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NVIDIA Brings the Kepler Architecture to Mobile, Desktop Power for Phones and Tablets


This morning, NVIDIA released a ton of info regarding their current plans to bring the Kepler GPU to mobile devices. The addition of the Kepler GPU for the company’s next-gen mobile processor was announced back at GDC in March, but the details on what Kepler can do for a phone or tablet were still heavily under wraps. According to NVIDIA, the introduction of the Kepler GPU to mobile devices will be as big of a step as the GeForce GPU was for desktops 14 years ago. 

The Kepler GPU is capable of bringing PC-class performance and power to mobile devices, allowing for certain desktop-only programs to run just fine on mobile. For example, advanced physics and simulation software could work on your device, as well as a large suite of other OpenGL programs.

As for when we can expect to see all of this power and raw performance come to tablets and phones, NVIDIA only gave us a 2014 launch timeframe. If you are interested, hit up NVIDIA’s blog and the videos down below to see what Kepler is doing for mobile.

Island Demo


FaceWorks ‘Ira’ Demo



  • PyroHoltz

    That main graphic is fairly misleading…just because a chipset supports a specific feature(s) doesn’t mean it will perform well with it. Second, how many CUDA cores does this mobile chip have? Third, what is the memory bandwidth?

    I know Nvidia’s mention of this latest SoC is most likely in response to Google’s N7, and how their chip is going to be better. I think Nvidia is a little sad their chip isn’t powering the newest addition to Google’s lineup.

    • michael arazan

      From gaming on PC’s from years past with COD and Battlefield, this is great, but you still need a 2-2.5 gh processor for the older games like BF2 and MW2, until mobile devices get that as well as a decent graphics we are only half way there. Plus the more advanced games get the bigger the specs will need to be to run the full version of a game and not a dumbed down version.

    • Elliot Kotis

      Google has an N7 Chip? Do you mean the S4 Pro chip? i was bitterly disappointed, I was looking forward to some Tegra 4 graphics on it! But a chip from last year, really Google?

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  • master94

    cool just cool

  • T4rd

    So it might actually run Crysis..?

    • Elliot Kotis

      1 2 or 3?

  • Tyler Durden

    that looks better than half the stuff on an xbox 360 right now

  • Chris Schmucker

    Looks like somebody switch my phone with my xbox when i wasnt looking again. Impressive.