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Question of the Day: What Does the Moto X Need to be to Win You Over?

motorola moto x

In less than two days, we’ll know everything there is to know about the Moto X. We’ll see a confirmation on specs, how Motorola plans to let you customize it, if there are any extra tricks in store outside of what we saw last week during the DROID unveiling, and probably most importantly, when it’ll be available and for how much. But what we want to know, since this has been one of the most hyped phones since maybe the Galaxy Nexus LTE on Verizon, is what do you need to see on Thursday to make the Moto X your next phone? 

The specs, from everything we have seen, show a phone on par with the DROID ULTRA. We’re looking at a phone with a dual-core processor (with some special Moto tweaks), 720p display, and mostly stock Android. Compared to the Galaxy S4 and HTC One, it can’t really compete from a spec standpoint. But even though we have known that side of the equation for a few weeks now, people can’t seem to stop talking about this phone. In fact, we seem to know so much about this phone, yet tech enthusiasts are still buzzing with every story we write about it.

Is it because we’re all realizing that the spec wars have finally come to an end? Do we believe that Motorola will show us a phone and experience that won’t need to have the ultimate in processor and display? Are we expecting the price to be so good that we can’t say no? How innovative can their team of engineers be in terms of smartphone technology? Will there be surprises that push it all over the edge? Or are wis it simply because we are all ready for a new player to emerge?

With less than 48 hours until the official unveiling of the Moto X, tell us, what do you need to see to go back to Moto? Or have you already made up your mind?

  • Freezer

    That it’s available outside of the american countries.. and cheaper.

  • Adam Haas

    I just know that as soon as I get this phone, they’ll release the Droid X Ultra (or some other absurd name) that will have a 1080p screen.

  • cp2

    The only line item that will keep me away is no SD Card slot. 32Gb of music doesn’t fit in a free cloud drive nor are they accessible at all times.

  • Sabrina Steele

    Slide out keyboard. None of the new phones have this anymore. I hate the on-screen touch type style. Also available on prepaid w the 4gb of data plan for $70 like I have now. I cant afford the expense of the “deposit” they want of me or the monthly overage that comes with plans.

  • Michael Collins

    A phone just like the OG Droid (specs and all… JK), but seriously, that phone first, got me on android, second, since the bootloader was unlocked, i rooted and ROMd it. It was a great feeling as a techy. If they say it has the technology that they say it does, with an UNlocked bootloader and a pure (or almost) version of android, Id deff buy a Moto X. Im rockin the Gnex with Paranoid Android Rom, OCd, etc…
    Itd be pretty awesome to get one for free either way! ahaha
    I cant really upgrade without losing my Unlimited plan so id have to buy full retail :
    …guess we’ll see…

  • BOB Dudek

    What Does the Moto X Need to be to Win ME Over?…

    Be as NEW, cool and useful as my new StarTac was, back in ancient times.

  • Peach

    Software updates at the the same paste as à regular nexus device.

  • botop

    Price and pure Google

  • itsgonnalast

    4,000 mAh battery.

  • guesswhat

    I cant believe everyone here wants to buy a phone for $200 just because they read 2 less cores in the spec sheet, Just adding the two cores does not make the phone highend or removing makes it mid-low end. It takes lot more to make a phone high end than just throwing 2 more cores and showing 2 more cpu cores on paper. Read this http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2422513,00.asp to get an insight of what motorola is doing ..and it does look like this phone will be high end in user experience department, thats what matters. It is still possible that moto offers this phone for nexus like prizes cutting down there margins to gain market share but they wont be doing it because it is some cheap low end phone …

  • neowiz73

    All I ask for is timely updates… and standard oem unlockable.
    Or better yet, come out with the enthusiasts version and put Cyanogenmod on it OTB, with a cool Cyanogenmod logo on the back. 🙂
    The biggest thing to me that I see so far is they finally got rid of those hideous icons and kept the aosp icons. Since it’s pretty much aosp with their own tweaks now, it makes it that much more appealing. The mini version is appealing to me because I prefer the 4.3″ to 4.6″ screens. I don’t want a 5″ phone…

  • 1TallTXn

    Available on VZW.
    Good radio(s).
    Efficient use of it’s specs.

