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What if the Moto X is $300 Off-contract?

eric schmidt moto x

The Moto X is coming next week, on August 1. We know that much. We also know the specs, what the camera UI looks like, and some of the new features that Motorola will use to try and make the phone stand out from a crowded market. But what about the price? Could Motorola do something crazy and offer it at Nexus 4-like price points? They might. 

Recent rumors that are circulating the blog-o-sphere suggest that Motorola may introduce the phone at $299 off-contract for the 16GB version, while also releasing a 32GB variant at anywhere from $350 to $399. We’ve had sources suggest that it could be as low as $200 off-contract, but I’m not going to lie, that sounds insane. Only 16GB versions are floating around in the wild for testing, so the 32GB variant rumor is just that, a rumor.

But let’s talk about low prices – is it even possible to go that low for such a new phone? Well, sure it is. Dennis Woodside – Motorola CEO – said himself in a recent interview that his company is interested in the “low-cost, high quality market.” They see this huge gap between feature and smartphone pricing ($30 to $650), and they feel as if they can bring that gap closer together or at least dive right into the middle of it. You could call that a hint or a vision of the future, but Motorola seems poised to make something radical happen today.

But think about the specs. We’re talking about a processor that is technically a step behind that of the Nexus 4, which was a phone that sold for $299 at launch. For those not familiar, the Nexus 4 sported a Snapdragon S4 Pro, but was the quad-core version – the Moto X is running a Snapdragon S4 Pro that is the dual-core version. The display is a 720p panel, which we would assume could be had for quite reasonable prices these days now that the standard has become 1080p. The rest of the make-up is pretty standard smartphone stuff these days in terms of hardware.

So why not? If Motorola wants to do something wild and really grab attention, an insanely low price would help do that along with a push for experience over specs. Get people this phone without a contract at a great price, let them customize it, have it learn their patterns, and you may have a winner.

What would a $300 off-contract price mean to you?


    If we see a new Nexus 5 later this year for $299, the off contract, unlocked, MotoX should be around $199. Googorola will blow them out the door from the first day, it’s on sale, at the Play Store.

  • aDROIDfreeworld

    I don’t get how they can sell the DROID devices at 600 off contract wile selling nearly the same hardware present in the Moto X at 300 off contract. Something doesn’t add up here.

  • BOB Dudek

    Xfer’d my Wife’s D3 upgrade .. just for this..But the 32GB ..@ under $360…that’s a game changer.
    I just hope that is sturdy , no frills, a hard worker and efficient (like me) as hoped.

  • Rodeojones000

    The answer to the is simple. If the Moto X is $299 (or $350 for a 32GB version) I’ll be buying one. Maybe even two if my wife decides she wants a new phone. Otherwise I’ll wait. With rumors of a better version coming in the fall I’m happy to keep using my GNex until that time.

  • thetruth

    I agree, it would be crazy to sell a phone worth 250$ for 300$. way crazy. you guys are crazier for dick riding a meh device like its the newest iphone.

  • thetruth

    I agree, it would be crazy to sell a phone worth 250$ for 300$. way crazy. you guys are crazier for dick riding a meh device like its the newest iphone.

  • rabidhunter

    At that price, I shall get it and then call it fluffy and it shall be mine.

  • Ketan B. Parmar

    Being Non-US reader I find it offensive when people go blah blah about Verizon, in every damn post.

  • Sean Bello

    ok, I originally said I wouldn’t take a downgrade in specs, but this X8 deal has me REALLY intrigued. even moreso when they toss a legit quad core in there to improve on it.

  • Tim

    I just don’t see Verizon letting the Moto-X go for $300 off contract when it is better than the Mini Droid that supposedly is going for $500 off contract. If Verizon wants to push Droids (which they do) what sense would this make. Why even make the Droid Mini if this was going to be an option for the Moto-X? The Moto-X looks better…and will have all the same options as the MIni, plus maybe be unlocked. Something doesn’t add up right…but I guess we will see Aug. 1st. I hope it is true though!

    • iamme

      verizon loves selling phones off contract….any time they dont have to worry about the subsidy they are all for it

      • Sean Bello

        every carrier loves it. SALESMEN hate it. to a carrier it means no risk, in the case that the phone gets sold or contract gets terminated early. to a salesman it means no commission.

        • iamme

          very true salesman do hate it….unless its a new line full retail then they still get a new line out of it….commissions will more than likely update soon to accommodate full retail sales/installment options

          • Sean Bello

            I would hope so, but my sales mgr hasn’t even acknowledged that Next exists yet lol

  • I currently have a Galaxy Nexus on Verizon and my Upgrade at Discount date is 02/03/2014. That’s obviously useless as I don’t wanna renew my contract with VZ anymore. What are my options if I want to get myself some MotoX. Advices on ETF, Carrier and plan to pick etc are welcome.

    • iamme

      since this article states that you may be able to buy the phone full retail for only 300…..you are not restricted to a specific date if you are buying full retail you can buy it whenever you want…full retail also does not extend contracts

      • I think I didn’t ask properly. I don’t think MotoX will work with VZ, right? It’ll be like N4; GSM, no CDMA (Unless I’m horribly wrong). Even if it has a CDMA version, I would rather have the GSM version now; which can be used internationally. So, I’m thinking terminate VZ contract and pick up TMO uncarrier after getting MotoX from Play Store.

        • iamme

          moto x is launching on vzw as well

  • d-rock

    If it’s this cheap, it will be through the play store and not likely will a Verizon phone sell through the play store. Pipe dreams guys. The mere fact you want it so bad, probably means it won’t happen.

    Possible though to see a GSM version that cheap though.

    • I think it will happen this time — otherwise, it will be a snap in the face of all the “customization” hype.

  • Jordan

    I currently have the Galaxy S4 and LOVE it. It replaced my Galaxy Nexus when it started performing sub-par. I am really interested in the Moto X however! If the Moto X was priced at $299 off-contract, I would probably jump on board also.

