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Verizon and AT&T Prepare For War Over Standards of Network Reliability

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Last week, AT&T published a press release that states recently commissioned third-party studies found its 4G LTE network to be the nation’s most reliable. The only issue with that, is Verizon has long-touted its network as America’s most reliable. So, the question is, who truly has the most reliable network? Is the claim simply a slogan used by Verizon to attract customers or part of a very large and ongoing marketing ploy? According to a full page ad put out by Verizon in the Wall Street Journal, while others claim to meet certain levels of reliability, Verizon continues to set the standard for reliability

For Big Red, claiming to have the most reliable network is not, “a hollow claim.” With the company currently investing $7 billion annually to maintain and buildout its network from coast to coast, Verizon continues to stand behind its “Can you hear me now?” standard. As mentioned in the ad, Verizon goes directly after AT&T – “So before others can claim reliability they need to answer to our standard.”

In the comments section of the post we wrote regarding AT&T’s reliability claims, readers weren’t afraid (are you ever?) to give their thoughts on both of the network’s reliability. There was a lot of talk about network congestion in certain areas and things of that nature, but with customers from both carriers in so many different parts of the country, it’s hard to make everyone happy and give them perfect signal strength and excellent data speeds in all circumstances.

What’s your take on the reliability beef between AT&T and Verizon? If you have tried both networks, lets us know your thoughts on each one and see how it all stacks up. It will be interesting to watch this drama unfold between the top two wireless carriers, both of which have massive marketing budgets for this type of thing.


Via: The Verge

  • Bryce

    I know this is a little late but I just came across this post and thought that I would post a comment. Now before I post this comment I just want to say I know this does not apply to everybody im sure there are places where AT&T is better than Verizon but I also know there are a lot of places where Verizon is better than AT&T. I’ve had both AT&T and Verizon in the past, i’m currently on Verizon right now but I’ve had AT&T before. I’ve got to tell you both companies have been quite an experience up here in Eureka,California. Sometimes good experiences and sometimes bad experiences. Back when I was with AT&T a couple years ago I found myself dropping calls about once every 3 to 4 weeks which isn’t that bad but I still dropped calls which didn’t make me too happy. The voice coverage was alright, but it wasn’t the greatest. AT&T covered my city and the cities surrounding me which doesn’t go to far of a distance, but if you left anywhere outside those cities you would either be on 2G or no coverage at all and you wouldn’t get coverage for miles. For the data part of it I found AT&T’s data would be quite inconsistent such as data would be a hit or miss and it still is that way today. Before I left AT&T they added their HSPA+ up here also known as 3.5G or fake “4G”, and my friend had an HSPA+ phone so asked him if i could use his phone to see how far hspa+ went and how fast it was and I found it to be quite unreliable as I would only get on average 3-5 mbps down and less than 1 mbps up and you could only go a certain distance before you fell back on 3G if not 2G. So after that I said to myself I’ve got to switch to Verizon because Verizon always says how they have the most reliable network and it was only about $5 dollars more than AT&T a month and I would rather pay that extra $5 to have a more reliable network. Ever since I switched to Verizon i have had a way better experience with them than I did with AT&T. I got the iPhone from Verizon which was a 3G only phone which was fine since Verizon didn’t have 4G LTE in my area when I first went with them. But ever since I had Verizon I’ve only had 1 dropped call which was a while back ago but that was fine because that was a place AT&T didn’t have any service at all. I have also found Verizon to be way more reliable not just in my area but all over California and Southern Oregon. Don’t get me wrong I have lost service before on Verizon but its usually where no other cell phone carriers get service there also, but I would literally have to be in the middle of nowhere up in the mountains to lose service on Verizon thats how great Verizon’s coverage is. For the data part 3G seemed to be alright as I would average 2 mbps which could still load youtube and web pages fairly fast. I upgraded to the Motorola Droid 4 which is a 4G LTE capable device and when I did upgrade Verizon still had 3G up here but back in December 2012 Verizon added 4G LTE up here which was awesome because im still averaging 40 mbps on 4G LTE which is more than enough for a phone to do just about everything a phone can do. In the end Verizon maybe the most expensive but it is definitely worth the coverage and reliability Verizon has to offer

  • Lake

    I don’t know why people say Verizon is expensive, I have 7 people on a family plan sharing 8 GB of data with an employee discount from a major airline. I pay 56 a person and we never run out of data plus it includes unlimited text, calling and wireless tethering. As far as reliability I have the best service I have ever had and I have had att and Sprint. I will say on the rare occasion I get 3g that is incredibly slow. Only thing I miss about att is faster 3g.

