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We have three new DROID devices to talk about today, so here is a post focused just on the device’s specs. Below, we list out specs for the DROID ULTRA and DROID MAXX. Both devices are almost identical in the shape and size aspect, but the insides differ just ever-so-slightly. They both feature 5″ OLED 720p displays (non PenTile), 2GB of RAM, Moto’s new X8 Computing System and 10MP cameras. 

Take some time to acquaint yourself with the new family members.


  • 5″ OLED 720p Display
  • Motorola X8 Computing System
  • Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.7GHz dual-core processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Touchless Control
  • 10 Megapixel back-facing camera
  • 2 Megapixel front-facing camera
  • 2,130mAh battery
  • 7.2mm thin
  • 16GB of Onboard Storage
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Android 4.2


  • 5″ OLED 720p Display
  • Motorola X8 Computing System
  • Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.7GHz dual-core processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Touchless Control
  • 3,500mAh battery
  • 2MP front-facing camera
  • 8.5mm thin
  • Gorilla Glass
  • 32GB of Onboard Storage
  • Wireless Charging
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Android 4.2

More specs will be confirmed and added to this list as details for the devices are released. With only about a single millimeter differentiating these two in looks, which would you lean towards? Wouldn’t the MAXX be the clear buy even though it does cost $100 more on contract? Can’t argue against 48 hours of battery life.

  • CoolSauce

    I doubt anyone is going to get the Ultra, cause the Maxx is just so much better.

  • Nostromo

    I just ‘rolled over’ and ordered the 32 Gig Galaxy S4 from Verizon. I’m no fan of the cloud and, for the meantime at least I’ll keep my unlimited data plan; grandfathered these last two years. I want the function of an SDXC card because of needing to have all of my keepsake media with me. My stepdaughter has the 16 Gig S4 and with the shell holster case it has a solid feel to it. I have been a Moto/Droid fan owning multiple Droid-branded phones since November of ’09 but their dropping the SD slot is a dirty trick.

  • Michael Brown

    I’ve awaited news of specs on the new Motorola Droid Maxx for weeks only to learn today that Moto/Verizon has determined to remove the microSD card slot that has always graced prior generations of Droids. Perhaps they squeezed space for one out with a 3500mAh battery and more “slenderness”? Thoughts on this change? I’m surprised and initially a bit disappointed.

  • TheRobotCow

    I think its time to say that DROID finally is back to being the powerhouse it once was!
    Alongside it’s comrade Moto X!
    Motorola FOR THE WIN!!

  • cknight91

    That’s 48 hours of talk time right?

  • Jason Kahn

    The Verge is now reporting after a Macro test screens are most definitely not RGB they have Macro shots, http://www.theverge.com/2013/7/23/4549256/droid-ultra-mini-maxx-hands-on

  • Alex Goings

    Do the ULTRA and MAXX have NFC? I would assume that they do. I’m just a bit thrown off because it is included in the spec list posted for the Mini, but not on here for ULTRA or MAXX.

  • James Ignatius

    Does anyone know if these phones will have HDMI ports like the RAZR maxx hd and allow mirror mode?

  • Tim

    I don’t believe that the Moto-X will be $300 off contract (as much as I want it to be). It doesn’t make sense for Verizon who is going to want to push the Droid branding. If the Moto-X really is just as good as these phones with just not quite the battery life as the Maxx…who in there right mind would buy these phones and stay on contract!? I’m surprised they are officially announcing the Moto-X on Aug 1st…this will ultimately take away from their Droid sales (which I don’t think they would want to do) They will shun the Moto-X just like they did the Gnex. They already took all the hype out of what I thought would make the Moto-X stand out…just my 2 cents

  • Jason Kahn

    Not sure where this site is getting this info, but it’s claiming 155fps in the Egypt off screen test, http://www.intomobile.com/2013/07/23/details-motorolas-x8-mobile-computing-system/

  • Eric R.

    A 720p display isn’t worth $200 or $300 when I can get the S4 for $199

  • RoadsterHD1

    I’m getting me some Droid MAXX on August 20th.

  • Jason Kahn

    I digging the way the x8 computing system sounds in theory. I want to see more than anything how it performs in real world use.

  • 65caliente

    For the spec trolls: This phone has TWO dual core snapdragon Pros and a frikin quad core GPU! The benchmarks ran aren’t made for this setup yet. This reminds me of the gaming computers that use two server cpu’s and a stand alone gpu.

