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Starbucks Drops AT&T WiFi, Picks Up Google’s 10x Faster Offering Instead


Everyone always tells me I should leave the cave and go work from a Starbucks for the day. Well, now that the coffee giant has decided to drop AT&T’s WiFi, and instead will offer Google’s, I might be so inclined to do so. Google will now offer WiFi at participating Starbucks stores, capable of offering speeds up to 10x faster than AT&T’s current speeds. 

The service will appear in new Starbucks stores over the next month and will then filter out to the remaining 7,000+ coffee shops throughout the country. Starbucks’s Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman, had this to say on the newest partnership with Mountain View.

We do hope this is one step amongst many that we can continue to build upon what’s already a great partnership with Google.

Thanks to Google’s WiFi, can we expect Starbucks to start selling more grande coffees with two pumps vanilla, three raw sugars with room for cream?


  • procvar

    Is anybody concerned that Google might be snooping all their activities in Starbucks now ? If we’ve learned anything about Google, it’s that they can not be trusted with your data.

  • TeeJay1100

    Google is WINNING……..

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  • Capt. Crunch

    Could we finally get Play Pick of the Day cards. I don’t use iOS or iTunes so those cards are useless to me.

  • My goodness…. the haters today. Why is everyone so angry?

  • Prick Decay

    Double tax dodgers! Yay!

  • Jeremy Taxman

    Do they plan to share tips on how to avoid paying corporation tax?

  • shooter50

    All this whining about hipsters at Starbucks. Imagine what they think about all you complainers sitting home getting a hard on because you just rooted your new phone.
    Damn, I love Droid-life but some of you are seriously annoying

    • Chris

      I bet some of them are just saying it because others say it. There are a lot of hipsters who vist other coffee shops. Even local cafes

  • omgitzjose

    As it is now Starbucks wifi in an empty store is horrible!!! It’s worse then Verizon’s 3G network. Thanks google 😉

  • sk3litor

    Wifi kill here we go

  • laurencormack404

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  • bigfire

    The Starbucks near my home has very poor throughput and signal. Not that there’s any other signal nearby, so my 3g/4g isn’t working that well either.

  • rutgersjaffo

    I love the dichotomy of all the complaining about the information Google mines along with the immediate flocking to anything they do. It’s amusing…

    • Not unlike the constant complaining on facebook about the awful new features and privacy concerns (as people continue to spend their entire day on the site).

  • AndySamberg

    hipsters don’t go to starbucks. they go to baristas

  • Chris

    Starbucks always gets a bad rep for “hipsters”. they been around a lot longer then most of these “hipsters” let alone those who call them hipsters.

    but so do a lot of local cafes. There is a lot of “hipsters” who go there.

    • gp126904

      “Hipsters”, “Hipsters” everywhere.

  • Other than checking emails or browsing the web for 5 or 10 minutes while I drank my coffee, I think maybe I use Starbucks Wi-Fi 10 minutes a month at most. So not much change here.

  • Carl W.

    Great news for hipsters and their MacBook pros/iPhones.

    • iphones don’t need wifi.

      • Chris

        neirther do 100% of android phones

        • Really? have you ever been on Sprint?

          • Chris

            I have sprint and while the internet can be slow at times here in the Portland,Oregon area it has improved in the last year and a half. Plus LTE going live a few months back has sped things up

      • Steve B

        At least it’s got the Wifi’s if it needs em.


      • Carl W.

        i didn’t say they specially needed it to operate. but if you don’t have unlimited data like so many do, you’re going to most likely use the wifi there.

  • MGardnerDA1235

    Apparently we can also expect Tim-o-tato to develop to a slightly larger heirloom.


    Starbucks should offer Google foods like cupcakes, donuts, eclairs, frozen yogurt, gingerbread, ice cream sandwiches, and jelly beans! And don’t forget the fiber bar!

    • jmsbwmn


    • Chris

      Google has foods? /s

    • michael arazan

      Eat a fiber bar and coffee and you are going to need wifi while sitting on the toilet for an hour

  • kfath1978

    Giant Starbucks balloons in the sky w/ Google Wi-Fi ; )

  • Wait…how is Starbucks going to be getting Google internet in all of their stores when Google fiber is only currently in a few cities? or are they planning on using something other than the pre-existing Google Fiber?

    • Verizon

      Of course they use magic. Duh!

