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Another Moto X Press Render Leaked, This Time in White

Moto X White

Earlier this morning, we got our first look at a leaked press render of the upcoming Moto X, set to be finally announced on August 1 in NYC. Another render has leaked to the web, but this time, it’s in white!

If you had to choose so far, would you go for black or white?

Via: @evleaks

  • sk3litor

    This could be the second most beautiful thing I’ve ever held in my hand.

  • michael slampak

    anyone know where to get that backround?

  • Vanquishgc

    2 things killing this as an idea for me owning this: battery, and storage. I’m not surprised about the lack of SD support since Google has been all about flash memory, but dude, 16 gigs? That’s it? 32 would be plenty, but that’s way too little. And that battery….listen, I owned the Razr M for a while just to try something different, and while there were some things I liked, the battery life blew (so did the display…). That had 2000 mAh if I’m not mistaken. This has barely more. Come on, this isn’t a Windows phone, it needs a bigger battery. 2600 and that would be perfect. No thanks, I’ll stick with my Note 2 and its ginormous 3100 mAh REMOVABLE battery.

  • Mike Hilal


  • Weber

    What’s with the September 25 date on the phone?

  • Stephen

    i really like the white design. It will be very dangerous if this will be available for verizon on the play store.

  • dmagicp

    If moto starts making their phones look like this, with killer specs and a 5in plus screen, I may have to switch from Samsung.

  • dmagicp

    Um that thang is beautiful.


    Moto has a lot of ground to make up. This phone isn’t gonna do it.

  • pilot25

    totally boring. Looks like every other device on the market. Time for something new and game changing.

    • Chris

      only so much you can do to a phone thats useable and worthwhile. not something that seems “cool” to appeal to nerds but serves no functional purpose,

  • M2Moto

    How will battery life compare to the maxx hd??? all the other gimmicks do not matter.?.?.?

    • Chris

      if battery life is better then thees no need for the gimmick called a removeable battery.

      • M2Moto

        2200ma (motox)compared to 3300ma(razr maxx hd)….we shall see.

  • Jackson

    Did anyone notice the lip on the edge of the white one??

  • chris125

    For some reason Moto and their white phones just look ugly. The black looks sharp, this not so much

  • master94

    moto is really pushing the whole USA made thing. The wall paper screams USA. Love the white color

    • Chris

      well it should be made in the USA. why support child labor camps?

  • bobd

    Is this color have a faster CPU …and rings louder ?


    • AndySamberg


  • bogy25

    Having the OG Droid was wonderful. I then upgraded to the RAZR MAXX HD and have been so disappointed I am not sure I can go with another MOTO phone. I paid right out for the MAXX HD to keep Unlimited data which at the time I was stoked but now feel let down. Also what ever happened to ‘edge to edge’ display?

  • 655321

    Rumored ceramic. But the question was black or white so I think I’ll go with white from those choices, just to be different.

  • Daeshaun Griffiths

    Black front, white back. For my first set up anyway. Im interested in the wood design. What phone had a fender edition? Wasnt that wood?
    If i buy it.

    • Jérôme Besnard

      Fender T-mobile MyTouch (done by HTC).

  • Anon

    I’ve never been a fan of white cellphone telephones but this looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • jh123416

    I haven’t felt this much hype/seen so many leaks since the good ole Galaxy Nexus. Which is my current device. Must be a sign. (OG Droid > Galaxy Nexus > _____)

  • Ian Smith

    are these phones water resistant? can’t recall

    • Paul Hansen

      It’ll probably be nano-coated like the RAZR line as most of the modern moto’s are but it won’t be fully waterproof like the xperias.

    • King Lo

      If it’s like the Razr it’ll survive the toilet but not the pool.

  • LiterofCola

    Neither, I’ll go for an SD card.

    • Chris

      32 or 64GB on board and no need soe a silly SD card.

      • LiterofCola

        Where are you hearing that? An imaginary “source” of yours?

        • Chris

          who said anything about it getting it?

