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Video: LG G2 Performs for the World in Quick 1-Minute Clip

lg optimus g2

Earlier today, the new LG G2 found its way into a handful of clear pictures, showing off a big, beautiful edge-to-edge display with on-screen navigation buttons. We also got a look at the phone’s unique Power and Volume button setup, which happens to be on the back of the device underneath the camera lens. Overall though, the set of pictures showed an impressive looking phone that even non-LG fans should get at least a little excited over. But if those photos weren’t enough, this 1-minute clip of the device in action should help. 

Thanks to YouTube channel 4Leakz, we get a quick tour of the G2 that includes an unlock with the rear back button, navigation through screens, a look at the model number (Android 4.2.2 on board too), and interaction with those on-screen navigation keys, which appear to float thanks to their transparent background. It’s snappy, as one would expect with that Snapdragon 800 on board.

Come on, you have to be impressed, right?


  • Raj Bhatt

    Incredible phone with the specs I want, but the skin is a turn-off. This could be the successor to my GNex if there is a decent developer base for it.

  • Tran Nguyen

    LG G2 is better than Moto X if we compare price, spec, camera. Sorry Moto.

  • Justin

    Doesn’t this look like a large Galaxy Nexus from the front? haha.

    Also, CAN THIS PLEAAAAAAAASE come to Verizon?

  • TylerCameron

    Dear god.
    They went with on screen keys…
    And then they replaced the recent apps key with a menu key?
    How do you screw that up?! That takes a special kind of special!

  • JC

    I love how phones with on screen keys look with the minimalist face etc. I have a note 2 and although it took me awhile to get used to Touch Wiz coming from the Galaxy Nexus, I still prefer the aesthetic of vanilla android but love the functionality of TW. The main reason i’m keeping my note 2 is for the S-Pen. I know a lot of people don’t use it but i do for my sketches for design ideas while i’m on the train.

  • Marijn van der Werf

    Did they seriously add a software MENU button to the screen? :’)

  • beng8686

    No thanks. The vanilla settings looks really ugly. It’s 2013, dark background.

  • Jones

    I have the LG Optimus G and I love it upgrading to this ASAP. I’m really loving what LG is showing me

  • LiterofCola

    Not even a little interested.

  • Steve Benson

    The transparent nav buttons actually look pretty good on this. I’ve tried this on countless ROMs but they never felt quite right. This looks right.

  • NorCalGuy

    Best looking phone i have seen thus far especially with the on screen keys! Even though the back cover looks like an old iPhone just way bigger. Either way its cool enough not to come to verizon

  • Inquizitor

    I find it a little weird that you guys keep referring to it as the LG G2. Isn’t it the LG Optimus G2? Dumb name, I know, but when you just say the G2 it confuses the hell out of me since HTC already made a G2 and LG made a G2x.

  • XboxOne

    I like the buttons in the back.

    • JolleyMan

      If the phone is in a car dock, how do I turn the screen on since the power toggle is on the back?

  • MacNificent

    better touchwiz?

    • Steve Benson

      Much better. Still looks a bit ugly though.

  • Lorenzo Rey

    I don’t care if LG skins looks like touchwiz, LG makes their phones super fast! I sold my Nexus 4 to get an Optimus G (crazy right?) and I can’t believe this LG ui is faster and snapier than stock android on the nexus 4, all the time I spent saying skins were crap and saying I’d never use a non-nexus device and now I’m in love with LG, LOL looking forward to this phone!looks awesome, also those buttons on the back are quite convenient , no matter if you are righty or lefty, your index finger will always be on top of those buttons for quick access when u hold the phone, and the speakers at the bottom are a nice touch, not as good as the HTC one but way better than the Optimua G/Nexus 4 tiny speaker on the back… LG is doing gooood

    • Richard Yarrell

      Lg is a total farce. Samsung PIMP SLAPS LG all night long. My Galaxy Note 2 shits on your pitiful Optimus G

  • Brian Walker

    I see they’re taking a page out of Paranoid Android’s book and making the nav bar change colors based on the app. I really love that. Nice job, LG.

