on it.

    • Isn’t 99% of Mobile Network additions bloat!

      Only a few apps are potentially useful such as visual voicemail and “My x” such as My Vodafone App – allows them to see there usage and charges!

  • Knlegend1

    At least get rid of the NFL verizon.

  • gorkon

    How do you KNOW those apps can’t be removed? The phone ISN’T EVEN OUT YET!!!

    I see 5 apps. That’s it. My Nexus had that much on it and every one of them was removable.

    So don’t get yer panties in a bunch.

    • Knlegend1

      If you remove you run the risk of not being able to upgrade.

      • gorkon

        Only if you do it via romming. My Galaxy Nexus came with all of these and I uninstalled them like any other app.

  • Peter Blanco

    I was sold on the HTC One for Verizon, then absolutely HOOKED on the Moto X… Now… I’m not sure what to do… and I review phones.

  • Zach Armstrong

    This why you go to a Nexus or Play Edition Device that way you don’t have to deal with bloatware like this

  • I like this.

  • PhineasJW

    VZ Navigator interrupts Google navigation and demands that you subscribe if you want to navigate somewhere.

    You need to disable it in the Apps menu to actual use Google Maps Navigation.

    They’re probably making millions because people either don’t know how to disable it or don’t know any different. Pure evil.

    • gorkon

      Something weird happened to your phone then as I never had that issue and this was BEFORE you could disable apps.

      Also I bet you will be able to remove it. This phone looks very stock except these 5 apps and you may be able to remove it completely. I was able to do that on my Nexus,

  • arparaspolo

    I’m disabling more than half of that lol

  • gp126904

    Thankfully they didnt include backup assistant which hopefully means they killed it off. Never understood why they made that app and included it on android phones knowing full well that since the OG Droid your contacts would be syncing via your google account….

  • SomeDooD

    F-ck you Verizon!!!!

  • spunker88

    Why are you calling Google owned Quickoffice bloatware? If its anything like what Motorola included in the past, its a full version of Quickoffice for free.

    This is a huge improvement over previous phones. Look at any Verizon Droid that shipped with 2.3 and there were dozens of bloatware apps plus Motoblur.

  • Michael Quinlan

    IMO, Verizon bloatware is (at a minimum) any app that doesn’t also appear on the Moto X on every other carrier.

  • DavidHollinger

    I would argue QuickOffice being bloat since it is owned by Google now. But, yah, everything is stupid


    The question that is not answered is: Can the bloatware be disabled via App settings?

  • Howard Lin

    Verizon…. no. Just stop. No one uses these.

  • aDROIDfreeworld

    at least fu*kupassistant + isnt on there.



  • TylerChappell

    The only ones worth keeping are QuickOffice and MyVerizon for monitoring data usage, beyond that, everything else can see its way out.

  • Can’t Access My Account @ Work

    Can someone who’s educated on this topic answer this for me? How come iPhones on Verizon don’t come with the Verizon bloatware? How come it’s only Android phones? I’ve been wondering this for years. Thanks

    • CraigBoyte

      Because Apple, being the number one phone for so long, has the power to dictate to the carriers what they will allow on their phones. Something no other manufacturer has been able to do (although I would argue Samsung could if they tried)

      • JP

        Galaxy Note 2’s home button would like to have a word with you.

      • Can’t Access My Account @ Work

        So basically what you’re saying is that Apple has such a financial stronghold on each carrier that they can threaten to not sell the iphone on any carrier that doesn’t play their game?

        • CraigBoyte

          Yes that’s it exactly.

        • DroidFTW

          exactly and that provides a better experience for its users.

      • Tojen1981

        The day Samsung forces that issue, is the day i get a Samsung phone.

  • Daniel

    Eh, it’s easy to disable most of those without even rooting (like vznav and nfl, etc) but the real question is, when’s the GPE coming?

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    verizon tones? oh no. that can’t be an app.

  • Justin Kos

    Vz navigator counts as double bloat for shier unusefullness ..:P

  • Zack Kolev

    Verizon, these apps the reason why ppl refer to them as crapware. Number of ppl who wish they had ANY of these apps on their iPhones = 0 !!! Cut it out.

  • MichaelFranz

    as long as it gets rooted and we can remove it, i’d be happy

  • Peter Stover

    why is there still Hangouts, Messaging, AND Messenger? When will we get one Google app to rule them all??

