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Motorola Reminds Us That the Moto X Arrives Thursday

moto x

It’s Moto X week. If you didn’t already realize it, Motorola’s official Twitter account is reminding you with the image above. On Thursday, August 1, Motorola will officially unveil the Moto X and attempt to sell based on the fact that it was assembled in the U.S. and can be customized to your liking. Moto’s new flagship will also sport most of the features that were on display during the new DROID unveiling last week, but we get the feeling there will be some other surprises in store.

We’ll be putting together an updated recap of all Moto X happenings thus far, so stay on the lookout for that. In the mean time, describe your general feelings about the Moto X with only a few days to go.

Via:  @Motorola

  • imadboy

    Confused why I haven’t seen this hands-on with the moto x video on any of these leaked sites… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGLjhhUevww Yeah sure he doesn’t speak english, but we americans aren’t that ignorant are we?

  • John Jones

    Seriously, if this is $300, i am immediately going to get it. It would revolutionize some of the smartphone pricing strategy in the market. If you think about it, most cutting edge phones today sell for $600. You can get a Nexus 7 that is just as good for $200. Why on earth would you want to spend $400 more just so you can call and text. If newer smartphones start pricing lower like the Nexus 4 was, so many more people would buy them. At this point, I think it’s probably a better idea to get a nice Nexus 7 or other Android tablet and use a normal barphone, if the companies are going to keep charging $600 dollars. I mean, $200 dollars for the tablet + $50 for the phone, you just saved $350 dollars. Which is why the fact that the Moto X is probably $300 is a huge step forward.

  • Dan

    Does the Moto x have a removable sim card ?

  • http://antovolk.tumblr.com Anton Volkov

    Would love this as a replacement for my GNex but if the “October hero device” thing is true….

  • AloXander

    Seeing that “x” as a lower case suddenly made me think of the Nexus “x” in the startup screen. Maybe this IS a Motorola Nexus after all?

  • Daniel Paterniti

    Scoble posted that it’s a game changer so I’m sure there’s some details that we haven’t heard yet.

  • tom riddle

    Hurry up Thursday! I have some extra cash to throw at you Motorola.

  • vperl

    No Box of chocolates here

  • Rodeojones000

    All I care about is price. If the Verizon version is $300 full retail I’ll be buying two the day it is released. If it ends up being priced like all other Moto phones I’ll pass. It’s that simple.

    • NexusMan

      That’s kind of silly. There’s so much more to consider than price. I’d never buy a crap phone, nor two of them at that, because it is $300, nor would I refuse to buy an amazing phone because it cost more than $300…I’m just saying.

  • Malcolm Love

    I’m eyeing that G2. If this is around 300 off contract, DONE DEAL. Otherwise I’ll wait to see what the G2 has to offer (I’m drooling over that Snapdragon 800), or try to hold out for a Galaxy Note. I’m baffled by Verizon right now, as the only new high end phone I really have a choice of is the S4. How long has it been on that HTC One? I feel like we’ll be trolled and the X will come out on everything but Verizon like the same day or something.

  • DCABuckeye

    August 15 is Independence Day for most, if not all of us here, Verizon GNex owners on-contract! However, that being said, the MotoX $300 off-contract means that holiday won’t matter. Anything more than this isn’t worth keeping the unlimited for most real users who aren’t watching video all day long in our parents’ basement. I’m digging this phone when Verizon could have had me with the HTC One months ago at full boat. As far as the camera is concerned, when I’m snapping real pics I have my 280 Cannon with me, paired with my Eye-Fi card on my GNex and soon to be MotoX. Pictures for Catbook, I mean Facebook will be fine with the MotoX.

  • jh123416

    Really like that font/logo.

  • http://twitter.com/tarund TarunD

    I think the biggest thing going on for this phone is software and sensors. If you sit back and look at the big picture, all the latest hardware is completely useless without great software. Software is what’s going to push unimaginable things into reality and I believe this phone will show what Motorola’s vision of great software running on hardware that may seem outdated by “Android lovers” but the norm for many other users around the globe.