    The only thing I find odd is how low the rumors list it for. The Droid Maxx will be coming out for $299 ON- CONTRACT and you’re telling me Motoroloa is gonna release a similar (if not better) phone for $299 OFF-CONTRACT? Something fishy is going on here.

    I wouldn’t expect the phone to be priced that low. Motorola would have to have major balls to introduce it for that low.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    Since I am in europe, I think 200€ would be far enough (it gets directly converted, which means it costs 260$ here). They need to go as low, since the Nexus 4 is still round the corner with its 300$/€. The MOTO-X may be advanced in Soft, but not in Hardware. Since smartphones are a quite fixed market with samsung and apple dominating it…they should go as low!
    I would buy it directly if it’s 200€ off contract. But exchange my N4 for something worth the same? No way.

  • Jeff Badger

    At $300 per phone, I would definitely consider it as a way to keep unlimited data for both my wife and I. Considering the new Droid Mini is $500 off contract, a Moto X at $300 is a no-brainer.

    Also, I don’t think Verizon would care all that much if I bought the phones from Google/Motorola for a couple of reasons: (1) Verizon is not going to lower my plan just because I bought it off contract, (2) Verizon is not going to pay anything for marketing, and (3) the phone will probably have a higher price if bought through Verizon rather than the Google Play store (see the Nexus 4 and T-mobile).

  • Ground Level

    Currently own the Note 2 on Verizon (DAMN YOU BUTTON LOGO), but I am extremely intrigued by this phone for a number of reasons…

    1. Near stock experience. Or at least as close as you can get without actually being vanilla. That’s good enough for me, considering I have completely changed my GN2 to resemble vanilla Android as much as possible.

    2. Solid build quality. I’ve always loved Motorola’s build quality, going back to my Droid X, but the software is always what holds me back from getting a Motorola phone.

    3. From what we’ve seen, this phone is beautiful. The white one is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m really interested to see what customization options are available.

    4. “Allegedly” optimized to the max for the hardware. We’ll see if this holds true, but I would assume with the less than stellar specs (let’s be honest, these are 2012 specs compared to what we’re currently seeing, and will see for the rest of 2013) that most of their focus has been on making this phone run as smoothly as possible. THAT is what’s really important here.

    5. Battery life should be ample. With the aforementioned specs and optimization, I would expect the battery life on this thing to be better than the 2200 mah would suggest.

    6. 4.7 inch (4.5 usable) display is the perfect size for me personally. I got the Note 2 for the sheer power of the thing, and I have gotten somewhat use to the size. Even still, the only dings and nicks on this phone are from it falling out of my pockets. I wear basketball shorts a lot of the time, and it’s just too big for the pockets and slips right out. Also look kind of ridiculous with it up next to your head, but that’s all just personal preference.

    7. Finally, the $299 off contract price… absolutely beautiful.

    Now, I’m probably to get ahead of myself and assume this phone would end up on Verizon at the price, but at the risk of making an ass out of u and me (HA), let’s pretend that’s what will actually happen. Why wouldn’t you want to support this venture by Google and Motorola? What I’ve just described is a basically vanilla experience, with good build quality, beauty, brilliant optimization, ample battery life, at $299, off contract. Sounds like the phone every Android fan has been dreaming about for years. If it does come to Verizon and everything is as described above, this is no doubt a day one purchase for me. Specs be damned. I’ll buy this phone for the functionality, and to support Google and Motorola for making such a bold move forward, and changing the future of smartphones.

  • AbbyZFresh

    Verizon is definitely not gonna let the Moto X in their system if this happens. They know they aren’t gonna make money if they are sold unlocked and knowing the greedy bastards they are, they will do everything to make sure the Droid lines are pushed to the max.

  • Higher_Ground

    A $300 off contract price would mean to me “you get what you pay for”
    I don’t want mediocre specs on a phone, period. If I did I certainly wouldn’t be reading D-L and I’d probably have a used i*hone!

  • Brandon Golway

    The Moto X will be the new Galaxy Nexus that everyone has, the “which phone do you have polls” will now be dominated by “Moto X” lol

    I think the addition of the other specific processors make up for the lack of a quad-core CPU, but we’ll have to see!

    • Mike Hilal

      That X8 tech should boost performance plenty to make it a nice upgrade from the Gnex

  • Chris B


  • sski66

    According to Android Community & other sites the Moto X is coming to Verizon, I think they wrote all of the big {4}. I”T stated $300. for the 16G & $350 for the 32G. This would be groundbreaking, to be able to keep my unlimited data & buy what looks like a kick-ass phone for $350 OFF- CONTRACT, yeah I’m IN. Just look what Google is doing, It looks like i can pick up the MotoX & the brand new N7 for under $550. & keep my unlimited data, BRING IT ON !!!

    • Mark Roan

      32 GB version of both Moto X and N7 for this guy! Then hopefully we can use our SIM card in the N7. Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

      • sski66

        That would be Awesome!!!

  • Jared B.

    I would instantly buy this phone at $299. I am looking to leave Verizon regardless, so if they made this phone compatible with T-Mobile 4G it would rip the other options out their new ones (I was looking at a BLU phone, but the MotoX would be so much better)

  • Eyebolt

    According to the benchmarks seen…it’s a step up from my GS3…so I’d be willing to possibly throw down $300 for a new phone off contract. After all…I paid that much for my GS3 a few months back off of Craigslist. Although, I would likely be comparing it to prices of other high end used phones though…gotta hang onto the Verizon unlimited data.

  • Stephen Gabriel

    a $300 off contract price at Verizon means I get it and keep my unlimited plan without breaking the bank for a new phone. Hope it happens.

    • d-rock

      Doubtful. I don’t even think you’ll see the MotoX come to VZ. Moto just announced their VZ phones for the year. Wishful thinking though!

  • Rob Kein

    I think I’d buy it.

  • speraider430

    There is a 0% chance it’s less than $650 off contract

  • Ryan Stewart

    If on Verizon/Sprint and it comes there then it matters, otherwise not so much because the N4 is superior and the same price.

    • Tim242

      Glass back, huge bezels, and horrible touch sensitivity is not superior.