      • Weber

        Either you aren’t busy today, or you have a job like me that allows you to play on DL all day.

        • Justin W

          I’m betting the latter. Mine’s the same way, most of the time.

  • AT&T

    Good riddance! That place was filled with nothing but Apple loving baristas anyway.

    • Chris

      So you asked all 149,000 of them if they love apple?

  • Good Droid article.


    I don’t understand going to a Starbucks to work. Starbucks is probably happy since you’re going to be tempted to buy their insanely marked-up everything, but I don’t see why you’d want to. It’s a noisy, busy environment that isn’t yours to make how you want it in order to work efficiently.

    I go to a cafe kind of place sometimes to do school work but there’s a bit of a difference than going to a Starbucks. First of all, it’s in the Engineering building so everyone there is busting ass to get something done not sitting on their ass on a Macbook just to be seen on a Macbook as if anyone gave a damn. And secondly, it’s much quieter than a dorm…

    • kewl

      kewl story

      • ERIFNOMI

        Get off your burner.

    • Jacob

      I can’t stand going to Starbucks unless its really off the wall non busy hours, but I love the coffee shop atmosphere, I get more work done there than at home. Sometimes I’ll even go to my university (already graduated) to find a place to study and read.

      • ERIFNOMI

        I understand finding a nice atmosphere to work in that’s not busy, but not Starbucks. And it’s not that I have anything against Starbucks either. A few of the on campus cafes use Starbucks coffee and it’s just fine. I think I get more annoyed at the type of people who go to Starbucks. I just can’t be productive while I want to punch someone in the throat. My sister used to work at a Starbucks and told me some crazy stories. You know, the kind of people who order a shot of espresso with triple sugar, triple milk, triple foam, 7 different flavors, and whipped cream on top.

        • Chris

          That can happen anywhere. Even at mcdonalds with their “mccafe” drinks

          • ERIFNOMI

            Then that person go goes to McDonald’s to get a cup of sugar with some espresso at the bottom that they just throw away any is just as stupid.

        • shooter50

          wow, u mean not everyone drinks what you drink so they are bad people. Hope you dont decide to punch George Zimmerman or someone like him in the throat. You might find the outcome not to your liking.

          • ERIFNOMI

            Oh, I should be shot because I find a certain type of person counterproductive to my work flow? That sounds reasonable. How about you climb back inside the NRA’s ass.

          • shooter50

            No, you said you would like to punch them in the throat, so I suggested to you that being the physical aggressor might not be in your best interest.. But should you decide to punch someone in the throat, I’m sure you’ll find your cell mates a lot less accommodating than the so called hipsters you despise.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      All real writers need to be seen writing, otherwise what’s the point. Same goes for people who own Macs

      • Chris

        beats using windows 8.

      • plastikman

        lols love the dig at the mactards.

    • jmsbwmn

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. Do you feel better now?

      • ERIFNOMI

        Thanks for your concern. I feel just fine. Does that help?

    • Chris

      Good to know. Also good to know you judge a single location out of hundreds of thousands of locations. I’m sure your local cafe gets packed at times too….

      maybe you shouldnt go to busniness during busy times?

      • ERIFNOMI

        I’m sorry, did I say I won’t go to a location because it’s busy? No, I don’t think I did. I don’t mind going to a restaurant and waiting for my food. I don’t mind going to a concert packed with people. I don’t mind waiting in line at the bank. However, those are also 3 places I wouldn’t try to get some work done.

    • shooter50

      wow, you’ve got serious issues

      • ERIFNOMI

        I have minor issues. You’re starting to be a pain in my ass though.

        • Chris

          doing work at a coffee shop and wanting to punch people is “minor” ?

          • ERIFNOMI

            Where do you live where there aren’t annoying, useless people that point you perilously close to going over the edge? I’d love to live there! Or are you one of those people…

        • shooter50

          From the tone of your post, it sounds like my pain is not the only thing that’s been in your ass.

          • ERIFNOMI

            HA! Haha I see you what you did. A gay joke on top of advocating people get shot over trivial things. If you don’t live in the south, you should think of moving down there; you’d fit in PERFECTLY.

  • DanWazz

    Dope. Maybe now I’ll use that gift card I got for Christmas.

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    If you’re going to actually do this, use the gift card tied to your account for any purchases. 5 swipes and 30 swipes in a year get you added benefits.

    And of course use a vpn

    • jmsbwmn

      What he means to say is register your card online.

