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Samsung Hits 20 Million Global Sales of the Galaxy S4 in Just Two Months

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According to new reports out of Korea, Samsung has hit 20 million sales of the Galaxy S4 in under two months, 1.7 times faster than they did with the Galaxy S3. In late May, Samsung announced that they had reached 10 million sales and since then, they never stopped pushing units. 

Samsung’s goal is to reach 100 million in total sales, a figure that would break any of the company’s current sales records. By the time the Galaxy SV (5?) is launched, who knows, it could definitely happen if they stay on this pace.

If you have a Galaxy S4 in your pocket or next to you on your desk, are you still happy with your purchase?

Via: Yonhap

  • moming932


  • Funny seeing all the “plastic” hate on DL, Engadget, etc. come to naught. Go Samsung go.

  • yungqb7

    16GB + 64GB microSD in Black Mist on Verizon

  • Bryan Ott

    I went from the original Droid Razr to the S4, forked over full price to Verizon to be unlocked and I got to tell you I love it! I felt guilty at first but not now. The battery was one concern I had but it’s done amazingly well!

  • Mon

    I love my S4. Im coming from a DInc 2, so a gigapet would have been an upgrade to me at this point lol.

  • scottholstein

    Surprisingly pleased. I usually purchase motorola. Once upon a time bought the GNex. Sold it three months after purchase. It had the worst signal I have ever seen in a phone. Swore I would never buy another Samsung. Coming from the razr maxx hd, I am very pleased. Wish the galaxy s4 had the build and battery of the hd maxx but not willing to go back to it and not disappointed that I made the move. With root and the right customizations from developers, the SG4 can be somewhat distanced from touchwiz. Enough distance to keep me happy anyway. Quad lightening fast with 2 gig of ram and a beautiful screen along with a good size battery and removable storage is great. If it was only made from something else other than plastic, it might be perfect. The signal strength is 100 times better that the GNex. Not sure what was up with that.

  • Erick Worrell

    I’m incredibly happy with this phone. I came from an iPhone 4S, stopped briefly at the Nexus 4 (no LTE, poor camera, poor battery life), and finally arrived at the right phone for me. As others have mentioned, the iFriends in my life (and I worked for Apple all through the iPhone and iPad launches, so there are a lot of them in my life) are all surprised and curious about what compelled me to switch. It’s a hit at parties (the camera features get everyone’s attention), it’s nearly replaced my need for a tablet altogether with such a big, bright screen, and Nova Launcher Prime gets me as close to the stock Android look & feel as I want, while still keeping all the great Samsung features I really appreciate. Wish they had a generic Android lock-screen — I hate the way it handles widgets and limits what you can do there — but that’s about my only gripe.

  • Michael Hammond

    MORE THAN HAPPY …. ECSTATIC…. It’s the most powerful phone and has tremendous capabilities …. going to keep this one around for several years!

  • Ian Dunn

    I dig mine. More than I thought I would coming from 3 prior HTC phones.

  • Dedli

    Going from a Galaxy Nexus to a GS4, the only complaints I have are that the headphone jack is now on the top, and there is a physical home button. Other than that, beautiful phone.

    • rals

      Agreed, I had enough with the GNEX, and I can’t hold my breath any longer for Motorola. But you’re right, it is annoying have the headphone jack up top, and no quick access your multi tasking screen.

      • I like the jacking on top because I’m a dominant lover.

        • michael arazan

          I’m gonna’ jack it where the sun always shines.
          (He’s gonna jack it)
          Been spreading the word and now I need to ease my mind
          (jackin’ it, oh)
          Been planting apple seeds, and while the apples grow
          I’m gonna go out jackin’ it in San Diego.

          Jackin’ it, jackin’ it, jackety-jack
          Spankin’ it, jackin’ it, spankety-smack.

    • ßen Murphy

      My exact complaints as well.

    • Tyler Durden

      Should get an iPhone if you want the headphone jack on the bottom/s

  • jhouk

    Very happy. All of my iFriends that I show it to say, “Wow! That’s a nice big screen!” Then they look back to their tiny screens with a look of quiet disappointment.

  • Absolutely.. Best phone I have owned!

  • Stevedub40

    Extremely happy with my S4 now that I have the GE rom :). I went from the GNex to the DNA to the GS4, and I forgot how much I missed stock Android.

  • Comentologo

    But, but… is made of plastic!!!! /s

  • ßen Murphy

    Glad I upgraded! Kept my unlimited too!

