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The Makers of Beautiful Widgets Launch Quad Drawer to Google Play

Quad Drawer

A simple question is raised by the developers of the newly launched Quad Drawer application, the same folks that created one of Google Play’s most highly praised applications, Beautiful Widgets – How much time do you spend searching for apps on your device? Well, it may not seem like a long time for most people, but LevelUp Studios has found a way to make the process of locating your apps a bit faster. 

Quad Drawer is not a full launcher, but just an app drawer. It works alongside whichever launcher you use on your device, so it could be the stock Android launcher that comes pre-installed or it could be any number of third party launchers found on Google Play. When you open Quad Drawer, you are shown what looks like a regular app drawer, but there is a built in search function that allows you to type in what app you are looking for. No aimlessly looking through tons of icons. You can set how you want your apps displayed, in a grid pattern or in a list, but you can also organize your apps by alphabetical order or even by most commonly used.

The feature that makes the app very cool is the floating window. When enabled, a semi-transparent icon appears on your device’s display. You can move this icon to whichever location you want and it will remain there even when in other apps or playing games. This way, you will always have access to your apps without needing to back out of what it is you are doing on your phone.

The developers placed two different themes for the app, one light and one dark, just in case you are going for a certain feel on your device. Overall the app looks and performs pretty well and is priced for only $1 in Google Play. Go check it out.

Play Link ($0.99)

  • sean.yesmunt

    Apex launcher.
    Sort by most used. Then, when I do have to go into my drawer, the app im probably looking for is on the first page.

  • Jahfen

    I’ve organized my app drawer very efficiently… By color. http://db.tt/x8Bm9XE1

    • Matt

      Haha what in f?

    • Matt

      Haha what in f?

    • Jamin

      You made my day! Just awesome 😀

    • Chris

      Games isn’t a color! 😛

  • PAJ

    Use Action launcher. Tap “P” to go to the apps starting with “P” there will be the Plume icon. Two taps and your there…

  • Nate595

    I just use google search to quickly get to an app that I don’t already have on my homescreen.

  • Mark Mann

    my most used apps are in circle launcher…and i would find it quicker to scroll through pages of apps than to pay 99 cents and install an app that requires me to type out the name of the app to find it…what’s scrolling through a few pages versus typing out up to 15-20 letters?

    • Cameron Williams

      The default keyboard is a T9 dialer. You typically only need to type two or three letters and the app you want is there.

      • Mark Mann

        versus swipe swipe tap

  • chris

    Anyone else notice the time in the picture?

  • John Lane

    I thought that what the google search widget was for mine pulls up my apps quicker it takes less than 2 seconds but reality my phone it setup so everything is accessible in 1 second or less

  • shecalledmejay

    I do like the t9 app searching but lets be real I don’t flip threw my app pages that slow.

    • And we don’t type the T9 that slow. It is for the video, to be understandable.

  • John Burke

    Q: How much time do you spend searching for apps on your device?
    A: Very little since I use Nova Prime I organize them in Drawer groups

  • fallsgable

    Just think, all it takes is 99 cents, and I could be enjoying my Dildroid (and finished) 5.2 seconds sooner…
    Thanks LevelUp!

  • Guest

    WOW…awesome timely and SOO what I have been NEEDING!!
    Working GREAT on my OG Droid! up and running no problem…like BUTTA!
    (only 3 apps IN my OG app drawer, but whateva….)

    • Toasted_Cracker


    • MikeCiggy


      is all i read…

  • Suralin

    I don’t think anyone in the below comments has actually had to deal with content management before. This is a fantastic app for those who don’t want all of the bells and whistles of other launchers, but simply want a way to search through dozens of apps relatively easily in the app drawer. To be able to hit a few keys and find the app you’re looking is far more intuitive than sliding between pages and scanning the icon images.

    Too many people here are quick to dismiss something like this, but as a person who has to deal with content management, it’s perfect for your average user that just wants to find something with very little effort.

    • Mark Mann

      looking for an app, is your appdrawer set to alphabetical? *swipe, swipe* there it is! how is that hard?

