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Best Buy Ad Shows July 30 Launch Date, $229 Price, and 1920×1200 Resolution for the New Nexus 7

nexus 7 back

The new Nexus 7, even though it will likely be announced at a Google event on Wednesday, has been leaked more ways than we can count over the last 3-4 days. It initially popped up in a series of photos and video, then through a variety of retailer inventory systems showing pricing and availability dates, and then moments ago in an official press render. And with all of that, we still wanted confirmation on an upgraded display, along with more information on a launch date. We think we now have that thanks to a Best Buy ad that is scheduled to run in next Sunday’s paper.Β 

The BBY ad shows the “Google Nexus 7” with a $229.99 pricetag, “available Tuesday” (July 30), with a 1920×1200 display resolution. So yeah, here she comes looking all sorts of beautiful and matte an a still incredibly reasonable price.

Get your credit cards ready.

best buy nexus7

Via: Β PhoneArena

  • Noel

    Love the N7 but whats with the huge top and bottom bezel? If they want to maintain that size either increase the screen size to 8″ or keep the 7″ screen size and shrink those bezels so as to have a smaller size device.

  • Jonathan Reid
  • James Friedman

    Thanks for posting the SKU number….The bestbuy price for employees is $217.34

  • I keep coming back to this page to check out what it looks like. DAMN THIS TABLET IS SEXY.

  • Alan Paone

    NOOOOOOOOOO the headphone jack is in the wrong place!! πŸ™

  • palomosan

    Finally I can upgrade my beat up OG Transformer, it’s still working but i’ts due to be upgraded.

  • Dan

    How much for that dynex TV?

    • ddh819


    • ddh819


  • Jon

    I’m so happy they chose to raise the bar a bit on this device, and raise the price accordingly, rather than try and trim hardware features to get to the $199 price point. Hell these things would sell like hotcakes at $250.

  • chris420o

    on just on another note….the nexus7 is one of the best decisions i think google has made when it comes to hardware….i see more n7’s then any other tablet besides ipads and i guess kindles i love every time i see it normal people not just adroid techys using it….they can really sell a boatload of these they should do a serious marketing push…my n7 is a fantastic device im sure they ironed out all the lil issues with this bad boy

  • chris420o

    I still dont see enough to jusify trying to sell my current n7 and buying this…only reason i really want to is bc i want the 32gb storage im pissed i got 16gigs not enough for my tablet needs(seasons of videos n such)…i actually prefer the look of the og n7 i wish they stuck with it

    • Tojen1981

      With the exception of the back material, I’m not seeing much change in the looks dept.

      • chris420o

        it appears that the bezel is larger on the top n bottm…i been staring at my n7 and the renders and i still see it…awkward looking

  • Butters619

    Best Buy finally got their heads out of the asses for carrying the N7.

  • coolsilver

    That thing looks sexy. I want one now.

  • Redsun

    Again, what am I supposed to do with this? Google has to fix their store by giving it a section for tablet-specific apps. What’s the delay?

    • Alan Paone

      They, uh, already did exactly that

  • NFCman

    This have NFC?

    • Alan Paone

      It says “nexus” on the back, so yes

  • XvierX

    You see anything in that ad that refers to a wireless dock for this bad boy?

  • edmicman

    I’m in want of a tablet – is this big enough to get work done on, a la typing long emails, maybe code editing via code9 editor? I want something easy to use on the couch where my phone is too small but I don’t want to lug the big laptop over. Or should I be hoping and looking at an upcoming Nexus 10?

    • Steve Benson

      7 inches is good for media consumption and gaming, but not good enough for work. You’re better off with the next gen Nexus 10 or pick up a cheap current gen.

    • Lucky Armpit

      That’s what I’m hoping for too… news of the next-gen Nexus 10. I’ve got an Asus Transformer TF101 that really needs an upgrade but I don’t want to “downsize” to 7″ screen.

  • Geoffrey Gunter

    Hopefully Asus learned from their past mistakes and brightened the colors on the screen with this generation.

  • Asset Mobile LLC

    This is way better than my hacked kindle fire. LOL… Like I have been saying still want it.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    i figured out the bezel. U can video chat in landscape with your thumbs bezel for a good grip.
    Damn that was some critical thinking.