    • Mike Hilal

      This. And timely updates.

  • guest

    more details about motorola x8 computing system http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2422513,00.asp

  • Nathan

    I dunno…Motorola screwed us all over with their lies about updates for the Atrix and Photon, which never got updated. I’m not likely to give them my money again unless it’s something particularly open, particularly cheap, and particularly amazing.

    • Mike Hilal

      The photon and atrix never made it to verizon. We got the (much delayed) bionic, and it had decent updates for the first year.

      • Jason B

        The Atrix and Droid X2 shared basic firmware. The X2 was the gimped version though with 512MB of RAM versus 1GB, no front facing camera, etc.

        Oh yeah, and no 4G LTE even though the firmware clearly has hooks to a 4G LTE modem (in the X2, anyway).

        • Mike Hilal

          On top of all that, it also was festooned with a Tegra 2. The only halfway decent device with the tegra 2 was the xoom. We’ll just leave it right there.

          Another thing…nobody (that I know) actually bought an X2. It was issued to them as an insurance replacement from Verizon. Terrible, just terrible. A lot of them sent them back to use their X’s with cracked screens.

          • Jason B

            Lol I actually bought one new (only because I liked the X). It was an upgrade from the OG Droid and my worst mistake ever. That was before I was on Android sites reading about phones.

            The red flag should’ve been when I first got it and it rebooted 8-10 times (at idle) after connecting with my Google account with no 3rd party apps on it (completely factory). *facepalm*

            “What happened to my music?”
            “DROID …”
            Oh … yay, another reboot.

    • Jason B

      The only Tegra 2 device that was updated was the Xoom, since it was a GED. The rest were abandoned by both the manufacturer and NVIDIA (despite what they said in press releases to the contrary).

  • The Cube

    Love my GNex and feel this is comparable spec wise but there’s two things I’d like from this phone besides an affordable unlocked price

    1) better battery life

    2) improved image quality of photos taken with the camera. Photos taken look like crap with the GNex even when playing with all the setting to make improvements

  • turdbogls

    unfortunately this thing has to be at like the $200 range for me to buy it. this will let me ditch my gnex for around $120 and pay the difference. outside of that, i will “live” with the G-nex for 5 months and upgrade to the nexus 5 and T-mobile in January.

  • Higher_Ground

    Well seeing as the main reason I wrote them off was the humongous delay in providing updates, I’d like it to have a good developer following as a bulwark against an out-of-date OS.
    To be quite honest, I’d like a bigger/better screen. The processor will be just fine. If it has great reception, that can more than make up for some of the other short comings.
    I’d like a great camera and better battery life, but they’re often so subjective there’s not a lot of distinction between phones unless one just really sucks.

  • Skittlez

    Unlockable bootloader and a clean no bug AOSP ROM. Kinda like a Bugless Beast or Shiny ROM on GNex

  • Animate

    32GB for around $350 and I’ll bite. I’d like an SD slot for me to go with a 16GB model. Battery life as well.

  • GS4 or better specs. It’s really as simple as that. Google/Motorola can’t avoid the fact that this is a specs war. Period.

  • Asmodai

    Replaceable Battery, micro HDMI, SD Card, at least some of those things to differentiate it from the DROID Mini. I don’t think the Mini looks bad and I don’t have an issue with hardware buttons so this needs to have SOMETHING. Or a $300 off contract price would work too.

  • hoosiercub88

    $300 off-contract and Verizon compatible. That is all.

  • Jeremy Gross

    micro sd card slot (or big internal storage with at least 64 gb), and a decent camera unlike other moto phones

  • Gretbtor

    My main question is what is the different between the MOTO X and the DROID MINI? I was totally going to get the MINI since I loved my RAZR M and I just want a compact, long battery life phone.

