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Twitter for Android Receives Update, Now Syncs Direct Messages Across All Platforms


If you mosey on over to Google Play today, you will find an update waiting for you if you use the Twitter for Android application. The Twitter team has taken some time to fix a pretty big problem that Twitter across all platforms has had. Direct Messages will now sync across your account and devices no matter where you read them. 

Up until now, reading a Direct Message that you received on your phone would not mean that it would show up as read on your browser or desktop application. Finally Twitter got around to fixing this problem and assures us that while it was added in this application, “syncing will roll out gradually.” Twitter has also improved how searching works inside the Android application as well with this update to help you keep up with everything that is going on at all times.

What’s New:

  • Now when you read a Direct message it will be marked as read in all of your official Twitter apps (including twitter.com, mobile.twitter.com, Twitter for Mac, Twitter for iPad and TweetDeck) and vice versa.
  • As you search you can now see user avatars and clear past searches from the dropdown menu
  • Richer search results indicate when there are new Tweets for your query and show account results with bios and social context

Have you switched to Twitter for Android with the recent struggles third-party apps like Falcon are experiencing?

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Via: Twitter

  • Droid Ronin

    Twitter for Android sucks and still no tablet-optimized app. Went to TweetCaster and called it a day.

    • michael arazan

      Carbon is a pretty good replacement with slide out options

  • Guestnumberwhatevs

    Until a third party Twitter app can show me who Retweets and favorites my stuff, I won’t be leaving the official app.

  • Maybe they finally fixed the notification sounds, too. But not holding my breath.

  • sc0rch3d

    i don’t receive enough DM’s to care. Twitter is more like a newsreader for me.

  • Firelight

    Nope! Still rocking the Falcon & loving it. Best platform for Android -period. And I have tried them ALL since my OG Droid & Twidroid!

  • r.™

    Falcon All Day!

  • Sean Halpin

    Falcon Pro IMO. Or Plume. Or something that isn’t “Twitter for Android.” Their response to the token mess makes me want to avoid their official app even more than I already did.