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Explaining Motorola’s New Line of Phones for Verizon: DROID ULTRA, MAXX, Mini, and Moto X

motorola xt912-4

Over the last week or so, we have gone from being fully confused by the incoming line of Motorola phones on their way to Verizon to feeling like we have a pretty good grasp on the situation. And since a couple of readers asked that we try and help clarify it all, we thought we’d take a stab at explaining this unique situation. After all, we’re talking about four new phones, all made by Motorola, headed to one carrier at what could end up being around the same time. Ready? 

The Devices

Keep in mind that none of this is fully confirmed at this time since Motorola has yet to announce anything, but thanks to numerous leaks over the last week, this is what we know as of today. We will see four devices in total made by Motorola launch on Verizon within the next couple of months. We have the Moto X, DROID ULTRA, DROID MAXX, and DROID Mini. The Moto X is not a part of the DROID brand. There is a chance that they all launch around the same time, however, don’t be surprised to see the Moto X launch first, with the DROID devices trickling out shortly after.

moto x

Moto X (XT1060, XT1058, XT1056, XT1055)

The Moto X is expected to be Motorola’s first “hero” device of the year. Not only will it arrive on Verizon (XT1060), but also on other major carriers throughout the U.S. including AT&T (XT1058), Sprint (XT1056), and U.S. Cellular (XT1055). Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said at the D11 conference that this phone will be assembled in Texas, anticipate your needs as you use it, arrive before “October,” and be broadly distributed. Motorola’s PR team confirmed to us that this phone will in fact arrive “late summer.”

Motorola launched a new marketing campaign just before July 4 for the device that started as a full-page newspaper ad, detailing their plans to allow you to customize your phone. Shortly after, ABC News reported that Moto will allow you to choose from a “palette” of colors for both the back plate and the front trim of the phone. You will also have the option to custom engrave a message on it, and even upload a wallpaper to have set as the default. We’ve already seen a number of different colored backs for the device in apparent leaks.

In terms of specs, nothing is at all confirmed, but rumors peg the device as having a display in the 4.3-inch to 4.5-inch range at 720p resolution, 10MP rear camera (with an advanced sensor), 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, stock Android 4.2.2, and a 1.7GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.

The Moto X (or at least a device very similar to it) was first leaked back in March and is pictured above.

A rumor popped up at the end of last week, suggesting that Motorola and Google would unveil the Moto X at a private (and small) press gathering at Google’s campus on July 10 and 11 of this week. Some even pointed to Moto’s first ad for the device which showed a couple making an “X” and a “I” as representing the 11th of July and confirming this. A writer for Forbes was one of the press invited to the gathering (which is indeed taking place), but said that he was told by Guy Kawasaki (the organizer) to expect an actual press event later on and that this was more of a gathering of “close personal contacts.” Kawasaki would not confirm whether or not the Moto X would be the topic. Also, a CNET reporter is claiming that the Moto X is not the subject for the meeting. So something is going down this week that may or may not involve the Moto X. Either way, there will likely be a separate and much more public event for the device later on.

Edit:  The Wall Street Journal has added some information to the saga, claiming that Motorola will spend upwards of $500 million to market the device. They are also reporting that the phone will hit all major U.S. carriers and have limited bloatware. They suspect that the pricing will match other flagships, meaning $199 on contract and $599 off.

Edit 2:  Eric Schmidt has now been photographed with the phone in white.

We do not know when this phone is launching, but would guess that it could be out before the end of July or maybe even early August.


DROID ULTRA (XT1080, XT1080W, XT1080R)

Outside of the Moto X, which we still believe is headed to Verizon, Big Red and Motorola will also team up to introduce a new line of DROID phones similar to last year’s RAZR HD and RAZR M. The first is the DROID ULTRA (pictured above). Specs are scarce, but one report claims that we should be looking at a 2013 flagship-type device with a 5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 800 processor, and 10MP camera (with advanced sensor). As you can see from the pictures of the phone, we’re also going to see a fully kevlar-wrapped phone, with capacitive hardware navigation buttons, and a top-centered rear camera surrounded by a speaker.

The device will come in three colors:  black, white (picture), and red.

No release info has even been suggested at this point, but with press renders and test devices already showing up, it shouldn’t be long before this phone arrives.

droid maxx


The DROID MAXX is the brother to the ULTRA in that it is likely nothing more than an ULTRA with a bigger battery (look at the model numbers). Just like what we saw last year with the RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD, the MAXX probably won’t change in any sense other than that it will last longer on a single charge. Oh, the price will also probably increase by $50 or so thanks to that higher capacity.

No word on a release for this either.

DROID Mini (XT1030)

The DROID Mini is the biggest mystery of them all, but we would guess that it’ll be similar to the RAZR M, meaning it’ll have decent specs without being considered a flagship. We’re likely looking at great battery life, a decent camera, 720p display, and a small form factor (hence the name “Mini”).

No pictures or rumors of a release date have surfaced yet.

Last Thoughts

At first thought, it struck me as being odd that Motorola would attempt to sell four different phones through Verizon at around the same time. But then an industry friend pointed out that AT&T currently sells around seven different Samsung phones, so the move wouldn’t be all that shocking. I’d imagine that Verizon will leave the Moto X promotion up to Motorola though, and that their budget will be all about the new DROID line. So even if they are selling three new DROIDs and the Moto X at the same time, they will be advertised through completely different channels.

So, all clear? Do you have enough info to start saving up for one in particular?

  • Eric Ramos

    Its funny that even after you lay out the information properly, everyone still twists everything around lol. The droid phones are only going to be for Verizon because they own that name. I can almost bet the capacitive buttons were Verizon’s doing also considering all of last years Motorola devices have soft keys. The Moto X is going to be on all carriers which is actually a first for Motorola considering the multiple variations they would normally release for each carrier. This is going to help Motorola develop a brand and put a phone with a close-to-stock-as-you-can-get on multiple carriers, which even Google has yet to do. If they succeed with no carrier bloat and prompt updates, IMO that IS a hero device.