      • Steve Benson

        Can’t argue with that.

      • sagisarius

        Ugh, most breakable phone ever… if this Moto phone is all everyone says (even if it’s slower) I’d buy it just for being more durable.

      • Ryan Stewart

        LOL. Touch sensitivity has been great on my phone, bezels one whole MM wider (no taller) and a glass back that hasnt broken on my phone or my girlfriends phones. Guess I will have to live with the faster CPU and better screen.

        • Tim242

          Pinch to zoom. Nothing happens until your fingers are about 2″ apart. That is not great sensitivity. It is a known issue. The Nexus phones have huge bezels, despite having on screen buttons. As far as CPU, you won’t tell a difference. Better screen? Amoled screens are much better. I could not stand the gray blacks on the N4.

          • Ryan Stewart

            Pinch to zoom works fine on mine and the girlfriends phone. Oh, your complaining about the top-bottom bezels, other than the fact that they are no bigger than anyone elses bezel (and smaller than most) but because the buttons are on the screen call it a ding. OLED screens are subjective, if you like blown colors then its the screen for you.

          • Tim242

            Blown out, huh? True blacks, no blown out colors.

  • dragonflyr

    At $300 off-contract .. I would buy this phone just to support the shakeup it would cause. It would be a game changer. . . kinda like the Nexus 7 of the tablet world.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    I still say its gonna come out at 200.

  • Simon Belmont

    If it came to Verizon, this would be my top recommendation to my sister who is STILL rocking a Droid X (so she can keep her unlimited data). Yeah, I know, old school, but still cool.

    As for unlocked GSM, it’d be tempting for me, especially below $300. However, I think I’ll still hold out for the Nexus 5 to replace my trusty G’Nex.

    • samari711

      I’m still limping along with a Thunderbolt that lost touch response on the right side of the phone and wifi doesn’t work. I’ve got some bad blood with Samsung and don’t want to give HTC more money after this phone experience. A reasonably priced Moto Phone that’s an u pgrade and lets me keep unlimited data? that’s just what the doctor ordered.

      • Kenny Larson

        Don’t forget LG. They’re getting pretty good.

      • Simon Belmont

        I agree. If it’s priced well off-contract and has decent specifications (and good optimized performance) then it’s something to be interested in.

        I think my sister would definitely be interested in it. Though, the Droid Mini may be more up her alley because she wants to keep the 4.3 inch screen size.

    • rickd

      Nexus 5 will not be on verizon..

      • Simon Belmont

        Uh. If you reread my comment, you’ll see I’m on a GSM carrier, so a Nexus 5 is in the cards for me, and I never said the Nexus 5 will be on Verizon.

        I only mentioned Verizon in regards to the Moto X for my sister. Try reading more carefully next time, bud.

    • d-rock

      Droid X is still a sexy phone 😀

  • sc0rch3d

    I’d get it to support the cause if it came to ATT. Also, that’s a great price point for a phone if yours get lost/stolen/damaged. I would stop carrying insurance altogether.

  • AndrewScottRox

    It would mean kicking my Gnex to the curb so I can keep my unlimited data with Verizon. I’d be more interested in a 32gb version though and even at $400, it’s cheaper than the competition with the same storage.

  • jddunkley

    I would sell my Galaxy S4 and get this. If it’s a CDMA option since I’m on Sprint… So I’m not getting my hopes up too high unfortunately.

    • Steve Benson

      That wouldn’t be a smart move. The S4 is a way better device.

      • elvisgp

        Software wise? probably not. Hardware wise, it probably is, but specs aren’t everything.

  • shecalledmejay

    First there was the OD DROID, then came the GNEX, and now it’s the MOTOX. this is the 3rd coming lol

    • Steve Benson

      Sadly, this is true. This is Verizon’s only shot at a near stock device.

    • d-rock

      Moto just announced their VZ lineup….I wouldn’t expect to see the MotoX anywhere near VZ.

      Could happen, just probably won’t.

  • Brian

    Why is it crazy? From what we’ve seen it looks like a mid-range phone anyways.

    • Steve Benson

      Because even mid-range phones go for $500+ off contract normally. Moto X is a bargain at this price.

  • DanWazz

    Could be a stop gap for my aging GNex unitl my contract is over and I go T-Mo and Nexus.

  • Mark Faustino

    If this is the case, then my wife and I may have a chance in keeping our unlimited data plans. Paying +$1300 on phones for the both of us is a lot (with most phone off contract costing $650 or so).

  • Kenny Larson

    If it comes in at $300 off contract for 16gb than I would assume that the Nexus 5 would come in at $400+ off contract. I can’t see Google selling a semi-premium (some would call full premium) phone right next to a powerful, albeit midrange, phone.

  • Arve

    The newest droids are also equipped with dual core cpu’s. They call it x8-computing system or somethng. I bet this phone will be flying!

    • Trueblue711

      No. They’re octa-core, hence X8.

      • Arve

        8core soc. In details (from android police): Verizon slide mentioned 2 processor cores, 4 GPU cores, one contextual computing core, and one language processing core.

        • Trueblue711

          Yes. Even though 2 are only for processing, it takes the workload from the rest of the phone away from it. Therefore, it’s not comparable to a dual-core processor that has to handle everything in just 2 cores.

          • Simon Belmont

            Actually, it pretty much is. Other phones didn’t have contextual and language processing done even on the regular application CPUs.

            No one has had a phone with an open microphone processor installed until this one. So since the new “cores” that process context and language are included on a phone that actually uses context and language, you could still call it a dual-core because it’s a level playing field (also, GPU cores shouldn’t be counted in addition to CPU cores, as they’re different).

          • Trueblue711

            If other phones that have microphone listening while sleeping (GS3/4) don’t have a mic processor, then where is that processing done?

            Also, having 4 GPU cores is still more than most dual-core phones now. Therefore, the original comment’s point that this processor is no better than existing ones in older phones, is not valid.