  • DJ SPY

    Hahaha funny how 90% is Google Bloat

  • Jacob Buys


  • marko358

    And it comes in the lovely option of 16gb only! Sign me up. :/

  • Hunterh2

    Hey Verizon. You guys are the best company ever! Thank god I have VZW Navigator and my VZW ringtones because how would I get to places I need to go and get new ringtones?! You guys are SUPER at keeping myself and your customers all over America happy! Thanks 😀

    • michael arazan

      And thanks Verizon for coming up with creative ways in trying to take more of my money. I’m always thinking about how can I give verizon more money for less and less services, keep up the good work

  • AxemRed

    It’s not horrible for a Verizon phone. I remember when I got my Bionic… Blockbuster?? lol
    It looksl ike they only included the Verizon house apps for this one.

  • Chris Bailey

    Salt – meet open wound

  • InvaderDJ

    Not surprised and the bloatware is lighter than what I was expecting. The bloatware isn’t the biggest problem with this phone by any stretch of the imagination.

    At least it isn’t slam packed with Amazon apps.

  • BigWormBigPerm

    They made this phone sound like it was gonna be a fit supermodel…Instead it comes out looking like an overweight chick with a box of pop tarts and a shake weight laying on the couch

  • The Now Network

    Verizon: Install our bloat or lose access to millions of subscribers.
    Moto: b-b-b-butt…
    Verizon: This is non-negotiable.
    Moto: (the next day). Lets stick it to them by allowing AT&T to have an exclusive to the customization.

    If you hate Verizon as much as I do, then make the switch.

    Have a great day

    • BrianLipp

      you forgot one more interaction

      Verizon: Heres the Moto X, locked and with bloatware!
      Customers: BYE!

      • Justin W

        Do sprint next!

        • BrianLipp

          Sprint: You guys like WiMax, right? Guys? Hello?
          Customers: *crickets*
          Sprint: I guess we’ll get some LTE. I guess. *sobs*

          • LiterofCola

            I spit out my vodka with this one lmao!

      • UpdatesFromHTCAreAJoke

        Verizon: Fine, leave.
        Customers: Crap, no other network works anywhere near my house. 🙁
        *Customer puts the gimp suit back on*

    • Edwin M

      Not for Sprint.

  • Franklin7777

    Does anyone in the entirety of the universe use VZ Navigator? How is its mere existence justified?

    • EC8CH

      I’m guessing some dipSh!t Verizon executives get it free as a perk.

      • Justin W

        Doubt they use it though.

    • Dumbass old people who buy smartphones for no reason and don’t know what Google is.

  • Justin


    • Matt Lang

      That was a NEXUS device and should have come with NO bloatware

      • Justin

        But it was on Verizon. That was the point.

  • Calvin Garner

    Jesus H. Christ…..this just keeps getting worse.

  • emoney

    my older droid has 10+ VZ bloat apps, this isn’t too bad besides VZ Nav and Tones

    • gorkon

      Indeed! I don’t see why anyone’s griping. It isn’t even skinned.

  • EatUrCrap

    I’m just happy that the front is nice and clean like my G-Nex. Atleast we don’t get stuck with the AT&T logo in the notification bar haha.

    • EC8CH

      only thing that saves this phone is if it can easily be unlocked…

      otherwise it is dead to me.

      • brkshr

        It can? Where do you get that info from?

        In my experience Moto phones have been the hardest to unlock.

        Edit: misread post… my bad.

        • EC8CH

          I don’t know, probably not seeing as how Moto rolled over and gave the carriers everything else they always demand.

          • brkshr

            Sorry I misread your post & left out the “if”. I thought it read ” only thing that saves this phone is it can easily be unlocked…”

          • EC8CH

            i feel ya… the rage is effecting my vision as well.

        • trixnkix637

          he said if.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      Huh? You mean the carrier name indicator that disappears after a few seconds? Yeah… Totally fair trade. Who would ever want to know when they’re on a different carrier than the one they’re paying?

  • Zach B.


    • Adam Emshwiller

      greatest thing I’ve read all day… ~cheers~

    • tyguy829

      i wish i could upvote this again

      • nuhydotecus

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        It’s not horrible for a Verizon phone. I remember when I got my Bionic… Blockbuster?? lol
        It looksl ike they only included the Verizon house apps for this one.

        • tyguy829

          dude your account got hacked…look at the top of your comment.


        No you don’t.

  • Zach B.

    What a steaming pile of NOPE.

  • EC8CH

    Minimum bloat my @$$

    seriously why the hell does VZ Navigator still exist?

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      That’s what I’m wondering. For some reason I thought VZ Navigator had already died. I guess I can than CM for that haha.

      • Ryan B

        I remember when I had VZ Navigator on my LG Envy.

        • T4rd

          I had it on my LG Voyager and it worked pretty damn well. But lol at using it on a smart phone with Google Maps that’s better and free.