  • Sporttster

    Sounds like the Droid Maxx for me. Big screen, big batt, big power and Moto. What else can be asked other than a completely unlocked BL?

  • LosttsoL

    What happened to the Razr M with the slightly bigger screen they were supposedly coming out with? Is that one of these phones?

    • Eric Ramos

      The mini seems like its predecessor.

  • oddity98

    What happened to the ” under $300 off contract” price point? Very disappointed..

  • steve james

    The most important thing to me is removable battery. I am betting these don’t remove as that is the gimmick of the maxx phones. Batteries go bad no matter how good they are. I have yet to have any battery in any phone stay good for more than 6-8 months usually less. I guess Samsung will have my money, even though I want to try some other make.

    • Michael Pahl

      Lithium Polymer, in the MAxx HD, is suppose to last significantly longer. I have had my phone a while now and it lasts as long as it did day one.

      • steve james

        Well thats great. I think they might be able to make them last a couple years and most people upgrade then, at least that is how I do it. But I keep my old phones. I still have my og droid as a media player and gaming device. So eventually the battery will go out. I understand things go bad but I would like my several hundred dollar investment to last at least 5 years and hopefully 10. No battery has a chance to last that long with frequent use. That is why I buy several spares so far so good on my og Droid.

        • Michael Pahl

          What other several hundred dollar electronic devices do you expect to to last 10 years? 😉
          Even multi thousand dollar car batteries in hybrids die after short periods.

          • steve james

            Blu ray players, Home Stereos and Televisions. Although the new tv’s really are much to complicated to keep going like the older tubes used to do. Gps units, I could go on.

  • Duncan Hoge

    Moto X vs HTC One — guess the rumors align them to be coming out around the same time. I’ve been a Droid user my whole life… but i’ve wanted to get away from Moto and go for something with some real metal in it! Cameras and processors are the most important thing to me. My biggest peeve is when it takes 3 seconds to load the keyboard… that and skipping songs. What are y’alls thoughts on these two flagship devices going one-on-one?

  • jt O’Brien

    Split between the Moto X and the Note 3. I’m assuming the Moto X will have some cutting edge hardware and software in there with its “smart” capabilities. If that is there and functional and smooth while it gets quick updates, other hardware specs such as processor speed, ram, etc wont be that important to me and I’ll probably side with that.

    But if the “smart” stuff is gimmicky and not all that enticing, Note 3 here I come.

  • Richk

    I wonder if any of the new motos will have sd card for added memory?

    • Their current ones do. I have high hopes these will as well.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Droid MAXX is the one for me. 5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 800 processor, and 10MP camera, I’m there. Upgrade from my Bionic that is working flawlessly and perfect. Love my Bionic but this DROID MAXX will be worthy for upgrade.

  • IanAndersonLOL

    Snapdragon S4 Seems pretty weak. How do they expect it to compete with the S4 and HTC one? Didn’t they say it was a flagship?

  • It’s all about the battery life, the rest, is moot to me.

  • Tod Cox

    I will buy the one that is waterproof. Even if specs are a little lower than “hero” category.

    • KDC

      well to be i think all of the droid ultra,maxx and mini will be waterproof.I have yet to see a new motorola device not water and dust proof.

  • Matt Hickman

    This is ridiculous. The moto x is probably the Droid Mini that you are talking about. It fits the specs. Lesser screen, CPU. They sound one in the same. Its a waste for Motorola to make a Droid Mini and a Moto x. I hope for Motorola they are the same phone. Why would Motorola need both for Verizon? And i heard before that the Moto X was going to ATT not Verizon. Can Verizon get its normal 3 phone line up while the other carriers get the Moto x? The moto x doesnt sound so interesting to me. Id rather the larger 1080 screen and quad core processor. And lastly, i hope this new camera can finally compete with HTC and Samsung. Motorola has been so far behind in this dept.

    • KDC

      nope Moto X will be different from the “Droid” brand and will come to verizon.

    • I got a feeling that the Mini will probably be nothing more than an Ultra with a slightly smaller (4.3ish inch) screen. There’s still a significant market out there for phones with smaller screens and higher specs. Not wild about the name ‘Droid Mini’ though.

  • Sir Thomas Jenkins esq.

    I don’t own a dictionary of Motorola lingo, so when the writer said ‘hero device’ without providing a handy definition, I was not sure what they meant. My initial thought was that it might be Motorola’s word for flagship….then I got to the specs, and saw that I have to be wrong. What does hero mean to Motorola?

  • thelolotov

    Ctrl + F, “keyboard”, “Nothing.”, Ctrl + W

  • Josh

    Was hoping the Ultra would’ve been a phablet. Still probably leaning toward Note 3 right now.

  • James Hill

    So, none of these phones will have a physical keyboard…. Guess my wife will use her DROID 4, forever.

    • Brian Cohen

      and I guess I will be as well…

    • Steve Benson

      You’ll probably never see another Android phone with a physical keyboard. It’s legacy tech. If you need a keyboard, your only option is….Blackberry. Ug.

  • CapnShiner

    I really hope that this is mostly just Motorola clearing out the rest of the Sanjay-era devices and that there will be a true flagship later on that we haven’t seen yet. The fact that the Moto X is made in the US is cool but the different colors and the custom default wallpaper are nothing more than gimmicks that try to distract from lackluster internals. The Droid Ultra, Maxx, and Mini would’ve been pretty good 6-12 months ago but now they are just pointless. Maybe if they are $50 or less on contract from the beginning they will sell ok.

    If the new, Google-owned Motorola wants to be taken seriously and wants to truly compete in the current market, they need to release one hero flagship device that blows its competition out of the water and stays at the top of the heap for at least 6 months. They need something better than the GS4, One, and iPhone 5s or whatever the next Apple phone is called. If they can’t do that, they may as well throw in the towel.*


  • DJ SPY

    The Droid M is the Moto X but Verizon style.

