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Contest: Win 1 of 6 Android Foundry Cruzerlite Cases for the One, Note 2, and Galaxy S3 (Updated: Winners Picked)

cruzerlite android foundry

The folks at Cruzerlite recently partnered up with Andrew Bell and the Android Foundry to create two special edition TPU cases for their ever-growing line. They sent us over a few samples to show off and then give away to DL readers, so since it’s a holiday week, we thought we’d do that today. We have six of these new Android Foundry cases, along with two EXO cases for the Galaxy S4. Not a bad little contest, right?

The first case is called Anderoids, which as you can tell from the picture above, is a take on Asteroids. The second is called Circuitry, and is a look at the electrical side of our friend, the Bugdroid. Each case is made of TPU, however, this is the nicest TPU I have ever felt. I’m not sure what has changed with TPU over the last year, but it no longer feels like cheap slippery plastic. These two cases have a soft-touch to them that not only feels premium, but also gives you a sense of protection. So far, I’m a huge fan of both.

To check out the rest of Cruzerlite’s line, be sure to hit up their online shop.

After doing that, get back here and enter the contest below for your chance to win one!

cruzerlite android foundrycruzerlite android foundrycruzerlite android foundrycruzerlite android foundry

cruzerlite android foundrycruzerlite android foundrycruzerlite android foundrycruzerlite android foundry


Update:  Winners have been picked and emailed!

Prizes:  6 (six) Android Foundry Cruzerlite cases (2 Galaxy Note II, 2  Galaxy S3, and 2 HTC One), plus 2 (two) bonus EXO Galaxy S4 cases.

How to enter:

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Our six (6) winners will be selected tomorrow morning at 9AM Pacific.

  • Ian

    HTC One, or my wife has a Galaxy S3

  • ajmorris13

    Note 2 needs some protection

  • Eric Shelley


  • Leonard Wong

    Galaxy Note 2

  • Warren G

    Note 2 ftw!

  • Nathan Ranson

    I made the switch from an unlimited Verizon plan to AT&T for the HTC One.

  • blackcatroad

    Samsung S3 FTW!

  • Kevin

    Note 2!!!!

  • T4rd

    Note 2! Had a Cruzerlite case on my previous Gnex and loved it. I have been meaning to get another one for my Note 2.

  • Kevin

    Note 2 please!

  • Steven Dinsdale


  • Bobby Cornwell

    Note 2 case please!! 🙂

  • GJV

    Love my S3…almost one year in and still going strong.

  • Jdies

    Note 2, not close

  • coffeechip

    Note II, I like it.

  • hfoster52

    Galaxy Note II

  • Mark Sanders

    Galaxy S3

  • Jeremy A

    Note 2

  • Frank Di Cosimo

    Note 2 Please!

  • GuidZilla

    Galaxy S3 Ehhh

  • Matthew Manne

    Verizon s3, would love one of these.

  • Reginald Jefferson

    GSIV is where it’s at

  • Yuliusman

    I’d love to try that on my Note II.. it didn’t have any protection right now 🙁

  • Roberto Gonzalez

    galaxy s III

  • Jeremy Forney

    Note 2 baby!

  • Nicholas West

    Best phone in the planet HTC One duh. Need that cruzerlite protection for the days were it’s just not going your way.

  • Andy Stetson

    HTC One!

  • Joshua King

    I’m new to android, just got my HTC one yesterday. The old iPhone 4s is headed to eBay..

  • Joshua Patrick

    NOTE2 Please!!!!

  • Joe Bertolino

    Galaxy S3

  • Jason Maze


  • Henrique De Menezes

    Galaxy S3

  • Carlos E. Rabanales

    S4 FTW

  • Mark Gatica

    I own a Note 2! Please pick me! I have no case!

  • Corbin

    HTC One

  • BIG CAT #7

    Note 2. Best phone on the planet!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    Note 2

  • Frank Messner

    HTC One 🙂

  • Karen

    Galaxy SIII please!!

  • Nick McGruder

    i love classic gaming, and that anderoid case would look real nice on my GS3.

  • stush0104

    Got an S3 that I’d love a new case for.

  • indianafanatic

    Lovin’ that Anderoids case. Would look great on my S3!

  • iceburgh

    S3 still going strong here

  • BigDeeNY99

    Note 2!!

  • Matthew Rickard

    yes please looks cool

  • arthuruscg

    The contest section of the website is blocked by works firewall.
    My wife would like a Note2 case.

  • Trevor

    All about the note 2! Love this phone! I’ve been meaning to try out a TPU case on it to see what it does to the bulk of the phone, and this seems like the perfect chance to do that!

  • michael bourgoin


  • JeffPodwats

    GS4!! Great Phone.

  • robertlwalters

    Note 2 then 3 as well.