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Thursday Poll: Did You Buy a Chromecast?


Once they hit Google Play and online retailers, the Chromecast sold out fast. You can find some in select stores, so be sure to call up your local Best Buy and other retailers if you are still looking to snag one. Priced at $35, we should have known that everyone was going to go crazy for this little device. It has a lot of potential and launches with some great content streaming features, perfect for those that love devouring videos on the web.

Feel free to answer our poll below and then share why you decided to buy one. Was there a feature that stood out for you?

Did you buy a Chromecast?

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  • j

    I had the choice of what device to cast too in youtube app…picked my googletv device (logitech revue), instead of my chromecast device and it Rocks twice as fast as my chromecast device…what the hell, now I can actually feel better about my revue purchase!!!

  • HowsTheHope

    X2 Win.

  • Lefthanded

    I bought one minutes after I say it on uncrate. I regret not buying three.

  • Terrance Steiner

    If I did not already have a Windows HTPC hooked up to my TV I would totally be interested. As it is, the Chromecast does not offer me any added functionality than my HTPC and a Android remote app (I forget the name) that I use. That being said, it looks like an awesome device and the next time I need to update my HTPC I will likely scrap it for something like this. Netflix and Youtube probably account for 75% of my video viewing anyway and Windows Media Center is now barely more than a side project to Microsoft.

    Going completely off topic, I will say that Windows 8 does make a really good 10-foot interface (as long as you have a touch pad).

  • RicoDelicioso

    Got mine yesterday. Very limited so far but has great potential. Hopefully more features are added soon or eventually. Like Tumblr support would be nice. Would be nice to browse through all the nekkidness and seeing it on the big screen instead of hooking up my PC to the TV. One can dream.

  • capncoad

    As an iOS user with an ATV this is redundant in a lot of ways. But damn if I was still in the Android world, this would be an instabuy.

  • jcorf

    Picked up mine at Best Buy tonight and it’s definitely worth the $35.

  • ROKU + PLEX those two combined chromecast can’t touch

    • Carl Hill

      Couldn’t get PLEX to work for me, but, Serviio with the app, plus, DroidMote, BSPlayer does wonders,….

    • Carl Hill

      Couldn’t get PLEX to work for me, but, Serviio with the app, plus, DroidMote, BSPlayer does wonders,….

  • sam

    I can do all of it with DLNA for couple of years now!

  • There I said it

    I actually bought mine Wednesday afternoon. Plenty of time to score the 3 Months of Free Netflix

  • sski66

    Yup, I bought {2}, but did anyone notice you can’t order the N7, either one, say’s coming soon.

    • myneoncity

      You can order the Nexus 7 on July 30th.

  • donkeykong85

    I am actually going to cancel cable and just put these on my bedroom tvs. My main tv already had apple tv and game room has xbox and this will be used for the others. perfect device at a great price. Please add amazon prime soon.

  • lamenting

    No need.. I have a Roku for Netflix (and the Plex app for local media), PS3 for the rare time I would want to watch something from YouTube, bluetooth on my soundbar will play Google Music (or the Google Music private channel app on Roku).

  • Tojen1981

    Need to break down and buy a TV with a HDMI port. The old Sanyo 27 &32 inch tube TVs just won’t die!

    • donkeykong85

      lol, i have 2 old ones in my garage just collecting dust. going to give them away. the hdtvs are just so much better and a good price.

      • Tojen1981

        I’ve been soo close to buying one many times, but honestly, we just don’t watch much tv anymore to justify it. Now, tablets/smartphones on the other hand, we seem to have those in spades. lol

      • Bill Hill

        We actually have a HDTV without a HDMI port, so weird and frustrating >_<

  • Droid Ronin

    An HDMI dongle that lets you stream media with various devices…at only $35? How could I not get one?

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    As the owner of two Tvs with GoogleTV hooked up, this is a no brainer to add to a smaller Kitchen unit. The beauty of these things is the ability to pick up a cheap “dumb” HDTV and then hook this sucker up and skip the costs of having a smart TV. I used two Sony BlueRay GoogleTV boxes in my house and that is exactly what I did. I never looked back!

  • XvierX

    They had 6 at the best buy in my town so I picked up 2.

