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Blastron Blasts Onto Android – It’s Like Worms but With Robots Instead


Back when I was younger, Worms was a great way to get my fix of cartoon violence. You placed your character in a strategical position on a map and would then fire missiles/guns/nukes at opposing worms. Whoever dies first loses. Recently launched onto Google Play is Blastron, a game with the same modus operandi, but with robots instead of war-hardened worms. As you progress, your robot is heavily customizable with different weapons and power-ups. 

The game is free, but there are a ton of in-app purchases to give you the upper hand against online opponents. For fun, I gave a quick look at the app’s page on the iOS AppStore. Listed as one of the top selling in-app purchases is the $100 “Vault of Gears.” $100?! People must be crazy for this game. Literally crazy.

Go check it out!

Play Link

  • Darryl Zuk

    This reminds me of Gunbound as well—which was such an awesome game. I’m not sure why there isn’t an official app for it yet. Guess I will give this a try…

  • Will Rehse

    installed on my gnex. ran suuuupppeerrrr slow. Anyone else having this issue?

  • disastrousrainbow

    I remember the good times when Gunbound came out, especially before it got overrun by the pay-for-play model. Downloading this now, let’s see…

  • Trevor

    Worms is an AWESOME game!! I also really liked Scorch (with the little tanks). Gonna have to give this new one a try. Thanks for the heads-up Tim!

  • sonofskywalker3

    All you youngsters with your Worms and your network connections… When I was your age, we played “Scorched Earth”, and we shared the same keyboard!

    • guest

      good ol’ death’s heads

    • EvanTheGamer

      Oh yeah?! Well damnit, I remember the classic Atari game Missile Command and I wasn’t even born yet!


    • Raven

      That was my thought too. I ran a Scorch server back in the 90’s when some of the first network games were coming out. I also used to play “Barrage” on my OG Droid which calls itself a “tribute” to Scorched Earth. You might want to check that out for some nostalgia.

    • Trevor

      Yes! That game was great!

  • dtiger1138

    I can remember the originator of all this, Scorched Earth: The Mother of all Games. That was amusing, then Worms came out.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Back when I was younger, Worms was a great way to get my fix of cartoon violence.

    Now I suddenly feel very old. Thanks for that. lol

    • Stewie

      I remember working late night in the NOC and we setup a server, did nothing but worms all nighters … those were the days….

  • standardsdt

    Sort of looks like Gunbound as well.


    • EvanTheGamer

      Gunbound was such a fun game back in the day! Use to spend hours upon hours playing online. It was pretty awesome, especially for being free!

      • Bob G

        Haha memories. I remember getting a bunch of people in college to play and we formed a “clan”. Gunbound good times.

  • Ian

    modus operandi…..and that concludes today’s Latin lesson.

  • Stewie

    worms armageddon is on the play store too you know …

  • geocab

    I love Worms! I’ll have to check this out.