    • zurginator

      Also gaming (racing games especially), video, and generally anything landscape. Truth be told I wish there was a little more bezel on the portrait sides… I plan on using this primarily for books.

  • Darrin W. Crenshaw

    Will be getting one ASAP. Been rocking the 1st gen since launch, and plan on selling it for $150, so what’s $80?

    • geedee82

      My thoughts exactly πŸ˜‰

    • Steve Benson

      Ha, you’ll be lucky to get $100 in perfect condition.

      • tanknspank

        2 weeks ago I got $140 for a 16GB launch day. Selling local might have helped there, but I felt $140 was plenty reasonable.

      • Darrin W. Crenshaw

        It’s got a few nicks near the power button but the screen is FLAWLESS. Always kept it clean with coffee filters when I didn’t have a screen protector.

      • GuidZilla

        Hell, I sold a first gen Kindle Fire locally for $110 a month ago πŸ™‚ Yay craigslist.

      • Alan Paone

        They’re $200 on kijiji right now

  • James Briano

    I don’t need this. I will be purchasing this.

    • Christopher Moore

      Same here and I have the original 8gb model. Just knowing that paranoid android will bring out the best of that 1080p screen resolution will be to difficult to pass up. And having the ability to remote desktop with no loss in quality will be nice.

    • S2556

      I need this.


      Google sheep ^^

      • Sean Royce

        This is an Android website.

      • Ian

        If we are going to purchase things we don’t need, at least they are reasonably priced. Amiright?

      • Guest

        I prefer to be Google Sheep more than to be Rotten Apple iSheep.

        • trophynuts

          i guess you guys don’t watch the droid life show every week do you? Even the Droid Life crew admits to the faults of Android. Check last weeks episode for example. the first Nexus was garbage quality.

      • Edwin M

        The name is completely ironic is it not? Is that what you were going for? Hipsters believe themselves not sheep because they dress weird. They also love the Mac products. All you need to be a hipster is an iPhone and 2 weird things in your attire such as a monocle and a scarf in the summer, or work boots and neon short shorts. Or perhaps, horned rim glasses, and a fedora. I see you as a skinny hipster rocking his iPhone wearing a scuba mask, a members only jacket, and biker shorts. Did I nail it?

  • Jonathan Reid

    Has this been used enough yet?

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      Nope. This one is different…and amazing in a creepy kind of way haha.

    • Jonathan Reid

      I plan on heading to best buy to grab this next week. Did anyone purchase the original at BB? Did they do pre-orders? I would call and ask, but I live in the boonies and they will probably only have a few in stock, so I don’t want to tip off any employees that are sleeping on this. Think they will do pre-orders for this one??

      • Daniel

        They never sold the OG Nexus 7 at BestBuy. As an employee myself, I’m stoked because this means Best Buy Geek Squad Protection to cover people when they drop and crack the sucker. :3

        • Jonathan Reid

          Ahhh gotcha! Thanks for the response… I read something about BB and Apple being bffs so I was really pleased to see this news as well. Will you sniff around and find out any info you can about pre-orders/reservations for me and report back this week??

          • Daniel

            Will do! In fact, I’ll snoop and see if I can sniff out any more details or even get my hands on next week’s ad. Maybe there might be some nuggets in our employee news. I’m stoked for this, beats the crap out of the Galaxy Tab triplets and the iPad Mini for sure. :3

        • Butters619

          Except Best Buy protection for this will probably be way overpriced. I used to work at Best Buy and would get protection on MB Pros and phones, but for cheaper items it’s not worth it. Like the $40 warranty for my $99 microwave lol.

          • Jon

            You shoulda gone with Squaretrade for warranty.

          • Butters619

            Squaretrade is expensive now for phone warranties.

          • Daniel

            But you know that for current employees that the protection is really cheap for us and it allows for people to break a nexus 7 without having to dole out the full $229 for a new one. Protection for the ipad mini is running around $80 bucks for a year, so it’ll probably be in the same vein

          • Butters619

            For one, I’m not an employee anymore. But for two, $80 for a warranty for a $230 device seems ridiculous. Especially considering you could buy a replacement display for less and Best Buy warranty replaces with refurbished.

      • Jonathan Reid
  • AbbyZFresh

    LMAO @ some of you just recently purchasing old Nexus 7s and now wanting to grab the new one.