  • zack27

    Where is device mirror then I would buy. If you have smart TV I can do everything this does.

  • coolsilver

    Yup and now I need is a new TV.

  • Franklin7777

    I was going to, but not without the free Netflix offer they just pulled…

  • beerme828
    • Justin W

      Those that ordered already should still get it though.

  • Brandon Golway

    Don’t really need one since I have an Odroid-U2 running Android as my HTPC but I’m going to get one just for the hell of it.

  • steveliv

    got 2 coming from Amazon, one tomorrow, and the other monday. the one i “cancelled” from the play store will also get here monday. i will need to refuse the shipment to return it.

  • Josh Phillips

    Got two. Now it is a race between Play Store & Amazon, although they are both marked for delivery tomorrow. 🙂

  • TSY87

    after passing on it yesterday… I really want one now… do they have these in-store?

  • ThatTechGuy92

    I will eventually end up buying one for my college dorm. Perfect for entertainment when you’ve got people over


    This is a no brainer purchase with the 3 months of free Netflix. My order at Amazon is on hold till they get more.

    Ian B

  • Jake

    At $35 dollars this thing is practically disposable. I bought one for each HDMI port in the house and a few extra to prop up the legs of wobbly table and chairs.

    • duke69111

      That’s good stuff.

    • ddpacino

      A few people left out will have some words for you, lol.

  • joejoe5709

    Around 75-80% say they have or will purchase one. That’s pretty impressive! And I’m almost betting half of the 20-25% already have something like GoogleTV or SmarTV and don’t feel the need for this. Either way this clearly shows the market for streaming media to a TV.

  • I bought it from Amazon with 2-day shipping (Yay Prime!), and it’s being delivered to me on Saturday. I had very little knowledge on what it was, but hey, $35 for something from Google that looked interesting was too good of a deal to pass up!

  • tharealoc

    just read that Google is canceling the Netflix promotion due to overwhelming demand…crap…I ordered mine while promo was live…I hope they up hold it….

  • thebigmann

    Received mine today from Amazon. A few comments:

    1) Amazon Prime Instant Videos is not supported when casting from a Chrome tab. This is apparently because of Silverlight. BUMMER.

    2) I didn’t receive a Netflix promo email even though I ordered it during the promotional period. Got the run-around from Google support to Netflix support to Best Buy support, and no one really had any idea why I didn’t have a code yet. Did some more research and according to some users on Reddit, it may take up to a week after the device ships to receive the code from Amazon.

    3) Using it on my A/V receiver, CEC will turn on my TV and pass through audio and video to the TV if my receiver is in standby mode. It will not, however, turn on the receiver and play the audio through there. I have to physically turn on my receiver to bring it out of standby and use the speakers attached to my receiver.

    • Josh Potter

      Same here…I have an Onkyo TX-NR818 with a Sony XBR2 and it is showing the same results…hopefully some updates will fix this

    • mgamerz

      Amazon uses silverlight? that doesnt’ sound right… My chromebook with the ARM processor runs it and silverlight doesn’t run on it.

      • thebigmann

        “tab projection but no audio/video

        If you can Cast a tab and the page shows on your TV but the video and/or audio isn’t playing, this is typically caused by the use of native plug-ins, such as Silverlight or Quicktime, which are not supported.”

        So I guess it’s possible it isn’t Silverlight, but another incompatible plug-in?

        Edit: When I right click on the video, the pop-up menu says “Silverlight”. So it’s Silverlight.

        • Jake

          I don’t think Silverlight works on a Chromebook. When I watch an Amazon Instant Video on my Samsung Series 3 Chromebook, and I right-click on the video, the popup says Flash, not Silverlight.

          • thebigmann

            I’ll be interested to hear if this allows Prime Videos to cast…if so, I wonder if you can force non-Silverlight playback on a PC.

    • EC8CH

      Bummer about the Amazon Video.

      If they don’t start offering better support for Android I’m going to have to start reconsidering my Prime subscription.

      • Justin W

        I’m not re-upping mine when it’s due in October. I don’t buy enough stuff and I don’t use the lending library/instant video options, so I don’t see a good point to keep paying for it.