  • Heon Jun Park

    I assume recent apps are accessed with long press of home button……
    given the space of virtual key… I really never got the point aside from its clean looking.

    • Steve Benson

      Or use the recents button…

  • dmagicp

    Man if those nav buttons were on the bezel it would be perfect.

  • hoosiercub88

    I want that unlock effect.

  • master94

    I like how video leaks have gotten this good. It was intentional by LG probably to get hype.

  • JMonkeYJ

    omg…that notification shade was a nightmare…

  • deadpenguins

    Wow this phone looks awesome, but I see one glaring flaw. Why the @&!# is the right button menu instead of recents?

  • shecalledmejay

    Is there anyway to get rid of the black behind my nav buttons on the Gnex? I love how the wallpaper takes up the whole screen

    • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

      Paranoid Android.

      • shecalledmejay


  • shecalledmejay

    Am I the only one who noticed the low battery ? thats a deal breaker honestly coming from the Gnex thats one of my top 3 things.

    • Hans Dirk Kwazneski
      • j boner

        lol 1 hour 16 min and 48 seconds .. how is that friendly ?

        • deadpenguins

          And how do you know the phone wasn’t at 20% when it started recording uptime? The low battery means nothing without context.

          • j boner

            You don’t obviously I just didn’t understand the uptime is your friend comment when under two hours clearly isn’t a lot of time .. That’s all Mr deadpenguin

          • deadpenguins


  • Liderc

    I just don’t get why they have to ruin the beautiful front design with a logo. No one ever sees the front of my device, they see the back. Does every manufacturer need to remind me that I’m using their product? Most ridiculous logic ever. The back looks kinda blaeh with its volume rocker nonsense, but until it’s tested hard to know how it’ll turn out. Don’t think I’d trade in my Nexus for this, but the screen looks like a beaut.

  • kashtrey

    Anyone else notice the second tip? That feature seems pretty cool, you can turn your icons directly into a widget and change icon color palettes easily.

  • tomn1ce

    I wasn’t considering LG for my next phone but if this one ends up on vzw it may enter the contest with the Moto X and the G-Note 3….may the best win me over

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    I think the phone is cool, but I can’t see myself owning it. I’m not a big fan of LG, especially their software customization and lack of updates. I like the hardware, and could possibly warm to the buttons being on the back, XOOM-style, but I’m not willing to give LG a shot on anything other than a Nexus device.

    Also, would it kill them to stop mimicking TouchWiz?

  • nochargeallday

    Battery indicator showing low battery, this will probably be the reason I have to pass. MAXX!

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      clock is also showing 116 am if this was all day use I’m good with that

      • ETPhoneHomeT

        Check the 35 second mark of the video. It shows up time of 1:16:35. Hope he didn’t start with a full battery charge!

  • Austin g

    Looks amazing

  • Mikey Styles

    So far so good but, Already looks “too clean” to be on VZW so they’ll pass or if not fill up with its full suite of bloat. Just Sayin

  • kirk ngo

    not for sale LOL.

  • kixofmyg0t

    I’ll take a Google Play Edition of this thanks.

    • Qbancelli

      That will be the Nexus 5.

      • calculatorwatch

        Kinda hope you’re right on this. That hardware is sweet.

      • Elliot Kotis

        Nah HTC has n5 down. Or Moto?

        • Droidzilla

          Samsung got 2 in a row, so I could see LG getting it, too (and the Nexus 4 is a fantastic handset, so I wouldn’t mind). I’m doubting Moto gets a crack this early as Google will want to calm any fears from its partners that Moto is the new face of Android. Of course, I think the whole Nexus program should be Moto only (100% Google control) and any other manufacturer can make a “Google Edition” phone for sale on the Play Store. That would be ideal.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Beautiful device. Not fond of the buttons on the back though.

    • Elliot Kotis

      Nah HTC has n5 down.

      • [A]dri[A]n

        What? Who said anything about the N5? Lol Besides, LG has been heavily rumored to be making the N5. They already have a finished prototype. I’m sure the N5 will be made by LG. I doubt Google would entrust the N5 to HTC.