  • Peter Tester

    It’s hard to be excited about phones anymore when the main differentiation seems to be some aesthetics like Droid and Verizon logos. I just hope a version of the Mini will eventually trickle down to Prepaid service to give consumers some decent choices there. http://www.allprepaidplans.com

  • Jeremy Martin

    The picture suggests stock icons. I wonder if its a close to stock OS. I hope my Droid Razr HD MAXX gets this type of 4.2 update. Then again im using CyanogenMod 10.1 on it with an unlocked bootloader but would be nice to have the option to use stock pure Android on it 🙂

  • droidrazredge

    So are these X8 only appearing to be S4 Pro running at 1.7 ghz because
    the processor is so new that the benchmarks can only show them as those
    until the software is updated to include this architecture ? I guess time will tell when people are actually able to test and compare real world performance to see what’s the deal with these new X8 architecture. This architecture seems like they’re doing what IBM did with the cell processor.

  • Hatyrei

    I really don’t get it why Motorola went 720p when u can topple others with 1080p or more + their X8 computing system. lol . I have a question does the quadcore S4 pro or Qualcom 600 has only one GPU processor? How this compared to the Moto’s X8?

  • Nostromo

    Any word of a micro SD slot for the MAXX? Not seeing a spot in any of the photos.

    • hkklife

      No MicroSD card on any of them. Go get a RAZR HD or HD Maxx if you must have expandable storage ‘cuz there ain’t gonna be any future devices with it under the Google regime!

      • Nostromo

        I have the RAZR MAXX HD.

        Thanks, Google-In-The-Cloud!

      • RoadsterHD1

        That’s true, thats why my Bionic is my media home devise and my new Droid MAXX will be my driver.

  • Jacksky

    do these guys not know what 1080p is?

  • Jerry Huster

    Anyone else notice that the promo graphic says “Hello Sam”…I see that as a direct dig at Samsung.

    • droidrazredge

      hahahah I was thinking the same. Could be a Hello Sam, we’re back kind of thing. also taking a jab at them too since Motorola supposedly designed this new processor themselves just like Samsung makes the Exynos Octa.

      • Jerry Huster

        Exactly – with all the thought that goes into these things, you know that’s gotta be on purpose.

  • samosa king

    I was expecting Snapdragon 800 with 1080p display. disappointed motorola no samosa for you!

  • droidrazredge

    If the specs for these new Droids are similar to the Moto X, will the only differentiating factor be the price and the software on the Moto X ?, but then again, if the specs ARE in fact the same why is the price so different ? What did they do differently with the Moto X specs to make the price way less than the Droid family ? anyone have any assumptions ?

    • Jackson

      No assumptions, think about it Nexus 4 $300, $350 Lg Optimus G $bagillion

      Google obviously either takes a hit on the price or barely makes much specifically so everyone can get a great device and use their ecosystem.

      That’s their plan always has been.

      • droidrazredge

        So you’re thinking spec-wise they’ll be the same and the only differentiation thing will be that Google takes a hit on the Moto X making the price significantly less so everyone can achieve the same performance for a better price. If price was not a factor to one, like it is for some people who either buy subsidized or just have the option to throw around money, what would be the phone to get ? The maxx does have a better battery and a couple inches more of screen real estate which can be argued as negligible. I’m looking at this as if the prices were the same. They’ll have to explain what will be different about the Moto X compared to these Droids.

        • Jackson

          If they were similar in price id recommend the max but I would get it myself because of lack of onscreen buttons, if you flash Roms at all it’ll just be less customization to your liking etc.

  • Jackson

    Butterfly S Seems like a much better choice both capacitive buttons but butterfly 1080p screen 3200 mah battery and similar build quality.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Can we plug in a USB for additional storage?

  • RoadsterHD1

    does anyone know what the devise is called that can make a non-internet capable TV a capable TV so you can use the mirror option from your phone to the TV

    • gp126904

      Are you talking about miracast? I dont know whats going on with that, google announced it with the release of 4.2 but I haven’t heard a word about it since.

    • Tojen1981

      Netgear ptv3000-100NAS push2tv I believe is the type of device you’re thinking of.

  • William_Morris

    What’s the release date?

    • naw221

      available for pre sale now with a release date of Aug. 20th

  • Dfigs23

    8 Cores
    5 Letters in DROID
    8-5 = 3
    Half-Life 3 Confirmed.

    • Scott

      LOL HL3 stuff never gets old.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        i actually laughed out loud here at my desk. People just looked…

    • Justen DeBowles

      Lol, someone had to do it.

    • TylerChappell

      HL³ has been confirmed for 2014. By John Guthrie

  • RoadsterHD1

    I just talk to VZ customer service and they said on 8-20-13 the phones will be in the stores and you can make 5 payments for the full retail cost of the phone (699.99) and KEEP your unlimited data plan. In-store only.

