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Another Moto X Press Render Leaked, This Time in White

Moto X White

Earlier this morning, we got our first look at a leaked press render of the upcoming Moto X, set to be finally announced on August 1 in NYC. Another render has leaked to the web, but this time, it’s in white!

If you had to choose so far, would you go for black or white?

Via: @evleaks

  • sk3litor

    This could be the second most beautiful thing I’ve ever held in my hand.

  • michael slampak

    anyone know where to get that backround?

  • Vanquishgc

    2 things killing this as an idea for me owning this: battery, and storage. I’m not surprised about the lack of SD support since Google has been all about flash memory, but dude, 16 gigs? That’s it? 32 would be plenty, but that’s way too little. And that battery….listen, I owned the Razr M for a while just to try something different, and while there were some things I liked, the battery life blew (so did the display…). That had 2000 mAh if I’m not mistaken. This has barely more. Come on, this isn’t a Windows phone, it needs a bigger battery. 2600 and that would be perfect. No thanks, I’ll stick with my Note 2 and its ginormous 3100 mAh REMOVABLE battery.

  • Mike Hilal


  • Weber

    What’s with the September 25 date on the phone?

  • Stephen

    i really like the white design. It will be very dangerous if this will be available for verizon on the play store.

  • dmagicp

    If moto starts making their phones look like this, with killer specs and a 5in plus screen, I may have to switch from Samsung.

  • dmagicp

    Um that thang is beautiful.


    Moto has a lot of ground to make up. This phone isn’t gonna do it.

  • pilot25

    totally boring. Looks like every other device on the market. Time for something new and game changing.

    • Chris

      only so much you can do to a phone thats useable and worthwhile. not something that seems “cool” to appeal to nerds but serves no functional purpose,

  • M2Moto

    How will battery life compare to the maxx hd??? all the other gimmicks do not matter.?.?.?

    • Chris

      if battery life is better then thees no need for the gimmick called a removeable battery.

      • M2Moto

        2200ma (motox)compared to 3300ma(razr maxx hd)….we shall see.

  • Jackson

    Did anyone notice the lip on the edge of the white one??

  • chris125

    For some reason Moto and their white phones just look ugly. The black looks sharp, this not so much

  • master94

    moto is really pushing the whole USA made thing. The wall paper screams USA. Love the white color

    • Chris

      well it should be made in the USA. why support child labor camps?