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Tuesday Poll: Are You Buying One of the New DROIDs?

DROID Ultra Family

We now have the newest members of the Motorola DROID brand. Verizon announced the DROID Mini, DROID ULTRA and DROID MAXX today in one of the shortest press conferences we have ever seen. The 4.3″ DROID Mini features the same dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor and Motorola X8 Computing System found in the ULTRA and MAXX, but only costs $99 on-contract.

The 5″ 720p DROID ULTRA is the thinnest of the bunch, coming in at only 7.18mm thick and costs $199 on-contract. Then there is the 5″ DROID MAXX with a whopping 48 hour battery life and an OLED screen that you can also find in the Ultra. The MAXX will hit Verizon for $299 on-contract, along with the rest of the DROIDS, on August 20. Verizon lists all these phones as launching with Android 4.2 and wireless charging capabilities out of the box.

So that leads us to today’s poll – will you be buying one of the new DROIDs? If rumors are correct, the Moto X is coming just around the corner for $300 off-contract. Do these look enticing in any way?

Are You Buying One of the New DROIDs?

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  • want one

    If only it was sold without the carrier logo and internationally, then a big YES!

  • Sporttster

    Was seriously considering the Droid Maxx until I found it had no card slot and the specs are underwhelming. Sucks….still using my Droid Razr Maxx until further notice….

  • Xcalibur1011

    After seeing this I know the Moto X won’t be a WOW phone, Nexus 5 please come to Verizon.

  • TheRetroReplay

    I have my Droid DNA, I’m fine.

  • Dana Alan

    Nope. Happy with my rooted phone and tablet, both running Android 4.2.2. And even if I was tempted, the lack of a micro SD slot would kill it for me. MOTO Fail…

  • Albert Reyna

    Maybe…just maybe the Moto X

  • Harry Ballsachs

    Why? > 720, $199 on contract, dual core, and about 3-4 years too late.

  • 720p display = FAIL. Pass.

  • William Kister

    Nope have a GS4

  • Rob Watkins

    These new phones are being viewed as under spec. I bet in the real world, they will act similiarly to the HTC One and Galaxy S4. 1.7 GB processor and 2 GB of RAM is nothing to sneeze at. I love a FHD screen, but it kills the battery, a 720p OLED screen will be quite clear and vibrant. The colors are amazing. I’m anxious to see how the camera performs once the software is finalized, Morotola may be onto something here. The Razr Maxx will be a road warrier machine.

  • Sam

    I preordered the Droid Maxx. The fact that it’s basically stock android (or at least as close to stock as I can get on Verizon), with a huge battery and with the 5″ screen, conforms more with what I want than the Moto X does to be honest.

    *puts on flame suit*

    • LionStone

      It is very tempting…especially since the Maxx is 14mm shorter and about an ounce heavier (compared to DNA), which seems like a nice form factor (I sometimes think the DNA is too light in the ass 🙂 I guess the Maxx also shoots video at 60 fps! Has almost 300ppi, very respectable..I’m gonna wait til the end of the year to weigh them all up, cheers!

  • chris

    Where is the option that I’m happy with my current phone?

  • MrVJTod

    what’s with the physical buttons?

  • Toasted_Cracker

    I might be interested in the maxx if it wasn’t a Verizon exclusive.

  • id10terrordfw

    If it wasn’t on Verizon, then I would be very interested in the Maxx. Unfortunately it seems Moto only puts their best phones on a carrier I would never pay a red cent to. (pun intended)

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Yep the Ultra Maxx. Just sad it no longer has a Micro SD Card slot OR Micro HDMI! I’ve already sold my Maxx HD (in less than 1 hour on eBay). Gonna buy it next month. Using my Bionic til then.

    • trwb

      You want another Motorola product after owning the Bionic?! Really?

      • n900mixalot


        His money, let him do what he wants … Just cuz we got Jelly BURNED by Motorola, doesn’t mean his experience was the same.

      • Nathaniel Newman

        Because if all goes to plan I will be getting a HTC One to replace the Bionic in a few months time. The Maxx HD was a good phone. But the Ultra Maxx or Moto X (looking at both) are good upgrades.

  • Guest

    What is different about these phones compared to the Moto X ? I’m thinking spec and software wise forget the price difference for a moment ? If you put the Droid Ultra against the Moto X what will be key differences in performance and software that we know so far ? From the demonstration video these phones seem to operate just like the Moto X.

  • Steve DeBellis

    They are doing a great job of confusing the hell out of everyone with this naming convention.

    • LionStone

      haha…yep, I pretty much side-stepped through all the rumoured articles about these phones until today 😉

  • Joe

    The “droid” train has come and gone…

    • Tim

      I agree…but we are a small population of Verizon…these will sell very well to the masses.

      • trwb

        I think the masses buy galaxys and iphones

    • Harry Ballsachs

      It derailed after the OG Droid anyways

  • TruthHurtsTheWeak

    Three inferior phones that will FLOP. Congrats VZW

  • Keith0606

    can we just have “droid” phones and marketing go away please.

  • itsgonnalast

    Man, the 48-hour (!!!) battery life on the Maxx is difficult to ignore.

    The battery is the biggest problem on my current phone.

  • punkroyale

    78 percent not interested WOW.