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Where and When Can You Buy the New Nexus 7?


The new Nexus 7 was announced today at a Google event in San Francisco, but since it’s not technically available for purchase at this time, we wanted to make sure all of the launch details were clear. Soon enough, you’ll be able to buy Google’s new affordable 7-incher at a variety of retailers and price points. 

  • Price:  Nexus 7 16GB (WiFi) $229, 32GB (WiFi) $269, 32GB (LTE) $349.
  • Release date:  WiFi model goes on sale July 30 in the U.S., LTE model in the coming weeks.
  • Retailers:  Google Play, Best Buy, Gamestop, Walmart, Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Amazon, Home Shopping Network, Radio Shack, J&R, and B&H Photo.
  • LTE connectivity:  The LTE model works on T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon networks. Carrier support will initially be in the United States and then expand internationally.
  • International:  Nexus 7 will arrive in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Japan, Korea, and Australia in the coming weeks.

All clear?

  • GigaCode

    I pre ordered on best buy or I should have wait for playstore or amazon ?

  • JRomeo

    If anyone has confirmed that the new N7 has miracast capabilities, please let me know, thanks.

  • Detonation

    Glad it’s on Amazon this time. That’s another $10+ saved on tax. Still weary of buying it right away though, Google hasn’t had the best track record with device launches.

    • Steve Benson

      When you buy from Amazon and save on tax do you pay it back during tax season or just sweep in under the rug?

      My friend’s accountant says you’re required by law to claim everything you buy from Amazon so you can pay back the taxes during tax season. I’ve never done this. Just curious.

      • yankeesusa

        I sweep under the rug. If they don’t charge me online it never gets paid.

        • Steve Benson

          Yeah, I find it really hard to believe anyone who pays for stuff through Amazon actually back pays the taxes. I told my friends he’s crazy and that nobody does this but I think his accountant scarred him.

          • NCAndroid

            It’s called “use tax” here in NC. It was originally for purchases made in other states that don’t charge tax and brought back. I don’t see why the have a claim to tax goods that were not manufactured and/or sold in the state, but technically you’re supposed to pay it.

      • bqluong

        You guys are lucky. Amazon lost a lawsuit with the State of Arizona over this issue and now they charge sales tax in Arizona.

  • JimmyHACK

    As much as people despise Gamestop, I will probably go there. Just because of the 4 retailers within 10 minutes that will have it Gamestop is the closest. Really glad they are doing a uniform multi-retailer product launch. Especially since there Play Store is years behind other online retailers.

  • My biggest concern is the support. I bought my old N7 from Google Play and it had problems so I just called up Google and then sent me a new one (this happened a couple times due to other problems).

    On the other hand, I tried to call Asus and they wanted to charge me to just send it in and see if they could do anything. If I don’t buy from Google Play, will I still get the same support?

  • Nextus

    Who wants to buy my “OG” N7?

    • Good luck. I just sold mine for a lot less than I wanted to.

      • LionStone

        Yea I won’t bother, I’m giving mine to my little cousin 🙂

        • Trevor

          I’m giving mine away too. That’s the way to go.

      • Nextus

        What did you settle for?

        • Tyrus

          i settled for 119 on swappa, i got 109 after fees. and paid 9 for shipping. it was a 16 gb

          • yankeesusa

            That’s about right. Trade value for the 16gb in mint condition is around $50

  • Nick

    I won’t be getting this new one until I hear good reports on the screen. Mine still has yellow backlight bleed on the edges but I waited to long to return it to google to get a new one. My fault yes, so that’s why I’m waiting to see anything negative on this one.

  • n11

    In the coming weeks? Awww
    I guess I’ll head over to BB to pick one up while I’m in the states from Kanada.
    And funny this article was posted because I just came to DL to see if there was any info on release dates lol, good one Kellex!

  • j

    You “people” are crazy. Like conspiracy theorists for phones. The ones we make fun of when you leave the room, the people who have wet pants over nothing. Droid life needs to rename itself folks and stick to droid branded crap only, the stuff Verizon pays moto to make for them. As a employee of a company you freaks worship, Verizon pays moto, to make the droid line. The droid line is not a moto phone in the since, its a Verizon brand, so the new moto is our babe not this crap wrapped in carbon fiber, its crap. Verizon won’t even be selling our new the new moto x phone when its time. No more lg nexus 4 the moto x will replace and you will call me a god in a few weeks. Good luck with Verizon slaverery!