  • icyrock1

    Where’s the “It sold out faster than I could blink, so I didn’t get the chance.” option?

    • middlehead

      “Will when they are back in stock.”

  • Esmegma Medieval

    My third-world country of México doesn’t even have Google Play Music. So, no Chromecast for me, sadly.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    There is no “F** YES!!!* option. Mine is currently at my door step waiting…Thank you Amazon Prime

  • EC8CH

    I bought an LG 39LN5300 specifically because it wasn’t a smart TV and it had an MHL input. Was planning on getting a Roku Streaming Stick, but figured I’d try the Chromecast at $35 and hope they add more content providers in the near future. Google Music streaming is also a big plus over the Roku.

  • Bob Allen

    Streaming, streaming, streaming! I ordered this morning and am on the 3-4 week waiting list, so I hope I still get the Netflix.


    Absolutely. And you can sell your Netflix code on eBay for $17, bringing the cost of the device to just $20!

  • Craig S.

    Have Google TV’s so waiting for promised update to enable same features in Jellybean… So no, not getting one…

  • Rodeojones000

    Ordered mine through Amazon last night. Expected to ship 8/2. I have no problem waiting a bit.

  • Xious

    I bought one right after they announced it on the live stream. Gotta be quick these days!

  • trd105

    I was lucky enough to get one from amazon right as they went on sale. I don’t have a prime account so it wont be here until Monday. BOOO

  • Luc

    Waiting for the first day of availability in Europe!

  • Andrew Thompson

    Bought 2 from the Play Store! Still pending though 🙁

  • jh123416

    Ordered one because this thing has a TON of potential and great things already. Also, what is there to lose?

  • StankyChikin

    Mine will be delivered tomorrow 🙂

  • CaptM

    I ordered one early this morning from the play store and then checked back this afternoon and they are showing “Shipping in 3 – 4 Weeks”, that wasn’t there this morning.
    I so want to cry. 🙁

  • livin

    Have they removed the free 3 months of Netflix deal? I don’t see it on the Play Store any longer?

  • Sold out from Amazon. Gougers posting them up for $80 to $90 in the marketplace.

  • Capt. Crunch

    It came to $42 with tax and shipping, but because of the 3 months of Netflix (which i pay for anyways) It only really cost me $18. For that price it was a complete no-brainer. This product has so much potential and I’m sure the Android dev community can utilize it.

  • BeLogical

    You should have asked how many!

  • Bionicman

    i’ll just wait till Best Buy gets them in store and i’ll reserve one and pick it up. hopefully they’ll have more by the weekend.

  • Was going to buy one today, but they took away the netflix deal. Ill just keep using my xbox until they bring a new deal like that back.

  • Detonation

    Already have an HTPC, but as a long time netflix subscriber, $11 net cost makes it worth it even just to play around. Might be useful to bring over to friends houses.

  • Keith0606

    best feature… does price count? nothing like getting it for $11 (after netflix savings). Just gives me a cheap and easy way to stream a few play movies for my kids. I may also be able to sell one of my ps3’s since one of them is basically just used for netflix streaming anyway and replace it with this. I’m also hoping for future potential apps to it as well.

  • JimmyHACK

    Ordered two from amazon, already got them. Setup couldn’t be easier. So far pretty slick.

  • Leif Sikorski

    I will when they’re available in Europe.

  • Daniel

    The $11 price tag is tempting, but I sort of already have a host of devices hooked up to my TV that already do the same thing + more…I do want to find people to recommend this to

  • clay

    i ordered 2 on the play store right away.
    found the link for amazon, but couldnt cancel my original play store order and was mad that it would come before my play store order.
    grabbed one on the way home at best buy.

    i love the device, but damnit i will have 1 too many next week.

  • Brian Williams

    Google have confirmed that GoogleTV will do all the same things, plus we have cable pass-through.. so there is absolutely no need for a GTV-wired home to look into these.. unless you just want to keep one on hand when you go to the in-laws house.

  • woot

    free netflix for 3 months worth $20 give or take. add in the energy savings for not having to turn on my ps3 to stream a movie from netflix, and it ends up paying for itself. instabuy

  • JDHokie

    Three free months of Netflix. I’m paying $11 for the potential of this device.