    It seems like they are the same phone. Can someone help me out? Is it a battery life issue? Price? I guess we’ll know tomorrow…

    • j973

      i dont think anything is different in my opinion but like you said we will find out tomorrow . I will be suprised if moto x goes to verizon since verizon has all the Droids

      • grebtor

        OH! I didn’t understand that it wasn’t for sure that it was gonna be on Verizon. Is that why everyone is getting crazy about the off market price?

        Thanks for the info.

    • Steve B

      Relatively the same internals. The Droid was designed specifically for Verizon with the terrible old Moto design. The MotoX was designed with Google’s influence for the masses. Main difference is the Droid has the outdated hardware navigation keys and the X has the on-screen navigation keys.

      • grebtor

        Google’s influence…That’s also the to edge to edge display feature and a few other ascetic choices?

  • j973

    Motorola has to be different , they have to set there pricing lower from the rest . Get back into the game by volume lower costing phone more people having the phone off contract attack the market in a different way not a 600 dollar phone really these oem’s are so full of S**T isnt everyone tired of being screwed with the pricing and these contracts . damn companys make a killing off of us

  • rutgersjaffo

    What does the Moto X need to be to win me over? The Note 3.

  • not again…

    Post-Bionic, id be a fool to buy another motorola phone.
    Helloooo Samsung!

  • TrevorKai

    If this phone is affordable and future-proof for at least a year, I would highly consider the purchase.

  • Ciencianf

    All known specs sound good. What I need is an IPS display. In tired of AMOLED.

  • coolsilver

    Releasing them months ago before my S4

  • needa

    it already has won me over. but being an off contract buyer… i need it to be $499.99 or less for immediate purchase. otherwise ill wait for the reviews and decide. but by then the hype within me will be gone and i will just stick with my tried and true gs2.

  • Jonathan Paul

    $249 for $16gb
    $289 for $32

    • needa

      you might get that as a used price a year from now.

  • EvanTheGamer

    No micro SD slot + Only 16GB of Storage = No thanks.

    Gotta have my storage!

  • Jes Marwaha

    As Motorola is a Google Company now, do you think immediate updates from Google, like the Nexus range would be possible?

    • Steve B

      Not immediate, but they should be much more prompt than any other company.

      • Jes Marwaha

        I agree, as long as don’t have to wait months and months for an update, I will be happy.

        • Steve B

          You gotta hope that Google will be pushing Moto.

          • needa

            hope being the key word there. i expect them to be quicker than the rest. but i am not holding my breath.

  • MikeSaver


    Give me battery life without sacrificing performance, and I will buy it. Everything about it looks awesome, but I can’t deal with the Gnex running out of battery after 6 hours anymore.

    • Kris Wise

      When they mentioned the “customizable” Moto X… my first thought was can I get a triple size OEM battery and back cover.

  • kuki

    So looks like the question triggered the “price dragon” in all of us. Trust me it is going to be a cheap phone. Google works for the people and will not let that card slip from its sleeves. Whatever the case i was waiting for a Motorola high end phone. I am getting this in any way

  • Geo

    I don’t understand why you guys need unlimited data. I’m on a family plan with my gf and her mom and we have 4 GB to share and we only ever use 2 gigs. Do you guys not have WiFi at work/school/home? I even stream music on Google play music on my drives. Is it the price you’re keeping too? Do you have unlimited 4G LTE? I didn’t think the unlimited plan included that as my gf used to be on that before we merged into one plan and the Verizon rep said if she upgraded her phone she’d need a new plan to use 4G LTE, that unlimited didn’t include that. Please inform me some more. Edit: I’m on Verizon too, with a GNEX.

