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Sprint Launches Unlimited Guarantee Talk/Text/Web Plans, Open to New and Existing Customers Starting July 12

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Today, Sprint announced a new plan for customers, the Unlimited, My Way. The purpose of Sprint’s new “Guaranteed Unlimited” plans is to assure new and existing customers that for the life of line(s) that you activate, you will always have unlimited talk, text and web. 

In addition, Sprint is also launching the My All-In plan, a line of service where smartphone users receive unlimited data, talk and text, while also receiving 5GB of hotspot data. That plan costs $110/month, and is of course, guaranteed for the life of the line.

How the Unlimited, My Way Plan Works:

  • Customers first select the number of lines; all lines come with unlimited talk to any wireline or mobile phone and text.
  • Customers then choose their data for each line: $30/month for unlimited data on smartphones or $10/month for unlimited data on basic phones. Additional options include $20 for 1GB of data on smartphones or basic phone users can choose not to add data to their account.2
  • Customers also have the choice to activate mobile hotspot functionality on their smartphone for $10 per month for 1GB of data on the Sprint network.

The plans will be available starting July 12. More info can be found by following the via link below.

While Sprint does have the unlimited data going for them, it’s still hard to make any type of decision if you live in an area that is poorly supported by their network. We will see what types of improvements and moves they make towards building up their infrastructure as SoftBank takes control. On the other hand, with Sprint talking about buying into an Unlimited Guarantee plan, could this be a sign that tiered data plans are around the corner? Why else would they be guaranteeing something they already offer?

Any thoughts on these new plans?

Via: Sprint

  • Sean

    Does this mean my plan of 450 anytime minutes with unlimited data and text for 69.99 is being phased out, and I will essentially be forced to pay more money? That would suck, as right now I get a 20% discount and really don’t want to have to pay more money when for years sprint has claimed they would always remain unlimited, and blah blah blah….

    • Mike DeQuardo


  • Mike DeQuardo

    So Sprint has changed the application of corporate discounts to ONLY apply to data charges. Huge fail.

  • Mike DeQuardo

    Huge fail for those looking to use a corporate discount.

  • Maximus

    What people are missing is….THIS IS A DISCOUNT!! They are giving us unlimited minutes and keeping the same data. AND The premium data charge of $10 is built into this plan, not in addition to. So this is cheaper!!! I just called Sprint to verify. No one should be complaining.

    • I just talked to customer support. Under the new plan any corp discounts you get are only on the data charges of the first line NOT the plan.

      So under the new plan my bill would go up from 25% off of $110 to 25% off of $30. Then I pointed this out and they simply said they are ever changing their plans to give the best value to their customers. HA!

      Also should add that according to the new Terms of the new plans you only get 100mb data and 800minutes if you go into Roaming before getting charged extra as apposed to my current plan which is all no roaming charges.

  • I have had Sprint since February, constantly disappointed. we are in a 100% coverage area with LTE too but their LTE speeds are slower than the 3G, I constantly get download speeds around 0.85 to 1.50 if im lucky on 3G, 4G typically is about 0.25 but has gone up to 4.35 on occasion.

    I am in constant phone calls with support and keep getting “towers are being upgraded” crap. Ive signed up for the lawsuit against their 4g LTE speeds. I asked to be released from contract since they still cannot get their service right as per our agreement. Ive given them to the end of this month to fix it or im stop paying.

    Im in Franklin TN just south of Nashville.

    • Mike Jones

      Have fun with that lawsuit, they havent officially launched in your area yet hence the speed and disco’s on lte. EVERY area that hasnt been launched has had issues like this. They bring towers up and down all the time and mess with backhauls. Once they officially launch in your market then you can bug em about speed.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Got sprint LTE in my city and I have zero complaints about the service at all..I don’t miss Verizon one bit

  • honeyjee

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  • disastrousrainbow

    Sprint just got more expensive than Verizon…at least for people who don’t gobble up enormous amounts of data. The cost is the same for two smartphones (i.e. $150…assuming you don’t add hotspot on the Sprint plan) but start adding more and it gets cray. For example four smartphones on these new plans for Sprint total $260 or $300 with hotspot capability, assuming the cost for that function is ten dollars per line, which the release doesn’t specify. A family under a Share Everything plan sharing 8GB’s pays $250 and they can use hotspot on all the lines at no additional cost.

