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Motorola DROID MAXX Makes First Appearance in Press Render?

droid maxx

That folks, is the new Motorola DROID MAXX, coming soon to Verizon. At least according to @evleaks, who posted the press render this morning with only the words “Motorola DROID MAXX, for Verizon, 2013.” So we have no specs or even a release date, but we can grab some other information courtesy of the render. 

First, we’ve got the classic red DROID eye, confirming that this phone is indeed a part of the DROID brand. Next, we’ve got kevlar wrapping from the back to the front lower chin and there is a small front speaker grill, with a front-facing camera next to it. Motorola’s standard setup of power/lock switch nestled above the volume rocker on the right side of the device is also present.

We’re a little confused about the navigation button setup, though. The device almost appears to have hardware soft navigation keys, which most Motorola devices moved away from in the last year. The Back-Home-Multi-task buttons are below the display and embedded in the black bezel of the device’s front (at least in this render). That’s an odd move if that’s the case. The buttons are also not sporting the stock Android look, like we saw Motorola change to on the RAZR HD and RAZR M with Jelly Bean updates. So yeah, some interesting things going on there. We’re hoping it’s just the picture, and that Motorola hasn’t decided to go back to hardware buttons.

Other than that, we’ve got no Motorola or Verizon branding, and the device really just looks like a mash-up of the RAZR M and RAZR HD from 2012. The design is not all that interesting or new.

So we’re wondering now if the “DROID MAXX” is the DROID ULTRA MAXX that we were tipped to a week or so ago? Verizon is supposed to get three new DROID devices from Motorola this year – the ULTRA, ULTRA MAXX (or maybe just MAXX), and the ULTRA M (or Mini). This could very well be one of them. The model numbers for Verizon’s Moto lineup look like this:  ULTRA (XT1080), MAXX (XT1080M), Mini (XT1030), and Moto X (XT1060).

What do you guys think about the design?

Via:  @evleaks [2]

  • RoadsterHD1

    I love the hardware buttons. Better than on screen.

  • moming932


  • 5Jack_lune5

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  • hackthis02

    oh god hardware buttons.

  • James Collyer

    thre is no way it doesn’t have on screen nav

  • greekmanx

    I can confirm Razr M Ultra Razr HD Ultra and Razr Maxx Ultra names they are already loaded in out UME in the stores.

    • Shaun

      Ridiculously stupid names but I am still excited.

  • Detonation

    So is their goal to try confuse the consumer with the worst name progression possible? Droid, Droid X, Droid Razr/Maxx, Droid Razr HD/Maxx, Droid Razr M, Droid Maxx, Droid Ultra, Droid Mini, X?

    I don’t think there’s many more combinations of Razr, Maxx, and X they can make…

    • Michael Bassett

      Razr MaXXX, when you purchase it from the verizon website you can choose from any XXX wallpaper to be preloaded on your phone!

  • Bruce

    I really wonder what Moto will do next. Mega MAXX, Super Ultra MAXX, Ultimate MAXX, or MAXXX?

  • Liderc

    Blaeh, so ugly. Google better do something good with Moto soon.

  • Fd2blk78

    Fake. That is all.

  • Joseph Pojunis

    DROID-Life is back!

  • DJ SPY

    The on screen buttons do take up a lot of real estate. I installed an app that for rid of the and man is the difference huge! I do like the idea of front speakers.

    • Vanquishgc

      Nah, I think he meant the speaker as just the mic, not actual front speakers like the One

      • DJ SPY

        Well that sucks.

        • Vanquishgc

          It’s a decent idea, and I give HTC credit for it, but for me it’s not a big deal. Besides, with so many good portable bluetooth speakers out there, on of which I own, Who needs it? It’s almost kind of gimmmicky

  • paul_cus

    Looks like the Oppo Find 5 with kevlar.

  • chris

    Droid Maxx… any possibility of this being a qwerty w/ a maxx battery?

    • chris

      Just thought of it, seeing as how theres no other name attached to it, which is what the droid 1-4 were. If this is the case, it would make sense to let this thing come out for the qwerty lovers out there.

  • dsass600

    I don’t think this is real…

    • arapeyeph

      Its on EV Leaks. So every picture that shows up here is fake? Here this laptop I’m typing on. Its fake too. You can take my word for it.

      • dsass600

        No you imbecile. It could be a fake render.

  • chris125

    If this makes it with no logos on the front that will be a win in itself

  • D Jones

    Not a fan of those corners. Rework it.

  • Ian Smith

    this looks terrible. like some quasi-military inspired phone that a teenage boy would like. don’t even get me started on the capacitive buttons……

  • Diablo81588

    This looks Photoshop fake. The nav buttons aren’t even centered..

  • Lam Nguyen

    Hopefully the nav buttons are on screen!!!

  • roberthenderson

    Thank you Motorola for not cluttering up the new screen with an extra row of ugly onscreen buttons. Disappearing capacitive would have been ideal, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.

