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MoDaCo.SWITCH App Allows for Flashing Between Sense and GPE ROM on HTC One

htc one google play edition

Currently under development, the MoDaCo ROM team is hard at work on SWITCH. The app, which is still in testing, would allow HTC One owners to easily “switch” between a Sense UI ROM and the Google Play Edition ROM. One moment you will be playing with BlinkFeed and Zoes, then the next you will have pure vanilla Android. It will be up to you on how a dual-booting device will benefit you in the long run. 

Below is a demo of the app working and as we can see, it works very well. Users will need to be rooted and running a custom recovery in order to take advantage of SWITCH, so if you are hoping to give this a try, definitely make sure you are all squared away in that department.

Check out the demo below and we will keep you posted on when it hits the forums.


Via: MoDaCo

  • JD_26

    WallPaper ????

  • Christian W

    Ooooo cant wait.. Running ARHD 12 atm…..couple that with the same devs GE rom…this is going to be fun!!

  • duke69111

    I don’t own an HTC One, but I’ve always thought something like this would be great.

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    This really can be. Can’t wait to have go for all the popular phones!

  • Mike Hilal

    Will this work on the verizon edition…that’s what really matters here

    • Sam

      If it works on the Verizon edition, then I will get the One even though I think it’ll be outdated. Stock Android with that kind of hardware is too good to pass up.

      • Mike Hilal

        I’m kinda in the same boat

  • jose

    Would be sweet if they could get the Sense camera to work on vanilla Android!

    • Alex Farra

      They have got it working on google edition ROMS

      • Kyle

        Google Edition and vanilla Android (AOSP) are two completely different things. GE Android is just an AOSP-themed Sense rom, and really the only thing it has in common with vanilla Android is how it looks.

        • Drome

          its deeper than a skin. It still uses all the stock google apps and such like messages and alarms etc. The frame work is definitely sense. It is a true hybrid of Sense and AOSP, not simply cosmetic.

          • Flat_Stanley

            Is porting their framework to work with stock the first step in developing a skin like sense? I mean, is the “Google Edition” software a natural precursor to a full blown manufacturer skin/framework?

  • spickle



    Anyone else saw that he gave away his twitter password?

  • MichaelFranz

    great option to still keep HTC camera app, quick reboot fixes all that. Just wondering if you can fix custom roms into the AOSP area and not just GPE.

    Other thign im curious to see if you can have different roms 1 sense and one AOSP, what happens when you want to reflash a new version do you need to wipe data parition on both etc etc.

    I do like this though, wonder if it will make me get it when vzw drops it

  • Drome

    looks awesome. But running the GE rom i dont really miss sense.

  • Intellectua1

    PA & Stock Touchwiz yea buddy..

  • yeppers

    Very cool indeed. My boss just told me he’s going to add me to the company account which means I get a new phone! I was thinking about the S4 but this may change that.

  • Adam

    YES! That’s what I’m talking about.