    • bananatroll

      The droid is has no relation to the moto x. It is the next gen of the old droid x…

      Droid x> DROIDX2>DROID RAZR M> DROID M. All have 4.3″ screens.

      Moto X has a 4.65″ amoled screen.

  • jer85008

    I hope the X has a bit better specs than what the leaks are suggesting. I can’t live with a 4.3″ screen and an S4 processor in a new phone. I realize they need to cut costs due to the “advanced” sensors, but sheesh.

    • bananatroll

      4.3″ is wrong.

      The Moto X phone(mid range) has a 4.65″ AMOLED 720P display – same unit that the current RAZR HD has.

      The Moto X phone(here – October 2013) has a 5″ AMOLED 1080p display which just so happens to be the same unit that is on the upcoming Droid Ultra handsets.

      See? They use the same display for two different lines of phones. This is why they went with capacitive buttons on the DROID ultra phones – to use the same screen as the Moto X phones, and thusly save bookoo dollars in production costs on both lines.

      • EC8CH

        Why would they need to use capacitive buttons in order to use the same 5″ 1080 screen? The Moto X would have on screen buttons while using that screen, so why couldn’t the Droid branded phone?


        • bananatroll

          I would assume because Verizon thinks its users prefer the tactile effect of capacitive buttons? Or because they want more differentiation between Google phones, and Verizon phones?

          Or maybe motorola doesn’t want capacitive buttons associated with its new flagship devices, so it relegates capacitive to droids only.

          Lol call guy kawasaki and ask him.

  • Richie Sullivan

    If you are going to give me a chin then give me a hairline… dual facing speakers and this would nice…

    • Joseph Pojunis

      Nice wording, I agree

  • DainLaguna

    ‘at&t currently sells around 7 different samsung phones’

    yeah, but not all of them are positioned as flagships, and its very easy to see that they are aimed at different price brackets.

    the ultra and ultra maxx need to be the same phone. they’ll be identical minus the battery size.

    the xphone being on here is just going to confuse customers. and with the xphone being the size it will be…whats the point of the droid ultra mini? samsung doesnt have 2 galaxy s4 minis.

    i appreciate the rundown kellex, but personally, i thought you’d take more issue with whats going on here rather than just trying to help everyone understand the silliness of it like if its something we SHOULD get.

    i dont get it. there is ZERO need for the ultra line. Motorola is shooting themselves in the foot with this. apple and samsung are dominating. why? brand recognition. everyone knows about each respective companies flagships.

    but with moto? ha. good luck trying to assist the average joe in deciphering that. id hate to be a verzion rep when all 4 of these phones are out an about.

    its like what htc used to do, taken to the extreme. i feel like allowing vzw to still sell motorolas under the droid moniker is the worst idea ever and 100% counterproductive to all of motorolas efforts in re-labeling themselves as a google company and pushing phones built or at least assembled in the U.S.

    we should all be pissed that the same vicious cycle is repeating itself all over again.

    • Steve

      The Ultra line is the last of their pipeline. I don’t think they will advertise the device all that much – probably not at all. It’s probably something to prevent the company from loosing too much money. Once a project has begun and contracts are signed, you don’t want to trash the whole thing.

    • Casey Maines

      DL, I agree with you but one thing to remember…last year when Woodside took the stage with the “new Moto” to announce the RAZR HD/M line, didn’t he mention (or it was mentioned in some reports) that it was going to take more than a year to get to where they want to be in terms of Moto’s comeback? The Ultra/MAXX line seems to be what others are saying here…the end of the Jha era devices. We thought that the RAZR HD was it but apparently it wasn’t. Just my observation I guess.

      I’m not at all excited about any of these devices (even the X)…I just hope they get them out so we can move and see what Moto is really going to be all about moving forward. Hopefully this is the last of the Jha era devices.

  • Hans Dirk Kwazneski

    Truly awesome you guys listened to the readers, very VERY rare to come across a site that does this. Props to DL for putting this all together for us.

  • Michael G

    Still don’t understand the dual core…

  • kelvinini

    So Motorola’s just going to stay in the US? I would like to have a maxx I don’t want to always buy an extended battery life lol coz its fat

    • needa

      i dunno what they are going to do with the verizon phones. but the x will eventually span across the borders. they only have 2k peeps working the plant. some of those will be doing the custom orders and others will be doing the wearables. i would imagine as soon as the demand drops in the states they will be shipping to other countries.

  • MotoX_or_Droid?

    I’m going to guess Droid phones released around Tuesday, September 17th. Promo video for Droid Combat released by Verizon on June 19th. Video ended with “World domination in 90 days.” 90 days from June 19th is September 17th. *shrug*

    • Weber

      I like it.

  • looking forward to the Maxx series

  • Jason B

    The iPhone 5 isn’t even 720p and people buy those up. 640×1136 (or 640p) and that’s a “hero” phone.

    There is something to be said of optimization. Everyone wants less lag, so the solution is to add more RAM and bump up processor specs. At the same time, you want less power consumption (+higher capacity batteries that are smaller/thinner/lighter) and even higher display resolutions. It’s a losing battle.

    Software is an integral part of the experience, and it is, primarily, the main experience. If you optimize the code, you optimize the hardware to the fullest extent.

    I don’t like the iPhone, but honestly, that’s why they can get so much battery life from a small battery. The software is heavily optimized and there’s less waste. Performance is generally good too, despite losing in benchmarks to higher powered phones with faster processors.

    Optimization or brute power?

    • jb

      This…I really don’t think ppl know what they want nowadays…

      • DainLaguna

        they all want specs for the sake of specs. phones like the gs4 should have never lagged like they initially did. optimization goes a long way.

        who cares if you have better specs than i do if my phone feels and IS faster?

        congrats on your benchmark that does nothing in the real world. people want all the wrong things. smh.