    Still, these plans are great for people who need unlimited data, but for those who are fine with tiered options, especially if Wi-Fi usage is factored in, this won’t change their minds, especially for families or people being served by a better network.

  • skinja

    can you talk about the difference between web and data….. unlimited web is not unlimited data.


  • bleh… tmo is far better for the unlimited factor and arguably better network. At their prices overall, you’re still better off sticking with Verizon. (or to a lesser degree AT&T)

  • Bob Kersting

    Equates to an increase for me and my 5 lines, I better not be forced to switch. Even if I add 5 more lines all 10 people will be paying $2-$3 less per month except for individual savings for those who opt for 1GB of data. This is BS.

  • JDub

    What part of their network isn’t poorly supported?

  • dominguez619

    SoftBank in Okinawa sucks. But on mainland japan its not too bad.

  • Diablo81588

    Sprint is so slow you couldn’t hit a 2GB data cap in a month anyway.

    • Mike Jones

      You are an idiot. I use about 8gigs a month on their slow 3g just using spotify.

      • Diablo81588

        I’d be pissed off too if I had to deal with using Sprint everyday.

        • Mike Jones

          Who said Im pissed? I just want to get a rise out of someone speaking on something they don’t personally know. 😛

  • Woo Hoo.. Unlimited 3G speeds!! Go on.. download that file.. it may take years.. but who cares!! YOU HAVE UNLIMITED DATA! Also.. you might not be able to make phone calls.. but still.. call all you want.. UNLIMITED!!

    • Prince Campbell III

      That’s why I left, they sorry ass. But that’s all everyone see’s is unlimited data.

    • TheCheapGamer

      Better to get in now while the LTE network is growing.
      You’ll get the fastest speeds before they are clogged and be locked into unlimited in case they try and change anything.

      • John

        They’re not going to stop offering unlimited data – it’s their lifeline.

      • Sqube

        The only way Sprint could cut unlimited data without immediately cutting their own throats would be if their coverage was as amazing as VZW’s.

        Frankly, I don’t think they’re going to be able to pull that off in the near future. And if/once they HAVE acquired a network that good, it’s still going to take a while before perception of their network changes to reflect its reality. I think it’s reasonable to assume that they’re going to have this program running for at least another year or two (at which point I’m hoping either Sprint or T-Mobile will have stepped their game up to the point where I can leave VZW without looking back).

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce

    Unlimited access….to a limited service.

  • Prince Campbell III

    I told you it was coming. I was paying $85 a month with Sprint and that was unlimited talk and text with 450 minutes which I hardly used. Now they want to say $30 for unlimited on smartphones and $10 on basic? I went to Verizon and I’m paying less than the $110 they are talking about and I’m only on the 2GB plan.

    • I don’t remember you telling me anything.. Plus. I don’t think we have ever met.

      • Prince Campbell III

        You know, all I can do it laugh…..

    • TheCheapGamer

      So you’re paying less…and now not getting Unlimited.
      That is a huge step backwards for most of us here. Unless you are one of the few that just doesn’t chew through data, it works in your case.

    • Mike Jones

      Its $110 with 5GB of hotspot, $80 for unlimited everything without hotspot, learn to read.

      • Prince Campbell III

        You mad? Do you work for Sprint? I misread, so what, but it’s still not worth a damn if their network is the way it is now.

  • Scott Tilney

    “Why else would they be guaranteeing something they already offer?”
    It’s called Marketing. Why does coke advertise their great taste when everyone already knows what it tastes like?

  • This is a fantastic deal!

    If you live right next to a Sprint tower and if you can find one.

    • Eric

      Even with full bars the network still sucks.

    • Diablo81588

      Even then, the tower will be oversaturated and you’ll get 2G data speeds.

      • Joseph Barrientos

        still depends on where you live, i have great 3G coverage and waiting for my LTE to roll out soon!

    • Weber

      I think they make divining rods to find their towers

  • $110 for Sprint service?! LOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      That’s with 5GB hotspot built in. The actually reduced the price without the hotspot… $80 for unlimited everything and you can add hot spot at $10 per GB.

      • Geoff Johnson

        Who pays for tethering these days? Just download one of the hundreds of tethering apps available for Android.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          …. That’s only of you’re rooted. Which most people are not.

