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And Here are the First Pictures of the New Nexus 7

 nexus 7-1

Can we officially dub July 17 as “New Nexus 7 Leak Day”? Starting with pricing leaks this morning, followed by the scheduling of a Google Event for next week and retailer inventory dates sneaking into public view, we now also have a first look at the Google-inspired 7-inch tablet. In a series of photos, one of which includes a sticker listing out specs, there may no longer be any surprise to this device. 

According to a set of leaked photos (plus a video), we’re looking at a device that looks almost identical to last year’s Nexus 7, aside from an adjusted placement of the “Nexus” logo, addition of a rear camera, and the disappearance of the faux-leather backside. But the overall shell and front side look identical, including the placement of the ports and buttons.

In terms of specs, the device still rocks a 7-inch display, however, this leak didn’t include a mention of the screen’s resolution. We’re also looking at a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor (not surprising since the Snapdragon 600 rumor was thought to be bogus from the get-go), 1.2MP front camera, 5MP rear camera, and what is being listed as 4GB of RAM. The RAM sounds a bit high, especially if this tablet is going to drop in at an insanely low price of $229, so don’t be surprised if that’s wrong and we’re looking at 2GB.

And that’s that. How does she look?

nexus 7-5nexus 7-2nexus 7-3nexus 7-4

Via:  Android Central

Cheers Open1Your1Eyes0, Damian, Rashad, and Tony!

  • Kyle Todoulakis

    Is the memory still a problem? From what I’ve read, and halfway understand, issues have been showing up in the first Nexus 7. Lag, freezing, etc. It seems it has to do with the operating memory. Hardware issue.

    Would someone be willing to clarify this? Is there a chance the new one will develop the same issues?

  • Steve Benson
  • circuspeanut

    Android Central updated the gallery to include the spec sticker on the back of the tablet. The printing has a gap in it, but it appears to say it has a WUXGA LCD. That corresponds to a full HD resolution of 1920×1080, or perhaps even 1920×1200.

  • family gay

    So they added a camera. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?!

  • Kinda wish they had kept the standard orientation of the nexus logo on the back from the first Nexus 7…

  • chris420o

    this actually makes me happy in a way bc now i dont feel like selling my old n7 and dishing out more money for this…i am happy with my tegra 3 and design of my og n7…if this was way thinner with thinner top/bottom bezel id be jealous…but…doesnt look it…but again its nice for someone who never got the og n7 itll still be a fantastic device

    • chris420o

      plus i kinda like the silver lip of the og n7 and the textured back…be honest im a lil dissapointed in this design choice…i was hoping id be something i wanna upgrade to…i dont see any reason to honestly

  • DanSan

    awesome on the specs increase but i really liked the look of the first one. this just looks like cheap plastic.

  • Kane

    I hope Google doesn’t even release it just to make everyone look stupid. The leaks are fake and you’ll just be disappointed like at IO