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Video: Google Glass, meet the NFL. NFL, meet Google Glass.


Since Google Glass hit the streets, many have spoken of the device’s potential game-changing (pun intended) features that could find their way into sports arena across the world. If you could strap Google Glass to the face of today’s top athletes, we could see exactly what they see as they hit a monster home run or make the perfect pass for a game-winning touchdown. The possibilities are practically endless. ESPN was able to get Glass onto the heads of two St. Louis Ram’s players and the team’s general manager, showing them what the future could be like with the help of the device.¬†

Some good points are brought up, as Glass could be quite the distraction for players. In time, the device could be made smaller and less intrusive for your sight, but that’s up to Google at this point. The GM definitely took more of a liking to it, with thoughts of play calls and decision making clearly on his mind.

Any sport in particular you would like to see adopt Glass?


Cheers cjohnson481!

  • Frenkling

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  • br_hermon

    I’m not a Nascar fan but… it seems this could be incredibly useful to see all their gauges and stats. Although I’m waiting for this technology to be implemented into entire windshields of cars (consumer). It would take augmentation to a whole other level.

    I could also see Glass for Golf. Wind Speed, distance, etc, that’d be cool. MLB Pitchers could get stats on who their pitching too (Hot / Cold Zone, go-to-pitch, #’s in certain situation [AVG with runners in scoring position, 3-0 count], etc)

  • Ibrick

    I wouldn’t mind seeing LBJ throwing a 60ft bounce pass splitting 2 defenders or catching a lob eye/glass level with the rim..

  • thefullritz

    Don’t think Google will be using this unless they blur out the apple laptop….

    • Jason James

      did you not watch I/O? they had ipad, iphone, and macs on stage. most of them use macs as their main computer

  • JMonkeYJ

    the players were clearly very skeptical of it while wearing it, but then really liked looking at the POV footage. interesting experiment!

  • Officer OReilly

    They could be used to record their off the field criminal shenanigans.

  • Grant Barker

    If you’re into sports, go with Recon Jet. Shipping in December.

  • Nate Olson

    I think this could really revolutionize the way we experience quidditch these days.

  • Liderc

    This would never work for actual gameplay, the hardware would get knocked/rattled to pieces. It’s a neat idea for practice and whatnot, but would never work in real games.

    • Green

      That’s what I thought. And don’t they already have a helmet cam?
      Also, wouldn’t the alerts and such be a distraction during the game? They have to have situational awareness that it seems like these things flashing at them would hinder their play.

      • It depends on how they write the software. If developers take into account that the player needs to keep his main interest on what is happening in the real world then they can make unobtrusive applications that would just simply show a diagram of the play for football players or say the pitch speed for a baseball player, the only sport that I can’t think of a real good use would be soccer unless you count maybe showing whats happening down field or a way for coaches to send commands without having to yell. It may not be something game changing but in sports every little bit helps!

      • Liderc

        They don’t have helmet cams, or they don’t use them enough to be noticed, but the QB’s have mics/speakers and I believe that’s it. They are starting to use some sensors in the helmets to see how hard of a hit they take to determine on the field whether a concussion has occurred so that they can better diagnose them and prevent sending an injured player back out on the field.

  • Bob G

    I cannot stand that munchkin’s voice. Reminds me of chalkboard screeching back in the day.

  • BigFonz

    Baseball definetly

  • Tony

    Porn with Google Glass!This is POV

  • emoney

    now everyone can see how bad the rams are from the players POV

    • Tyler James Edward Hills

      Proud Rams fan here. Screw you

      • Liderc

        Doesn’t mean they aren’t still bad heh.

        • Tyler James Edward Hills

          Hey now. “Bad” is a strong word. We were average. Middle of the pack. But we went undefeated against the NFC Champs, had the 2nd toughest schedule in the league, and had the youngest team in the league. Under those circumstances 7 wins ain’t bad

          • michael arazan

            But Now the Dome won’t be fixed and we may lose the Rams back to LA, where they will build a 100,000 person stadium for them instead of our 50 k. I was in High school when the deal was made to bring the rams here in 1994 for a meager 98 million and now they are worth 7-800 million. Sucks that they used the stadium as a bargaining ploy when it is only 19 year old, the original bush stadium stood for over 4 decades and housed both cardinal teams.

          • Tyler James Edward Hills

            You may hate me for this. But I’m a southern California kid born and raised. I live 45 minutes from LA. I became a Rams fan when I was little because my dad was an LA Rams fan so I followed along. The Rams have been, and always will be, my team. No matter where they play. But I kinda would be overjoyed if they came to LA…sorry :/

  • Tony Byatt

    I want to see the video when a QB gets blindsided & sacked…

    • niuguy

      I imagine blind side hits probably aren’t as interesting on a device intended to see what the QB sees.

      • Trickie Tom

        Ah, but think of the view. It would give a better idea of how much their heads jerk from getting hit.. Its not just about what they see. Im not sure what all they have for sensors in the Glass itself, but it could be a very very good tool to help make the game safer also..

    • Michael Hammond

      Please think about what you post before you post it…..lol

  • akazerotime

    Hello Katie Linendoll.. oh this is about Google Glass. Carry on..

  • Josh Shaw

    Building it into a helmet would be genius, then you could easily make it run the whole game.

  • yungtris

    this is really neat.

  • 18footJ

    Diagram routes on-screen, and you got yourself a more efficient team.

  • huskerhog

    I see big potential. Google Glass may need to be adopted to fit certain situations but the it would still be the same premise.