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Download: New Google Play Version 4.2.9

google play 4.2.9

The new Nexus 7 that was announced today by Google runs version 4.2.9 of Google Play, which is newer than the version that we saw last week in an Android 4.3 build (version 4.2.3) for the Nexus 4. We aren’t noticing any major differences at this time, but thought we’d share it anyway. If you discover something, be sure to let us know. 

Download Link [mirror]

  • Jon

    Nope doesn’t seem to work. There was an error parsing the package. -shrugs-

  • Stewie

    The only real issue I cant stand in the current play store, besides the below mentioned separation of purchased apps, is that if you look at the lists for “Gamaes” and “Apps” – Same thing. There is no real tagged separation of the games from non-games: apps. Just my .02, but I’ll stick with it. Right this minute we have Candy Crush saga at the top in “top Free” in Games, but listed as #2 in Top Free in the “Apps” category as well? Naaahhh…… it’s a game, shouldn’t even be counted in the apps section at all.

  • e_droid

    Google Play Games is available in the store now.. Not sure if it came with the update… https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.play.games

  • Ryan

    For a mobile blog this site really sucks when viewing on a phone or tablet… le sigh.

  • Stephen D

    There is still no way to view your purchases. It’s a simple feature and should have been there a long time ago, but it baffles me that it still has not been added.

    • Mark Mann

      There’s an app called my purchases that you can download and will show you your purchases

      • Stephen D

        I have it. I just think it should be built in. I shouldn’t have to use a third-party app to view my purchases.

        • Mark Mann

          i completely agree with you…the other thing that irks me is that the “all apps” tab on the “my apps” page in the playstore isn’t alphabetical

    • michael arazan

      Exactly, if they can show me every app I’ve ever downloaded, why not separate it into one with purchased only section. Also all my apps I’ve ever downloaded is missing about 20 apps that I previously downloaded from back in 2010 that I never removed They are still on my D1 but not in the market.

      Also one of the Free music downloader apps was removed from the playstore and somehow deleted every song I downloaded with it off my phone which I’d like to know how they did that.

  • Why does “My apps” appear in a menu on phones while it’s a stupid down arrow on tablets?

    • More space in the action bar for tablets.. I love that arrow. Instead of having to open the menu to get to my apps, I just tap that.

      • I like the idea behind it, an icon that takes you to your apps. However a down arrow in most programs takes you to what you’ve downloaded, not what you have installed.

        I just think it should be consistent. If the device has room (Like the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Galaxy S3/4, One, etc) it should show an icon that represents apps installed, or stick it in the menu for all devices. Plus it should be on the other side of the search icon.

        • Ryan

          It’s called responsive design. With a smaller screen the navigation items are suppressed from view to allow different screen size phones the space it needs. On a tablet it’s not an issue as much.

  • When did they add “Auto-add widgets?”

    • A LONG time ago.

      • JimmyHACK


    • JamesU513

      been there a while. I’ve found that it doesn’t actually add widgets, only app icons.

      • Ohhh ok now I get what that means. I thought it actually added widgets. I remember the Android team started referring to app icons as widgets too back right before ICS.

        • If I’m not wrong, it means for any new app that you download, if the app has widgets too, add those widgets to the ‘widgets’ tab of app drawer.

          • ReturnOfTheMack

            Widgets automatically show up in the app drawer just like app icons. With this feature enabled app icons are added to your homescreen when downloading a new app or game, in Android 4.0+ they are considered 1×1 widgets.

          • That makes more sense. 🙂

    • Brandon Jiang

      quite a while ago…..

    • Asimoalex

      Needs to be removed imo

      • Yeah it’s so annoying.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          I mean it doesn’t actually work so.

          • mechapathy

            It does work, and it used to turn itself back on every time the play store updated. It was obnoxious.

    • EC8CH

      Always been there for the less intelligent who would get mad because they can’t find the app they just downloaded in their app drawer.

      • ReturnOfTheMack


        I feel like those people are used to iOS where your homescreens are your app drawer.

      • That must be an awful life to live.

      • KleenDroid

        They prefer to be referred to as “low information”.

        • Mark Mann

          *informationally challenged…or DAFs-Displaced Apple Fanboys