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Thursday Poll: What Upcoming Phone are You Most Excited for?

moto x

When summer hits each year, we typically get excited because we know that brand new smartphones are about flood into the market. In this industry, the summer/back-to-school and holiday seasons are always filled with new flagships from the top manufacturers. This year, though not much is official at this time, appears to be no exception. We’re expecting four new phones from Motorola, including the first inspired by the new Google leadership. But we will also see the HTC One finally arrive on Verizon, LG’s new incredibly impressive flagship called the G2, and maybe even a Galaxy Note 3 unveiling in September.

We’d like to know which phone has you most excited. Is it one of the new Motorola devices like the Moto X, the G2, the somewhat-old HTC One, or are you waiting for whatever Samsung has next?

What Upcoming Phone are You Most Excited for?

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  • Thom Brown


  • Anil

    I’m waiting for the mighty BlackBerry A10.

  • derek

    Xperia z ultra!!!!!!! Verizon

  • Nexus 6


  • David

    Motto X is winning!? The specs on that phone are great… For 2011!

  • David

    Nexus 5 <3

  • Dt Bell

    The next Real Google Nexus. I saw the leaks of the Moto X and size-wise, I’m gonna need more impressing.

  • Dean Milord

    NEXUS 5 baby!!! with a switch to T-Mobile!!

  • Halley Suitt Tucker

    Grammar Police! Excited FOR? WRONG. Try “excited about”

  • marko

    Im using Samsung Galaxy note and belive that is the best phone on the world market…..

  • cb2000a

    My good old Nokia E71 that I will drop my Samsung Note for.

  • Vantucky

    Sony i1 (honami)

  • TomClayman

    I with they would make a 6 inch nexus phone.

  • John

    Other = Note 4

  • blainemotsinger

    iphone5, but only because I want the integration between itunes, with a huge repo of podcasts readily available. Seriously not trying to troll here, just saying I miss that since being on Android. Otherwise, I would stick with Android.

  • Roger W Turner

    The next Google-branded ‘phone, whatever that might be, probably in the autumn.

  • Brenden Keene

    Other – You know it’s all about the Nexus 5 right?

  • Dorian Brooks

    I still like the Xperia Z. Verizon took too long on the HTC One. I hate to think but the Note 3 will probably be like the S4 as more or less a refresh. Moto X is my 2nd place phone, cause I liked the Razr M when I had it. Lastly, the G2 is promising but LG has a worse track record for updates than HTC.

  • jt O’Brien


  • MacNificent

    waiting to see what moto x or any new moto phone specs will be. definitely wont be a samsung, htc, or lg device… Ive learned the hard way that even a wack moto phone is better than some of the other companies top devices.