          • Arve Svendsen

            So, what you are saying is that note 2 has a 12core chip with the gpu added? I am sorry, but you just don’t make any sense right now. Wait and see, the octacore will be equipped in the moto x for sure =)

          • Simon Belmont

            Yes, but no other phone has the microphone listening constantly when it’s asleep. So, it’s not comparable.

            I don’t think you understand where I’m coming from. I’m not downing the Moto X (God forbid anyone do that, right?!). I’m merely stating that calling it an 8-core processor is a bit misleading. People will think it means 8 application cores, and not the varied assortment of cores that we’re actually dealing with.

          • Arve Svendsen

            But it is still a dual core cpu

  • Corey Foltman

    I’d really like one until the Nexus 5 comes out.

  • William_Morris

    If MotoX is $300.00 off contract, I will buy it.

  • James Hill

    Should be 229.99 off contract for the 16g and 259.99 for the 32g just like the Nexus 7. The material costs should be about equal for the parts. I also think it’s cool to have U. S. Made phone.

  • Kindroid

    The Droid Mini is $ 99 on contract. That leaves the Moto X free on contract. A phone that can do what 90% of users need and want perfectly…..for free. Enough said.

    • Jay W.

      How much extra does that 2 year contract cost you though?

  • fd2blk78


  • Richard Albert McKenzie III

    This phone has a processor that’s not as good as the Nexus 4, but does it perform better overall? Is it worth it to buy it now or wait for the next Nexus device?

    • Richard Albert McKenzie III

      Personally, I’m thinking it’s a better idea to wait for the next Nexus, but I really love the back of the Moto X..and the name…Moto X…just has a nice ring to it. 🙂

    • A.Miller

      Depends on what carrier you have.

  • Ronald Bernard

    Any chance Moto-goo is trying to low ball this first version to show people what they are doing as far as software enhancements then release a higher speced device?

  • paul_cus

    If I’m going to buy something off contract that doesn’t have top shelf specs, I’ll probably go with the Huawei Ascend P6. I like the design more and that Emotion UI looks interesting. Moto X is shaping up to look and feel pretty plain Jane.

  • icyrock1

    I’m good with my Nexus four for the next few years. I won’t need an upgrade for a while.

  • PowersUSA

    Yes If:
    a non-pentile screen
    and the camera is truely exceptional (or at least not crap)
    and Verizon LTE
    and $300 or less
    and I get to keep my unlimited data plan

  • SilentSpring

    Well with the profit margins being what they are on cell phones, I’d say Moto could very easily sell this phone for $300 if they don’t join the corporate greed machine.

    The iPhone costs apple around $200-$230 to make, they sell it for $650, $750 and $850…$$$$$

    Moto is using older and cheaper tech and instead of using the latest and greatest are instead concentrating on software enhancements and user experience…whats the cost of that I wonder

  • TheWenger

    It will be $50 more on VZW because of CDMA.

  • Christian Felanopolis

    It’d be an upgrade from my Rezound at $300 OTD, I’d be in.

  • ahhh yes

    well it would mean i would still buy a NEXUS 4. might think about the 32GB for $300…might.

  • Let me try to explain. When you buy a phone on contract, you pay the initial upfront fee (usually $200) and over the course of two years, you pay off the phone for it’s full retail value through the monthly service charge. If the Moto X is being sold for $300 unlocked on all the major carriers, there is literally no difference than buying the phone on contract for $99. Either way, the customer has to pay the monthly service charge. So actually, Verizon is making MORE money by selling an unlocked device. Since you’ve already payed for the device in full and part of the monthly fee is meant to count toward paying the subsidy, Verizon is actually charging you more than buying on contract. Just my $0.02.

    • ahhh yes

      i agree but if you use prepaid plans it would make sense. I bought a N4 and use tmo’s $30/month plan. unlimited text/web (5gb 4g) but only 100 talk. which works for me.

      • Brendan Owens

        This is what I plan to do with the Moto X. What happens if you go over the 100 minutes?

        • ahhh yes

          its only $.10 / min not bad. I dont talk much and usually use around 60 / 70 mins.

          • Brendan Owens

            Wow not bad at all for overage charges

        • Richard Albert McKenzie III

          it’s just the 10 cents a minute, but be aware that you have to put money into the account before making the calls(after the 100 min is up) because they won’t allow you to make OR receive calls when you’re out of minutes so you have to add money to your account(which is easy/fast)

          • Brendan Owens

            That’s actually a good thing so you don’t accidentally go over without knowing it. This 30 plan just keeps getting better

    • Brendan Owens

      That is true, but if you buy it off contact you could take it to t-mobile who does not include subsidies in their regular monthly charges.

      • True, but that’s not why I wrote this comment. People are saying that Verizon would never offer a phone for $300 off contract. I’m saying that it’s very possible for people who want to keep their current plan and buy the phone off contract.

        • unlimited data

        • Richard Albert McKenzie III

          a lot of the people that want to buy off contract are wanting to do so to keep the unlimited data that’s tied to their previous contract, if they sign a new contract they have to sign to the 2gigs for $527 a minute.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        Actually, you couldn’t take a phone with CDMA radios to T-Mobile, but you could potentially take it to pre-paid carriers that work with CDMA tech.

    • well worth it if you get to keep unlimited data and u have a dying galaxy nexus

      • calculatorwatch

        That’s where I am. Assuming Verizon doesn’t do something evil and take away everyone’s unlimited data (which they probably will), the amount of money I can save by not having to sign up for one of their terribly overpriced data plans will far outweigh paying for a subsidy that I’m not using.

        • capecodcarl

          The earliest Verizon would cancel unlimited data is when then last of all the legacy grandfathered contracts expire… sometime in summer of 2014. They aren’t going to risk giving all those people a free out of their ETF to switch to another provider.

  • Ryan Hansele

    if it is 300 off contract i imagine it would only go to T-Mobile because of their no contract yet still “contract” plans. Until ATT and Verizon and Sprint switch it makes no sense for those carriers to essentially offer a device with no contract. It sounds great from horrible from a business stand point with the current plans.