  • Dutch

    Could someone explain to me what “Google’s WiFi” is? Are they an ISP besides Google Fiber?

  • NexusMan

    This article leaves out the fact that if you live in a Google Fiber city, the Google Starbucks wifi speed is up to 100x faster.

    • AbbyZFresh

      You live in Kansas City?

      • setulf

        I think you’ll find that people do, in fact, live in Kansas City. We even have running water.

        • Verizon

          I think this is a job for Myth Busters.

        • Weber

          Not true.

        • Prox

          that is a bold statement :p

  • AbbyZFresh

    I wish Google simply just become a GoogleWireless phone company with LTE to get rid of the restrictive likes of Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. They can offer off contract cheaper prices to everybody as they want to, whenever they want. Surely they can use these speeds they offer at Starbucks for their phones.

    • Justin W

      They’re trying to enter the market, but it’s been difficult for them. I agree, though, I would love for Google to just create a wilreless carrier (even an MVNO would be nice).

  • Jacob Lechlak

    Note to AT&T and VZW: This is what happens when you continue to offer internet delivered through decades old technology. Get with it.

    • Verizon

      Note the Jacob Lechlak:

      • Jacob

        If VZW offered FIOS in my area, which won’t happen, all VZW has is DSL; stupid slow.

        • Verizon

          Ummmm, so you’re telling me you aren’t going to be happy either way?

        • Weber

          lol grammar

    • breadable

      But what technology is Google using? Is their service to Starbucks going over old existing lines, or is it a new wireless based service? They certainly have not run fiber to every Starbucks.. yet

      • Jacob

        If its going to be 10x faster as stated in the article, they no, it won’t be the same deliverance. DSL, like AT&T and VZW, to make it short and sweet, use the old POTS (plain old telephone system) lines, which I believe allows for 1.4MB up and down combined. Where as newer fiber services, such as Google’s, has a possible bandwidth of 10GBs or faster.

    • Chris

      I didn’t know google is using some kind of magical “new” internet. whats so different about it? Do my webpages have extra spazz and gloss to them? Do I get rainbows and glitter added to them? /s

      • Guest

        Its the technology behind the physical material used to deliver the data at faster speeds as well as the services used on the server side that make data delivery faster. It isn’t a “new internet” its just better technology for delivering the “internet” to you faster. And not just individually as well, but the better the technology, the better service providers can provide the “internet” to more users with less data congestion and bottlenecks.

  • Ryan Hansele

    Google is taking over the world!!!

    • AbbyZFresh

      Is that supposed to be a bad thing?

      • Ryan Hansele

        Hell no its much needed

      • Verizon

        Only if you’re an Apple fan.

        • Chris

          I’m an apple fan AND an google fan. Unless you are mentally ill, I dobut anyone really gives a fuc

          • Verizon

            Unless you are mentally ill, I doubt anyone would take my comment seriously.

  • Verizon

    Just someone else dropping At&t. I feel sorry for the guy. Ok not really, but it sounds better than me laughing uncontrollably.

  • EC8CH

    Please Google make this option available to us for our wireless carriers.

    • Verizon

      The consumer in me loves that idea.

      The evil corporate whore in me hates it with a fiery passion.

  • Joe M

    Finally, a reason to go to Starbucks!

    • Verizon

      They have Coffee now too!

      • Chris

        you mean this?

    • NexusMan

      This is actually the SECOND recent reason to go to Starbucks. The first was, Google’s partnership with Starbucks that started last month, that gives you free Google Play Music All Access while in Starbucks.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Good to know for my friends who go to Starbucks

      • Chris

        WHILE in starbucks. Once you leave you loose it unless you pay up.

        and their music service isn’t that special. i’ll stick with Slacker (that never gets the love it really should get) and pandora.

    • Lucky Armpit

      I know, right? I get a coffee from there every once in a while… because every once in a while is all I can afford with their overpriced everything. Hell, even K-Cups are cheaper than Starbucks. And the constant occupation of hipsters with Macbooks (barf) gets a little old.

      • Chris

        funny. i rarely go there but times I do i rarely see anyone with a macbook. Sounds like someone is just making things up they see on the internet

      • shooter50

        overpriced, maybe. but do you know they pay full medical benefits for employees working 20 or more hours? NO, didnt think so. So much easier to whine like a little turd on Droid-life than to understand why Starbucks has a successful business model.