  • Chris

    The specs on this device might have been good in late 2011 or early 2012. This is being released 18 months too late. This device will be barely be suitable for texting and responding to a few emails a day, beyond that this device will be struggling to keep up. Oh, I bet this device doesn’t make it until noon before needing a charge.

    • Render

      You did see the 1500 MAH rumor debunked, right?

      Its only a matter of time before the silly S4 Pro is debunked too…because newsflash: the S4 Pro processor doesn’t support 802.11AC, which the Moto X is listed to support in FCC filings.

      Dual core S600 or more, which will be PLENTY of power.

      • AndySamberg

        there was a benchmark that someone ran, the 1.7 cpu sat just between the s4 pro and the 600 if im not mistaken. That sounds fine to me.

  • Jérôme Besnard

    Gime white!

  • BruthaBeige

    That lip is very smart. I’ve seen so many broken s3 and s4 because the glass is sitting right at the edge and breaks easily. That lip can be the difference.

  • Alexander Garcia

    I’m going’ for the matted black one. Looks way cleaner than the white.

  • fallsgable

    White Power

    • LiterofCola

      Not everybody uses a case.

      • Mr. Furious

        I hate cases. Phones have gotten pretty tough, no need for me.

        • WickedToby741

          I didn’t used to use a case until my GNex fell out of my pocket and marred the bottom left edge. Now I use a TPU case to prevent any more scuffs and to hide the one that’s there.

  • Harry

    Unlike past Moto’ phones of late, this better come the UK ASAP.

    • Chris

      don’t you have payphones and the queen to contact?

  • Sidharth

    Specs should he equivalent to s4, otherwise will become outdated within 1 year just like nexus series.

  • Atty Halmágyi

    I would go for the white.

    • Id

      You’re racist

      • Atty Halmágyi


  • Intellectua1

    Looks VERY nice.. I was once a Motorola fanboy when I had my Droid X until the Note was Introduced..

  • Sequence of Sound…

    Red, white, and blue background… a phone manufactured in the USA.

    • LiterofCola

      I personally couldn’t care where the phone is made, as long as it’s made right.

  • Emily

    This with a cyan color back. That’s my phone!

  • Patrick Crumpler

    Will be a nice match for my White N4

  • Scott Hardy

    Is the semi-transparent on-screen navigation bar (back, home, and recent apps) a 4.3 thing?

    • Dan

      I believe it’s custom for Moto X at this point. The version that leaked for Nexus 4 is still solid.

  • Bruce

    I’ll wait for X-Mega, X-Ultra, or X2

  • XvierX

    I just hope the Verge’s rumored possible 200 of contact tag is true.

    • Daveydog

      I didn’t read that it could be that low, that’d be awesome. As long as its under say 350 off contract, I’d consider this…

    • LiterofCola

      I doubt that it’d be that low.

    • zurginator

      That’s quite literally impossible without running Moto (and Google) into the ground. The BOM on this phone will be $150 at least.

      • chris125

        Not true. Even the iPhone is only like 160 BOM and this doesn’t use the materials to raise it that high. Not to mention google is all about their services which is how they sold the nexus 7 for so cheap, because they don’t need to make a large profit on devices when they will get you into all of their services.

        • zurginator

          The reason for the high BOM estimate is the customization, having multiple parts means lower quantities of each, which drives up cost.

          Also this is Moto, not Google – their incomes are separate, their stocks are traded separate. Moto will get not be getting their income from Google services.

          The Nexus line is cheap because of Google subsidies – it’s also why OEMs are OK cannibalizing their own product lines with it. They still get their profit, but they also get the extra sales of a cheap device.

          • chris125

            Well seeing as how they got bought by google they don’t have to get the income from there but most likely google has a lot of pull not to mention the fact that they(google) could subsidize some of the phone cost if they wanted like they did with the nexus 4

          • zurginator

            Yes, but they won’t because that would piss off the other OEMs – it’s impossible for them to compete. The Nexus line is OK because even as popular as it has become recently, it’s not a consumer device. That and they have a chance at being the provider.