  • evilincarnate

    I had AT&T over a decade ago. It royally sucked back then. From what I can tell, it still royally sucks. I switched to Verizon because of the nationwide coverage and lack of roaming within the US. I was not disappointed. It made a huge difference in call quality (and made my phone bill lower). Verizon had a very brief period here, in Mid Michigan where quality went down, but that was solely because of the merger with Alltel and the fact they sold a bunch of towers to AT&T, when the transition was complete, there was already great LTE coverage here, in rural Michigan, before a lot of areas had it. So no, I can’t complain, service great. Maybe not the cheapest, but other than the merger bs, I have no complaints.

  • KyleWilson

    I had AT&T for years in Dallas and experienced dropped calls and hung web pages. In smaller cities there was sometimes little to no coverage at all. Switched to Verizon and I never experience dropped calls or problems with my data throughput. I have no idea if AT&T’s LTE is faster (assuming you’re in a place that can actually get it) because on a smartphone once you get above 2 mbps it really is a wash. But from a reliability standpoint VZW lays waste to AT&T. I travel extensively for work and have never had a serious issue with Verizon whereas I always did with AT&T.

  • Aj Walter

    I’ve seen Verizon outperform AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile in multiple states down the East Coast. I have family and friends that have had AT&T and ultimately switched to Verizon. While I feel their current price for plans is BS I am locked into unlimited data and 400 minutes and unlimited texts for $80 dropped from $100 with a work discount. I also rarely find a place I don’t have service on Verizon and more specifically have had the same place drop calls on AT&T. For me Verizon is the only option.

  • Adrian Norman

    I’m in Las Vegas and I have Verizon and my Daughter has AT&T. We are always having these competitions for wireless sepremacy. IN Vegas, Verizon beats her AT&T everytime in speed and reliability.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Been since Verizon since 2009 They do have the best network but there lineup device is severely lacking since they won’t carry any of the Nexus or Google Experience devices

  • jboogie1289

    Well here’s my 2 cents. I work at a Petrochemical plant in an expoision proof control room and I’ll tell you this, we have all 4 networks in here. The people that have T-Mobile and Sprint have to go either near the door or out the door to get any type of service. AT&T guys have little to no bars (1-2 bars of 3g) in the control room and us Verizon guys have at least 3 bars of 3g and 1-2 bars of 4g. I rest my case………..

  • master94

    VZW 3G is reliable but its 4G is awful compared to At&T. I expect VZW to fix that since they pride themselves at having the best network.

    • evilincarnate

      4G here in rural Michigan from Verizon is phenomenal.

  • Yakuzahi

    In NY and NYC Verizon only!

  • I have had both. I just switched back to Verizon after a year on AT&T. Verizon is still better.

  • Gumpo

    In my experience with all the four big guys in the Philadelphia / southern new jersey area, I have to say they are equal. They both claim to have 4g signal when they really don’t, but that may be more of a phone issue for not showing it accurately. Unfortunately for them both, in this area tmo is just as reliable for voice and data, and while usually a bit slower than vzw, always beats att. If tmo and sprint offered the level of service nation wide they did here, both vzw and att would be in trouble.

  • infg3570

    Vz hands down with clear calls and LTE reliability. Switched to Att because they always get better android phones. The network service is okay, but could be better. Vz is the standard.

  • So everyone has to use Verizon’s standards for reliability?

    • Doug W

      We could go by T-Mo’s perhaps? bwahahahaha

    • evilincarnate

      Considering how reliable Verizon’s service is, there needs to be a standard to go by and if AT&T is just making up its own standard to suit its claims, it is hardly helpful information to the consumer.

  • Avery Dejuan Herron

    At&t and Verzion are both telling the truth here because they are the same company!

  • Tasso

    I know I am going to be hated for this… but i am wth Verizon with it’s reliable network, but with ATT for their speed. But I have Sprint and in all love it. I know its slow, but would rather prefer their unlimited data from the shared data. Besides, SoftBank just bought Sprint and will increase their network. Imma get packed for this but IDC

  • thedonxr

    Props to the throwback OG Droid pic 🙂

  • bassman418

    Verizon in Tampa, FL. 😉

    • chris420o

      i wish my wifi got these speeds…sigh…stupid wireless router