      • Suralin

        So you still use a hardcover encyclopedia and dictionary? I commend your ability to want to utilize inefficient methods.

        • Mark Mann

          i don’t understand how typing in letters is any more efficient than a swipe? not too mention, swiping is free, whereas typing in letters costs you a buck

  • emoney

    if it takes you 9 seconds to find an app, you suck

    • rutgersjaffo


  • trwb

    Stock drawer 9:67, in reality it just took me about 2:00 with Apex vertical drawer

  • MCDroid

    SOLUTION, USE GOOGLE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Done, saved 99 cents

    • zurginator

      Ah, I’m not the only person that uses that?

    • Google now is slow… really slow !

  • Ryan

    Worthless app. It takes longer to type than it does to scroll through almost any number of screens. Go back to kindergarten and learn how alphabetical works and this app is even less useful.

  • Alexander Anteneh

    nova launcher + change the scrolling to verticle and drop the size of your icons down. problem solved. That is if you even need access to an app drawer

    • Illinipoke

      This, vertical scrolling is so much better than the horizontal “page” style.

  • Eric

    I use my phone enough to know what page the app im looking for is on so this is pointless.

  • ßen Murphy

    TBH, I rarely go into the App Drawer…I usually keep my most-used apps on a homescreen inside a folder. I don’t see how useful this would actually be…So you saved 5 seconds?….Here’s your cookie.

  • brkshr

    Meh… The apps I use most are in a folder on my homescreen. The rest are sorted alphabetically in the app drawer. It doesn’t take more than 3 or 4 seconds to find my rarely used apps and even less time to get to my regularly used apps in folders.

    • Jérôme Besnard

      I’m with you. That’s the point of the 5 stock home screens: organize your favorite apps (and widgets). I don’t get it.

      • michael arazan

        Exactly, All my most used apps on One Homescreen and organized into folders. The only thing I misss from my Droid 1 is holding down home screen to access widgets, too bad the app didn’t show a function for that, searching widgets on my GNex is the only thing that irks me once in a while.

  • rutgersjaffo

    How the hell could typing the name of an app be faster than simply scrolling through 6 or 7 screens? I mean, sort them alphabetically and be done with it. Yeesh. #overthinkingit

    • Guest

      Not only that, but I have nearly 200 apps installed right now on my G-Nex, and so I cannot remember every single app installed. So…this app is pretty pointless to me. lol

      • rutgersjaffo

        200 apps. Jesus. No idea what I would do with that many apps, lol.

        • Raven

          n00b 😉 I currently have 327 apps on my current phone and 365 apps on my N7. I had over 600 apps on my last phone, but I haven’t quite gotten back up there with my current one.

          • rutgersjaffo

            That’s crazy, man. No way on Earth you even come close to using those apps on a regular basis. They’re just all sitting there eating up data and memory. But to each his own, lol…

      • The lists to sort apps by most used or recent can help you 😉

    • Choices my friend, choices. Not everyone uses their phone the same. For you and I, scrolling to our app makes the most sense, but for someone who has way more apps than we do (or some other situation we wouldn’t even think of), this could be awesome. Never knock options that aren’t forced on you 🙂

    • MikeCiggy

      Something annoying is that a lot of what I do on my phone is muscle memory. When I download a new app it moves everything behind it alphabetically to a new spot in my drawer. Then I need to retrain my brain for where it is for fast opening. The plus side is my everyday apps are in my dock.

    • Raven

      Typing a name is a complete waste of time and scrolling through more than a few apps is even silly. I have been using Folder Organizer since my OG Droid and it is the only way to roll. I currently have 365 apps all neatly and automatically categorized. No scrolling through huge alphabetical lists. You can also “Star” apps and they will be automatically sorted to the top of each category for even easier access. 2 taps and I can easily get to any app on my phone or tablet. They are all always in the same category and no manually creating folders or placing icons on my desktop. All of my devices (2 phones, 2 tablets) just have 2 widgets on their desktop one for “Main menu” and one for “Starred apps” and not a single other icon and I can’t remember the last time I used my “Drawer” on any of my devices. I would highly recommend that you try it out. It will change the way you use your Android device for the better.