    • needa

      i am indifferent. capacitive and they dont take up screen real estate. on-screen and you can change the layout, number, size, and looks. they both have their pros n cons.

      • JMonkeYJ

        i don’t understand how capacitive buttons don’t take up screen real estate: if those buttons aren’t there, then that space could be used for a bigger LCD. i think most people are saying this because up until now most phones with on-screen buttons also had large lower bezels, but that certainly isn’t a requirement. i really see no down side to on-screen buttons.

        • needa

          the gs4 has a super thin bottom bezel with capacitive and hardware buttons. my gs2 with capacitive has arguably the same bezel space at the bottom as the n4.
          i think its more of a “we have an x” screen, now what are we going to do with the space at the bottom” versus “we can put a larger screen in if we dont use buttons”.

        • Scott Webber

          The problem is that they’ll tell you it’s a 1080p screen, but 192 pixels is permanently allocated to buttons. If they made the screens longer (1080p + buttons), then on screen is better.

  • Bionic

    This phones deserves a brown eye instead of a red one. 🙂

    • lgreg64

      This was good 3 years ago not now

    • Ned Danov

      Very good say 🙂

  • Eion

    I dislike onscreen buttons with a passion. Not sure why, I think it’s because in my mind they are taking valuable screen real estate.

    That being said the issue I have with Motorola phones and the leak above is the lack of Symmetry. The bezel above the screen is small meanwhile the bottom is larger. If they were to remove that gray section from below and shore up the black abit so it matches the top bezel the phone would look sweet.

    • roberthenderson

      One hundred percent with you on the onscreen buttons. I hate the cluttered look of 2 rows of buttons and the wasting of screen space.

      • KleenDroid

        When you have onscreen buttons done correctly you don’t have 2 rows of buttons. Check out the Galaxy Nexus. That is the way every phone should be. Especially a phone from Googerola.

        • Mark Mann

          i think he was referring to the dock plus the nav buttons…anyhow, i don’t have on screen nav buttons unless i want them to show up

          • Jonathan Williams

            Exactly. I love PIE.

          • Mark Mann

            me too, if ic an’t turn on pie on the rom i’m using(and thus turn off the nav bar), i get lost…lol

          • Jonathan Williams

            Jelly Belly let’s me turn on the standard nav buttons from the power menu in case LMT gives me issues.

          • Mark Mann

            i went back to stock moto jelly bean from the rom i was using…it took me about a day to get used to using the navbar again

        • roberthenderson

          Nyet, still taking up screen space. there’s an outside chance that someone might get smart and do something in the style of wave launcher or pie control, but I don’t think they’re that smart.

      • dmagicp

        I wish I could plus 1000 this. I have no idea why people want to have buttons waste screen space with a black bar behind them. I am sure that one day Google will introduce floating navigation buttons that truly disappear from the screen when not needed but until then they should be on the bezel. I think Samsung does the most amazing job with this and I really hope they don’t give in to public pressure, and start screwing up their design language with this crap.

  • david

    Those are on screen buttons , there is a black bar on the screen that goes across them. Is it really that hard to see that ?

  • kixofmyg0t

    I don’t know if I trust this. I mean c’mon, where’s the giant “VERIZON 4G LTE” logos plastered all over the front?

    This is obviously very old. Its a mockup. People are freaking out about the buttons….don’t worry they’re gonna be on screen. Chill out.

  • Firelight

    Buttons are not centered (this was pointed out on Android Police’s comments, too).

    Notice the huge bezel on the sides? That’s certainly not keeping in line with the RAZR M nor with what we’re expecting with the Moto “Hero” phones. Something smells here…

    • Lam Nguyen

      Well if the buttons were put on there by someone, and there is on screen buttons, there is a giant bezel on the bottom for nothing (probably a verizon logo). I’d rather have capacitive buttons then a big bezel.

      • zurginator

        Or the Motorola logo.

        There’s also a chance of a notification LED there. The chin does exist for a reason though, there is typically quite a lot of stuff down below the screen, plus it rides the screen up higher to a more comfortable position.

  • bananatroll

    Capacitive buttons? That is the absolute worst change they could make. I mean common this almost looks like it’s from south Korea with those ugly bastards on there.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Same old tired Verizon Droid design Enough with the carbon fiber already

    • Avery Dejuan Herron

      Thas not carbon fiber thas really cheap kevlar and trys me it won’t stop a bullit nor does it make the phone any stronger its a play on peoples minds.

      • Zach Armstrong

        Its a gimmick like you said and Doesn’t give the phone anything

  • Guest

    Capacitive touch buttons? Nah, I’ll pass.

  • William_Morris

    Capacitive touch buttons? I’ll pass.

  • possomcrast1

    This will probably be a Galaxy Note competitor. I can see it already; “Introducing the Droid Maxx with blazing fast VERIZON 4G LTE and a giant 5.3 inch display built for getting things done.”.