  • http://people.ign.com/mrfrodo24 MrFrodo24

    After owning the DNA for a few months, and using the new Nexus 7 for the last few days, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go back to non-Full-HD devices… I’m spoiled by obscene pixel density 😛

    • cocamoxb

      100% my situation as well. The DNA (HTC has worked flawlessly for me, if not everyone) has just a beautiful screen!!!!!

      The features and functionality look great on the Moto X but I worry the specs of the phone with the general rapid growth of Android in general may really limit the Moto X’s future capabilities……

  • Sporttster

    No sd slot kills this for me. Not to mention no 1080 screen. Just gonna have to wait some more I guess…..

  • Rene Barba

    This is was also reminded to us on their Facebook page’s timeline cover.

  • chiketychinachinesechicken

    Contemplated waiting for this but I wanted something different. Looks way to similar to my Gnex. I got the opportunity to use a family members upgrade so I can keep my unlimited. Hopped on the s4 and never looked back. After getting rid of the bloat im loving it.

    • chiketychinachinesechicken

      I only hope for the people that do jump on this device that there wont be a 5in beast version coming out in a few months as has been speculated.

  • Joe Fischer

    One word. Sploosh.

  • Jon

    I think this will be a nice midrange phone. It should’ve come out 6 months ago. I’m waiting, for the Moto X HD Maxx, if there is one, maybe it would be called Moto Xtreme? lol

  • 2Berad

    I just want a device that I have loved as much or more then Gnex…

  • trixnkix637

    And yet the HTC One VZW variant remains not to be seen….

  • Derek L.

    I cannot wait for this phone to come out. Honestly, even if it disappoints me terribly, I would gladly sell this iPhone 5 to get back on Android at an off-contract price of $300/350.

    Come on Goog-orola!

  • name

    Man I have been a moto buyer since the first slider phone came out had the og droid I currently have the RAZR and once I heard bout the moto x all that time ago I just couldn’t wait for the final version and now that’s its here man I’m all on top of it

  • http://twitter.com/geoff5093 Geoff Johnson

    Bionic would never let us forget.

  • Kanaga Deepan N

    WOW… Motorola YOU DON’T SAY? /s

  • Dandaman

    Think this will be my next phone. Had the Gnex since day one. Only question I can’t seem to find an answer for and will want to know is…Will the SIM card be removable? Will the battery cover come off to do so? I know Motorola phones don’t usually have this option.

    Also…I’ve been on Paradigm 3.2 for awhile with no issues. My Gnex still flies, and is stable.

    • TuckandRoll84

      The SIM is removable. It is on the side opposite the volume buttons about halfway down. You can see it on the profile of the white one.

    • Paul Hansen

      SIM is always removable (except sometimes sprint but that was a long time ago and is no longer the case). The removable battery cover is the colored back panel that you’re seeing in press shots all over the place that is customizable. There are tons of images floating around if you need proof it’s literally everywhere with the leakfest that has been following this device around.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    After breaking my Nexus 4 and picking up the S4 then returning it for a HTC One last week, this phone really needs to deliver to make me go through the hassle of returning the One and getting this guy.

    Also, do we have any solid proof that it’s going to be priced $300-350 off contract? Or is it just wishful thinking?

    Anyone else thinking they’d rather wait until the Nexus 5/KLP are released in the fall?

  • Tom Luley

    I really wish this thing had a 1080p display…I cant imagine going from a 1080p display back to a 720p display (first world problems)

  • Eric Soriano

    $300-350 off contract…’nuff said!


    I am looking forward to the first hands-on reviews, and a comparison to the HTC One (on Verizon). My Bionic seems a bit…long in the tooth, these days, and I am eager for a replacement.

  • Bi0nic

    Made sure my schedule was cleared for Thursday…even though I have no schedule. :)

    • Weber

      Were you downvoted for not having a schedule? I don’t get it.

      • Bi0nic

        Doubt it. They see a Bionic comment and it’s an instant downvote. LOL

        • Verizon

          I get that too. :(

          • EC8CH

            you deserve it thought

        • ToddAwesome

          It’s a natural human reaction at this point.

