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Vote for Next Flip Cover Color and Get 25% Off at Samsung’s Accessory Store


Samsung is currently letting the public choose the next color of their Flip Cover accessory for the Galaxy S4, while also letting them get a sweet deal on a new accessory. By completing the survey, folks are entered into winning a new Galaxy S4, plus get a 25% off code for the Samsung accessory web store. Don’t pass that deal up. 

The code can apparently be used on whatever accessory you choose, so go have some fun.

Go fill out the survey here and get your discount code.

Cheers Andrew!

  • Bobbie Jo Youngs

    Neon… very bright ! Or something that will either glow or reflect….I LOVE hot pink..js# !

  • Patrick Jewell

    I never got the free promo’s they originally marketed for the S3. lol

  • dannyyang524

    Anyone know if I can find the Galaxy S3 3000 mAh genuine extended battery by Samsung for under $50?

  • OR you can register your S4 on samsung.com and get a 50% off coupon. Your choice.

    • Ian

      Choose both!

    • Tris

      How long is this good for? And is it for every accessory? Im wanting the wireless charger.

      • anything under $50, so ya your good.

        • Tris

          Ok so i would have to but the back and the charger separately then.

    • DanSan

      already did, use it to purchase the extra battery with the charger 🙂

  • FknTwizted

    I want glow in the dark because i’m too drunk to see my damn phone in the night because i’m humped over in my car seat puking my brains out color.

    • subtabbo

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  • Andrew Holson

    Woo! I submitted this.

  • EC8CH

    I vote for “Creamy Vanilla Android”.

    • Trevor

      I believe some female stated that at some point.