    • Bryan

      For me it’s both to keep unlimited data and also be locked into a great plan that’s no longer available.
      I got in on the special plan they offered a couple of years ago where unlimited 4GLTE data only costs me and my wife $10 each a month. They basically credit us $40 ($20 X 2) each month to make our data $10. We get 1400 shared minutes (with 10 numbers for friends and family calling) and unlimited texts. I could potentially give up the unlimited data and go to a shared plan, but I would end up paying way more for less.
      As it is, I have 2 smart phone lines, unlimited data, 1400 minutes, unlimited texts, and 2 feature phone lines and I pay a total of $158 a month. That also includes a 26% (or somethine like that, might be 28% now) corporate discount due to where I work.
      I would be over $200 a month with a new plan and have limited data. It would be better for me to buy the phones outright as I would end up paying more than the cost of the phone over the life of a 2 year contract.
      I will do everything I can to keep the plan I currently have.

      • Geo

        Now I feel like my gf got lied to by that rep to get on a new plan couple years ago, they told her it wasn’t possible and that this plan was cheaper/better anyway. I was on a plan by myself back then and when she got her plan changed her mom was the main person on the account so I didn’t want to say much anyway.

    • Animate

      1. I’d prefer to keep my personal browsing off of my work network since I can’t get to gaming sites and other filtered things.
      2. I stream Play Music a lot. Like a lot a lot. I’ll cache the songs I listen to but I’ll always get a random song and want to listen to it and things just snowball. With the 16GB on my One S this can take up space along with the other media I have there.

  • Jonathan

    My main concern is battery. With barely more juice than the GNex will it actually last for at least a day? WIll the extra radios and the X8 processor really make a difference?

    • Steve B

      Lay your concerns to rest. The Gnex had one of the worst processors/radio combos, which led to terrible reception and battery life. Most every phone that came after had/has an SoC which drastically improved battery life.

      The MotoX will destroy the Gnex battery life, probably almost double it.

  • John Davids


  • Franz

    $199. That’s it. I’ll buy two.

  • Guest
  • Rotkaeqpchen

    Everything it doesn’t have: Replaceable Battery and a MicroSD Card Slot…

  • FullSignal

    I’m going with Moto X because we know that Motorola makes quality products and my GNex radios suck mostly because of samy.

    • Steve B

      No, the Gnex radios suck because the LTE technology wasn’t evolved enough to be efficient at the time. GS3 came less than 6 months later with zero problems in the radio and battery.

      • j973

        gs3 was the worst phone i owned went through 8 replacements samsung = worst radios its bad when the workers at verizon admit saying samsung radios arent as strong as other companies

        • Steve B

          This like with most phone hardware is pretty subjective. I had a Gnex and it was pretty decent compared to others. I upgrade to a GS3 and it was an unbelievable difference. I never drop calls and rarely drop out of 4G. Just depends.

  • Maci

    up to date specs, no bloatware, chingon camera, low full retail cost

  • Brady Wassam

    Great battery life, good price, on Verizon.

  • MGardnerDA1235

    Need to be convinced it has better long-haul build quality than all previous Motorola offerings. This is one disgruntled Bionic owner who can’t believe how Motorola could sell phones so poorly designed (to not last).

  • Lucky Armpit

    It needs more than 16GB of internal storage. Or, a MicroSD slot. That’s the issue for me, plain a simple. I’m not a spec whore as I don’t need the latest/greatest processor nor do I need a 1080p display (c’mon guys, can you REALLY tell the difference between 720p vs. 1080p on a 4″ screen? The answer is NO). If I hear the specs change to 32GB of storage, or a variant with that much is available, I’d definitely get this over the Droid Maxx.

  • Ken

    It has to be the next Nexus for me to put my money on it. If it is, I will be very disgruntled paying for what I bought last year, again. If it isn’t I will just let it pass on by like all of moto’s very nice products. I want latest and greatest OS without all the cracking BS that most OEMs make you do.

  • Jarrett Guma

    Im worried bout the rumor that it will use a nano-SIM card, how will this affect those currently using a GNex on Verizon with unlimited plans?

  • Zach K

    Needs to be priced like the Nexus 4 so I could get one despite having a new GS4 with Verizon.