    • Paul Hansen

      I’ll have my finger on the buy trigger if it’s on the play store following the press event…. If I’m at work or otherwise it’s not going to matter 😛

  • Joseph A. Yager

    I need to wait for the announcement before I can tell if I care much about it or not. So for now, I guess I don’t care much about it…

    • Project Mayhem

      Just hoping my expectations aren’t too high 😀

      • cns2007

        Unfortunately most people’s expectations are too high already. I’m sure this will be a great phone, but it can never live up to all the hype surrounding it. Many prior OEM phone releases have suffered from this. I’m just going to sit and wait patiently, and judge it in person, rather than opinion.

  • Chris Schmucker

    If this phone is <$300 off contract i will gladly host a retirement party for everyone's Gnex. Drinks on me!

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Oh god I hope so. If it isn’t, for what it gives, I, along with many, won’t drop $600 on this to keep unlimited data on VZW.

      • Chris Schmucker

        I think i’d be willing to go to $350-$400 off-contract, no more. My Gnex is on 4.3 so its holding up quite nicely. I severely miss Moto’s radios though. Not to mention the battery life on the Gnex is abysmal.

        • loony2nz

          abysmal is an understatement.

        • maverik013

          Going by Droid battery size and projected hours, I’d guess this device can top 20-24 hours with its 2200 mAh battery. Not sure about off contract price though, it would be sweet if it is under $400.

        • subvent

          Has 4.3 improved the battery life?

          • Chris Schmucker

            Not really

      • G

        It’s going to be 300 with contract… High if you think otherwise….

    • MichaelFranz

      before or after tax??…..i will hold you to it even though i got rid of my gnex a while ago

      • Chris Schmucker

        Meh, before tax. Looks like at this point ill just buy a keg or two. It’ll be easier.

    • EC8CH

      Can our G-Nexi bring our old OG Droids to the party as dates?

      • Chris Schmucker

        OG Droids can get in on this too

      • Raj Bhatt

        The OG would be robbing the cradle haha

    • jh123416

      So OG Droids are invited? Don’t know if my GNexi will have enough power due to a sore charging port…

    • Eric

      Can we bring our gs3’s also?

      • Chris Schmucker

        Nope, me and I assume a lot of other people on this site aren’t on speaking terms with Touchwiz.

        • Eric

          But but mines rooted with Paranoid Android rom… :'(

    • picaso86


  • M3D1T8R

    Please offer different internal storage options, to keep this phone alive as a possible upgrade from my current DNA. I’ll pay as much as $100 extra for an upgrade to 64GB. At this point this (how truly customizable it will be) is about the only thing I’m holding my breath for awaiting the launch.

    • DNA

      You meant Downgrade from the HTC DNA LOL

      • M3D1T8R

        Yeah the DNA is a nice phone. Even the battery isn’t as terrible as I expected. If they just hadn’t crippled it with 16gb/no SD I wouldn’t be thinking about selling it. Really hoping the Butterfly S comes to Verizon, but not looking good with Moto now having the Droid brand exclusive.. The Moto X should have a few things better than the DNA though, namely great radios. Add more storage and I’ll seriously consider the “downgrade”, if that’s what you want to call it.

  • BRIM

    As much as I’m interested, I can’t WAIT for this to be over with and move on.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Haven’t ya heard, it’s all about the SGSV!

  • decidedtochangename

    That X supposed to look like the Nexus “x”….

  • LiterofCola

    If this is as cheap as it’s rumored to be AND if the rumors about it being released this week are accurate as well, I just might pick this up to test out before my Maxx ships.

  • MichaelFranz

    can’t wait to burn my upgrades on 2 iphones and sell them to get this off contract and still have pocket cash :)

    • TheRobotCow

      Yup, this is why i love the iPhone! haha

    • BenderBendingRodriguez0101001

      You’re a smart man.

    • Camel Spiders

      Tell me more about this clever plan.

