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Google Play Music All Access Now Available in New Zealand and Australia, Books in a Bunch of Other Countries

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Not that we normally report on many of the global happenings involving Google services, but today, Google appears to have pushed both Music All Access and Books into a handful of new countries. Google Play Music All Access is probably the biggest news, as it is no longer a U.S. exclusive and can now be taken advantage of in New Zealand and Australia.

Books on the other hand is now available in Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, and Romania.

Via:  Google Support

  • S2556

    still needs canada!

  • SHMeyer

    Now to get it working with SONOS.

  • Elliot Kotis

    Wow, I wouldn’t expect Australia to be on a Droid-Life article! 😀 Got my trial, might get a subscription after that.

  • Brendan

    Is anyone else having issues with their Google Play Music app? Mine will only sort album tracks by popularity. It is driving me insane. I don’t want to listen to albums by popularity.

  • TJG

    Google, a great company that is located south of the border from my native country of Canada… but of course they pay us no attention and everything here is ALWAYS delayed! Google Music, Wallet and not to mention we STILL don’t have god damn play store gift cards… this is disappointing out of all places Australia gets the services before us Canadians who are pretty much the same thing as Americans…

    • Michael


      • michael arazan

        Dam Canadians with their single payer socialized health care and heavily regulated banks and commerce that felt absolutely no effect from the financial collapse because they don’t allow corporations to run their country, shame on you

        • Mayoo

          We can’t buy guns and we can eat Kinder Surprise too!

        • Steven Strain

          Not so sure about Canada.. average Canadian household dept has now surpassed that of Americans. Property values are well into bubble territory, especially in Vancouver.

    • kali bred

      Not the same as American’s if you wee the same then you’d be American countries to the south are more American then you they atleast have America in their name

    • Elliot Kotis

      Guess how long Australia waited to get Google Music? 12 months. Aus doesn’t have gift cards either!

  • Nathan D

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if Google announced a “Google Play All Access” that gave unlimited TV Shows, Movies, Books, and Music for a monthly fee?
    I think that would be awesome.

  • peter

    AUD$9.99 a month if sign up before 31 Aug 2013. $11.99 after.

    I signed up to the USA a while back so get it for USD$8 (AUD$9 after exchange rates and fees)

    I wonder if the content is the same….

  • timrcm

    I’m pretty surprised that Google still hasn’t released an iOS version of Music. Maybe Apple is being typical and holding it up. Like it or not, though, it’s pretty important for them to do it for market penetration.

    • Alessandro

      Yeah that’s a bit odd since they said they’d be releasing it “in a couple of weeks” way back in May. I feel it’s essential for them to take on Spotify and they really need to get on that.

  • Michael


    • Justin W

      to get downvoted……

      • Michael

        thats what your mom said….last night.

    • Ray

      So pathetic. Worse then spam. Please f**k right off!

      • Michael

        Sounds Like what i Told Your sister last night

        • Ray

          Haha! Another “that’s what I told your *insert family name here* joke.

          Is that the best you kids can come up with these days? I feel sorry for you. I really do. Must be a very sad and miserable life you live.

          • Michael

            you should probably call your sister and ask her about it…she was heart broken

    • Mayoo

      I hate summer …

      • Michael

        bro why you mad bro?

        • Mayoo

          Exactly my point …

          • Michael

            broheim that doesnt answer my question….

          • Mayoo

            Ok I will be clear now because you don’t seem to understand.

            1) I hate summer because of young impertinent persons like you
            2) You don’t answer a “u mad bro”, the meme is rhetorical
            3) Since you want an answer, I am not mad (now I am though). I was saying this with a smile. The goal was putting “I hate summer …” there. People looking at it. They either say “meh” or “ha” and then move on with their lives without caring much. Which brings me back to : GOD I hate summer …

          • Michael

            bro I’m no kid….im a doctor. This is the internet…if i want to say first on a post i can and youll just have to deal with me getting there first! i Know Your Jealous!