    • JDHokie

      Maybe I’m paying $35 … we’ll see if I got in before they canceled the promo (probably SOL, since I did ship-to-store from Best Buy today)

      • Apostrafee

        Has yours shipped yet? I already redeemed my free Netflix the email came several hours after my shipping confirmation.

      • thebigmann

        This promo was handled really poorly. Ordered through Amazon yesterday, already have the device in use, no promo code yet – apparently could take up to a week to receive.

        Also, GO HOKIES haha

        • LionStone

          Same, ordered yesterday through Amazon, shipped this morning, but they told me I’ll get an email in about 7 days with the promo code.

          • thebigmann

            Did you have to do anything special to get this promo, or did you just order the “Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player”? I ordered it so quickly, and now I’m wondering if I was supposed to add something in particular to my cart to receive the promo.

          • mgamerz

            Nope it should be emailed to you. Some people say mailed but thats not google’s way of doing things.

          • LionStone

            Hah, thought so too, wondered if it was a button I was supposed to push before checkout because I did it really quick too… no, there wasn’t anything to do except place the order.

          • Justin W

            There wasn’t anything on the page that said there was a specific promo code, and Google’s page just said purchase it from Amazon, BestBuy (in-store or online), or Google Play, and it would be sent in an e-mail after the device ships.

        • Apostrafee

          I’ve already redeemed mine, I think they handled it just fine

      • smartguy05

        I haven’t received mine yet, but I got the promo code. I did order through the Play Store though.

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  • Don’t need it yet as my Logitech Revue still does most of these functions. Yes the Chromecast probably does it better, but I can deal with the slowness of the Revue for a while longer.

  • chris125

    Hopefully by the time the x launches they won’t have a total site collapse like what happens when they launch anything new it seems. Hopefully more stock than for this.

  • middlehead

    Did not, and have no intention to. This doesn’t do anything that the 3 other devices already hooked up to my TV don’t.

    • mar_ar

      Exactly, it seems awesome, but i have already set my house up so i dont need it.

    • KrazyLivin

      My thoughts exactly as well. Besides wireless streaming of Hi-Def media is garbage. Only way to go is via wire IMO for that type of stuff.

      • Jon Kruse

        Not if you have fast enough internet. Wireless works just fine then.

      • AnotherAndroidKid

        My real issue with it, and i bought 2, is that it doesn’t have 5Ghz wifi. My apartment is a 2.4 nightmare here. 30+ networks floating through. But it will work wonders I’m hoping for presentations and also for my computer screen in the office when i want to watch other stuff without powering up the computer.

    • LiterofCola

      With you. Seems like a cool device but don’t really need it right now.

  • Paul Hansen

    Bought it about halfway through the day. Said it was out of stock but when I signed in it let me buy it. Scheduled to ship today 🙂

  • Apostrafee

    Simplicity for what it does and $35….mine shipped out this morning 🙂

  • Dc

    I bought 6 of them!

    • Ian

      Gonna scalp ’em on ebay? If ‘no’, nicely done. If ‘yes’ thanks for being an asshat.

      • Dc

        No, these were bought for development. I only get to keep one of them 🙂

      • Dc

        No, I bought them for development. I only get to keep one 🙂

  • Will P

    Streaming Google Music was one big push to buy it.

    • Jack

      That’s the whole reason I bought it. My Roku doesn’t stream Play Music :

      • sirmeili

        Even though Google released the Chromecast, I still think it is a mistake if they don’t make apps for the Roku, Apple TV, etc. for their Play media services. There are a lot of people who will forego the Chromecast because they have a Roku and it does enough of what they need.

        • Jon

          And there are many that will forgo Roku for a Chromecast device.

          • EC8CH

            If Chromecast gets support from more content providers I will have no reason to buy a Roku like I was planning just days before the Chromecast launched.

          • AnotherAndroidKid

            I agree. I am hoping MLB.tv and HBOgo and all will work soon over chromecast.

          • Can’t you just stream HBOgo from your browser and push it to the TV?

          • AnotherAndroidKid

            Likely, but i’ll be happier when the apps work as well. Should be getting my first unit today although still says monday. Last update is it is in my town though, so hopeful.