      • MichaelFranz

        i have 4 lines – my main unlt data line which goes untouched. my Gf’s line (iphone – hers i no touch) and 2 tablet lines. Both tablet lines are due for upgrades. Burn both tab upgrades on iphones and then put the tabs back on

        sell iphones – profit $$$$

        some people say this will nto work for them. i recommend going into like best buy and doing it. if they have problems they will call a rep and authorize it for them. the only problem is make sure you follow up with vzw next day and makle sure everything is back to normal, otherwise the $10/mo for tablets turn into $40/mo smartphone lines. Gotta make sure they job is done right. i slept on it and was being charged for a few months and didnt realize it. But that was mostly because i have a bundled bill with Fios service as well…

        • Sam

          Could I use my grandma’s upgrade to buy an iPhone and sell it to make some extra cash? She has a basic flip phone with no data, and she’s fine with the phone that she has.

          • MichaelFranz

            dont know about feature phones….worth a shot calling and asking

          • sparta

            I’d say no only cause when you go to “upgrade” to the iPhone you will need to add a data plan onto your account. Not sure how easily you can remove that data plan after.

        • Bs9559

          Wont work anymore. Verizon changed the upgrade policy to where you may only upgrade devices in the same family. You can no longer upgrade tablets and internet cards to phones.

          • MichaelFranz

            verizon did….but best buy still allows it. it will work.

          • Bs9559

            Best buy uses a system called eroes to process verizon upgrades. Eroes will not allow it, trust me.

          • MichaelFranz

            when i had to do it before they had to call a rep and the rep authorized it….they told them how to do it….so yes i have done it

          • ZuiHao Mai

            Best Buy does not generally use EROES, usually they use a System called BEAST. I don’t know about tablets, but you can definitely juggle your upgrades through a smartphone line. So, if you have a single line on your account that is NOT unlimited data, just go to Best Buy, tell them to do an alternate upgrade, steal the upgrade from whichever line is eligible and upgrade that phone to the new smartphone. You can switch the limited data line back to whatever phone was on it previously and then you have an extra phone.

          • Guest

            We use BEAST, and it will

        • Weber

          This is probably why iPhone still has so many activations.

    • dtraini30

      Oh do tell.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    So, starry sky, or black image with chroma noise? If that’s what we can expect from the ClearPixel, I am disappoint.

    On the other hand, it could just mean nothing at all.

  • Mark

    i think the surprise will be that it will be available immediately at least through Google Play.. and maybe the carriers also.. if rumors are true that carriers are getting shipments today

    • NickA

      What are the chances Verizon will be getting it? It would be nice if they released a version for Sprint/Verizon customers.

      • cns2007

        “It would be nice if they released a version for Sprint/Verizon customers.”

        I believe, that much has been confirmed through FCC filings. However, that doesn’t indicate “when” it’ll be released on VZW though.

        • NickA

          Good point. It could be months later like the One.

          • cns2007

            Yep, a sad possibility.

      • Verizon

        *shakes magic 8 ball*

        “Outlook hazy, ask again later”

  • Zach B.

    There is a *squeeze* 30% chance Moto X is coming this Thursday

  • Nihilist


    • sc0rch3d

      your soul, of course! nothing much….

      • Verizon

        That’s just my contract. The phone is free.

  • NYAvsFan

    I’m hoping that it might be something I can move to from my N4. I absolutely love my phone, but the lack of physical storage is killing me. I have no games/music/pictures on it and it still runs of space just updating apps I use everyday.

    • ToddAwesome

      Ok, I’ll ask, what DO you have on it then?

  • dylan

    Is there any reason Motorola phones are not able to cast google play service (play music all access and play movies) to chromecast???? I’ve talked to google support and motorola and still haven’t gotten an answer. I’ve tried 2 different razr (razr and razr maxx) and three different chromecasts and two different routers. Casting option is absent in google play music and google play movies (both running the most recent versions).

    • Zach B.

      Probably your wifi setup. No issues with either app here… OG Maxx

      • dylan

        Thanks, I’ve tried two different routers. 2.4ghz enabled, and upnp is also enabled. I can cast Netflix and YouTube, google play music and movies are missing the cast button. Also, in the chromecast app, none of my chromecasts are being detected by the razr (Nexus 7 and GNexus are having no problem detecting the chromecasts).

        • Zach B.

          Odd. My only other suggestion is a full reset of everything involved… router, chromecast, as well as reinstall of affected apps (can you uninstall the Play apps?)

