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Live Blog: T-Mobile’s “Boldest Moves Yet” Event

t-mobile clueless

Well, since T-Mobile might be announcing some interesting new ideas for the wireless industry at their “Boldest Moves Yet” event today, we figured we should get in on the fun. We are not at the event, but thanks to the Internet, we can watch from the comforts of our homes/offices and keep you all up to snuff on what it is they have in store.

Earlier today, word spread quickly across the web that T-Mo is looking to intro a new plan called, Jump. Jump will allow customers to upgrade their existing devices whenever and however often they choose. No more two year waiting periods. That could certainly change things up a bit, yeah?

Down below we have a link to the live feed of the event and a place for you all to chat and discuss their announcements below on this lovely Wednesday. Let’s have some fun! 

Here is a link for you to watch the event.

  • SUMmaro400ex

    This is brilliant and here is why:

    You buy phone on day one for $100 down and $20 a month plus $10 for JUMP.

    6 Months later you want a new phone. At this point you trade in your old phone worth likely around $150 as it is only 6 months old. So now you have paid the initial $100, $120 to pay off the phone, and $60 for Jump. This means you paid $280 and are giving them a phone worth $150 which is a total of $430. If they can turn around and sell that phone as refurbished for even just $170, they make their money back, you the customer got a new phone in only 6 months, and some person just bought a refurbished 6 month old phone for only $170. Brilliant.

  • Justin Bontrager

    T-Mobile – keeping it classy.

  • Kane Desousa

    The fact of the matter is T-Mobile is still horrible and they HAD to do this or they would disappear.

    • Tyler Durden

      If only you did some research. Too bad you’d rather speak blindly and look like a fool.

      • Kane Desousa

        How so? T-Mobile is for people who have horrible credit and cannot get approved for AT&T and Verizon, they’re all over in popular areas but what about if you don’t live in LA or New york? Bad coverage.

        • Tyler Durden

          Uh it’s also for people who don’t want.to spend a fortune and get stuck on a contract with limited data.tmobiles coverage is also getting better and will be by the end of this year. Sprint is the worst and always will be

        • droidify

          I live in Greensboro, NC and they have better service here than VZW.

          • Kane Desousa

            The new JUMP program is nice though. Interesting.

        • Futbolrunner

          Way to talk like an ignorant consumer

          • Kane Desousa

            Not ignorant, I’ve had T-mobile and I cannot stand them, yes they’re better than Sprint, not a hard feat. And yes that uncarrier is cool but you pay 20$ more a month and if you drop your contract you have to pay for the device. It’s not entirely different.

            But they can do their thing, maybe they can finally change the other stubborn carriers.

          • Thriller87

            You having a bad expierence with them doesn’t make it bad for everyone just your personal feelings on your time with them. Not all cities have great coverage but all carriers coverages seem to be getting better with the LTE move.

        • Thriller87

          AT&T and Verizon bot have the highest rates and you can’t upgrade except every 2 years which makes no sense. Been a customer of T-Mo for almost 9 years and no issues.

      • LiterofCola

        Isn’t that what you usually do?

  • AnotherAndroidKid

    I am loving the ATT commercial bashing.

  • master94

    I feel like Im watching a long iphone ad. OMG tmobile now carries the iphone. Big change. Like who cares.

    • JoshGroff

      iPhone users care.

    • Thriller87

      It matter cause if you don’t like a phone you can now rid yourself of it after 6 months and get new.

      • master94

        Im not saying the announcement isnt a big deal. The way the presented it isnt. Just non stop mention of the iphone and only 20 minutes of actual Jump talk. Which is what everyone really cares about

        • Thriller87

          I understand but the hyping of the Iphone will continue sadly.

  • Amon Murray

    I can get on board with this, but It would be great if they would pay my early termination fee for Verizon too. Just throwing that out there…

  • gadget_hero

    I bet the handset makers are salivating at the thought of faster/more smartphone updates, I hope the program is good, for me at least since I love changing handsets…

    • zurginator

      Well you know they’ll be running a profit. I suspect having to turn in your old phone + a monthly fee of $10 – $20

      • JoshGroff

        I’d just sell the old to pay it off and buy the new at that point, lol.

        • zurginator

          Well that’s what they’ll be doing, so that’s why I expect it.