  • 655321

    At that price point what would be the carriers’ incentive to sell it? The hardware is just the carriers’ incentive to customers to sign a contract with them for 2 years. It’s like giving away the razor to make your money on the blades.

    • blix247

      I think they’ve realized customers are largely sticky without the contracts. People find the carrier with the best signal in their area and are pretty much forced to stick with them. Plus they get to keep the hardware subsidy that is built in as pure profit. So even if you only have that customer for 6 months to a year, you get the hardware subsidy as pure profit.

    • 655321

      I have unlimited data on Verizon, still using a Droid Incredible (the original!). It’s only 3G-capable. If hypothetically I’m able to get an off-contract CDMA Moto X would I have to have Verizon switch on LTE network access for me, or is it automatic?

  • SDTM

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    • Daeshaun Griffiths

      LMao, this is a good one. Still gets downvotes.

      • ahhh yes

        no kidding! i love the ones with chopped english….

  • Charlie R.

    If this ends up being true, I see no way Verizon let’s this happen with their version, especially for people with unlimited data plans. Verizon won’t let a phone be sold outside of them and it’s definitely not going to be at that price. This is Verizon, after all.

  • John Clausen

    If Verizon offers this phone for around $300 of contract, I’ll get one just out of sheer intrigue.

  • Jeremy Wray

    I’d be surprised if Verizon allowed this to happen to their version. This would just be another way for people to avoid upgrading their plan and loosing the unlimited data. I mean that’s the main reason I’d be interested in the phone.

    • Defenestratus

      They already have done that though with the device payment plans.

      • Charlie R.

        The device payment plans are not available for people with unlimited data plans.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          I thought the device payment plan was, but the upgrade plan (Verizon Edge) is not.

          Either way, I doubt Verizon cares about moving people off the unlimited plans unless they are using 8-10 GBs of data a month. Think about it, if you have an unlimited plan, you are not under contract anymore so you are paying the built in subsidy, plus the cost of service. They are making more money off you than having you sign another contract and having the subsidy cost actually apply to a phone.

        • chihova

          If you go to a VZW store they will set you up on a device plan…not Edge…and you can keep your unlimited data. You have to have a good payment history for 6 consecutive months and good credit of course.

  • Defenestratus

    Not buying a phone for $300 even off contract that has the same specs as my 2 year old Gnex.

    • Diablo81588

      Really?…. No.

  • Exactly. If I can keep my plan and upgrade from this aging gnex I will love it. Also didn’t the benchmarks show it keeping pace with most of the quad cores?

  • Prox

    If its $299 off contract for T-Mobile with LTE, I will buy it.

  • James_C_L

    16gb is a no go for me with no sd card .. . I bet for many others as well. I’m also sure as hell not paying another $75 – $100 more for another 16gb.That’s become a running joke lately Imo.

    • A.Miller

      To me the lack of a replaceable battery is a huge loss. That’s even more important to me than the SD card, though I agree with you on that, too. Particularly about the extra cost for 16gb when a card costs hardly anything.

  • coolsilver

    Then I made a foolish mistake with the Galaxy S4

    • James_C_L

      Well in that case, you can definitely sell the s4 for around 500, get the X and pocket some nice loot.

      • runner30

        That’s what I’m planning on doing with my upgrade in August. Hopefully I can buy a Moto X off contract for VZ.

        Buy a flagship-sell-buy a moto x.

  • James

    I understand the excitement I guess cause this phone is ‘new’ but why so pumped about the nexus 4 price it has? Just get a nexus 4 if you want that price haha. Plus the nexus has the quad core S4 processor and this has just the dual core.

    • Blue Sun

      James, I totally agree with you. I think the root of the issue is that most people who want the Nexus 4, can’t get the Nexus 4 on their network. Cough, cough, Verizon…

    • Jim Davis

      Nexus 4 doesn’t have LTE.

    • Will P

      No Nexus 4 on verizon and it doesn’t have LTE (officially). Most people don’t care to hack their way to add LTE to a phone.

  • Makes sense to me. Future for them could be a Nexus phone (intended for devs) and a moto slightly lower-spec’d (intended for consumers) phone at $300 unlocked and for all carriers. (well, at least the moto for all)

    Then other moto phones that are pushing boundaries at the typical $600 price range.

  • web

    I’ll buy it on the day of release for $300.

  • JonathonFlores

    I don’t see myself extending a contract with a $300 or even $200 price point for that phone. But an off contract price of $300 or even $400 is attractive and I’d buy that… (Considering boot loader can be unlocked.)

  • jer85008

    The question is – could there be a Verizon version for $300 off contract? If everyone else gets one at a good cost off-contract, and the only option for Verizon customers is to get on on-contract, I just won’t buy one. I’ll stick it out with my broken Rezound and RAZR M until the end of the year and bolt to AT&T.

    • icedrop

      Same, if ZV screws us on this deal and all other carriers get hooked up that will be the last straw. Hello world of GSM!

  • ill buy a verizon moto X for 300 instantly.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Not happening.

  • Tim Swann

    If unlockable at $300 off-contract I’d take a serious look. I have a GNex that I’m just happy with so I would wait on the reviews. With good reviews on battery life and camera, I could be swayed to drop 3 bones on it if it’s unlockable

  • Steve Benson

    $300 off contract, plus $500 million in advertising and this thing is a market game changer.

    • David Narada Brown

      thats what i said!

      • Steve Benson

        You’re an intelligent man.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i’d give my iphone 5 to gazelle for $300 and buy this. If there’s a 32gb version i’ll come out of pocket.

  • MikeCiggy

    If so my girlfriend will be buying one and not renewing her contract with Verizon.

    • Weber

      Crack that whip!

  • shdowman

    IF they sell it off contract, it will be same scenario as N4. GSM only. Verizon won’t allow it on their network off contract. IF they did, it would count as some upgrade or some shenanigans to where you would still lose your unlimited data. Don’t get your hopes up…

    • aDROIDfreeworld

      not if you order from the play store, then call and activate the device over the phone – threaten to cancel all lines if they try to take away your current plan!