    140.00 extra a month and probably a small interest charge “forgot to ask how much”

    • Scott

      I believe it’s 2 dollars a month.

      • RoadsterHD1

        That’s not bad. I’ll pay two bucks to spread out my payments. Its just like saving up for it just getting it sooner.

        • hkklife

          Decisions, decisions.

          Do I go with the 32Gb Samsung GS4 (better screen + expandable storage + removable battery + better camera + greater accessory availability) OR the Droid Maxx ( much better battery life, better build, faster updates, no Touchwiz, better reception). Both cost the same at full retail.

          • RoadsterHD1

            Droid MAXX. MOTO has excellent accessories for their phone. The new processor is a plus too. USB for additional storage, all is needed is a 2.00 adaptor. Hardware in Moto is better as a phone. Better reception. I’d go Droid…

  • csd5

    I guess todays announcement is the official funeral for keyboard phones….my droid 4 doesnt even move anymore and battery lasts 6 hours tops….looks like im gonna have to make a decision

    • RoadsterHD1

      set your “processes” to 4 in the developer options. Get “android assistant from the play store and set the “auto boost” feature and the frequency to 30 minutes. This will improve your D4 performance. All else fails do a reset factory defaults and do a clean wipe.

      • csd5

        thanks buddy, if those 2 options dont help the phone/battery i will do a factory reset

        • RoadsterHD1

          No worries glad to help. Remember though you have to go back to Developers options and set the “at most 4” processes option every time you reboot the phone.

      • csd5

        seems like even tho i put processes at 4 max i go to my settings and still see 20 processes running?

        • RoadsterHD1

          click on “show cached processes” on the upper right corner in the “running” tab.

          • csd5

            thanks only 4 are there

        • RoadsterHD1

          Also get “fast reboot” from market and put it on your home screen. click on it every morning to start your day. This will clear any running apps left from the day before.

        • RoadsterHD1

          Find room on your home screen and put the “Android assistant “4X1” widget on it and you can see your processes there too, and sweep it from time to time without having to open an app. Works real good.

    • Jonathan Berry

      My first Android phone was the Droid 2. I now have the GNex. I was concerned about making the jump from physical keyboard, but with the larger screen it has not been an issue. I don’t really miss having the physical keyboard. Everyone is different, but for me it wound up not being a big deal. In case that’s comforting 🙂

      • SparkysShocker

        I miss the physical keyboard for 2 things Remoting into my desktop and using the TN5250 AS/400

  • Jackson

    Something doesn’t make sense.

    BATTERY TYPE2130 mAh, 28 hours of mixed usage

    BATTERY TYPE3500 mAh, 48 hours of mixed usage
    Wireless inductive charging available

    3500 is approximately 65% large and if you add 65% to 28 hours it gives you around 45-46 and I think we all know 28hrs is not going to happen on that minuscule battery.

    So will the maxx really only get about 35 hrs?


    • Jackson

      Actually its worse

      The Minis batter is 200 mah less and .7′ smaller and its gets the same 28 hrs?

      Come again?

      BATTERY TYPE2000 mAh, 28 hours of mixed usage
      Wireless inductive charging available

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      It depends on what they call “mixed usage”. I doubt a video run-down test will see 48 hours, but two days for push notifications, text/email, some web browsing/games, and maybe a few youtube videos? Yeah, I could see it. I get 12 hours on my Razr with what I consider “mixed usage”, and its battery is half the size and the processor is half as efficient. So, I could see it have 4x the battery life with my usage.

      • Jackson

        True but the weird part is the ultra vs mini very close battery VERY different screen size and same battery life

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          The Ultra is MUCH thinner, and uses an AMOLED vs. LCD on the Mini.

  • Mike

    Seriously.. 1.7 dual core?

  • wait.. MAXX doesn’t have a rear camera?

  • These phones should not be called Ultra or Maxx. Specs wise they are behind the competition. But maybe Moto can only Maxx out at these specs. Can’t do better… or maybe they are pushing for a lowend “budget” phone.

  • JoshHenry

    I was seriously contemplating staying with Verizon for the droid ultra when I saw what it looked like this morning. but after seeing these specs.. on to the next! Hi TMobile!

  • Jackson

    This guys hands on said 2430 mah in the ultra ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ohvRXOTcdk&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Nope. 2130 mAh according to Motorola’s site.

      • Jackson

        Yea I saw that, lol this guy should do some research

  • Dale

    Why pay $300 for a 2 year contract on a phone with a processor that is already 1.5 years old?

    • U are an idiot read on the X8 two of its cores is also a cpu that makes it quad core kind of.