        • kg2128

          I don’t know what phone you have but there is nothing faster than the Galaxy s4 right now, including the HTC One. Once the snapdragon 800 hits there will be multiple devices but for now the snapdragon 600 in the S4 and OCTA in the S4 are at the top. Specs for the sake of specs sounds like what people who are broke/jealous say. There are 2 situations where smartphones are pushed to the limit, high quality video playback and games. “Optimizations” won’t help the huge difference in hardware then.

          • Frettfreak

            Look, i am a Samsung guy myself, but you need to open your mind a bit and maybe play with a phone before you bash it. The GS4 lags. Its because of touchwiz, and has for a long as i can remember. Maybe lag isnt a good word. do this… unlock your device, and imediately scroll screens. Its just choppy for a second. No, its not that big a deal and a lot of people dont realize it honestly. Now go to a store and mess with the ONE. it doesnt do this at all and is REALLY smooth. THATS what software optimizations do.

            HOWEVER…. just FYI.. they have the exact same processor, the one is just clocked slightly slower (however you would never know it by looking at benchmarks)

          • John L

            @Frettfreak This is true. HTCs android software optimization makes for fluid screen swipes and transitions. HOWEVER, it also means slow to non existent software upgrades as android versions progress. This lack of software upgrading on their hardware prevents me from purchasing their products. I shouldn’t have to risk “bricking” my smartphone (aka rooting) for newer software.

          • DainLaguna

            optimization takes time, but htc just isnt timely with it. it is possible to do both.

    • Steve

      You made this sound right. Kudos

    • Colin Zack

      The problem is you can’t optimize Android as well as iOS because of how locked down Apple products are. Their specs are always behind Android (and Windows generally at the same price point), but they perform better because of the optimization you get at the cost of choice and openness.

      • kg2128

        They don’t actually perform better. People love saying Apple is more “optimized” but that is because Apple hardware is always behind and the software is dumbed down. Yes there are Android devices that lag sometimes depending on hardware/OS versions but all the new flagships destroy the iphone 5 in hardware.. And When the 5s comes out, even better hardware will be out for Android flagships again, if the 5S can even surpass the snapdragon 600 (that is far from guaranteed).

        • DainLaguna

          those flagships lag too.

          so basically, the optimization allows lower end hardware to perform better in the real world….and you STILL prefer a silly benchmark? why? how does that benefit you?

    • Tyler Durden

      Idk the iPhone screens are pretty clear at their resolution. Clearer than my note 2.

      • vinnie

        As it should be… On the iphone your looking at a 640p screen on 4″ where as the note 2 your getting 720p over 5.5″. Clarity is all about pixel density which the iphone’s retina display clearly wins in that battle.

        • cmonnats23

          Correct. Think of it this way: 1080p TV at 55″ and a 1080p TV at 26″ both being 3 feet away from you. Its ovbious which one will look better.

      • Androidstar

        what about 5″ 1080p Galaxy S4 which has ENORMOUS PIXEL DENSITY?
        only HTC One has a slightly higher PPI than S4.
        We can call it 5″ Ultraretina Display!

        Galaxy Note 3 with 1080p display is coming also.

    • BCoils

      not only that but the battery in iphones is considerably smaller than other flagships coming out.

    • Larizard

      I think you have valid points, but let me tell you three words:

      Key. Lime. Pie.

      Be ready to be amazed this fall.

  • QwertyGuy

    I hope that chin is hiding a nice qwerty on the Ultra – than the X on VZ as well makes a bit more sense.

  • SeanPlunk

    Hmm, Kbman is a reputable source and he says we’re getting some version of the S4 Pro processor (unclear if it’s dual or quad), a 5″ 720p screen and 1GB RAM. Very disappointing if true.

    Here are his posts:

    1) ‘The white one is the Ultra and it is also a 5″ 1280×720 1.7ghz S4 Pro MSM8960 1 GB RAM device with smaller battery and internal memory and very thin profile with wrap around kevlar body.

    My friend hated it and it was totally uninteresting to me as well. It’s like a RAZR packaged in a Samsung like body.

    It was the first device he tested and I saw it about 7 weeks ago in a pre production body that he was told was NOT the release version, although it was white and looked very much like the EV Leaks image.

    I was in a huge hurry that day and didn’t have time to spend with him and was more interested in the test builds he had on his engineering model HD.

    The MAXX is the one we both liked and had 32 GB internal and the 10 MP camera and advanced contextual awareness features.

    He did not have the MINI version but had seen it and knew people in that group. He didn’t care for it but said it was similar performance wise to the MAXX with lower resolution display and small form factor.’

    2) ‘I already posted that the MAXX has a 5″ 1280×720 display, which is why I said “also” above referring to that prior info.

    None of these has a removeable battery, but all have external SDcard support AFAIK, although I have not seen the MINI nor the Moto X.’

    And in reference to the reports of a 1080p, S800 hero phone:

    3) ‘That article says “and he’s guessing…blah blah” and he is wrong…simple as that. ‘

    Link to thread:

    • Cell Zealot

      I am kbman on HoFo and I have seen both the Ultra and the MAXX via a friend who is on the test group for both of these phones.
      They are both dual core 1.7ghz S4 Pro with 5″ 1280×720 resolution displays.
      I am absolutely certain about this because he showed me the debugging screens from the monitoring software that displayed the number of cores and activity state, load etc.
      The Ultra was a pre production model in a shiny white wrap around shell that was supposedly NOT what the release version would look like and he has had the device approx. 3 months already.
      The MAXX he got more recently and is supposed to be what the release model will look like. There were two versions, a 16GB and 32GB internal memory and his was the 32GB model.

      All I can tell you is what I saw and there is no quad core S800 1080p resolution Droid coming soon.

      If you want to argue about my credibility have at it…I am also CellZealot from TeamBlackHat if that helps you draw a bead.

  • Bill Hill

    I was think ok good until I read S4 processor, then I was gtfo

  • antinorm

    Will these devices be covered by Motorola’s bootloader unlock program?

