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Google Posts Q2 2013 Earnings – $14.11 Billion in Revenue, Motorola Drags in $998 Million


The Q2 earnings numbers for Google are now posted, showing revenues of $14.11 billion during the quarter, up 19% year-on-year, though still slightly below investor expectations. The operating income for the quarter was $3.47 billion.

Their semi-recently purchased Motorola arm managed to pull in $998 million during the quarter, up 7% over Q2 2012. Still, they had an operating loss of $342 million for the quarter.

As of June 30, Google has $54.4 billion in cash.

The earnings call with Sir Larry Page goes live in a few minutes (1:30PM Pacific). Feel free to listen along with us.

  • Jesse Shakedown

    Why does Google need all of this money? They should give it to the poor people. Do it to help rid the world of racism.

  • Google does not make Nexus devices. They partner with a manufacturer who makes minimal money on the hardware and they have an agreement to share a certain amount of the advertising revenue (on top of getting there name out as being a badass nexus powerhouse). Just my 2 cents.

  • Savan Ghetiya

    anything less than $54.5 billion is not enough

  • Tim Swann

    the big story that’s missing with Moto in this post is that they haven’t released any new phones this year so the “losses” should turn to “profits” when their new products start hitting stores. All the investment in the products hasn’t had a chance to turn a profit. The “losses” are a big misleading in my eyes. Nevertheless, they still need to manage their P&L a little better if they’re losing $300M+. Maybe steal a page from Apple and Sammy and find a way to create better margins

  • What’s sad is the fact that Wall Street still sees $14.11 billion in revenue as a bad thing! Google’s aftermarket stock has already plunged $41!

    • Treknologist

      They missed the expectation by 1% and suddenly it’s like Armageddon is here. The plunge is now at about $34.

      • Justin W

        Yeah, that’s the problem. $400 million dollars is a lot to most people, but seriously? Google makes that in about four days.

        • michael arazan

          Another problem is that wall street bets on whether or not these company’s are going to make the expectations by betting for and against to make quick bucks. Like betting the over/ under on a basketball game, literally gambling on future’s of how company’s do whether it is good or not. If people knew half the crazy things wall-street does they would demand more regulations

      • You should see some of the comments being posted on Engadget, all the iTrolls are having a FIELD day which really doesn’t make much sense considering this was overall a slow quarter for Google because there was no major software launch (KLP is still a no show) and nothing really game changing in the hardware department (they had the special edition Nexus 4 but nothing else really big). I can’t wait to see how they are doing once the new Nexus device(s) launch and whatever software updates begin to rollout!

        • Treknologist

          LOL Really? Apple stock has been going down over the past year significantly. This is just a temporary thing for Google right now. As you say, there’s plenty coming. Besides, they just missed the prediction by 1%. I think the market is just overreacting but the stock should go back up soon.

        • Joe Pepsy

          Apple is still around? I thought they died at the same time as Steve-o?

  • Shane Redman

    Surely that will get a nice bump in Q3 with a new Nexus7

    • Justin W

      I don’t think that’s likely – Google usually hasn’t made much of a profit on their devices lately since they’ve been selling them at or below cost. They still make most of their money on Advertising, and that won’t change in the near future.

    • mustbepbs

      Pretty sure the iPad sells more in its first week than the Nexus 7 did in its first year. It’s just Google’s way of getting people to buy apps and books and music and stuff. Like the Kindle Fire for Amazon. Apple makes their money on hardware.

      • Google has really gotten the name out there with the original Nexus 7 so hopefully they can capitalize and move more second gen Nexus 7s! Now that people know there are alternatives to Apple’s overpriced products they are starting to wake up and decide which one is best for them and in several cases people are realizing Android is a great platform!

  • Suralin

    What was Moto’s operating loss last quarter? I mean, this shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re still at a loss since they haven’t really released anything of note this year.