        • Elliot Kotis

          Sorry, someone else did, I was on my phone, it must of jumped before I clicked.

      • XboxOne



        • Elliot Kotis

          Someone else did, I was on my phone, it must of jumped before I clicked.

  • bose301s

    I want this!

  • Kevin N

    Hate on screen buttons:(

    • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

      they probably don’t like you either

  • Jason Parr

    On screen buttons, wow! Looks like LG paid attention to Google’s design. Though I know a ton of folks like capacitive buttons, I am not much of a can!

    • dannyWHITE

      Are you a bottle?

      • mechapathy

        Perhaps a pouch?

        • LionStone

          Juice box?

          • Brian P.

            Big Gulp?

      • Mark2134


        • Sirx

          Mystery DL staffer detected. Deploying ninjas…

          • Weber

            Second one in a week that comes out of the woodworks.

          • Mark2134

            A few of us are mods that don’t comment much. Some of us used to write for the blog. Some of us help gather tips. I used to write for K about a year and a half ago but didn’t have the time to maintain it. So now I just help out where I can. Mystery solved. 😉

      • Jason Parr

        Lol….damn autocorrect! Well played!

        That was “fan” BTW…..

        • mechapathy

          I appreciate the fact that you took the joke in good humor and didn’t edit your OP so we all look like idiots.

          • Jason Parr

            We all fall victim to the occasional autocorrect fail……..besides, I thought it was funny myself, after I noticed all of the posts, I figured I would jump back in. Besides, I don’t get off making others look like idiots!

          • Jason Parr

            Oh and on a side note, I am on Verizon with a galaxy nexus and a huge dilemma….. I like the S4, the one is on the horizon, and all of these other devices, I am not sure which way to go. My wife is on T-Mobile and I have considered going that route once my contract is up and I can stick with nexus devices. But we travel a bit and most of the time I have signal and she doesn’t……… Quite the conundrum! I have an upgrade but I don’t want to dedicate 2 more years to vz necessarily either…… Doh

          • rutgersjaffo

            Wait for the Note 3. Note 2 is the best thing ever, so the 3 is going to be suh-weet…

          • Jason Parr

            I am considering that actually. I was going to go s4 but heard the note 3 news and figured I would hold out.

    • HarleyFan72

      Are you much of a can’t?

    • Nashdroid

      Or perhaps a Bota Bottle?

      • mechapathy

        I have many a fond memory with bladders like this and cheap boxed wine.

  • possomcrast1

    Dear LG, stop trying to mimic touchwiz; it’s not a good role model.

    • dannyWHITE

      How are they trying to mimic TouchWiz?

      • Eric

        It looks like touchwiz.

        • OptimusWiz

          LG: Let’s take TouchWiz, change the icons, make the status bar transparent, and change the homescreen indicator! That’ll really fool them!

        • Michael

          They even mimicked the settings with the multiple tabs!

          • deadpenguins

            Not sure how long TW has had that layout, but I know LG has had it since before the GS4.

      • possomcrast1

        It looks like a slightly altered version of Touchwiz.

        • dannyWHITE

          You can make an argument that the wallpaper on the device looks like a wallpaper on the S4 but Lg has had the same UI look since the original Optimus G

          • possomcrast1

            Which they modeled on Touchwiz at the time.

          • Guest

            This isn’t about wallpapers. Touchwiz has always had a similar UI. The Optimus G Pro took after Samsung’s design and LG is also doing it with their UI.

          • New_Guy

            Icons, clock widget, transparent notification bar…

        • deadpenguins

          It is, except I like it better because it doesn’t have all these resource hogging gimmicks that the newest version of TW has.

        • waiting for nexus 5

          t is just 1 out of 4 themes in optimus launcher , u can change it if u dont like . the same UI is there even in LG feature phones name S-Class UI

        • michael arazan

          Kind of looks like TW with a dash of sense

      • waiting for nexus 5

        it is just 1 out of 4 themes in optimus launcher , u can change it if u dont like .