  • Tim242

    Looks like an S4.

    • EC8CH

      Haha…. no

  • Captain_Doug

    Black. Ideally they’ll have a grey/carbon ish color.

    • WickedToby741

      I’d like to see one the same color as the GNex. I really like the grey on mine as opposed to black.

  • SRodriguez

    I really wanted to like this phone and was hoping Moto would surprise me but that 2200 mAh non removable battery is what totally turned me off. Ok I get the whole who uses a phone for more than 2 years argument but lets say you do want to use it for longer but your battery starts to die. Send it in to Moto and get it replaced for who knows how much money and be phone less till it arrives? Resale value also cant be that good if you have to put in your listing that the battery is dying. That’s part of the reason I loved my Droid X. Wont buy another phone without removable batteries……

    • jh123416

      It’s 100mAh less than the HTC One….

    • Kenton Douglas

      I like the badge! 🙂 …. Zaha is looking very interesting for next season.

  • XvierX

    I think I’m gonna go with this one.

  • Brandon Lang

    it’s about damn time a Google(ok its really still moto but hey)phone came in all white. I’m sorry but the zebra Nexus phones have pissed me off for the past two years. I want a white device, not half and half. Is it really that hard for them to make?

    • Tim242

      Exactly! I never understood why they did that. Then there would be several commenters defending it.

  • Allan

    That off-center mic(?) bugs the hell out of me…

    • HeroAndroid

      Agree, but at least everything else is aligned properly,
      because HTC ONE is a 100% DISASTER of alignment.;) One looks like it was made by children.:D

    • Dan

      It’s so it’s closer to your mouth.

      • Allan

        Um, not sure if serious…?

        • zurginator

          He’s serious. It allows you to hold the phone with a less harsh angle. Would look better if moved to the seam between the glass and plastic though.

          • Allan

            Well, what if you hold the phone in your left hand…? You would have to hold it at a sharper angle than if it was in the center where it should be.

          • zurginator

            True, but even most left handed people I know hold the phone in their right hand for whatever reason.

            Regardless, the mic can’t be centered – micro USB is in the way. The hole is just usually on the bottom so it’s less noticeable, but putting this in the glass could help with BG noise.

          • LiterofCola

            Exactly, not everybody is right-handed.

    • Kenton Douglas

      probably because of where the usb port is. One would get in the way of the other.

  • EC8CH

    As nice as that looks I’d still take the black one.

  • motoshame

    ugly phone period

    • EC8CH

      Stupid comment exclamation mark

      • Warwick

        Laughing out loud Triple exclamation points

        • EC8CH

          Colon dash right parentheses

          • William_Morris

            What you did there, I see it.

  • Iron_Catastrofe

    Just waiting to officially see this and the next DROID phones. At this point, I know my next android phone will be from Motorola

    • LiterofCola

      Yep, eyeballin’ that Ultra Maxx. Can’t wait until it’s announced

    • jh123416

      Can you imagine if Motorola throws a screwball and puts the S800 in the Ultra? Sweet moses I’m buyin’!

  • Rob Buttons

    Should we jump on this one or wait for the Moto X HD ULTRA MAXX LTE?

    • J

      I’m so tired of seeing these kind of comments

      • Rob Buttons

        I’m so tired of seeing these kind of responses to these comments

    • Droid 1967

      no wait for the Moto X HD ULTRA MAXX LTE S
      I’m not sure why but hey people buy every apple S phone by the millions so id wait for it 🙂

    • LiterofCola

      you’re an idiot.

    • WickedToby741

      Definitely wait for the Moto X HD ULTRA MAXX LTE-A. In blue. Duh.

  • TheRobotCow

    Why does this white remind me of a sponge?

  • ULT7xi

    Rear and profile look awesome but the front looks horrible with that bezel.

    • Kenton Douglas

      That’s not all bezel. It slops down (rather than overlapping) … you need to see it at an angle to appreciate it.