  • AxemRed

    In addition to these, I have seen two different leakers mention a second, bigger, more powerful phone in the Moto X line. Obviously there’s no information other than hearsay, although since I’ve seen the same story twice, I do believe it.

    I plan to at least until the first Moto X is available for reviews and benchmarks to decide what to do. If the specs on the DROID Ultra Maxx looks good, I might wait for it too. Once I have that information, I’ll weigh it against any rumors at that time about the bigger Moto X and make a decision.

    • needa

      my opinion is… if we dont see some substantial leaks by the time the 4.7″ x is released… there will be no 5″ until spring at the earliest. by substantial i mean casing, press renders, etc. the rumor mongers are calling for an october 2013 release on the 5″. and that makes absolutely no sense at all. to the point that it would be impossible for the fort worth plant to take on that much work. until we start seeing proof, i think this rumor is a complete bust.

  • I wish they would simplify their naming scheme. It is utterly confusing to so many customers.

    If you walk into Verizon without having done research, I could see this being so completely overwhelming.

    Honestly, this is something Apple does sooooooo much better. Samsung is getting better. Even as am android enthusiast, I’m confused by all these differences from Moto.

  • jak_341

    I still don’t get where the X phone fits into all of this. Mini, Ultra, and Maxx are the low / mid / high devices. So where does the X fit?

    • AxemRed

      The Moto X is Motorola’s answer to the Samsung Galaxy and HTC One phones. It will be available on most providers.

      The DROID phones are their own, independent series that Verizon commissioned. They are only available on Verizon.

      The Moto X isn’t part of the DROID series. Moto probably had a contract to do these new DROID phones for Verizon long before they had a release date for the Moto X. Chances are that the Moto X and DROIDs will compete with each other on Verizon.

      • Steve Benson

        You’re exactly right. Samsung unified their flagship brand under the S line and launched it on all carriers with great success. HTC follow suite and unified their flagship brand under the One line with great success, which probably saved them from bankruptcy.

        Motorola recognizes the success of this business model and is following suite. The X will be the new flagship brand for Motorola going forward. This will start with the mid range X at the end of summer, followed shortly after by the “Hero” X device which will be fairly high end. Early in 2014 we will see another X device, which is rumored to be a “dream phone.”

        I would expect the Droid line to die after this fall.

  • Rene Barba

    Droid Maxx and the Droid Ultra Look like identical twins, but there not, it’s the pattern of the Kevlar on the bottom of the phone.

  • Bionic

    Sare said this new droid line was nothing special so A snapdragon 800 is outare out of the question I would be shocked

    • hkklife

      I too am still having trouble believing the 800 rumor. The rest of it is totally plausible (Droid DNA-level specs, basically, just more battery & storage).

      Does this Ultra Maxx make you regret your GS4 purchase even a teeny little bit?

      • Bionic

        no I am very happy with my purchase Motorola still have a lot to prove the nicest thing about these phones will be the batteries but my battery life is nothing to laugh at I’m averaging one day 7 hours

        • hkklife

          How is the reception? My stock VZW GS3 is a dog as far as both reception and battery life. Note 2 is a substantial improvement in both areas from what I’ve seen, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the S4 continue the trend.

          • Steve Benson

            Are you serious about the GS3 reception and battery life? Unless you live in a concrete bunker, the GS3 is amazing in both areas. I’ve never dropped a call and have strong LTE everywhere I go. 22 hours of moderate use in one charge is pretty good. Maybe you were holding it wrong?

          • hkklife

            Dead serious. On a bone stock, latest firmware VZW GS3, I can be sitting in the exact same setting with a DNA and RAZR MAXX in the same room (all stock). My S3 will be fluctuating in and out of barely clinging to 3G coverage, the DNA will have weak LTE and the RAZR Maxx will be rock-solid. Whether simply comparing “bars” or getting really nitty-gritty and measuring dBm and asu, my GS3 always fares poorly and it runs VERY hot (even when I take it out of its case). A friend’s Note 2 is always superior in similar circumstances (I don’t know anyone with a VZW GS4 to compare).

            Furthermore, if I am sending an email or uploading a video to YouTube and try to take a picture with flash and don’t have power saving mode turned on it’ll overheat and lock up (requiring a battery pull). The phone did NOT have any of these issues with ICS, for what its worth. Is this normal behavior? I’ve done countless resets and tried every manner and brand of microSDHC card, rolled back the firmware with Odin and everything else. I am ready to throw this GS3 against a wall at this point!

  • Raj Bhatt

    I want that Moto-X but the specs simply aren’t doing it for me. A stock Android, “quick-update” Ultra Maxx would be perfect to replace my GNex.

    I just can’t see myself buying something with the same specs as my GNex.

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Even if they are using a custom version of the S4 Pro, it would still be significantly faster and have much much better battery life than your GNex. It ouwld be a solid upgrade I’m certain.

      That said, a Droid Maxx may be my next. So glad I didn’t give in and have waited for Moto, every one of these devices looks like it could be amazing.

    • DainLaguna

      do you have any clue how much better the internals of the xphone are compared to the galaxy nexus? the galaxy nexus was hardly bleeding edge when it came out outside of the screen.

      • Raj Bhatt

        Nexus phones in general haven’t been ultra cutting-edge, but they are near the top of the pack. A compromise between the X and the Ultra would be acceptable.

        • DainLaguna

          when the nexus4 came out, very little could compete with it with regards to specs. the snapdragon 600 wasnt out yet..it had qualcomm’s latest silicon. id even argue the nexus s had decent specs for its time, same with the nexus one.

          the galaxy nexus? nope. not even close. literally the screen was the nicest and most ‘cutting edge’ or ‘near the top’ thing about it. battery life, camera, white reproduction, build quality and yes even processing ability….all behind the times, despite my having enjoyed its company.

          all i’m saying is that because of all those things, the xphone would feel like a massive upgrade for you.

          you wont be able to split the difference between snapdragon 800 and it. nothing in android is going to take advantage of the extra horsepower, if its optimized properly.