      • jscofi

        i hope you are right

    • Tim Swann

      that’s not totally true. Carriers are required to allow use of phones that they don’t directly sell. (This includes VZ). Moto would just need to use radios with the right bands. I would be shocked if VZ didn’t sell this since the model with VZ bands passed through the FCC already. that being said, if VZ sells directly to customers (which they will) don’t count on an unlockable bootloader. There’s too many unknowns and everything is speculation at this point.

      • David Narada Brown

        they already have the model number for verizon version. it already passed through FCC so its definitely coming to verizon.

      • Drome

        this is incorrect information. Sprint and VZW both are on CDMA but you cannot use a sprint phone on the VZW network. In order for VZW to let you use their proprietary CDMA network, they would have to approve of the phone to be sold off contract officially. The samsung phone posted above is the phone that is approved to be used on VZW, simply being sold my samsung.

        VZW wont become unlocked friendly until VoLTE rolls out. Hopefully.

        • Tim Swann

          Yes, they have to “let you” use the phone, but if I’m not mistaken there are laws that prevent them from not letting you use a phone that is compatible with their network. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the laws I mention (I don’t know off top the name of it) exist to prevent this kind of behavior.

          • Drome

            Sorry but I do not believe that is correct. Those laws only exist for LTE, GSM and HSPA but not CDMA since it is patented and proprietary. Since all VZW LTE phones drop back to CDMA for sms and data, VZW can still prevent unlocked phones from accessing their network. That is, until VoLTE phones are out. Show me one truly unlocked phone that works on the VZW network without serious hacking and ill eat my hat.

      • A.Miller

        If its stock — or nearly stock — and received updates from Google then unlockable bootloader isn’t that important to me.

    • burkett375


      Here’s one you could buy off contract and bring to their network without any change to your contract.

      • Drome

        this phone is not unlocked though, it is licensed by VZW to be the developer version of the sim locked VZW galaxy s3. They still approved this to happen.

    • shdowman

      You can down vote all you like, it’s merely an opinion. I highly doubt there will be CDMA versions offered off-contract.

      • Blue Sun

        Corrected: “…I highly doubt there will be CDMA versions offered off-contract at that price point.”

        • shdowman

          Fair enough…lol.

  • Jeremy B.

    Low cost has intrigued me, especially since the phone isn’t all that great spec wise….I’m still eyeing up the droid Maxx at this point.

  • Bionic


  • NAM37

    As long as the battery life is good, <$350 off-contact is an instant buy.

  • Warwick

    300 off contract, I would buy one just to have one.

  • samosa king

    32GB model. Yes please

    • Steve Benson

      32gb will be $349.

  • BCoils

    This won’t change monthly bills/fees unfortunately.

  • fillyo75

    I seen no reason why not, if they can make a Nexus 7 for $200, this should be easy.

  • samosa king

    It should be cheaper than the Nexus 4.

  • Ted

    Their is indeed a 32GB model, I guarantee it.

  • Chris Schmucker

    Being $300 off-contract is more about making a statement for Moto and Google than it is for advancing technology from a hardware standpoint. If Moto and Google can open up the average consumers eyes to the “suckiness” (for lack of a better word) of being locked into a two year contract then this phone will start a revolution on how the wireless industry functions.

    • Luxferro

      …how the wireless industry functions.

      Which has been to rip off the consumer in every way possible.

    • Trueblue711

      Agreed. I think it’s ridiculous that you can get an Android tablet for $200-400, yet almost every smartphone starts at $600. I don’t think a cellular radio should add $200-400 per phone.

  • samosa king

    I love samosa. I will obviously trade my samosa for lovely Moto X.

  • Michael Bassett

    Maybe release the xPhone with $99 on contract, $199-$299 off contract for a couple months. Then, after you sold all the high quality, low cost phones to the masses, sell a high end xPhone with a 800, 3gb RAM, 32/64gb for $199 on contract, $399-$499 off contract to people that want high end specs, power users.

    • A.Miller

      Bionic has claimed that there will be a second “Xphone” released later… a “hero” device. Is there any substantiated reason to believe that there is a second X coming soon?

      • Michael Bassett

        The nova or hero device is what I meant, not a xPhone 2 or whatever.

  • litobirdy

    $30 off contract on Verizon? that’ll never happen

    • onDroid

      Agreed. $30 off contract on any carrier will never happen

  • Will

    It means it will make a nice replacement for anybody who breaks their nicer phone on contract. If my DNA takes a turn for the worst, this will be my next phone.

  • aDROIDfreeworld

    I would pay 350 for the 32gb in a heartbeat – so sick of screwing with my razr’s software to get a stock experience!

  • It’s a game changer. Imagine being able to upgrade your phone on Verizon any time you want without having to pay $699? If more phone companies follow suit, you can basically upgrade anytime you want without having to be locked to a 24 month contract. These new programs they have for unsubsidized phones are a huge ripoff so if this is the only alternative, I’ll take it. That being said, if the phone is around $300 for a 16/32gb version, I’m definitely going to buy it. LONG LIVE UNLIMITED DATA!

  • David Narada Brown

    that price is perfect!

  • MrJigolo

    $300 off contract = insta buy for me

  • EC8CH

    $300 phone off contract on Verizon…

    surely you jest.

  • samosa king

    It’s not that I need it, but I will buy it.

  • hetaldp

    Made in USA @ $300 i suspect ! Please surprise us google

  • I doubt that $300 would make a real splash. You would see the same reaction as the Nexus 4 launch. $200 would really turn heads though. Not claiming that $200 will happen, but that’s the sweat spot that will move lots of units.

    • EC8CH

      I kinda agree. Match the subsidized price and more of the average customers would take notice.

      • Exactly. Most consumers are ok with paying $200 up front with a 2yr contract. Keep the same price and remove the contract – that will change things. Really hoping the rumors of an unlocked version are true.

        • David Narada Brown

          subsidized you should see this phone easily under $100.

      • Dave

        I agree. Why not start as a base at $200, then up-charge for all of these customization options? People will pay to make their phone unique. So you can kind of recuperate some money there, lets face it black/white base, adding color really can’t add to their cost, but they can still charge for it.