  • jb

    i’d go for the schmidt variant…

    • blix247

      Agreed. I like the white back, but the black face is nice for when the screen is off.

      • Tim242

        Do you stare at the back to enjoy the white? Black fronts on white phones looks awful. I’m so glad they got away from that

        • zurginator

          75% of the front will still be black though. 😉

    • EC8CH

      Yep… Front should be black especially since there are no logos or buttons. Such a clean look

      • Tim242

        The front of a white phone should never be black.

        • EC8CH

          Well I’m glad it seems we can have it both ways.

  • Heartless12

    That wallpaper though…..is really dope

  • I want the black & white one which Eric uses.

  • jstew182

    I haven’t seen anyone talking about this patent lately…it would be awesome for scrolling from the recessed moto logo on the back…


    • Kenton Douglas

      That’s for the next version.

      • michael arazan

        I would also like the under phone scrolling for volume control

      • Marikel

        That’s for none of the versions (supposedly). Bionic (I know most people don’t like him, but he’s been right so far) said that the October Hero Moto X and the 2014 Moto X Nova have both been merged into a “Moto G”. The fingerprint scanner was for the original Moto X but it was scrapped during the prototype stage. This is Bionic so its purely rumors for right now I guess.

        • S2556

          Bionic told me a long time a go that the “m” on the back in the little circle indent will be touch sensitive. I took it as a grain of salt as should anyone else but it would be cool to see if implemented well.

          • Tyler

            Maybe they are going to pull an apple and put the sensor there and just not enable it until they get the software end fully how they want it.

          • Marikel

            Yeah I think he did say that a while about just yesterday he confirmed that it was killed during prototyping

        • Kenton Douglas

          OK, that would be a pity then. We’ll have to wait and see. I thought it was a mini touchpad rather than a fingerprint scanner?

  • Justin W
  • guest

    I’m going with the droid ultra maxx. May sound lame but ever since I saw the invite with nothing but hipster girls holding tbe phine; I felt it was not for me. Still ok though.

    • guest

      *the phone*

    • Justin W

      There was a guy on the left… You just.. could only really see his arm..

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Hell does that have to do with anything?

  • Jeremy B.


  • Pinky!

    What!?? Where is my Droid-Life Hot Pink!!!

  • Thomas

    Battery size was just confirmed as well : 2200 mAh

    • Daniel Walsh


      • Justin W
        • Daniel Walsh

          I saw it.

      • Daniel Walsh

        I see it. I wish it was bigger though, but I think Motorola and Google are going to prove the Moto X is going to have good battery lffe because of software optimization, etc

        • mrjayviper

          people keep talking about software optimization. are you saying the software in the nexus devices are not optimized?

          • Fresh360

            The LTE/CDMA radios were battery hogs on the VZW Gnex…From my understanding the GSM version was pretty good on battery life. But since the MotoX is truly all in house optimizations should be better…

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            There is a difference of scale here. The Nexus software is optimized reasonably well, but what is expected from Motorola this go-around is iPhone-like software optimization, where the software is tailored perfectly to squeeze out every ounce of performance and battery life. The efficacy of that approach was proven on Android via the Linaro project, which heavily optimized the OS and almost doubled the performance of the GNex.

          • mrjayviper

            why can’t google do it for their nexus line? it has their name on it!

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Resources are limited. To do the kind of deep optimization that Apple does, and Motorola is rumored to be doing, requires a significant amount of time dedicated to doing nothing but stripping out everything that is unnecessary and tweaking everything to run smoothly.

            By definition, AOSP is not dedicated to any single platform or chipset, so it will never be fully optimized to any given chipset, because its universal usage precludes that from occurring. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages.

      • Thomas
        • Droid 1967

          non removable battery that kills it for me.

          already on my doubt it list due to screen size(not resolution-size)
          no sdcard (although if 32megs would be ok)
          But non removable battery means no extended batteries. thus why im still happy with nexus. yeah phone is bigger with 3800mAh battery but i never have to worry about running out in 10 hours away from home for work. I dont care what battery saving features you have. you watch a football game or baseball game on nfl mobile or mlb mobile and your gonna kill battery period. due to my job i cant just keep phone plugged in i need battery that lasts.
          and that size wont last with 4 hours of video and still be able to funciton rest of 6 hours from home.