          • kg2128

            Man you are wrong all the time about hardware (maybe that is why you don’t know how to appreciate it). When the Galaxy Nexus first came out it had a dual core A9 and the TI Omap 4460 was one of the fastest CPUs out there. There were also very few 720p screens out there. The Nexus 4 was certainly high end at release, but don’t put down the Galaxy Nexus to make it look better.

          • DainLaguna

            it was one of the fastest cpus out there at the time but was VERY quickly eclipsed. all that power did nothing for the android jank prevalent in ics…jb made a massive difference in that regard.

            but the physical hardware outside of the screen is well documented. im not trying to play up the n4….in alot of aspects it is undeniably better. and the gnex still has its advantages too, namely lte and 32gigs of storage.

            the gnex doesnt have ‘feelings’, its a phone. im stating my personal thoughts on the device after having lived with it for a year.

    • notechnomo

      im waiting for the next best thing, myself. but one thing i cant forget… is the damn gnex has 2 battery syphoning radios and all the newer SOC’s have integrated radios!

  • InvaderDJ

    Interesting. I was holding off for the HTC One on Verizon, but I’m interested in the DROID Ultra MAXX.

    I’m really just hoping that the DROIDs aren’t going to be the typical ones we get from Verizon. If the Moto X is the only unlocked or semi open device and it is a mid range at best device I’m not interested.

    Hopefully we get some more information on Thursday.

  • Jonathan

    Would love a Moto X Maxx.

  • Jared Tau

    MOTO X in white with the texture back please and thank you

  • Bionic

    Don’t listen to the person called sarge here. The real sarge only posts in one place. Not here.

    • gp126904

      Where does he post?

      • Bionic

        In the matrix

    • Tyler

      Personally I don’t listen to anyone who references him either.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        lol you tell him!

  • Bionic

    Don’t forget there are two X phones. The good one comes later

    • tyguy829

      if the hero x phone really does exist, i wonder if they will announce it alongside the midrange one and say it’s coming later on. I know this might hurt sales of the midrange moto x, but just can’t see them having 2 separate press events before october

      • Bionic

        I’m honestly confused by that as well

        • tyguy829

          wait. is Sarge V******r on B********d?

        • Xcalibur

          I share in your confusion, that’s why I question a high end version coming out in October and not early 2014. I hate the fact a mid range phone is coming out first, and ONE of their selling points is customization of colors.

    • Geekdad

      How late? End of 2013?

  • paul_cus

    720p hero phone, lol.

  • Cyber Jethro

    Any body else concerned about the shiny backing on the Droid Ultra press render? I wonder if it’s glazed…

  • Damian

    Welcome to 2013 Motorola!

    • More like 2012.

      • hkklife

        Yep, Q2 2012 at that!

  • moew

    why does this site stall on keywords.fmpub.net all the damn time lately?

    I unblocked noscript for a bit just to test, uber fail on the number of sites that try to load here…. like 32 more other than this domain…. grrrrrr.

    Let’s hope we get some motofacts soon!

  • Sarge

    This is only the beginning…

    • Captain Spaulding

      Please elaborate.

    • gp126904

      Why did Moto do away with on screen keys? Will they be back for the X-phone?

      • Steve

        Based on Moto X leaks, likely.

    • cb2000a

      We want fold out screens now! (so we can have small phones with big screens)

      • Captain Spaulding

        How about flexible rollout screens!

        • moew

          I thought these existed already, like a decade or more ago.

          • Steve

            Seriously not ready for mass production.

          • Captain Spaulding

            So you saw an Android phone with a rollout screen 10 or so years ago? Wow, you must be psychic.

          • moew

            +1 upboated you for your candor about screens.

            You do realize that android didn’t really exist back then! Post again, I’ll upboat you all night!

          • Captain Spaulding

            Of course Android didn’t exist back then. Just because the technology may have existed in a primal form back then, doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be viable in today’s world. In fact, it would be more viable today than ten years ago. Sorry if I sounded like an ass, but you did too.

          • moew

            +1 upboated for awesomeness!

            so basically, “because it existed back then, it didn’t really exist back then, but then I experienced it first hand, but you didn’t so it didn’t exist when it existed so Capt. Spaulding is jelly and arguing about time travel now when he shouldn’t be arguing when it existed but not in his world where it didn’t exist because he didn’t realize it existed because it actually existed.” Love it sir!

            Bro, do you even XZIBIT? Countless memes sir, you might even be him!

          • Captain Spaulding

            Have you lost your mind? I made a simple comment, then you decided to troll it. I never said it didn’t exist back then. I was pointing to the fact that what you said had nothing to do with what I said. Just because the technology may have existed 10 years ago, that is irrelevant to the conversation at hand. You just think that you have to one up someone for some kind of insecurity in your life, and for that I will return the favor and upvote you. Now I must be done with this conversation because I’m starting to get drunk. With all due respect, good day to you.

          • moew

            Good evening to the drunken man [sic]that’s trolling here! Saying that I saw an android phone 10 years ago and then saying I’m trolling? Nice drunken touch!

            Cheers NS™

          • Captain Spaulding

            No, I was implying that you acted like it was no big deal if they came with a flexible roll up display because that’s been around for a decade or so. Let me reword my question; what device, available to the general public, have you used? NONE, let alone a phone. So, for you to say that tech existed 10 years ago means nothing,as it wasn’t available for average people.If a new device were to be released with that tech, you would drop to your knees and smile like a donut to get your hands on it, and don’t lie to yourself, you would.

    • tyguy829

      can’t tell if actually sarge, bionic’s new account, or some jokester

      • Bionic

        He’s an idiot

    • Bionic

      Stop pretending to be sarge

      • Liderc

        Only thing different between this fake sarge and the “real” one is that the fake one might have something factual to report. heh

    • MicroNix

      If this was “the beginning” there would be no capacitive buttons. This must be the last of the Sanjay era phone designs for it can’t be Google inspired with those. Don’t ya think?