          • Geoff Johnson

            There are plenty of apps that let you tether without root, such as PDANet, FoxFi, and on some phones a simply tethering widget will bypass the subscription check.

          • michael arazan

            FoxFi requires no root for Hotspot enabling

        • michael arazan

          The same C Block rules that Governs Verizon with free tether apps also applies to Sprint

          • TylerCameron

            No they don’t.
            Sprint uses PCS for LTE.

          • Nope. 700Mhz requires this, this is why VZW had to institute “Share everything” plans as a way to conform to the letter of the law. PCS 1900Mhz is being refarmed, along w/ their 850Mhz & 2500 Mhz. Of course. VZW is launching AWS LTE-A in a few months. And VZW is 10×10 as Sprint is 5×5.

  • Greg H

    Too bad their LTE in virtually non-existent compared to Verizon and AT&T.

    • John

      I have Sprint service and it’s growing on a daily basis. I’m seeing LTE in new areas every day.

  • MichaelFranz

    the guarantee term is probably being used a reassurance that you have it and its not going away…. i wouldnt think they would go tiered plans..

  • Daniel

    Wait, $30/month for UNLIMITED smartphone data? Sounds like my legacy Verizon plan…if only competition in this area WORKED and made the big carriers bat an eyelash.

    • zurginator

      It would work if Sprint’s network wasn’t so slow that it’s not worth paying for data.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Verizon has a better service, so they charge a premium price. Sprint will probably move up quickly though, as they just got a huge influx of cash, and new controlling entity, and a large chunk of spectrum all at once. We’ll simply need to see how this deal shakes out, though I’m hoping that it moves as swiftly as the Metro-Tmo deal did. Talk about aggressive rollouts!

      • John

        They were able to do those quick rollouts because they had already upgraded their 3G network to HSPA+ because it was much easier and quicker for them to add LTE. Sprint on the other hand, has to upgrade both 3G and 4G network and that’s why their LTE rollouts are taking longer.

  • dhirensavalia

    This is an ingenious idea. I like what they are doing.

    • hkklife

      They will promote the hell out of this guarantee/assurance for the next 12-18 months and then as soon as their earnings and churn numbers improve a bit (and they get their LTE network rolled out over most of the major metro markets) they will assuredly follow suit with the other carriers and introduce tiered data.

  • coolsilver

    Better I suppose. Still not T-Mobile.

    • Tyler Durden

      T-Mobile is pretty much Verizon compared to Sprint

      • John

        I sent a text to my friend (has T-Mobile) on Monday and he received it on Tuesday. I’ve had Sprint for two years and haven’t had any problems with them.

        • Tyler Durden

          Maybe your friend doesn’t like you and lied

        • zurginator

          That was your problem. 😛

          Sprint is slow as ****. I had them for a year… Their 4G? Slower than T-Mobile 3G. Their 3G? Slower than edge. It was bad… Especially at $80/mo after employee discount.

          • TheCheapGamer

            Average VZW LTE speeds are slower than my TMobile “4G” (non-lte)

          • Fattie McDoogles


        • MK17

          Maybe your phone took that long to get it to him.

          • John

            If the problem was on my end, then it would’ve happened with my other friends but that’s clearly not the case here.

        • Weber

          Maybe T-Mo uses carrier pigeons to send texts. “*attaches note to bird’s leg* Fly! Fly so ‘John’s’ friend can get that ‘k’ text!”

  • El_Big_CHRIS

    Hopefully this trend continues with the other 2 big carriers

    • bananatroll

      haha yeah I wish man. Maybe they will take a hint…

    • John

      They won’t acknowledge it unless Sprint starts taking market share from them.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        This is true. I wish T-Mobile and Sprint did so VZW could start to charge less or give more. Coverage is great, but I’d like some nice options for phones, when they come out

        • Fattie McDoogles

          If T-Mobile or Sprint were good enough to steal real amounts of marketshare from AT&T and Verizon… what would be the point of staying with Verizon or AT&T? At that point it would make more sense to go with the competition.

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            For me it’d be fact that I have the $120 discount on a 4 lines. But you’re right, after that happened, no reason at all

    • Tyler Durden

      Hahahahahahaha thanks for a good laugh

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        Hey now

        • Tyler Durden

          I am the one who knocks.

    • LMAO! Nice