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Fireball SE for Android is Most Definitely an Addictive Survival Game

fireball se android

So I picked up a game this afternoon called Fireball SE because it was creeping up the charts in the “New Paid” category on Google Play and can’t seem to put it down. You play as a fireball, of course, that floats around in a space-type atmosphere trying to avoid enemies. With your  thumb on the screen, you steer the ball throughout a designated area as swarms of bubbly bad guys attempt to end your flaming life. But to defeat them, you have bombs which can be set off as combos to earn you extra points or to eliminate bad guys in waves. As you eliminate waves of bad guys, you move up in levels where the difficulty also increases. There are power-ups, three different game types, achievements, and instant satisfaction. 

I think I’m loving Fireball SE because you can pick it up, play it, put it down for a while, and then pick it up again and not feel like you have to start over or have to invest a ton of time into it. It’s all about instant satisfaction and enjoyment here. The graphics are solid but simple, and the controls work flawlessly without much practice.

The game runs $1.99, but is easily worth the price.

Play Link ($1.99)


  • Daniel Hall

    Was an Indie game on xbox live few years ago. I remember playing demo over and over and over. Now it’s in the palm if my hands! Thanks DL!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Was addicted to Euphloria since I saw it on DL. Just beat it yesterday. This game is right on time for me.

  • Sirx

    Also, don’t forget touching the screen with a second finger to briefly slow down the action and get yourself out of a jam! I found myself hooked to this because how far you get is ENTIRELY based on your skill–no random “the game cheated!” nonsense to trip you up 😀

    And yeah, radiangames has some pretty epic stuff in general on Android. Check out Ballistic SE (awesome!) and Inferno+ (awesomer!!!) and see if you don’t find yourself playing both long past the 15-minute refund window.

  • Mario Williams

    Looks like a ripoff of Pacifist mode from Geometry Wars 2.

    Not that that’s a bad thing though.

    • Adam Elghor

      more like tilt to live on ios