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Samsung and HTC Post Estimated Q2 Earnings, Both Fall Short of Analyst Expectations

htc one vs galaxy s4

Both HTC and Samsung posted estimated earnings for the second quarter of 2013, showing good numbers, but neither company hit analysts’ revenue expectations. Both reports are still “estimated” and unaudited, as Samsung is set to post their official numbers later this month and the same for HTC.

Samsung’s report showed record-high operating profits of 9.5 trillion Korean won ($8.3 billion in U.S.), an increase of 47 percent year-on-year. Q2 sales are estimated to have hit a whopping 57 trillion won ($49.9 billion in U.S.), but both figures failed to meet the forecasts of analysts, as they had Samsung pegged to produce 10.16 trillion won in operating profits and 58.7 trillion won in sales.

As for HTC’s financial struggles, they seem to be somewhat leveling off. The Taiwanese company reported unaudited operating income of NT$1.05 billion ($35 million in U.S.) and net income before tax of NT$1.52 billion ($51 million). With these estimated earnings, HTC did meet their own expectations, but it seems that the analysts aren’t as easy to please. While the numbers aren’t bad, HTC’s profits dipped 83 percent from the same quarter of last year.

While these are not anywhere near as close to being as bad as Q1’s figures, HTC will need to walk the talk with their upcoming global marketing campaigns, as suggested by their CEO.

Via: HTC | Reuters

  • ABullsEye

    If Apple’s recent success (or Sony’s failure, if you prefer) is a
    lesson, it’s that winning the war takes more than a great product. It
    takes a combination of timing, execution, vision, and marketing. It’s a
    formula that is hard to sustain, even for Apple.

    Details @ http://abullseye.wordpress.com/

  • WP8_Android_iOS

    duck the analyst… figures speaks for themselves. anaylsts and critics should burn in hell they are the one ruining movies, brands and companies

  • Samsung and HTC Post Estimated Q2 Earnings, Both Fall Short of Analyst Expectations ! wow…………

  • sk3litor

    And just imagine if the system wasn’t so ass backwards. (I.e) *walk into verizon store* “im interested in (phone of liking)”. “I’m not sure we have that in Stock. Have you seen the new iphone5?”(I’ve seen it with my own eyes) Oems should have brick and mortar stores to BUY a material product and then SIGN UP for service/carrier of choice, not the other way around.

  • capncoad

    Feels as if the Android market is cannibalizing itself into one or two very profitable companies while the rest starve themselves out of business. I myself feel Samsung has been a wild success because of really clever marketing against Apple. They’ve established themselves as the effective anti-Apple brand as Motorola attempted to do with the first Droid back in Verizon.

    The problem is that Samsung is negotiating and marketing very effectively but not engineering a superior product. HTC One makes the better phone, by quite a significant margin I might add, but they trip on their own shoes down a flight of stairs into a wormhole that transports them to a planet with only snakes on it. Their carrier negotiating skills suck and their marketing is plain awful. I faintly remember their HTC One commercial bragging about their beats audio with some dude dancing on the screen with some music in the background. Lets just gloss over the beautiful metal body and sharp display to mention a feature that most people might use in a tight pinch but will always opt for headphones / bluetooth otherwise. Samsung rips Apple in their commercials, mentions features and when they present their phones they (copy Apple) talk about how simple and beautiful and elegant and natural it is. Yadda yadda, it’s glossy plastic shaddup.

    Not sure what the Goog wants. The Open Handset Alliance is in danger of being The Open Handset Samsung, and Google might be at the mercy of what Samsung wants or lose the successful Galaxy brand to a fork and curb stomp Android. That’s just paranoid speculation however, but i’m curious either way.

  • Diablo81588

    Samsung is a huge electronics company. They don’t just make smartphones like HTC. The difference between the two shouldn’t be compared.

    • Tyler Durden

      Yeah they made a name for themselves. HTC didn’t.

      • starnovsky

        And who made a name for HTC?

  • feztheforeigner

    Wait, Samsung beat HTC a thousand to one? That doesn’t seem right…

  • hoosiercub88

    Probably has something to do with everyone interested in these devices already being locked into some sort of contract. 😉

  • James Jun

    The difference between HTC and Samsung’s profits are incredible.

  • starnovsky

    Maybe it’s time to start setting more realistic expectations?

    • Roodly Philogene

      If it was Apple or all sure you would sung a different tune. It would have been all doom and gloom.

      • starnovsky

        I’m sure you know me very well

  • New_Guy

    Overzealous analysts if you ask me. Trying to one-up themselves. It shouldn’t overshadow the fact that Samsung is currently kicking some serious ars, and HTC is finally making its way back into the game. Great job for them and good stuff for Android.

    • Ibrick

      Definitely glad HTC is finally in the black.
      I really don’t want to see the Android world without HTC.

    • I agree, all around this past quarter and even year has been a complete win for Android in general. But dang, you should have read some of the stuff they were saying on Engadget about how the earnings were falling short!I still don’t really see what’s so bad about 8.3 BILLION dollars in profit I mean if you gave me 8.3 billion dollars I would definitely not be complaining or whining for more!
      Not to mention this isn’t the frist time analysts have been wrong!

      • New_Guy

        Engadget has always had a predisposition towards Apple that is really unmistakable. Therefore, rather than saying, “Hmm, didn’t hit the analyst’s mark but still killing it” it’s more “Samsung is filing for bankruptcy this afternoon!!!” I don’t buy it. Samsung didn’t create those expectations, some ambiguous analysts did. I’m not prepared to “fault” Samsung for “only” profiting $8.3bil in one quarter.

        • It wasn’t necessarily the article itself being biased but the comments just BLEW up with what seemed like War World 3!

        • Kimm Ryland

          just as Daniel responded I’m amazed that a mom can get paid $5182 in 1 month on the computer. have you read this link w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

    • SemahjLam

      I think it’s mostly a stocks thing, if your’re buying stocks and see that a company isnt hitting expectations it makes you not wanna buy their stock

    • Richard Yarrell

      Regardless of these analyst SAMSUNG owns android and pretty much always will. Nobody will change that.

      • Bill Hill

        Google sir

      • Haroon Dar

        Hello Moto

        • MicroNix

          Moto has a LOT to prove before they’ll be kicking Samsung. Droid 3 and Bionic owners aren’t going to forget very easily….Google owned or not.

    • master94

      We should fire those analyst. Looks like they failed basic math. When was the right time any of them actually got something right? The way they make it look you would think Samsung lost money but no. It made over 8 billion dollars. That’s not a little.

      • michael arazan

        The same analyst that couldn’t see a housing bubble that nearly brought down the world’s economy. Bank’s literally creating a house of cards and begging the government money to cover bad bets, and NONE of them fired or imprisoned and ALL still have their jobs today.

        • Xeno43

          Your retarded for one for thinking people should go to prison for bad financial decisions (should we send executives to jail just because they invested in the wrong stocks? dumb ass).

          Besides the fact that the housing bubble was caused by the government (freddie mac and fannie mae) organizations that are willing to back the mortgages for people who can’t afford to buy houses. The bank would give these people loans because freddie mac and fannie mae would buy the bad debt from them no matter what.

          Dumb ass.


    Shareholders are finally realizing samsung can’t innovate anymore.

    • S2556

      Oh please. with that much money going into R&D you can bet to keep seeing innovations. multiwindow for example. You sound like a hipster that doesn’t like how mainstream Sammy has become.

    • Blue Sun

      You forgot to add the “/s” to the end of your post.

      • La2da

        S-Innovation /s