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Moto X: Your Final Thoughts and Predictions on the Eve of Its Reveal

motorola xt912-3

Tomorrow is the day. We find out what Moto means by “designed by you.” Pricing will become official. A launch date will be decided upon. Surprises will likely be in store. We’ll see how smart a smartphone can be. You can make up your mind as to whether or not you want it. The hypebeasting can end.

Yes, I’m talking about the Moto X. This is your final predictions and thoughts thread. Have at it.

  • Bretton Key

    This is another great phone to become obosete in 5 months tops…

  • rreich49

    I’m glad it’s finally being released so we don’t have to hear predictions anymore. Now we can move forward to posts about what could have been.

  • Jaxon Wright
  • Joshua Bailey

    It’s the final countdown…duh nuhnuhnuh

  • Vitala
  • ghost_toast

    bionic has been completely silent these last few days…

  • Torrey Shelton

    lets say everything we’re predicting is true would this be worth replacing my Galaxy S4 over? I’m currently on AT&T and also what time does the event start?

  • BOB Dudek

    I predict that the world @3:01 EST be the same place as 1:45PM EST.

  • StankyChikin

    Has Bionic removed his lips from sarge yet?

  • A

    I for one think this will make or break carriers, obviously no on wants the new Verizon droid brand (the ugly red and kiddo robots are well outdated and dose not reach the true user-base of the product any longer) the Droid brand of moto is more Verizon then Moto. Verizon will have to take this phone on and have to offer the price and have stock Android, otherwise just about overnight we will see new carriers rise to overtake a user-base and market that keeps it alive. Look it this way, if the phone retails for $300-400 off contract, then into account the early termination fee of Verizon, mines at $325 then for me I spend 300 on the phone and 300 on the fee I will move on to another service provider. This is also why I predict there’s gonna be a lot of disappointed Verizon users out there. Any who I don’t think the phone will be less then $500 -$600 on Verizon. So its a no go any way.

  • jparker78

    Huge guesss…Off contract pricing – $199 16GB, $299 32 GB, $399, 64 GB

  • Todd_in_BMore

    I’m really hoping it has LTE and is supported on the AT&T go network (they let you on the LTE network now on the go plan) That will get me out of the 2-year contract trap once and for all. And before someone says T-Mobile their 3G+ (I refuse to call it 4G) is pretty pitiful in my region (I use it for my Nexus 7 and the service is, well, serviceable!)

  • Razma

    So how good is Tmobile truly? I had it years ago but switched to Verizon. Im really considering going back but Im afraid of not having as good of coverage, but Verizon LTE is spotty as it is and doesnt work at all indoors. Im out on Eastern Long Island

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      I live in South Jersey and I get blazing fast LTE everywhere. It’s so much faster than Verizon’s in my experience.