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Sonos Updates Android App, Allows for Music Playback From Mobile Devices

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Sonos, the makers of lovely Hi-Fi home audio equipment, released an update to their Android app this morning that allows for playback of music (or podcasts) stored on Android devices through Sonos speakers. No longer are you stuck loading all music onto a home computer or media server – the days of streaming whatever audio is stored on your phone are here.

The update is live already through Google Play, so if you own any of the Sonos products, be sure to update your device. 

Here is how you can play music from your phone through Sonos:

  1. Update your Sonos Controller for Android to software version 4.1.1. This release is for Android Controllers only — the rest of your Sonos components do not require an update.
  2. Ensure your Android device is on your home wireless network, and then launch the Sonos Controller App.
  3. Go to the Music menu and select ‘This Mobile Device’ – this option will appear if you have music stored on your phone or tablet. You will now see all of your device’s music, playlists and podcasts available and can play them on Sonos.

Via:  Sonos [Play Link]

  • peakay

    THIS IS WORTHLESS WITHOUT GOOGLE PLAY INTEGRATION. Apple users tediously sync all their music files to their devices, but android users mostly keep them in the cloud. If it enabled offline “pinned” tracks, I would see some value, but having to move them to a folder is not viable.

  • SDTM

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  • ArrowCool

    While there were ways to stream to your Sonos speaker directly from your phone before, this is nice because it provides everything right in the Sonos app.

    Much like some other comments have said, it will be nice when we can use the google music service with the Sonos system.

  • Michael

    Shouldn’t This Be On an.droid-life ?

    • gimlet72

      I’m not real sure how active that is… last post was about 2 months ago

  • Fresh360

    Phone manufacturers, Cell Networks, and accessory makers need to get on the same page. They are giving us phones with less storage, no SD slots, screaming use the cloud, eliminating Unlimited data, and then releasing accessories that shun the cloud. This just isn’t right.
    I would love to own a Sonos and be able to operate it with my phone but i literally have no music stored locally anymore.

  • radiohead14

    does this work with spotify?

  • Ryan Powell

    I’ve been waiting forever for SONOS to support Google Music. I’ve wanted a SONOS system for awhile but not willing to make the leap until they add that support. Now that I have All Access there just isn’t any desire for me to own and store my own music. Now I’m hoping Google revamps the Nexus Q this fall.

    • Ian Smith

      yeah that’d be quite nice – i bought a sonos for my house & i store all of my music on a NAS so i’m fully wireless but it’d be cool to just have to worry about my google play library & not my in-home NAS

  • Ian Smith

    can you stream music stored on your google play account? that’d be neat.

    • ryan

      unfortunately you can still not stream

      • Ian Smith

        but my stream is so strong & powerful…. :'[

        • michael arazan

          and full of ammonia

    • Jordan

      That is a highly requested feature on the Sonos forums. They say they are looking into it, but apparently Google has not released a public API that they can work with. You can search their forums and see that everyone wants this feature. Spotify works, but unfortunately not All Access.

  • Joseph Ferguson

    Finally! This opens up a ton of options!