    • Stevedub40

      Same here. Nice to have a family plan to “borrow” upgrades 🙂

    • Daniel Russell

      How did you keep your unlimited? I thought once you upgraded you had to switch to their terrible tiered plans.

      • ßen Murphy

        Device Payment Plan my friend

  • Jeremy Shifflett

    I am for the most part very happy, excited for a fully functional AOSP roms to come out. They are already 95% functional now, very encouraging.

    • KleenDroid

      The Google Edition roms are very good but not perfect yet. They are very good so far and can’t wait till I can stay on it for good.

      • Jeremy Shifflett

        for sure, I’m with ya. Gonna be awesome

  • Jeremy_Bowling

    I am surprisingly happy with my purchase. I knew this was a really good phone, but until I used it for a while I didn’t realize how incredible it is. It is super fast, has amazing battery life and touchwiz is more tolerable than I expected. While it does have it’s quirks I have minimized lag by adjusting the developer settings and some of the features are actually nice to have.

    • tu3218

      what settings did you adjust? I have a sgs3 but curious what you adjusted.

      • Jeremy_Bowling

        In the Developer Settings there are three different settings. 1 Window Animation Scale, 2 Transition Scale, and 3 Animator Duration Scale. I set all three to either 0.5x or Off. It speeds up the transitions and animations making the phone a little bit snappier.

        • Mon

          This works incredibly well! Thank you my good sir!

        • Mvasquez

          Ok maybe a dumb question but can u tell me how to get to the developer settings. Mi went through all the menus and can’t find it

          • S2556

            settings> scroll to bottom. Should be there.

          • vikings football

            if its not in the setting menu…scroll all the way down to ABOUT PHONE and select it. then scroll down to BUILD NUMBER and tap on it about 5 times to activate DEVELOPER OPTION

  • Thomas

    S4 owner here & still very happy. I miss my Note 2 from time to time, but I’m sure the Note 3 isn’t too far away.

    • T4rd

      What do you miss from the Note 2? I was considering trading my Note 2 for the GS4, but the battery life is just so damn good on it, I’m not sure I want to go to anything with less battery capacity/life.

      • KleenDroid

        The battery is wonderful on the S4. If course I’ve never used a Note but I don’t think you would be disappointed.

        • T4rd

          So it’s…. Amazing..?

          • KleenDroid

            Well as a matter of fact. …. Yes!

      • Thomas

        Just the little extra screen size it had. The S4 has great battery life even w/ the smaller battery. I really like how light the S4 is compared to the Note 2 as well. You can’t go wrong w/ either device though.

      • Dave

        I’d keep my GN2 over my wife’s S4. We do about the same things on our phone, she’s usually dead and 20 percent (still impressive for how much its used) while I’m usually in 45-55% range. Yes her phone is faster, but it’s not enough difference to notice unless you’re obsessed with benchmarks. Her display is obsiously nicer, but the difference between 720 and 1080 is light years away from what I thought it’d be.

      • TylerChappell

        Just buy the 7500mAh ZeroLemon battery for the GS4 for only $40. Problem solved.

        • T4rd

          Not if I don’t want to turn my phone into a brick and keep it compatible with any docks/cases that I want. Otherwise I would have got ZeroLemon’s 9300 mAh battery for my Note 2.

          • Chris Schmucker

            Just the thought of a 9300 mAh battery makes me drool. (*glares at Gnex that still gets horrible battery life even w/ extended battery*)

          • T4rd

            Hah, yeah, I’m happy with the stock 3100 mAh battery though. Yeah, I had the Gnex with the “extended” 2100 mAh battery too and it really didn’t make a noticable difference from the stock 1850 mAh battery, both were pretty bad in that phone. The Note 2 has been a night/day difference in every category from the GNex. It really has been the first phone I’ve had with really zero compromise outside of being a tad too large to use in one hand.

          • TylerChappell

            Switch to the stock battery when you want to use a dock or know that you wont be draining the battery on that day? problem solved again.

          • T4rd

            Your solutions are horrible. Especially for a problem that I don’t have.

  • JimmyHACK

    Very happy.

  • mustbepbs


    Wish Nexus devices sold that well.

    • Me too.

    • T4rd

      They probably would if they supported more than 16 GBs of storage and had LTE support (except for the CDMA Gnex’s that had poor battery life and reception).

      • BSweetness

        More importantly, they’d need a massive marketing campaign along with widespread brand recognition. Samsung has risen to the top not only by producing solid products with great specs and innovative features, but also because they know how to sell their products like no other Android manufacturer does.

        • Dave

          And now they account for 71% of Android activations. Could you imagine if one company sold 71% of all cars or some other product….