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DROID RAZR HD and MAXX HD Receiving Update to 9.20.1 and 9.18.79 – Fixes Bugs, Includes Google Security Patch

razr hd update

Update:  For some reason, Verizon is now pushing out two different builds of 9.20.1 and 9.18.79. We aren’t sure why, but should we find out we’ll update the post.

A new update for the the Motorola DROID RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD has been approved by Verizon as build 9.20.1. It appears to be nothing more than a bug fixer, rather than the 4.2.2 update we were hoping for. In the update, users will find new versions of SmartActions and Backup Assistant. Outside of those new goodies, Motorola appears to have patched a bunch of SMS bugs, enhanced GPS and Bluetooth, and patched a security exploit.

The update is 50MB in size.

Typically when we see updates approved by Verizon, they begin to rollout within a week or so. We’ll keep you posted.

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  • Scott

    Does anybody have this update in a stand-alone .zip download?

  • Kamalia

    Navigation app in Motorola RAZR stops voice direction as soon as the phone is connected via bluetooth in the car!! I have changed several Motorola phones and the same happens every time. (Verizon suggested that I use Sonic RIder. Well, this is how it works – I cannot have both the device and car connected to the phone via bluetooth.) That is not a good option for me. Does anybody have same issues?

  • Daniel C

    Do not do this update. My phone now locks up and reboots several times a day, factory reset didn’t fix the issue either.

  • Izy

    Question? Which update should be on the Droid Razr HD , the 9.18.79 or 9.20.1?

  • krystal

    I have done the update and it says successful but the I keep getting the window that says I need to update

  • opossum


  • Shelby s

    Just did the update and LOST my navigation……..I’m beyond angry…..I’m canceling my plan with Verizon. Tired of Apps closing randomly and tons of issues with this phone. Going To iPhone

    • diana

      There was a recent update in which google wanted the blue navi arrow removed as a separate icon. However this doesn’t make anyone loose their navigation. You just have to go through the maps icon first. I talked to verizon about it, it’s not a fluke.

  • Jeff Mitchell

    My Droid HD Maxx and Motorola Sliver headpiece are supposed to have Class 1 bluetooth. Supposed to get over 300 feet, I’d be happy with 50 to 100 feet, but I only get the typical Class 2 range of 15-20 feet. Any chance the bluetooth connectivity they mention will boost this?

  • Thuggernaut

    I’ve had my RAZR MAXX HD since February, not a single crash or lock up. Since this “bug fix patch” released and installed itself yesterday I have had around 6 hard locks with a complete phone reset. IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T TRY TO FIX IT! FFS

    • Keen

      Having the same issues. Since update now my phone locks up and reboots itself. Never had this issue before!! 🙁 Wish there was a RollBack option!

      • mikr

        Me too. Constant freezing and sift reset needed. Help!!!! Never did this before. I called Motorola and they told me to clear partition coach but didn’t help

  • anon3

    If already rooted use SuperSu pro version with the ota survival option and you will keep root.

  • ozzy6900

    9.18.79 did not fix the send text problem with bluetooth and Altima. Still receive texts okay but cannot transmit a text from the car. Looks like the MAP still is not working properly.

  • Eddie Morrison

    I just got the first update and it is 9.18.79 update

  • cobell

    Just got OTA update in Fort Worth, TX. Was hoping to see WiFi improvements but I’ll take what I can get now.

  • Chuckh1958

    Does it fix the freezes if the phone is left charging overnight?

  • Tom Z

    How much more reliable can the GPS get? I’ve never had an issue with this phone. (RAZR MAXX HD)

    • DMBatCOFC

      I’ve had issues with it since day one on 3 different MAXX HD’s. It isn’t very accurate at all when you zoom all the way in on any mapping application. It hovers constantly.

    • I just hope it fixes the issue I have with location based Smartactions. I’ll be home in bed and the Smartaction will sometimes randomly think the phone is about 10 blocks away.

  • Nathaniel Newman

    Well time to FREEZE the Updater.apk file!

    • Tom Z


      • T4rd

        So he doesn’t lose root and an unlocked bootloader.

        • endurotech

          Once the bootloader is unlocked it cannot be locked again, due to the QFuse being blown

          • Anticommunist Rightous

            Theoretically!!! People! Just stop those stupid updates! Verizon just want you to plug the holes you can make this great phone totally free! No benefits to you guys – all goes to Verizon.

  • DanSan

    big news on the razr front but any updates for the regular razr? my girlfriend has it and curious to see if any will be coming

  • Ayyy

    THANK GOD ~~ Bugs runneth rampant!

  • Chris Schmucker

    Verizon has been on a roll with updates lately.

  • shimme

    what about wifi dropout issues??

  • drebin

    Nah. I’ll stick with being unlocked.

  • Mike

    Cue the usual “will it break root” questions.

    So…. will it?

    • droidman

      Yah, brah.

    • bogy25

      Fix to camera maybe?? ohhhhhaaa ahhwwwweee NOT…. 🙁

    • Capt. Crunch

      Just use OTA Root Keeper


    Hey DroidLife, I’m assuming you’ll let us know ASAP when it is available for side load 🙂

  • Sean Plantz

    YES the random reboots were driving me insane.

    • watchthesky

      I’ve only had the phone since December, but I’ve never had that issue *knock on wood*

  • T4rd

    I guess this will be the year Verizon learns how to update their phones in a somewhat timely manner. Never thought I’d see the day.

    • schoat333

      Except this is not 4.2.2, so…..

      • tyguy829

        that’s motorola’s fault then. it’s not like they submitted 4.2.2 and verizon is taking forever to approve it. They sent this update instead, and verizon approved it. verizon did their job

        • schoat333

          You can believe what you want, but do you really think Motorola hasn’t got a working 4.2.2 for this device? You realize they are owned by Google now, right? I’m sure Verizon is sitting on it, or rejecting it for some stupid reason.

          • T4rd

            If the international/GSM Razr phones haven’t been updated yet, then Verizon most likely hasn’t received it yet. My statement still stands, I think; Verizon has shown a lot of improvement updating their phones recently. Very rarely do they keep up with other carriers when updating their phone, but the Verizon GS3 and GS4 has been getting updated at about the same time as everyone else so far this year.


    Yummy… some discount the minor update, however, that GPS fix alone is something to get excited over!