    • Tyler Durden

      You forgot the /s

  • Tyler Durden

    Holy Bezel, Batman!

    • Bionic

      yeah, its old pipeline crap

      • lgreg64

        Let’s hope it’s the last

  • Trevor Vass

    Damn it… when are they going to stop putting all the buttons on one side?! Why not put the charger port and headphone jack there too?

  • BRIM

    Well, would you look at this: Moto has been MIA from the tech scene and many people expect a “great” return and yet we get this…

    *Same old tired Moto design
    *Owned by Google, yet looks to move backwards with NOT using last year’s onscreen/software navigation buttons (a Google standard)

    • Trueblue711

      This is probably one of the Moto products that has been in the pipeline since the Google buyout. It’s probably just being released so they can get a ROI and satisfy contractual commitments (Verizon/DROID related).

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Motorola last device we for Verizon ha Don screen buttons

      • Ian Smith

        true, but it still sucks & we must flame it

      • lgreg64

        Agreed this the last of old moto thank God

    • Dave

      Not to mention from a pure financial standpoint, Samsung (even with the s4 just getting into heavy rotation) currently accounts for 70% of Android activations. I would expect that in the mid or high 70’s by the time the S4 cools off. Could you imagine if a car OEM for example was selling that large of a percentage to the public.

  • Nick DeRose

    If Motorola wasn’t being selfish, I might consider on getting this phone, but I’m getting the GS4.

    • KleenDroid

      The S4 is a great phone and I’m really enjoying mine.

      The Roms are really becoming nice. We also have a pure Google experience ROM. It isn’t perfect yet but it’s getting close.

  • MettaWorldTroll

    Looking forward to the old Motorola designs dying…

    • MarcusSchoen

      Remember that 18 month pipeline?

      • hkklife

        18 month pipeline, yeah, but ALL the recent-ish Moto devices have had onscreen buttons—RAZR M, HD, HD Maxx, Photon Q, Atrix HD. IIRC, the final Moto phones with capacitive buttons were the Droid 4 (Feb ’12) and RAZR Maxx (Jan ’12).

        I think this is a hoax, honestly, unless Moto under Jha was SO desperate for a VZW order that they let VZW dictate some kind of reduced-cost, gimped device like this (basically to mimic the ”success” of the HTC/LG/Samsung phones with capacitive buttons). If so, its likely citing some stupid VZW reason that users feel real buttons are more intuitive etc.

        • endurotech

          Also Electrify 2 and Electrify M

        • LiterofCola

          Yeah, it’s not legit (I’m feeling)

    • Larizard

      They should call this the “Droid Last” to put a pun on the HTC First.

      Then kill the old design with fire.

      • Derin Richardson

        Or Droid Ultimatum.

        Then smash the old designs to pieces and scatter them all over Sanjay Jha’s front yard.

        • Tyler Durden

          Too bad Ultimatum doesn’t always mean the end.

          • michael arazan

            This more like the Droid “Redundancy”

          • Kimm Ryland

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      • MicroNix

        The “MAXX” should be standard equipment and not a “second” version.

    • While it may not be necessarily something to be hold compared to other devices, it is definitely something that can take a beating well beyond anything say an S4 or HTC One could ever withstand!


      too bad the iphone 5 has better battery life than the current droid maxx hd

      • todini

        Too bad the ipbone 5 is an apple.

      • CapnShiner

        Too bad the opinions of trolls are meaningless.

    • sc0rch3d

      with a baseball bat…?

  • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

    love the small bezel, just hope the go with on scree keys this just seemsnlike a step back. on a side note I wonder how deep the pipe line of old moto devices went. I thought we were past the same old design.

    • Guest

      well, the bezel is smaller compared to typical

      • Jroc869, Nexus-Life

        yeah and if they go with on screen keys it would be pretty much non existent. would love to see that.

    • BRIM

      I agree that the bezel is “smaller,” but that’s compared to the usual massive bezels Moto uses. But even the S4, and upcoming LG, really set the bar high for the slimmer bezels (which I love).

  • Marcus Schoen

    Dat eye. I wonder if the boot animation will be as cool as the Razr M’s is.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Something doesn’t seem right. I usually trust evleaks.. But I dunno. If moto tries to sell me cap buttons and moves AWAY from on screen…. I’m done.

    • Marcus Schoen

      Those are Moto’s 4.1 Shadowblur buttons from the Atrix. I thought they got rid of those on the Razr HD

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        I thought they went to all software buttons… That is why I’m skeptical about this.

        • Dave

          Maybe just for a few devices.

    • meijin3

      Maybe they already had a deal with Big Red to make a phone like this.

    • r0lct

      Just remember this phone is being built to Verizon’s spec. The moto x will be the phone for most of us.

    • Shaun

      Something doesn’t add up…

    • Larizard

      It’s a red herring orchestrated by Google themselves.