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Galaxy S4 Allegedly Explodes, Burns Down Apartment and Torches Mercedes

Galaxy S4 Fire

According to a recent report from Hong Kong, a Galaxy S4 is the suspect in an arson fire. Not that the device will be tried or anything like that, but according to the device’s owner, the S4 was acting normally, then it just blew up in his hands. Once the device caught fire, the victim threw the device onto his couch, which then lit up the rest of his apartment and the fire even spread to his Mercedes. With the victim of the fire assuring those concerned that the device was running a Samsung battery and was only charged using an official Samsung charger, could the blame be put onto the tech giant? 

According to investigators, no foul play is currently suspected. Samsung issued a statement that they are personally looking into the matter and are sending down a chemical analyst to insure that the device and its components came from one of their factories. The quicker Samsung can blame this on some janky third party component, the better.

We will keep you posted on how it unfolds. For now, we suggest carrying around a bucket of water when using your Galaxy S4. For those with a waterproof S4 Active, you’re basically screwed. /s

Galaxy S4 Fire 2

Via: The Register | Xianguo

  • Dustin Casper

    Galaxy S-Fire

  • equestrian_colt

    Why in God’s name throw the phone on your couch throw it on the floor and stomp on it. He lost everything over stupidity. I do like the exploding fire feature in the new Galaxy s4. Man this phone does everything.

  • terrorist96

    In other news, Tim’s posts now show the pictures (while ABP is running)

  • john

    I heard they found out the owner of the phone was an apple employee

  • kc

    Economy sucks so lets blame it on a phone as to why your homeless in hopes that a big corp like samsung settles with you….

  • Villiam


  • DanSan

    if its plugged in and charging, technically its an electrical fire. i wouldnt throw water on it. lol

  • rcrow490

    It wasn’t an arson fire, Tim.

  • Nick Norman

    GS4 Ballistech

  • jcoop

    This happened in Hong Kong. I wouldn’t be surprised if the man’s Galaxy S4 didn’t come from Samsung.

    • Fox Bailey

      Came from Foxconn.

  • Cody Girouard

    hey guys I just downloaded the newest apps on the market its call blow up my phone

  • yummy

    Hate it when that happens

  • Damn! Who needs Al Kaeda when you have Samsung.

  • S2556

    Insurance fraud, there’s an app for that.

  • Lugnuts McGruff

    Clearly this is a conspiracy initiated by apple…

  • Obvious Sarcasm

    Looks like he accidentally activated a secret feature on the S4. Flamethrower mode.

  • Iron_Catastrofe

    So when will this feature come to other Galaxy S phones?

  • TylerChappell

    I am actually not surprised if this turns out to be true. My mom’s Verizon Galaxy S4 tends to get hot for no reason, and it charges painfully slow when it is warm to the touch. I mean like, it only charges to 60% after being left on the charger ALL NIGHT. The only way to solve it is to completely power it off and THEN charge it, which is completely unacceptable.
    Samsung’s devices are such low quality and so cheaply made, have terrible radios, and are overbloated more than any other Android device.
    So glad I only choose HTC and Asus for my Android devices. Quality counts.

    • Fox Bailey

      Except that HTC is a general suck-fest* and Asus alwas fucks up with memory management.

      *For the record I still use/love my G1

  • Michael Lierman

    Could have been a chinese knock-off Galaxy S4. Seen those being sold around here in the US. They look completely identical to the real Galaxy S4. Logos and everything. Only different is they sport 512MB of RAM, 2GB internal storage for music and such, 1 GB ROM, and 8MP camera.

  • USA

    This is why I’m buying the Moto X. No cheap china made phone for me anymore.

  • nick

    maybe he overclocked it a little too high;)

  • Liderc

    Seems unlikely. Even if it’s true, hardware fails all the time and if the person is an idiot (like this one in the story), and they don’t know how to put out fire (there are many, many ways), then yes, it may burn your apartment down.

    I’d suggest, you know, having a fire extinguisher somewhere in the house. Or you know, some water from a faucet, or a bottle? These kinds of stories make me worry about the human race as a whole.

  • MPooZD

    OMG !!

    it’s C4 , not S4


    • Fox Bailey

      They made a typo and now Samsung is confused.

  • Ryan Stewart

    I’ll go ahead and withhold judgment since the girl who got burned didn’t fess up to using a knock off, same for the iPhone electrocution and China isn’t a place known for enforcing copy write laws.

    • Higher_Ground

      or electrical code 🙁

  • Be warned!

    Everyone knows the Galaxy S4s are posessed by the devil & are going to destroy civilization, starting with China…..

  • Cgmartin33

    I think its a design flaw in the S4. Last week I found mine next to a dead hooker with a huge mound of blow…and now I am hearing about this? There is no way that is a coincidence.

    • Tower72

      LOL love this reply right here!

    • jnt

      I’ve laughed at a few of the posts here, but this one really made me lol…

  • Mike

    Wow, sounds like he’s lying through his teeth.

  • drsheldoncooper


  • Story by Apple.