          • dylan

            Haha, I’ve tried that. I did a complete factory reset on my phone as well. I’ve read on several forums about this problem and every time the phone has been a verizon Droid Razr or Razr maxx. Oh well, I guess it’s time to upgrade this phone.

          • Zach B.

            Here’s to hoping this will be my replacement.

    • duke69111

      I had no problems getting it to work on my GNexus or my kindle fire 1gen. However, I tried it on my original Motorola Droid for the fun of it and it would not cast. It would connect to the chromecast, but it would never play the video or song.

  • HeartStrong07

    Better be good … My GNex has eyes for the LG-G2 and GN5

    • Weber

      What’s a GN5?

      • richkoos

        maybe Google Nexus 5? or the upcoming Galaxy Note 5…

        • Weber

          Your guess is as good as mine

        • heartstrong07

          Yep Google Nexus 5

      • David Narada Brown

        he is probably guessing that the next nexus will be a galaxy phone. not sure if i believe that tho.

        • Weber

          I sure as hell hope not.

        • HeartStrong07

          Nope … I am hoping the LG G2 is also the Google Nexus 5 and is carried by Verizon … if it is not, I may finally be ready to leave Verizon and buy the Nexus 5 from the Google Play Store and switch to AT&T

  • Verizon

    Wait, what is the Moto X again?

    • Bi0nic

      Ask me on Friday and I’ll be glad to answer it.

    • samari711

      It’s like a Droid but you’re not allowed to do the branding

      • Verizon

        That must be terrible then.

        Wait, can I put a giant logo on the front of it?

        • dtraini30
          • Verizon

            So you don’t like knowing which carrier you’re on? How else are you supposed to remember?

            If there is no giant Verizon logo on your phone people might think you were on At&t or laugh at you thinking you are a Sprint customer. The giant logo is like a one way ticket to the “Cool Kids” table.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Better be on sale before the end of August. Enough of this waiting around.

    • David Narada Brown

      this phone looks promising to me, but im glad my contract ends in december. so waiting to see whats in store for the new nexus isnt that difficult for me.

    • LiterofCola

      Some rumors are pointing to it being available this week after the announcement.

  • Jonathan Reid


  • Weber

    Just release the damn thing already so we can get reviews. My GNex developed a whooping cough over the weekend.

    • TheRobotCow

      i flashed shiny rom with 4.3 just to keep mine alive just a little longer

      • Chris Schmucker

        Same here, have you noticed any improvement with battery life? I still only get around 1.5hrs screen-on time even with the extended battery.

        • Matt

          I have noticed a marked improvement in the lag that developed in 4.2, and battery performance is slightly better.

        • TheRobotCow

          Battery life seems about the same, yesterday i got 10hrs with about 1.1 hours of on-screen but i think it was because i was busy most of yesterday

      • Weber

        I did that on Saturday to see the hullabaloo about 4.3, but it kept crashing on me. Not sure what I did wrong, but I went back to Carbon anyway. Settings for days.

    • Raj Bhatt

      Mine has been running like it has Parkinson’s Disease for the past could of months no matter what ROM I try.

      EDIT: Wait, was that crossing a line somewhere?

      • Weber

        Carbon is the only stable one for me. Only thing I can’t figure out is why gmail never notifies me anymore.

        • monkey082506

          I have that issue on my N7 running Smooth Rom…it bothers me a little bit.

          • Weber

            Since I’ve been trying to sell my guitar and amp, I kind of need my gmail to notify me when someone emails me about the sale. It’s somewhat annoying to have to always check for new emails myself.

        • Raj Bhatt

          My GNex is on AOKP and GMail does not notify me. I thought I was the only one experiencing this.

          • Weber

            I think it has something to do with the stupid categories. While they’re good in theory, gmail only notifies me if something is starred as important. If it’s a new email, how the hell will I be able to determine its importance?

          • Butters619

            Try the fix adb says. That worked for me as well.

        • adbFreedom

          With me some roms will disable gmail sync after flashing. Not sure if you have already tried going into settings>accounts and checked to make sure gmail is checked off under your account for sync?