          • mejumaxuturi

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            Did not, and have no intention to. This doesn’t do anything that the 3 other devices already hooked up to my TV don’t.

      • mgamerz

        Just learned it doesn’t stream sideloaded music. I’m not sure if that’s music you locally put on the device or music that you manually added to your library thats not in google’s cloud of licensed media. I have a lot of songs you can’t buy anywhere (since they’re free/indie)

        • EC8CH

          If you uploaded the music to the cloud does it stream it then?

          I can see it not streaming media that is just locally on the device, but I would have expected it to play anything that has been uploaded.

          • mgamerz

            I don’t know what side loaded music is. So I don’t know.

          • Justin W

            Sideloaded is music that you put on the device via MicroSD or download from the web (by that I mean it isn’t downloaded from Play). This will stream music that is available in your Play Music cloud, but not stored locally.

          • Justin W

            Yes, once the music is uploaded to Play Music, you can stream it from the cloud to Chromecast.

          • EC8CH

            That would make sense, the only limitation is the content must be in the cloud unless you are in chrome and mirroring a tab.

      • lamenting

        There are private free Roku channels that will play Google Music.

        • EC8CH

          Really… I didn’t know that. Thanks!

    • evelywalker325

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  • Play Store order status: Pending. 🙁

    (Ordered while the live stream was still on, gave me a ship date of 8/2)

    • Ryan Markwald

      Really? I ordered mine about the same time, maybe later on, and it shipped this AM. I even had to wait until it would let me order it, so I probably was late to the ordering party.

      • Yep. A friend ordered about a minute or two before me, got a 7/27 ship date, and his shipped today as well. :/

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          Tough luck for us. Mine says shipping in 2 weeks 🙁

          • It really sucked to see people running out to Best Buy and getting them!
            I actually ordered on Amazon a little later, because of faster shipping with Prime. I went to cancel my Play order but it wouldn’t let me (I didn’t realize you can’t cancel after an hour). So, I had to then cancel my Amazon order.
            Guess that’s what I get for being so quick on the trigger!

          • brkshr

            You could have refused the order from UPS (or whomever) & Google would have refunded it. Says so somewhere on their support site.

          • Yeah, I read that but figured I’d just pay for my mistake and wait.

          • NCAndroid

            If you’re into reselling. They are going for crazy prices ($100) on Ebay right now. I don’t get why people don’t just wait. Why pay triple the price when they’ll most likely be in stock in a couple weeks.

          • Jon

            I’m going to be very giddy this fall when I sell my PS4 at comparably inflated price to help pay for my Xbox One.

            There are a lot of impatient people out there that will pay but loads of cash rather than wait.

          • brkshr

            Can’t fault your logic there. I thought for a second about trying to cancel mine and buy from Amazon, because I have Prime. I just decided to stick with Google though.

          • Joe Isuzu

            I ordered a Chromecast 2.5 weeks back and it arrived 2 days early! I was so excited and ripped it out of the box to find the USB or AC adapter required for power. Meh.. I looked past that and plugged it into my new Sharp 39″ LED TV. All I have to say is once I got it hooked up I was dissapointed. Once again another Google beta project. Sure it has potential. Right now my SMART TV does everything the Chromecast does better. And if you want to talk about the browser integration with Chrome just stop now.. cause it sucks. It’s buggy, laggy, and generally lame. Only reason I don’t return it is because it was only $35.00. So I will hold on to it and see what happens. It’s ok though, I still really love my new 2nd Gen Nexus 7″ tablet.. so wish I could stream the NFL pre-season APP or mirror my Nexus screen with my TV though.

          • smartguy05

            I did the same exact thing.

          • Justin W

            Ordered from Amazon, shipped same day, getting it tomorrow with free 2nd day shipping and no tax xD

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            this is only making me question my decision to rush. Next time I’ll wait, regardless of how cheap it is ;(

    • Crazy. I must of refreshed the Cromecast site a dozen times waiting for it to go live and ordered right away. I was only at the computer for 15 minutes or so yesterday. But, it’s on the way. :]

    • fartbubbler

      same here. just checked again. still “pending”.