    • geedee82

      I actually caught my brothers friend using it a few weeks ago. I seriously sh!t a brick and then beat him with it.

      • tyguy829

        hahaahaah atta boy

      • droidrazredge

        Wait your brother’s friend actually paid for that app ? or was he using the trial version ? You should have your brother tell him to cancel that subscription and get on-board the Google Maps+ Navigation Train :).

        • geedee82

          Oh I told him..

        • MicroNix

          Yes, friends (and family) don’t let friends use VZ Navigator

      • Dorian Brooks

        I hope you that you beat him good with that brick you [email protected]

      • Trueblue711

        Can you please ask him why he is paying for it? I’m really curious as to why anyone would pay for it, besides naive old timers who don’t know about Google Maps.

    • droidrazredge

      For the sheeple who get sold on it when purchasing a phone at the store when they ask about navigation.

      Customer: “Hey, I was wondering if you know if this phone comes with some sort of navigation system. I was wondering because my family travels a lot.”

      Verizon Employee: “Sure, our phones come pre-installed with the industry’s best navigation system VZ Navigator”

      Customer:” What about Google Maps Navigation ?, I heard that’s better than VZ Navigator”

      Verizon Employee:” Oh that software is still in beta and has bugs, you don’t want to end up on in the wrong city because the navigation is in beta right ? VZ Navigator is the best Navigation system currently out on the market”

      Customer: “Oh beta, that means it’s still being worked on. No, I don’t want that, Sure I’ll take Verizon NZ Navigator.”

      Verizon Employee:” *We got another one! boy these people are so clueless*. Let me delete this Google alternative for you since you wont be needing that. This will be an extra 5$ added on to your monthly bill”

      Customer:” Thank you so much, you’ve been so helpful”

      Verizon Employee: “No problem, that’s our job :), have a nice day.”

      • Greyhame

        Longest “joke” ever?

        Sorry, just salty at the days events..

        • droidrazredge

          hahah no problem! I’m going to find rumors on Motorola’s next phone hopefully that hyperbeasting will be better.

          • Greyhame

            MOTO NEXUS.

            Let the hypebeasting begin!

          • blootz

            don’t say that, Motorola would ruin the Nexus brand. og droid was the last good phone by Moto. Motorola bloat w/Verizon bloat and sub par spec plus over pricing. I could go on but I’m starting to get a hart burn just to think about it.

          • KleenDroid

            And the OG had a bootloader that was fully unlockable.

            How many Moto phones since can say that?

            The OG was a home run. Everything since was a bunt.

    • Raven

      Our dept. VP still uses it. When I about choked when he mentioned it, he proceeded to tell me how much more accurate the routes were than Google Maps.

      Although with the latest fiasco that is Maps 7 I have been trying out Waze as I don’t like what they have done with the latest revision. They seriously need to bring back all of the features of Maps 6. Just read the latest Reviews on the Google Maps app, it is downright embarrassing.

    • Adam Truelove

      So we can stop printing out mapquest maps!!!

    • arparaspolo

      Cause I bet there are still people out there dumb enough to pay for its service. Ri-Tards

    • Michael Pahl

      you have no idea how many people pay for that thinking its their only option – or better than Google Navigation

    • Joe Lemaire

      The only people using VZ Nav still are iPhone users. 🙂

  • MikeCiggy

    Thank god… How would I know where to go without VZ Nav??

    • My alternative to VZ Navigator is slamming my dick in the car door for about half an hour. It is slightly less accurate, but only half as painful…

  • JD_26

    LOL it just keeps getting better and better doesnt it!

  • Delta_46

    Why is it that the iPhone doesn’t have to include Verizon’s bloatware? Does Apple pay them off?

    • MikeCiggy

      Seriously? Verizon was losing boat loads of customers when the iPhone took off and At&t was the only carrier. Giving Apple the upper hand in the contract signings.

      • Delta_46

        So Apple really tells Verizon that they won’t let them sell iPhones if they put bloatware on them?

        • EC8CH


          • Delta_46

            Well, I can’t say it surprises me, knowing Apple.

        • MikeCiggy

          I mean I’m not an insider on any of this but my understanding of how business works tells me that’s exactly how it went down.

          Besides, does Verizon even have any Verizon branded apps inside Apple’s store?

          • Delta_46

            I just checked my sister’s iPhone 5, yes, Verizon has all their bloatware apps available for download in the App Store.