          • Pedro

            Wow. A job that lets you watch a football game or baseball game on your phone, buy has no option to plug in your phone.
            That’s both cool and weird.

          • Droid 1967

            im a nurse so i can hide the phone on the med cart but since im moving it around i cant plug in 🙂 they dont actually let you watch you just dont get caught 🙂

    • chaoslimits

      That really sours this phone for me. I was hoping for 3000+ mAh

      • Kenton Douglas

        if correct, 2200 is nearly the same as the HTC One (2300) … but driving half the number of pixels, and two less CPU cores – should be just fine: http://www.anandtech.com/show/6747/htc-one-review/3

        • chaoslimits

          Those are the worst battery comparisons I’ve ever seen. Why is the Razr Maxx only in one of them?
          Also, 2200 mAh is about the size of the GNex extended battery and it’s not enough for me.

          • Chris Hannan

            A GNex with a 4000 mAh battery isn’t enough for me. You should know by now that it’s not the size of the battery that’s wrong with the Galaxy Nexus.

          • Shaggy723

            You must have the Verizon/CDMA gnex. The gsm gnex is not plagued by battery issues. After having both versions, it amazes me how much verizon’s cdma/lte combo is to blame for this phone sucking battery life away. In contrast, my gsm gnex on AT&T gets almost 2 days use before I have to charge it.

          • Chris Hannan

            My Nexus can go 2 days on a charge too if I don’t use it much. That doesn’t say much about battery life.

          • Kenton Douglas

            It’s a typical Appe fanboi site (although they try to dress themselves up as THE tech guru site). The GNex had a older (45nm?) CPU which is less power efficient. I would think that’s the case for a lot of the other components also.

      • Tim242

        On a small phone????

    • Daniel Russell

      I really hope the battery last far longer than one days use. I was looking forward to MAXX type battery with this phone so hopefully all their optimization will do this. IF the battery is meh, I might be out on this phone.

      • WickedToby741

        Don’t expect MAXX battery life. Keep in mind the MAXX also had a dual core processor and 720p screen but the processor was actually clocked lower and the battery was much bigger. Additionally, it wasn’t constantly listening and displaying notifications on the screen. I don’t care how much they optimize it, that’s going to affect battery life. It should be good, but not MAXX good.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Looks like this phone’s backplate may come off to access the battery. If the battery can be swapped I don’t care about size. I’ll have 3 of them like I do for my gnex.

  • Terrormaster

    I wonder if we’ll be able to mix and match front and back face colors at point of purchase? I’m a Halloween guy so maybe some combination of orange with black, green, or purple would be shweeet.

  • Gnex

    I don’t normally go for white phones, but this thing is sexxxy.

    • Rodeojones000

      Completely agree. Came to the comments to say the same thing.

      • michael arazan

        I will get a black top to match the black screen with a white bottom housing, i’m a sucker for black and white, hope i can

    • jevusedohyqe

      мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

      I wonder if we’ll be able to mix
      and match front and back face colors at point of purchase? I’m a
      Halloween guy so maybe some combination of orange with black, green, or
      purple would be shweeet.

      • Gnex

        My cousin makes $52/hour. Kill yourself.

        • Chris Hannan

          My cousin is making $51/hour and she got a check for $13,619 for working a couple of days, because 11 days and 3 hours of working non-stop with no breaks or sleep is so easy, even a caveman can do it.

          • Gnex

            No dirty spam link? I thought we were friends 🙁

          • Chris Hannan

            I said my cousin is making that. If there was an opening, do you think I’d be sharing it with you and not getting in on that myself? Come on now. 😛

        • KleenDroid

          Is $52 an hour a big deal?

          • EvanTheGamer

            Nope, but $53/h certainly is!

