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Newegg Updates Android App, Brings Personalized Homepage and Push Notifications


For fans of the online tech retailer, Newegg, you can go grab the newest version of their Android application through Google Play. For version 3.0, Newegg set out to bring a completely new look and feel for the app, allowing users to personalize their homescreen with specific listings, as well as the ability to set push notifications for certain products. Now you can easily keep track of that sweet monitor you’ve been wanting for the house. 

On top of that, you can now use gift cards for your purchases, so that’s also a major plus. Full changelog is down below.

What’s New:

  • Create a personalized Home Page – set your own updates, etc.
  • Customize Push Notifications.
  • Add Price Alert.
  • Use Gift Cards for Purchases.
  • We will acquire access to your camera and phone calls so that you could scan barcode and click to call our customer service in a more convenient way.

Go grab it through Google Play right now.

Play Link

  • Stringray42

    I’m saddened that part of this update requires it to Run at Startup. I use the NewEgg app occasionally, but with this update, I’m going to be using it less. No need to have it Run at Startup if you’re not going to use it all the time, just a waste of RAM.

  • John

    F’in love Newegg

  • If this were five years ago I’d be excited about anything NewEgg. However, they’ve since decided to flush their successful business model down the toilet.

    • Justin Osborne

      Sadly, I feel the same way. 🙁 Just started happening in last couple of years.

      Also, much of what used to be a good deal is a better deal on Amazon, too, now. Only thing they still have is good product reviews and harder to find components.

    • Subpepa

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  • Damon C. Walden

    Must be a slow day in the world of android

  • rogerpeele3

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