    • GRAARRGH!!!

      Dammit I thought we got rid of all the bath salts…

      • Bill Hill

        Winter is coming

    • iamme

      English as a second language?

    • gp126904

      Your use of quotation marks around people makes me worried about you. Do you think we are not human?

    • Sean Bello

      if the X got timely updates, then it’d be the first Verizon phone to do so. I wouldn’t be speaking about something you have no control over. unless you’re in charge of the “testing” team for Verizon, then nobody will be calling you anything, except maybe J-Off.

  • Heon Jun Park

    I guess I will be waiting outside of Staples on 30th….

  • Kyle Cordiano

    I pre ordered from Best Buy.

  • Tony Byatt

    Even though not a tons of things were announced today, it seems and feels like today was more exciting than this year’s Google I/O….

  • Will Newegg have it? From them I usually get free shipping and no tax!

  • Booyabobby

    Happy to see Amazon gonna sell the new N7. Gonna order the 32GB wifi. No tax and free 2 day shipping with Prime.

    • Trevor

      I hope they get it on release day! I want to do the same thing.

  • Jonathan

    Ugh, I wish they would just say when the LTE version is being released. I can’t wait to not have carry around a WiFi hotspot anymore (I don’t have a phone to tether).

  • JamesU513

    I pre-ordered from best buy and shiz costs $251.39 (CA) !!!!! CANCELED!! I know i can do better than that

    • dancingcrab

      It’s gonna cost the same from Amazon and Google Play thanks to tax… (free shipping all ’round).

      • JamesU513

        Will i be able to save the $3 recycling fee somewhere else at least?

      • Cowboydroid

        Not in all places. Amazon does charge tax in some places.

        • dancingcrab

          You mean doesn’t?

          Anyway, I was specifically talking to James, who appears to be in CA, where Google Play, Amazon and Best Buy all charge tax.

      • Sean Bello

        nah, Google Play RAPES on shipping. it was probably $15 for shipping and he may not have gotten it on release day.

        • dancingcrab

          It has free shipping from Google Play for a limited time.

          • Kevin Guinn

            I had the wrong info. Please ignore.

    • Blue Sun

      Use Google Chrome as your browser, & it can tell you the correct spelling. 🙂

    • maa89


  • dancingcrab

    Already placed my preorder with Best Buy!

  • Jeffrey

    I am a Canadian resident but will be In Orlando from July 31st to August 14th, would it be wise for me to buy a 32gb Wifi Nexus 7 while I am down there from a Best Buy or other store? Or is there any advantage to waiting and purchasing it at home

    • Jason Parr

      Pricing is usually better here. When I lived in Seattle I was always shocked at the U.S. prices in Vancouver. Other than that, it is the same device.

    • Kyle Cordiano

      buy it in the US. US models always get the updates before Canadian ones.

    • n11

      Considering stuff is cheaper in the states, and is out sooner, definitely get it while on vacation, for vacation : P

    • Just be sure to check import/export laws. I’ve never been to Canada so I don’t know what you would have to declare. I am assuming that you are flying. Of course you could purchase it here and mail the packaging to yourself(book rate) or just trash it. And just say that you traveled with it. No declarations needed then. I think anyway. :]

    • yankeesusa

      Get it in orlando. Do they have best buy in canada? if so get it at bb and if anything comes up just take it back to bb.

  • The Dood

    Stoked to see J&R and B&H Photo. Saves me about $23 or $28 in tax here in CA

    • htowngtr

      I don’t see it on those sites yet.

  • Christopher Moore

    Will 24 hour walmarts have it at 12:01am July 30th?

    • synplex

      I really doubt it.

    • ZepNexus

      I’d actually think so. My local staples already has it in, they just won’t sell it to me. The only thing they’re waiting for is the proper release date.

    • yankeesusa

      Sometimes they get it early and some employees not knowing will sell it before the release date. Its worth a try.

  • Rob

    FYI – 3G service will work through HSPA on AT&T and T-Mobile. Verizon
    users will be left out, however, as a CDMA radio isn’t included.