  • makewayhomer

    here’s hoping they buck the trend of smaller screen devices having downgraded specs everywhere else. some of us want a high end phone with a 4.0 – 4.3 inch screen. the Razr M is an absolutely perfect size, I would love an upgraded version in the same form factor

    • Tyler Durden

      You can’t have high end and it be 4in. That’s mainly why apple sucks.

      • michael arazan

        At first my GNex seemed huge compared to my D1 but over time it seems tiny again. I’m a tall person and a big phone would be nice, plus i stream a lot of media and videos on my phone an a bigger screen makes viewing way better. My Gnex screen looks tiny compared to my freind’s GS4 on sprint.

        To be honest my N7 would be the perfect screen size if the tablet had no bezel and was just edge to edge screen.

      • Frettfreak

        thats the most retarded comment i have seen in a while. the ONLY reason people associate “high end” with big phone is because that is what the OEMs make. Period. the only reason there isnt, is not because it cant be done, but that there is more demand for larger higher end phones. thats a fact. But it IS totally possible to put anything (save for maybe a super huge battery) in a smaller device that would compete on specs with larger screen’d phones.

        • Tyler Durden

          You can’t do anything on a 4in screen. Going back to why the iPhone sucks.

          • turdbogls

            yeah, because no one buys the iPhone…….you really like to push your ideas on people dont you?

          • DainLaguna

            choice is good. thats why the iphone is unappealing to some. blanket statements such as yours are a much bigger issue

    • kg2128

      That “some of us want this or that” logic doesn’t work. It all comes down to what the (paying) majority wants. There are still people out there today that really prefer physical keyboards but want high end phones. Well there are no more flagships with keyboards, there are just midrange or low end phones. They have to make a choice. Manufacturers aren’t going to make a high end phone with small screens when the majority want big screens and buy their products. I want all manufacturer skins/bloat gone and every Android phone to come with unlocked bootloaders+Vanilla Android. Guess what, the majority of people don’t care about either of those things so the manufacturers don’t care.

  • Silver Veloz

    I generally have liked the Moto lineup of phones as well as the feel of the phones. I’m trying to decide which I will hold out for – Moto X or the Droid Maxx or ?? I guess it’s a waiting game to see what the true official specs will be. Thanks Kellen.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Question. Since the button layout doesn’t have a menu button…. Should we be expecting that ridiculous on screen menu HTC just got rid of?

    • EC8CH

      HTC just “fixed” that by mapping a long press of the home key as the menu button.

      • Captain Spaulding

        On my One X, it’s a tap of the multitask button. To multitask, you have to long press. That is an option though, not mandatory.

    • wade_county

      No. Same experience like all Nexuses.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Guess I should have been more clear. The Droid devices have capacitive buttons. The MOTO X is one thing but the Droids will need a menu button

        • wade_county

          Doesn’t matter if the buttons are on screen or capacitive. The button layout is the same, so the “menu” button will be in the app (hamburger/3 dots button)

          • Mike

            Except it does matter for apps that use a legacy style menu button. That results in the ugly black bar. That’s not the same experience as the Nexus, which, due to on screen buttons, can “virtually” add a menu button.

          • Justin W

            My bet is Moto’s thought of that and will use a long-press on the Home/Back/Recent Apps key. Then again, look at the HTC One. I can’t wait for the 4.2.2 update so I can stop that horrid bar from showing it’s face again.

          • wade_county

            @joeyklatzko:disqus response is what I hope will solve this.

          • You aren’t taking into account apps that are still using the menu button. Poorly coded apps won’t have any way to access the menu but maybe we should stop cutting them slack


    I’m interested in the XT1080M

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Thanks Kellex. This is why I love Droid-Life – a few readers comment asking for an article like this earlier today and you do it. Awesome!

    • Try to show love when we can heh. 😛

      • dtraini30

        Yes, thank you very much for listening! 🙂

  • XphoneTroll

    Nothing to see here folks, just couple of midrange phones…

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      Nice name!

    • Frettfreak

      unfortunately you are correct. well… at least with the xphone. I just dont understand why moto only gives high end phones to vzw. I am waiting to see the official specs of the X, but i am not holding my breath for anything spectacular. HEY lets give every carrier a completely blah mid range phone and market the crap out of it, then lets give vzw somethings that will be so much better. #makestotalsense

  • EC8CH

    So what about there being two Moto X phones? The mid level Xfone pictured above, and the Hero Moto X?

    Is the Hero device a Unicorn and all we are getting is that average speced device???


    • Captain Spaulding

      With the right software, those specs could be capable of a lot. I would like to see the Snapdragon 800 in there though.

      • EC8CH

        and a 5″ 1080 screen….

        Oh well… hang in there G-Nex. We might be in this together for the long haul.

        • Captain Spaulding

          I’m getting a new phone in October either way, but I have really had my hopes up on the Moto X. I hope Motorola doesn’t dissapoint. The S4 Active will still be there for me though.

    • tyguy829

      seriously though! they just need to take the moto x design and software/customization stuff + droid ultra specs = profit!

      • EC8CH

        Love the design of the pictured Xphone. Like you say, just give it top end specs, quality materials, sell it youself outside of the crappy VZW Droid branding with stock android and take all our monies.

    • I get the feeling that the superstar “hero” won’t happen until later. If Motorola has another secret “hero” other than the Moto X that has popped up at the FCC time and time again, we haven’t seen any signs of it.

      • EC8CH

        Wonder if they’ll have something out by black Friday or if the wait is until 2014.

        Seems odd Goo Moto is coming out of the gate with this average phone. I doubt the press will be kind.

        • Alan Paone

          If it has stock android and the components are good (good colours and angles on the screen and a solid camera), they might shoot for the “Android is so mature that even a midrange phone is pretty kickass” message, which would be a good one. If the reviews all end with “You can get more in a phone, but you can’t get a better phone”, that’s a win.