          • Raj Bhatt

            I think it is the latest GAPPS package that turns off the gmail sync. Even after turning it back on, Gmail does not consistently notify of new messages. I think for me it has only been notifying for messages in the “personal” category.

          • adbFreedom

            In gmail under settings>manage labels are your “label notifications” and “notify for every message” checked off?

          • Raj Bhatt

            Hmm, Label Notifications was checked but “Notify for every message” wasn’t. Thank you! Hopefully this fixes it.

          • adbFreedom

            Are you getting notifications from Disqus for my replies?

          • Raj Bhatt

            Only some of them.

          • Weber

            I did after my phone actually told me the gmail sync was off. Still no sync.

          • adbFreedom

            Have you checked in the gmail app under settings>your account>manage labels? Change all of them to “sync last 30 days” That seemed to work for me.

          • Weber

            Thanks, I’ll try it and see what happens.

          • Weber

            That did it. I only had the primary set to notify every time. Haven’t gotten an email yet, but I’m hoping this works. They should probably let more people know about this setting.

          • duke69111

            it does on mine occasionally, however it still does not notify.

        • duke69111

          Yea, I know. I haven’t seen a notification in a month or two.

        • SparkysShocker

          Gmail issue is Android wide…somewhere with the new tab system someone screwed up the primary tab and now mail isn’t being directed there on the Android gmail app (it still shows there online) however emails that should be in the primary tab can still be found under “all mail”. However I have yet to find a fix.

          • Weber

            Check out adbFreedom’s response below. This seemed to work for me:

            Have you checked in the gmail app under settings>your account>manage labels? Change all of them to “sync last 30 days” and notify for every message/label notifications. That seemed to work for me. Also make sure “notifications” is checked off under your account settings before you go into manage labels.

      • ToddAwesome


        • CasperTFG


      • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

        Try ATOM 422 if you haven’t already. No 4.3 build just yet but I have run a LOT of ROMs on my GNex & I swear to you this thing flies like I’d just bought it – & I’m using PIE controls & a bunch of other mods & it’s damn near too good to be true. Give it a shot (wipe EVERYTHING… 3 times 😉 ), you will be so grateful for yourself that you did.

        Link: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/35925-rom-atom-422-0622-theres-2-scoops-in-every-box/

    • samari711

      My Thunderbolt developed polio not long after the ICS upgrade.

      • Weber

        Oh man, my TB is the only-use-this-if-all-other-options-are-exhausted phone. I’d break out my old Nextel phone if I could.

        • MichaelFranz

          i still have a tbolt with a cracked screen and LCD. wonder if i should resurrect it……

          …on second thought it might cause a zombie phone apocolypse….you’ll have droid eris, startac’s, nokia’s with snake game, nextel i95’s eating all the chipsets!!

    • Alex Goings

      Mine just get super hot all the time……

      • CasperTFG

        Ditto. I can only play games circa 15 minutes. Then I have to put the phone a good distance away from me in case it blows.

    • 4n1m4L

      Mine quit charging correctly so I bought one with a broken screen for $30 on eBay and swapped motherboards. Works like a champ.

      • Weber

        Same for me, but I sent mine back, and VZW charged me $275 for a replacement.

        • 4n1m4L

          Wow. Wtf?

          • Weber

            No lie. I’m fighting them on this. They’re claiming that I broke the charging port, even though it was fine. It just stopped charging altogether. What’s funny is that I had the phone for 3 whole days before needing another replacement from them.

          • 4n1m4L

            I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t try to go that route

          • Weber

            They hate me, though. They’ve replaced my GNex 5 times THIS YEAR.

            EDIT: Then they have the nerve to send me an email today saying I’ve “earned a new phone”

          • SparkysShocker

            Buy 5 get 1 free?

          • SparkysShocker

            Buy 5 get 1 free?

    • jh123416

      So the charging port is a common issue. I started experiencing it about a month and a half ago. So annoying how I have to wiggle to cable and it STILL doesn’t work. My phone will be plugged in for 3 hours and barely get 20% because of the connection issues.

      • Weber

        I made the mistake of having it make a popping noise whenever it was plugged in or taken off the plug, and it sounded like my phone was making some popcorn when I had the port issues. Bad idea.