  • Jason M. Kosmiski

    Will the PLAY STORE be doing pre-orders?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


    • JimmyHACK

      Who want to buy from the Play Store? Honestly.. we have learned our lesson 🙂

  • Tyrus

    Does anyone know how the back feels? Does the OG feel better in the hands?

    • ImmaDroid

      Im sure no one here has felt it, but kellen said it looked an felt nice. But the original def feels nice

    • thedonxr

      If its the same type of finish as the Nexus 10 its almost like a soft feeling hard surface, different but very comfortable to hold.

  • Tyrus

    Thoughts on adopting early? idk if this thing will have issues like screen lifting, dead pixels, etc.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      No one else can answer that question for you.

    • JMonkeYJ

      i’m worried about that, too, but remember the first N7 was designed and manufactured in a ridiculously short timeframe (i remember hearing 4 months somewhere). by 3 months after release the quality control issues were pretty much gone. this product has had a normal development cycle, so i’m using that to justify purchasing it immediately 😉


    No front facing speakers? No deal. That’s probably the only thing HTC has right, ithe front facing stereo speakers.

    • NexusMan

      Google Nexus 10 did it “right” before HTC.


        Actually, the Galaxy 10.1 Note was the first tablet

    • Nick Gomez

      their in a 45 degree angle, it shoots to the sides basically.

  • Guest

    Worth the upgrade if I sell my Nexus 7 for 120? It’s 16 gb.



    • Geoffrey Gunter

      That’s what I did. I got just a little more than $120 though.

    • MichaelWiebe

      I sold my 8GB N7 two days ago for $110 on eBay. It may be a little harder now however.

  • adam

    i just sold my 16 gb nexus 7 with a case on swappa for $119 (got 109 after fees), then paid 9 for shipping…solid? also, is getting this early worse than later, is there a higher chance of dead pixels and all that?

  • SoothSayer

    Where and When can I buy a 2nd Gen Nexus 10?

    • Jonathan

      Assuming there will be another Nexus 10, it won’t be announced for months. I mean, it’s only been, what, 8 months since it was released? Jeez.

      • n11

        I can’t begin to imagine what upgrades it would have. There’s no way the screen is going to go even higher-rez.
        Probably put in a bigger battery, newer cpu, more RAM, better speakers, thinner body, 4.3/5.0, another feature or two.

    • yankeesusa

      It hasn’t been announced but the nexus 10 is rumored to come from samsung and not asus.

  • Ma Lor

    any exchange deals where we exchange the old ones for some off the new one?

  • Pedro4Prez

    Amazon is gonna carry it? That’s surprising.

    • ImmaDroid

      Good, no tax & free shipping. Thats where I’ll buy mine. It’ll be over $300 if I went locally an paid tax

      • Tyrus

        no tax? seriously?

        • ImmaDroid

          Im in SC. They made a deal with the state, cause they built a warehouse here and had to employ 10,000 peoplke. So we pay no taxes for I believe 5 years! Its awesome. Imagine that savings on big ticket items

          • Humberto

            Where in SC are you? Is this for SC residents or anyone shopping there?

          • ImmaDroid

            Along the coast near myrtle beach. Umm Im not sure about that one. I would assume residents since they don’t have stores. But its not like they verified my license or anything. Why when you order from amazon, they charge you taxes? Cause I know quite a few states don’t pay taxes thru amazon

          • Justin W

            I believe there are 10 states that pay taxes. 40 don’t pay taxes up front, but some of them require payment of a “use” tax that should be filed and paid for quarterly (but I don’t know anyone who’s actually paid it).

          • ImmaDroid

            Good thing Im in one of the 40!

          • Tyrus

            what about california?

          • Justin W

            No clue. I just know that South Dakota has a “use” tax that no one actually pays. Check Amazon – they should have tax info somewhere.

          • Butters619

            CA pays tax on Amazon.

          • steveliv

            The deal covers the entire state. Amazon will start collecting tax in SC starting in 2016. I believe what really matters is where the product is being shipped. If the product is shipped to a state where amazon collect tax, then you pay tax. If it is shipped to a state where they don’t, you don’t pay tax.

          • synplex

            I think only Cali pays taxes on Amazon. I dont pay taxes on Amazon and Im in Miami.