    • Christopher Moore

      That’s what happens when you price things correctly. I paid $250 on launch for the 16gig model. One year later we’re paying $20 less for much more. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple jacks up the price to their iPad mini once they figure out how to fit a retina display in it without killing off their full size iPad.

  • Tay

    My screen cracked today, and I can’t get past the lockscreen πŸ™ … So it looks like I’m buying this!!

    • savethetablet

      Get an OTG cable and use a mouse. πŸ™‚

    • S2556

      If the digitizer is broken and you can’t access it but need to export contacts/messages/apps/etc… check out My Phone Explorer. I broke my phone and tried to use USB OTG but wasn’t working on my current ROM so after lots of searching found this handy program.

      • Tay

        Thanks, but I got the photos, documents, and all of what I needed to get off of it. The screen is pretty much shattered in areas. The new one is only $230, so I’m just gonna buy that when it’s out.

  • Dillon Brown

    This is the problem with Asus tablets, speaker right where you hand goes to hold it…

    • j boner

      it supposed to have 2 speakers

      • Dillon Brown

        It does on the back on the top and bottom (if portrait) which means if you are holding it, one hand will cover a speaker and hamper the stereo sound. I feel putting them on the front has proven to be a better design choice per other devices.

        • j boner

          yeah everyone always thinks that your hand is covering it up but it depends how you hold it if you hold it correctly and cup around the speaker the sound is amplified off your hand or directed towards your ear better .. whatever is happening its louder when you hold it the right way

        • Alan Paone

          Hold it in the middle?

  • Hatyrei

    I think it’s better to buy this New Nexus 7 than the Nvdia Shield(it doesnt even have front facing cam) right?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Looking forward to the VZW LTE Version…..

    • Jonathan Reid

      Keep dreaming!

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        . .. What are you even talking about? Verizon band ATT lte versions already passed through the FCC. So yes. I’m looking forward to the Verizon LTE Version.

        • Jonathan Reid

          I’m sorry I didn’t realize that, I missed that detail of the FCC story. Can you see how my comment would make sense to most of the people who missed that detail? No need to get all emotional about it, Pinocchio.
          Anyways, are you telling me that you are banking on there being VZW connectivity out of the box? Because if not, the discussion should be, do we skip the launch day version in hopes of a VZW compatible model. I guess my comment should have been longer: “Keep dreaming… that will come in 5 months blah blah blah”

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            The leaked press shots have shown a SIM slot. So I’m assuming GOOG may be trying to the the Cellular versions out the door around the same time.

    • Blue Sun

      Good luck getting timely updates (words of wisdom from a Xoom LTE user).

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio


  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    UPGRADE!…. My N7 has been sitting in a corner. Screen cracked after I dropped it at the airport.

  • Selling old Nexus 7. In with the new!

  • This will be replacing my Google IO Galaxy tab 10.1 LE, can’t wait!

  • JBartcaps

    Yup finally gonna buy another tablet, first tablet since the XOOM

    • kixofmyg0t

      Same here. But to me it looks like Sony made it not ASUS. Looks like a Nexus Z.

      • Rbq

        Asus made it, look at all the leaked photos.

        • j boner

          i think he knows hes just saying it looks sonyish

          • Rbq

            ok I see that wording now

        • kixofmyg0t

          Oh I know. What I’m saying is it looks very sleek and almost Tablet Z like. I’m already sold on it.

          • zurginator

            Not really, the Tablet Z line is very distinct. This is a bit generic, and really quite a lot like the iPad Mini in design. Not that generic means bad, of course; I’ll be buying one myself. Do wish there was the emphasis on portrait the original 7 had though, as books will be my primary use…

          • kixofmyg0t

            I disagree. It looks nothing like a iPad.

            I just mentioned the Tablet Z cause its sharp edges and camera placement remind me of the Z. I really love the Tablet Z personally, but its too expensive AKA typical Sony.

            I was on the fence about getting the first N7 and the flash storage problems just killed it for me. But once I read that the second gen N7 has Kingston eMMC I was sold on it.

    • Andrew

      You had the world’s first* 4G tablet too?

    • Jared

      Me too! First since my HP Touchpad. πŸ™‚

  • ßen Murphy

    Gonna see if I can sell my original one. =)

    • Christopher Moore

      You better do it like now!! Once this thing becomes official resale value will take another hit.

  • xIdkwtS

    I’m excited.