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Thursday Poll: Did You Buy a Chromecast?


Once they hit Google Play and online retailers, the Chromecast sold out fast. You can find some in select stores, so be sure to call up your local Best Buy and other retailers if you are still looking to snag one. Priced at $35, we should have known that everyone was going to go crazy for this little device. It has a lot of potential and launches with some great content streaming features, perfect for those that love devouring videos on the web.

Feel free to answer our poll below and then share why you decided to buy one. Was there a feature that stood out for you?

Did you buy a Chromecast?

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  • j

    I had the choice of what device to cast too in youtube app…picked my googletv device (logitech revue), instead of my chromecast device and it Rocks twice as fast as my chromecast device…what the hell, now I can actually feel better about my revue purchase!!!

  • HowsTheHope

    X2 Win.

  • Lefthanded

    I bought one minutes after I say it on uncrate. I regret not buying three.

  • Terrance Steiner

    If I did not already have a Windows HTPC hooked up to my TV I would totally be interested. As it is, the Chromecast does not offer me any added functionality than my HTPC and a Android remote app (I forget the name) that I use. That being said, it looks like an awesome device and the next time I need to update my HTPC I will likely scrap it for something like this. Netflix and Youtube probably account for 75% of my video viewing anyway and Windows Media Center is now barely more than a side project to Microsoft.

    Going completely off topic, I will say that Windows 8 does make a really good 10-foot interface (as long as you have a touch pad).

  • RicoDelicioso

    Got mine yesterday. Very limited so far but has great potential. Hopefully more features are added soon or eventually. Like Tumblr support would be nice. Would be nice to browse through all the nekkidness and seeing it on the big screen instead of hooking up my PC to the TV. One can dream.

  • capncoad

    As an iOS user with an ATV this is redundant in a lot of ways. But damn if I was still in the Android world, this would be an instabuy.

  • jcorf

    Picked up mine at Best Buy tonight and it’s definitely worth the $35.

  • ROKU + PLEX those two combined chromecast can’t touch

    • Carl Hill

      Couldn’t get PLEX to work for me, but, Serviio with the app, plus, DroidMote, BSPlayer does wonders,….

    • Carl Hill

      Couldn’t get PLEX to work for me, but, Serviio with the app, plus, DroidMote, BSPlayer does wonders,….

  • sam

    I can do all of it with DLNA for couple of years now!

  • There I said it

    I actually bought mine Wednesday afternoon. Plenty of time to score the 3 Months of Free Netflix

  • sski66

    Yup, I bought {2}, but did anyone notice you can’t order the N7, either one, say’s coming soon.

    • myneoncity

      You can order the Nexus 7 on July 30th.

  • donkeykong85

    I am actually going to cancel cable and just put these on my bedroom tvs. My main tv already had apple tv and game room has xbox and this will be used for the others. perfect device at a great price. Please add amazon prime soon.

  • lamenting

    No need.. I have a Roku for Netflix (and the Plex app for local media), PS3 for the rare time I would want to watch something from YouTube, bluetooth on my soundbar will play Google Music (or the Google Music private channel app on Roku).

  • Tojen1981

    Need to break down and buy a TV with a HDMI port. The old Sanyo 27 &32 inch tube TVs just won’t die!

    • donkeykong85

      lol, i have 2 old ones in my garage just collecting dust. going to give them away. the hdtvs are just so much better and a good price.

      • Tojen1981

        I’ve been soo close to buying one many times, but honestly, we just don’t watch much tv anymore to justify it. Now, tablets/smartphones on the other hand, we seem to have those in spades. lol

      • Bill Hill

        We actually have a HDTV without a HDMI port, so weird and frustrating >_<

  • Droid Ronin

    An HDMI dongle that lets you stream media with various devices…at only $35? How could I not get one?

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    As the owner of two Tvs with GoogleTV hooked up, this is a no brainer to add to a smaller Kitchen unit. The beauty of these things is the ability to pick up a cheap “dumb” HDTV and then hook this sucker up and skip the costs of having a smart TV. I used two Sony BlueRay GoogleTV boxes in my house and that is exactly what I did. I never looked back!

  • XvierX

    They had 6 at the best buy in my town so I picked up 2.

  • zack27

    Where is device mirror then I would buy. If you have smart TV I can do everything this does.

  • coolsilver

    Yup and now I need is a new TV.

  • Franklin7777

    I was going to, but not without the free Netflix offer they just pulled…