          • Bootleg Zani

            Well Amazon just started having tax for NJ as of this month.

          • That’s depressing. I haven’t bought anything on Amazon this month. I’ll know for next time though. thanks.

          • Butters619

            And the Cali tax only started last year. It’s why I didn’t renew my prime.

        • Cowboydroid

          Amazon charges tax here in Texas.

          • netfoo

            Cowboydroid: UR only half right. Some items are taxed when shipped to TX, some not. As someone above previously stated; it all depends on where the item is shipped from.

          • Cowboydroid

            Well this particular item is taxed, or so that’s what Amazon indicated when I attempted to purchase one yesterday.

          • Pedro

            If it’s from amazon proper, then it’s taxed in Texas.
            If it’s from a third party seller, then maybe not.

            Amazon opened a distribution warehouse in TX last year (?), so they have a physical presence in the state. Third party retailers can still use the loophole.

    • hkklife

      I was surprised to read that as well. I highly, highly doubt they will sell the N7 themselves. It will likely be sold with an extravagant markup through Marketplace or third party sellers. However, BB passed on the 1st generation model but is fully behind the new one so I suppose that anything is possible, especially with Asus’ improved clout and distribution network in the US. Personally, I am going to stick to my first generation 32GB N7 because I just cannot justify the cost difference to upgrade.

      • baxiwolecexo

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        i just sold my 16 gb nexus 7 with
        a case on swappa for $119 (got 109 after fees), then paid 9 for
        shipping…solid? also, is getting this early worse than later, is there
        a higher chance of dead pixels and all that?

      • NexusMan

        Amazon carried the 1st gen Nexus , not through 3rd party sellers, but themselves (and still does). However, they did mark the price up higher than other retailers.

      • google sells it to amazon, amazon sells it to us. its in their warehouses, only way we get 2 day prime shipping is if they control shipping

      • michael arazan

        Home shopping network will mark it up and probably charge you double or triple for shipping too

  • bqluong

    I’ve been rocking the OG Nexus 7 16GB and wondering if I need to get the 32gb version or get another 16GB and $40 savings put towards a Chromecast is wiser?

    • JamesU513

      I’m using the $40 for Chromecast

    • JMonkeYJ

      if you have the 16GB OG, you should be able to answer that question better than us. did you feel excessively constrained by the 16GB? i’ll admit to feeling a little constrained and having to do some storage management, especially before a trip, but i don’t think i worried about it enough to justify the extra $$ for 32 GB. YMMV

      • hkklife

        Keep in mind, IF you are a gamer that Android game installs are growing alarmingly. And more games that are optimized for 1080P will have larger art asset libraries so 16GB will just get tighter over time. I would recommend getting the 32GB if you are a gamer or travel a lot. Otherwise, if you live in the cloud and can make do with 16GB, get the Chromecast with your savings.

  • C-Law

    Hey hey you forgot about Sam’s club! That’s where I plan to get mine and you already posted the link to their website earlier

    • hkklife

      Good point. Sam’s was the ONLY place near me to carry the N10 last year up until March or so when the local Staples and one WM got them.

      Also, for what its worth, my local Sam’s has the 32 gig Asus 7″ MemoPad for $100 AND it has a microSD slot. Lousy screen but basically the N7 form factor with a few UI tweaks by Asus. Perfect kid’s tablet.


      • Christopher Moore

        I seen that price this morning as well. Guess we can call it the Nexus effect.

  • Flyinion

    Hrmmm, I was semi-interested in an LTE model but not sure about $350 vs. $270 just for that plus the cost of the extra stuff on the carrier itself. Probably just going to end up with a 32GB wi-fi and wireless tether it when/if needed.

    • adam

      yeah foxfi ftw.. no need for the LTE model. but does the LTE version simply let you put in the sim card from your phone and use LTE just like that?


        Yes, you can. I’ve done this. It’s a hassle though, disassembling your phone/case, powering down your tablet, waiting for the LTE to program itself….simpler to tether.

      • michael arazan

        Plus verizon is going to charge you a monthly fee to add a tablet

    • michael arazan

      Just tether your LTE phone with wifi Nexus 7, buy the FoxFi tether app which is root free. And get lte speeds with wifi on the tablet