          • BrianLipp

            i know at the very least they have the My Verizon app in iOS, which is by far the least bloaty app of their bloatware

          • tyguy829

            it doesn’t come on the phone. you have to intentionally download it from the apple-owned app store

        • DroidFTW

          Apple has more bargaining power then all the other companies. The Big 2 wireless providers sell more iPhones than Android phones. Not to mention that the Android phones are divided by 3 or 4 companies who are making Android phones. Therefore Apple has anywhere from 3 to 5 times the power of any single Android manufacturer. Google needs to man up and start producing hardware and just put Samsung, HTC and LG out of the Android market. It will result in a much better Android experience for users.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Um, How do you figure that Apple has 3-5 times the power of any single Android Mfg, considering Samsung sold more phones than Apple the last few quarters, and Apple’s market share for the current quarter is thought to be under 20%.

          • DroidFTW

            Because you are counting worldwide figures. AT&t and Verizon are not world wide. Check both of those companies sales figures, Apple has always outsold Android on AT&t and has outsold Android on Verizon since the iPhone 4 was released on Big Red. You need to learn to get your info from actual publicly released disclosure documents and not online surveys taken by marketing companies.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            Um, I’m not looking at worldwide figures actually. Maybe you need to read up on quarterly share figures. Since that might be too difficult for you, here is just one example of the Galaxy S4 beating the iPhone 5 sales figures in the US only.


          • DroidFTW

            hahahaha. You are a clown. I said check public disclosures from AT&T and Verizon and you give me an article from Times of India which uses an analyst as its source. Hahaha, try looking out quarterly filings from wireless providers. How about this quote from your article

            “Walkley’s research is based on store surveys and does not include unit sales.”

            Hahaha, keep trying Franklin. Want some actual sources which use sales?

            How about this one

            or this one

            or this!

            now go back and look at Q1 from 2013 and Q1-Q4 in 2012 if you like. iOS outsells Android in the US on the largest wireless providers. Sorry to burst your bubble and show how incorrect your stupid link was. Amateur.

          • Franklin Ramsey

            I hate to argue with you, but I guess I’ll play along a little bit further.

            My post says the last few quarters. Specifically let’s deal with the last quarter since the flagship S4 wasn’t even out on Verizon until May.

            AT&T stopped reporting how many iPhones it activated in Q2 2013 after bragging that 80% of the smartphones they activated in Q1 2013 because the number of iPhone activations were down.

            Analysts think Activations on AT&T and Verizon for iPhones were about 50% of smart phones activated. But then you seem to not like Analyst numbers, so you probably won’t like that they are dropping.


            Your own links show the numbers are dropping too. Take Verizon’s 1Q 2013 results that you use as a source, They sold 7.2 million smart phones, 4 million were iPhones, and 28% of new customers were selecting iPhones. So a majority of their new users were going with devices other than iPhones. Sure, 55% of the smartphones they sold were iPhones in 1Q 2013. Lets look at 4Q 2014. Hmmm looks like 63% of the smartphones they sold at that point were iPhones. And if you look at 2Q 2013 they sold 7.5 millon smart phones, 3.87 million being iPhones for 51%, a downward trend.



            But you also seem to think that Samsung and other manufacturers only manufacture smart phones for Verizon and AT&T. True, Apple only does, but AT&T and Verizon don’t just sell Smart Phones. About 64% of Verizon’s sales for Wireless phones are Smart Phones, leaving 36% of it’s sales in a segment that Apple doesn’t even touch. The same holds true for AT&T.


            Now you are the one who is trying to establish Apple’s dominance as a whole without looking at a worldwide view so I will stop trying to argue that aspect, but the numbers show Apples dominance is lessening even in the USA.


      Apple approached Verizon first for selling the iPhone and they rejected it. Apple went to AT&T and they made a partnership for like 3-4 years until the iPhone 4 was released on Verizon. I’m pretty sure Verizon realized it was a mistake. Also, the carriers know that the iPhone is a HUGE seller so they’ll probably listen to Apple’s demands.

      • michaelbrandonw

        It’s a bit more complicated than this. In the early and mid 2000’s, the wireless industry was like the wild west. Look at SBC and Bellsouth; how they created Cingular and bought AT&T wireless to later acquire the original AT&T to later merge and change everything over to AT&T Mobility. Apple started work with Cingular because they let them do everything in-house, agreed to service rev share and picked up dev costs. VZW wanted to focus on their network. AT&T and VZW took two very different routes in the race. Verizon spent money on their network (Block C auction win) and beat everyone to Lte by a landslide. Cingular (AT&T) focused on the iPhone and watched their network crumble and arrived late to the Lte game. But by the time AT&T got their network under control, VZW got the iPhone so they almost finished the race at the same time. And VZW took to Google and Android and did what T-Mobile couldn’t… brand, market and sell Android.