    • New_Guy

      LG wants so badly to be Samsung, it’s pretty ridiculous. I wonder if people are going to complain about it’s plastic nature like they did the Galaxy phones as well…

      • possomcrast1

        It’s kind of pathetic.LG has some great screens, good internals, and from what I remember good cameras. They just need to either switch to stock or have their own minimal,UNIQUE, skin.

        • Elliot Kotis

          Yes and they were heading in the right direction 1 and a half years ago. But something happened

        • New_Guy

          I agree, they really don’t need to mimic anyone as their hardware is usually very nice.

    • waiting for nexus 5

      It is just 1 out of 4 themes in optimus launcher , u can change it if u dont like .

  • RoadsterHD1

    Forget all that crap, show me a quadrant standard test or something.

    • Dave

      Our house has a GS4, DNA, and GN2. All three have much different quadrant scores, however run side by side, there is virtually no difference. Not to say the 800 is going to be a slouch, cuz obviously it will scream, but blown up quadrant scores don’t always reflect a real world performance. I realize you probably understand that.

    • Liderc

      lol, quadrant scores. Any phone today (high end) can run anything that’s available, there’s not even a reason to look at specs anymore except for the display quality and battery.

  • Bionic

    Touchwiz much?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I mean it is LG.

    • abqnm

      Touchwiz aside, it looks like a really nice device. Very good looking screen and bezel/screen ratio. Just like with the real Touchwiz, the best way to deal with it is cover it up with at least a launcher, if not an AOSP ROM.

  • jrmonro

    The display looks amazing on this! I may just give LG another shot.

  • Looks fantastic. I could definitely consider that as a next phone, although I’ll be more excited to either see a Nexus version of it, or just a Google Experience side option.

  • dannyWHITE

    I’m going to go on a limb and say this particular device is a Sprint version.

  • Brian Wolfman

    love the phone….but the buttons, deal breaker. S4 back to my front runner.

    • duoexo

      Please stay with the s4 then. Since the Gnex & N7 I love onscreen nav buttons.

      • Brian Wolfman

        Oh no…not the on screen buttons. I have a GNex and love em….the power and volume buttons.

    • Weber

      You don’t press them at the same time. You press the unlock button to wake up your screen, then use your thumb to unlock it. The only difference is where you place your index finger. Not like you’ll look like you’re one of those infomercial people that just can’t seem to get anything right e.g. dropping your phone or spilling your plate of eggs any time you try and unlock the phone.

    • zurginator

      While I agree on picking it up from a table (if you have it face-up), removing it from your pocket puts your index finger in just the right spot (assuming top-down orientation). The headphone jack is also on the bottom, which helps with that as well.

  • Kevin Esser

    Was the 3D option really necessary for the video?

  • dannyWHITE

    Quick Remote, QSlide 2.0…AWESOME features on the Optimus G Pro, happy to see they made their way to this device! Cant wait!!!

    • kbnx

      What are those features?


      • dannyWHITE

        QuickRemote is a feature that allows u to use ur phone as a remote for any TV, Blu Ray player, projector, etc. QSlide allows you to run up to 3 apps at once on the same screen and allows u to adjust transparencies of each one.

  • Goldenpins

    Awesome unlock effect. Haven’t seen anything like that minus LWP lock screens in Miui but not an actual unlock effect.

  • mechapathy

    That unlock effect is pretty awesome. But the fact that quick settings takes up more than half of the notification shade is not.

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      Our house has a GS4, DNA, and
      GN2. All three have much different quadrant scores, however run side by
      side, there is virtually no difference. Not to say the 800 is going to
      be a slouch, cuz obviously it will scream, but blown up quadrant scores
      don’t always reflect a real world performance. I realize you probably
      understand that.

      • mechapathy

        Seriously though. Go away.

      • Lee McLaurin

        Your cousin is a bitch.

    • deadpenguins

      I agree, but it looks like you will at least be able to remove that stupid volume dial.

  • Gregory L. Taylor

    Yes yes YES! Can’t wait for this puppy to be official!

    • Qbancelli

      I have found my Nexus 4 replacement.