      • A.Miller

        I don’t think the average consumer cares much about the contract. I don’t think they think much of it.

    • David Narada Brown

      nexus 4 couldnt meet demand and it wasnt advertised. think of a nexus 4 price point with $500,000,000 to advertise (i just had to put all those zero’s). thats gonna be a huge splash. if a carrier subsidizes this phone, it would almost be pointless for manufacturers to make “low-end” smartphones that would compete at the same price.

      • They couldn’t meet demand because they didn’t produce very many units. Have you heard Google or LG bragging about the millions of units sold?

        • zurginator

          Have you heard of Nexus device sales numbers ever being released (bar the N7 incident, and Google ripped Asus a new one)?

          Based on S/N tracking though, it has been estimated around 1 million between Nov and Feb.

        • A.Miller

          Wasn’t available on Verizon or Sprint. That would really help the numbers.

    • Eldorath

      I’d tend to agree here.. $300 would be a bit lukewarm… $200 would be a nice spot.. and if they were to release it at $100 (doubtful) I’d be shocked if people could find one to purchase within 60 days… although, with 16GB, that pricepoint would still make me sigh a bit, as I routinely push a bit over 16GB regularly between the offline downloads of music from the Google Music Sub service, audiobooks, and photos.

      With Moto being owned by Google, It’d be kind of nice to see this device being subsidized by Google a bit to drop it down that low.

      • $99 Android phones with legit specs are coming next year. It’s going to be a lot harder for certain OEMs to keep charging $650-700 for new devices, when you can get a similar experience at a greatly reduced price.

        • Eldorath

          I semi-agree with that statement already. While our Galaxy Nexuses (Nexi?) are starting to show some age, I’ve not found a legitimate, $1200 (currently unlimited on VZW), reason to upgrade 2 phones that work just fine.

  • peeyourownpants

    ubuntu edge! instead

  • Robert Willis

    Means i could keep my unlimited Verizon data plan. Assuming it comes to Verizon the same way. Doubtful though.

    • Blue Sun

      You mean with an unlocked bootloader? Or Wireless provider stickers all over the device?

    • WickedToby741

      No reason why it wouldn’t. If Motorola is selling it directly, then they set the price, not Verizon. A CDMA chip shouldn’t jack up the price by $300.

      • Robert Willis

        Verizon could prevent them from selling a CDMA version off contract. Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen them do something like that.

        • Chris Gaton

          Every phone Verizon sells can be purchased off-contract. They just cost more.

          • jscofi

            there has to be a reason why it costs more. maybe verizon charges them to allow phones to be on their network?

          • Terrormaster

            It’s called price fixing. Carriers and OEMs have been doing this for years with smart phones but they’ll never admit it.

          • Chris N

            Verizon would not be fan of this soley for the purpose of getting people off of their unlimited data plans….

        • master94

          what is VZW gets a LTE only version? Didnt they say they were going to stop selling 3G/4G hybrids and go all LTE? They cant say no to any LTE phone because the 700mhz frequency it uses must be open according to their deal with the govt.

          • Trueblue711

            They’ve already bent the definition of “open” to mean that any OEM can submit to have their phone run on their network, WITH Verizon’s approval.

  • burkett375

    For $299, I’d buy it…why not? It’s got the same specs as my GSIII, which I’m happy with, but has a better GPU, and can handle everything that’s thrown at it. If the software optimizations are what we hear, it can only get better…

    and saving my unlimited data is completely worth it.

  • samosa king

    I will trade my samosas for the Moto X if it is more than £300.

  • Stephen

    It would mean I have a solid option to have and keep unlimited data without having to spend 600+ dollars on a phone

    • Blue Sun

      On Verizon, yes. The other providers have options under $380 (after taxes), off contract.

      • Stephen

        Maybe it will be 300 (380 with tax) off contract with verizon? i can only hope….

        but in the meantime, i have an s3 and a dna…. so i guess i don’t really need another phone.

  • JimmyHACK

    It’s still a higher end budget phone right? Spec wise. So it wouldn’t be some huge shock. More like normal pricing.

    • Josh Carroll

      Exactly my thoughts. It’s priced at the proper place, given it’s a mid-range device.

      • Richard Albert McKenzie III

        I’m not sure I’d say it’s a “mid-range” device, i’d give it slightly more credit. i’d also point out the mid-range devices are usually more than this, especially at release and off contract.

        • Josh Carroll

          Well I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. Dual core, 720P and < 5" screen all scream mid-range to me.

          • Higher_Ground

            agreed. I haven’t been paying as much attention to DL lately but the only thing I see as an improvement is the camera and the attenna (both of which suck horribly on the gnex, so that’s not too hard to accomplish). The customizable colors sounds pretty cool, even if it is a gimmick.

          • Diablo81588

            The processor alone is much faster, dual core aside. Graphics are many times faster. Battery life will kill the gnex. Screen won’t be pentile. Price will be considerably cheaper. Shall I go on?

          • Higher_Ground

            It’s 1.5 years newer, so I would hope it’s better in literally every respect. I just don’t think it matches what I want enough for me to upgrade yet.

    • fauxshizzl

      Normal pricing is a huge shock in the US phone market though.

  • NorCalGuy

    what about 350 for a 32?? Then hell ya my GNex needs a replacement

    • NexusPhan69

      That’s the current rumor going around. One I’m really hoping is true.

    • Shssael Perez

      I would replace my GNex as well.. This is the future and I hope Moto and Google can make a statement and set a new trend.

    • Richard Albert McKenzie III

      Get the Moto X IF it is at this price or wait for the next Nexus device and live in all it’s glory.

      • Rickd

        There wont be another nexus on verizon, hes replacing his GNEX

    • Tyler Bowden

      Well it was about that time that I notice that VZW rep was about eight stories tall and was a crustacean from the palezoic era. I said “Dammit monster! Get out of this store! I ain’t giving you no treefiddy!” It said “how about just twofiddy?” I said “Oh now it’s only twofiddy?! What is there a sale on Loch Ness gigabytes or something?!”