      • Dale

        It is not an S4 with another X8 processor, it is ONLY the X8 who’s cpu is based off of the S4.

        • ok wait all these sites are mixing me up i recant until more information

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      The X8 processor is a custom-built SoC. So, its not old at all.

      • Dale

        The dual-core in the X8 is based off the S4 pro.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          So is the S600, but I haven’t heard a single person complain about those being “1.5 years old”.

          The implementation is what is new/exciting about this SoC, namely that it integrates two application-specific cores which hasn’t been seen on mobile devices before. This is most certainly not an S4 Pro dual-core processor.

          Now, as far as “worth it”? We’ll need to wait and see if there are any significant advantages over the Moto X to just any additional cost.

          • Dale

            Definitely innovative, I will give them that. I am with you in the fact judgement shouldn’t be passed quite yet, I’ll wait for the hands-on and the benchmarks. My biggest issue is with future proofing phones. When I am signing a 2 year contract I don’t want ‘mid-range’ processing technology – this device is already up against 2.3 ghz quad-core processors.

            I may be wrong…and I hope I am…but this phone may be behind the GS4 and the upcoming LG G2.

            Edit: I guess the question remains, do the other 6 cores make up for the ‘lack’ (against other devices) in application processing? If so, this could be an incredible device.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            From the initial benchmarks leaked, it will likely be at least on-par with the 600. The 800 is a significant step forward, but I can see why they wouldn’t be able to license that for their custom solution.

            As for lasting, I’d wager that it will actually last better than the 600, but that’s purely a guess.

  • samari711

    just checked the VZW site, apparently the Ultra doesn’t have wireless charging but the mini does o_0

  • TJWaterskier

    The only thing you need to look at is the X8 Computing System..

    This combo of 8 processors is re-inventing the way mobile computing works.

    The crazy innovative Motorola that invented the cellphone is back.

  • VC

    720p = FAIL. So tired of the Droid milking phones. Soon, we’ll see a Ultra Maxx x2 HD with 1080p. *rolls eyes*

    • RoadsterHD1

      Right….. I’m thinking I should wait and see what comes out.

  • so it has 2 cpus according to moto, 2 on the octa core chip and then the s4 chip the other cores are for graphics, apps and for the sensors go to into mobile for details droid life needs to add that in the specs… wouldn’t tgat be considered an apu then

    • technically that’s a quad-core plus 6

    • Franklin Ramsey

      No, it has an S4 Pro with other processor cores added to make the x8. Their isn’t and S4 Pro + the X8.

  • Fresh360

    “A mobile computing system powers the new Motorola devices, as opposed to a standard application processor chip found in every smartphone. This involves eight tightly integrated processors, special algorithms, and sensors. No one except Motorola could create this system. The result is a consumer experience like no other. Below is what it entails and see the next section for what it enables:
    • Four powerful graphics processors each running at 400 MHz delivering 3.2 million pixel fill rate,16 shader units, 512kb dedicated cached memory and running the Egypt performance benchmark at a blazing 155 frames per second (FPS). Fully compliant with Android Project Butter.
    • Two ultra fast application processors each running at 1.7 GHz, 28nm low-­power technology, high?speed dual-­channel DDR RAM running at 533 MHz.
    • One local natural language processor (L?NLP). Motorola proprietary low?power specialized processor with audio sensors, noise estimators, noise cancellation, and speech recognition technology to enable always-on voice based user interaction without sacrificing battery life.
    • One contextual computing processor (CCP). Motorola proprietary low-power specialized processor that computes contextual data from sensors enabling intelligent mobile computing and always-on display mode.
    Our main chipset has two CPUs and quad GPUs. We have added two additional low­?power processors (Contextual Processor, Natural Language Processor) in our system design. So we are not saying we have an octa-­core chip, but we have an octa-­core Mobile Computing System. Silicon vendors only like to talk about dual versus quad core main CPUs because that is how they are priced. We have to brand and market our system as opposed to a chip.
    Our approach is completely different. We have built a custom system around the application processor. For example, the new Motorola devices do not use the battery hungry application processor to do always on audio or display. We have custom designed our system to deliver great experiences without killing the battery. We have built the first true mobile computing system.”

    Per Taylor Wimbley’s G+ (former owner of AndroidAndMe)

    • onDroid

      And now we know why those benchmarks of the Moto X were so high when the processor was outdated. Should be some powerful phones.

    • Render

      And there is the missing link for the Moto X…where is Bionic to eat his crow? This is exactly what people have been suspecting…the S4 Pro is only part of the processing power.

      At $300 off contract the Moto X will fly off shelves…

  • Uncle Paul

    number of fucks given = 0