          • a) youth.in.asia

            $69 an hour tastes great! Ahhhnomnomnom!

    • FAL_Fan

      +1, there’s really nothing else to say.

    • tomn1ce

      It’s looking nice, I hope it perform nice as well.

    • 1BILLION_Androids

      something is WRONG with it, Eric Schmidt held white Moto X with WHITE “M”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      and don’t forget about “designed by you” thing)

      Motorola FTW!

      • Brandon

        That so called “M” might be silver.

    • Butters619

      I just Moto’d in my pants.

  • Daniel Walsh

    White FTW!. I love white phones.

    • Tim242

      Me too…as long as they are white on the front as well.

  • LjHe80

    Looks like a Lone Star Background.

    • Justin W

      It’s a shot of the Tx flag

  • Awesome phone. It has a marvelous design

    • EC8CH

      And so ridiculously simple its astounding other OEMS didn’t do it sooner

      • Tim242

        Look at an S4…looks almost identical.

        • Zacharypt

          yeah, sweet and sexy physical home button on this moto X, them luscious capactive buttons… mmmmmmmm, sensors all in the same place.. /s…

          So you mean a white bezel makes them the same right?

          Oh yeah and the part about slapping the manufacturer brand below the speaker grill. I think that covers it all.

          • Tim242

            The sensors are in the same place, the S4 just has more of them. The capacitive buttons are invisible if you turn their backlight off. I said, almost identical. Comprehension is key.

          • EC8CH

            And Zacharypt just pointed out how it is hardly “almost identical”.

          • Tim242

            Almost identical.

          • Adam Emshwiller

            @Tim242, i couldn’t agree less, the Moto X looks nothing like the S4.

          • Tim242

            Nothing like it? You can’t look at the picture above and say that with a straight face

          • zurginator

            As a designer, yes, I can.

          • Tim242

            You must be a designer with bad vision, or a liar.

          • zurginator

            The only things the same are a white glass front, black sensors, a cut out ear piece, and round corners.

            The bezel is different, different sensors in different places with different cutouts, different earpiece, different outline, different chin without buttons with different mic location.

            If you say this is almost identical to the S4, then you’re saying the S4 is almost identical to the iPhone 4/5, which it is not.

          • Tim242

            The bezels are the same. The only difference in sensors is that the S4 has more of them. The iPhone bezel is not close to either of these. My point is that these two phones look so similar, you couldn’t tell them apart a few feet away. Average consumers wouldnt know the difference up close. I work in a cell phone store. I deal with consumers daily. I know that there’s only somuch that can be done, which leads to my ppoint. Phones are all starting to look alike.

          • zurginator

            The bezels are different. The Moto X has more circular corners with a slight arc to the top where the S4 has less uniform corners and a flat top. If anything, the Moto X looks more like an iPhone than the S4.

            Eventually the front of all phones will look exactly the same -a screen with 2mm of bezel. There isn’t a lot you can do to make it unique at that point.

            Anyways I’m done with arguing from my phone, it’s a pain in the arse. If you wish to continue I’ll do a photochop after work tomorrow.

          • normmcgarry

            Small design differences can make a big difference in perception though. Shape isn’t everything. Do you want them to put the ear speaker and sensors down on the bottom of the phone or something to make it more different? The finish on these doesn’t look shiny, which is huge for me. I hate the Samsung plastic for some reason. Love the matte finish on Motorola products. The rounded corners are also a different roundness… more square, more like the Nexus 4, which I’m into. That’s huge. Just makes it more manly and less childish like the S4 appears to me. Not trying to insult the S4 either… it definitely is a beast, but they are not the same. Differences don’t have to be huge.

          • Adam Emshwiller

            they’re both white… and that’s where it ends.

          • Tim242

            Same rounded corners. Same placement of front camera. Same amount of bezel. Same display tech. Same placement of sensors, the S4 just has more sensors. Same placement of power button. Again, not identical, but pretty close.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    All white actually looks pretty nice. My first all white phone is this GS4. Though I’m looking forward to the more fancy color combinations