  • Jeremy Martin

    If it comes to Verizon at that price I will be buying one for sure.

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      This is where most people would land. Honestly, with those specs, if they price it higher I doubt many people would buy it off contract. I’d sell my gs3 to get this phone if it’s $300

      • j

        This would be the perfect device for all GNex owners who want to maintain their unlimited data. Decent specs at a good price. Not a top tier device, but a quality upgrade to the GNex on what looks to be fairly stock software. I would 100% purchase one and give my Gnex to my Mom!

        • j

          To follow up.. there are tons of people in the same book.
          OG droid owners -> GNex Owners -> ????
          Whole slew of us looking for the next replacement.

          • A.Miller

            That’s where I am!

          • dragonflyr

            agreed… OG to GNex for me as well. It really all comes down to this: VZW offering the motoX at $300 keeps me with them; VZW NOT offering the phone, or screwing us somehow (very likely), and I am GONE .. for sure … the end.

          • mjmedstarved

            I’m sure Verizon doesn’t mind losing folks like us, who use massive amounts of data.

          • KleenDroid

            Even though we have unlimited, most of the time we only use the same amount as everyone else.

            But then again once and awhile we use 40 gig like I did last month.

            I guess it’s nice not being limited.

          • michael arazan

            my minimum is 10gb a month and that was before all access

          • Checking in… looking forward to Note3

        • KleenDroid

          The only way it would be worthy for Gnex owners is if it were able to be fully unlocked so it has a great development community.

          If it were a great price and unlockable I would buy a couple of them for the wife and daughter.

      • Corey Foltman

        If you can only buy it from vzw, im guessing they will up the unactivated price to 550. like Tmobile did with the Nexus4.

        • EC8CH

          I can only imagine the rage I and many others will feel if they pull a stunt like that.

          *sharpens pitchfork*

        • El_Big_CHRIS

          Oh God i hope not. That would seriously pissed me off. But i still wouldnt leave VZW, they have me by the [email protected]

      • NexusPhan69

        After the Droid ultra announcement today that is essentially the Moto X + .3″ of screen in a different case, I’m highly suspicious of $300 off contract.

        • j

          As am I. Smartphones these days cost $200+ in parts alone.. Add in manufacturing, advertising, etc.. and $300 would be a small profit..
          But the Nexus4 gives me hope.

          • kashtrey

            Well iPhone 5 is like $170 and S4 $240 for parts and manufacturing. With the parts being a little outdated in the X, let’s say it’s closer to the 5, so around $200. That’s still a 50% mark up and $100 of profit on each phone. The other costs you mentioned are all fixed cost, so really depend on how much volume Moto can ship (which should be a lot if it’s priced super low). Also, Moto is currently losing tons of money, if they even get it to breakeven by moving lots of low margin volume, it’ll be a success (especially when you consider every additional phone they sell is more potential ad revenue for Google).

          • kstagg

            No overseas shipping costs to US as it is ASSEMBLED in Fort Worth, TX. Didn’t say the parts were built in the US. Just that the phone was put together in TX (at the old Nokia – now Motorola) plant.

          • kstagg

            No overseas shipping costs to US as it is ASSEMBLED in Fort Worth, TX. Didn’t say the parts were built in the US. Just that the phone was put together in TX (at the old Nokia – now Motorola) plant.

          • kashtrey

            You could probably argue that the shipping costs are a wash when comparing shipping completed products vs components. I’d say estimating costs close to the iPhone 5s probably overestimates. The point I was trying to make is that in any case, Moto is still making a decent profit off of each device and are going for volume.

    • Edwin M

      You, me, and every other person on Verizon with Unlimited data.

      • Jeremy Sheehan

        Amen to that. I’d be keeping my unlimited plan. I think it would be a worthy successor to my Bionic.

    • Col_Angus

      GNex through Play Store: $349
      GNex through Verizon: $750 (no contract)

      • Tyler Durden

        You do realize they didn’t sell a CDMA version on Google play right?

        • Col_Angus

          Yes, I know that, but even then, CDMA radios don’t cost an additional $400.

        • capecodcarl

          The point still remains that the Verizon price for the CDMA version should have been matching, or at least close to, the $349 for the GSM version on the Play Store. The radio certainly does not cost $400 more than the GSM radios.

          • Tyler Durden

            Because google wasn’t making a huge profit and Verizon wasn’t going to lose on it either.

    • Aaron

      I really really hope not but how much do you want to bed that it is $299 unlocked for everybody but verizon and if you want their version is $99 on contract or something way over$299 off contract. If I can get it for $299 off contract for the verizon version it is a day one/preorder purchase for me.

    • USAndroid

      Made in USA for $300?
      “Designed by you” just can’t and MUSTN’T cost $300.

    • That Guy

      I’m so giddy about the idea of a phone right from Google for $300 on Verizon I can barely stand it. I’m still rocking a TBolt with unlimited!

  • Ben Klene

    It means it won’t be on Verizon to me.. not at that price anyways.

  • gadget_hero

    That is going to suck for Apple and HTC the most, Samsung probably will feel pressure too, but they can drop some sensors to compete at lower price points. This could contribute to carriers not meeting their contracted sales goals for iPhone sales a lot.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Apple and Samsung aren’t worried a bit. This phone isn’t meant to sell that much but to get a message out regarding phone specs and carrier restrictions that most OEMs need to be cautious of.

      • gadget_hero

        See that is exactly the point, if its not a spec war then whats the point of buying the most expensive phone, as it is 50% of iPhone sales are 4S/4 which get Apple much less profit than the 5. Apple makes most of its money from iPhone/iPad. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the R&D for their computers is from iDevice profit. In a race to lower price points Apple/HTC are the most vulnerable. Samsung is a much more diversified company. Its not going to be a single device that does it but rather a death by a thousand cuts, Nexus 4 @299, a Moto X @299, a tablet at @199, etc.

  • mrbirdman

    it would mean i’d consider it.

    otherwise with the specs, there’s zero reason to. (at least when owning a htc one)