          • Captain Spaulding

            Nice slogan.

          • Alan Paone

            Thanks. Doing my best impression of David Peirce

          • EC8CH

            But a small 720 screen is hard to sell in the days of 1080 5 inch screens.

          • jb

            Not to ppl that don’t want large phones…

          • Alan Paone

            A small 640p screen seems to be having very little trouble with sales. The kind of consumer who really cares about the difference between 720p and 1080p won’t buy this phone. I think with stock android and a solid build, a lot of people won’t care that it doesn’t come with 1 million extra pixels that you can’t see.

        • MicroNix

          With capacitive buttons do you really think this is a GooMoto phone?

          • Raj Bhatt

            Good point.

        • Justtyn Hutcheson

          Without having it in-hand, its tough to call it “average”. Specs tell a story, but from the way Mr. Woodside was talking, they have a number of tricks up their sleeve that specs just don’t tell.

  • chris125

    If it does have the snapdragon 800 I will be all over it. The x doesn’t really interest me but this all seems too good to be true, verizon will find some way to screw it up.

    • wade_county


  • Alexander

    Why did Moto wait this long to make a true Flagship phone?

    • Justin W

      They didn’t. Last year’s flagship was the Razr HD, and the year before it was the Bionic and Razr (Based on the release, I’d bet they focused more on the Razr than the Bionic).

      They do release flagships, they just haven’t done any like Samsung in that they haven’t been world-wide releases at launch.

      • Justtyn Hutcheson

        I think he’s inferring that the devices you mentioned had “old” tech when they launched. Rather than having the “next gen” chip (APQ8064 for last year’s Razrs since they launched around the same time as the Nexus 4), they used 6 month old SoCs. I don’t see the issue, they seemed plenty snappy to me, but some people put a ton of weight on specs and define a “flagship” Android device as having a spec sheet to drool over with something that devices launched earlier that year didn’t have access to.

        • Marsg

          Lol these new flagship devices arent going to be any different. Their prob coming with the s600 chip while everyone is switching to the s800

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            Except for the rumor in the article that the Ultra (and assuming Maxx as well) will be launching with the Snapdragon 800. The next step in screen tech is IGZO, but I don’t think that’s ready for mass market mobile devices quite yet, so it will likely have OLED or SLCD3.

            Motorola has a different update cycle than their competitors, choosing Q3/early Q4 releases rather than Q2. But even still, in 2011 when the Bionic launched it was the only dual-core LTE device available. The Razr is still the thinnest device Verizon has ever had. As for nobody wanting “old tech”, the 2012 Razrs launched with the same chip as the GS3, while the only device that had better specs on Verizon within 6 months was the DNA, which actually sold less units. So, I reiterate, some people put stock in specs, but on the whole it is the overall experience that matters, which Motorola has almost nailed since ICS. They are comparable to their contemporaries, and that is enough for the average user.

            I will grant that their image sensor is far from the best, but they look to be shoring up that weakness this go-round, as they stated they would. They already hold the battery life crown, and if they really do have the 800, with their lightweight software, they will likely hold the speed crown as well. If these rumors are to be believed, the Maxx may be the best smartphone of 2013.

          • Justin W

            “If these rumors are to be believed, the Maxx may be the best smartphone of 2013.”

            Now if only it were not tied to Verizon, I would buy it in a heartbeat. I agree with Moto’s user experience – it’s by far one of the best I’ve had on a device with the short time I owned a Razr HD. I regret switching to Prepaid for an N4 (which is a great device, but I liked the Razr HD’s feel much more), but I do enjoy the freedom prepaid offers.

          • Justtyn Hutcheson

            I’m really hoping that Motorola will be shipping the currently known Moto X device soon, to be followed in the fall by a device with the internals of the Maxx and the Moto X casing/design. If so, that will be released for all carriers, which would put them on par or ahead of Android OEMs, but we have no choice but to wait and see what they’re cooking up. Anxiously waiting, in my case.

            I’m not looking to switch away from Verizon as I can’t find a prepaid that I like, so I may be getting the Maxx if it really is that much better than the flagship Moto X. Either way, it is a good time to be a Motorola fan on Verizon 🙂

          • Justin W

            Yeah, I’m jealous and kinda not happy that I left my Unlimited data from Vzw. If this phone (the Moto X or Maxx) are all they’re hyped up to be, I might just go back to a carrier’s post- or pre-paid plan rather than an MVNO.

          • umbrellacorp

            Who are you using are your prepaid provider and how do you like it?

          • Justin W

            StraightTalk and it can only be described as “meh”. Coverage is good (using an AT&T provisioned SIM), but I dislike their unclear Data Usage policies. I’ve been throttled multiple times for using just a bit too much data over the course of 1-2 days, even though I’m on WiFi when I’m at home or work (which is about 80% of the time). I’d be on AT&T’s GoPhone prepaid plan, but we don’t have LTE in my area yet so it’s not truly worth switching now to pay $15 more for similar service.

      • Frettfreak

        a flagship by definition cannot be on just one FN carrier. Even if HTC and samsung previously changed the names and maybe a couple little specs on a per carrier basis, it was still more of a flagship than moto put out on ANY carrier xcept for their butt buddy VZW

        • Justin W

          Flagship: The best or most important thing owned or produced by a particular organization.

          That’s the Razr HD/Maxx HD, Bionic, Razr/Razr Maxx. Even if they are “Droid” branded and not on any (or on very few) other carriers, they are still Moto’s largest focus.

          Also, I think you are forgetting, Moto has been putting them on other carriers. The Atrix HD was a modification of the Razr HD, as was the Electrify 2.

          • DainLaguna

            the atrix hd is so not a flagship

          • Justin W

            No, but it has the same specs as the Razr HD, and was based off of that platform.

  • Simply compiling the rumors that are piling up into one place.

    • Fozzybare

      I’m not bashing it and I appreciate the posts 😀

  • Captain Spaulding

    MOTO X!!!