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Amazon’s GameCircle Not Just for the Kindle Anymore, Comes to All Android Devices


Amazon’s GameCircle, released to match the likes of Apple’s GameCenter, allows players to track achievements, see themselves on leaderboards and sync their game data in the cloud. Since its release, only specific Kindle devices could take advantage of GameCircle – starting today, that all changes as Amazon now allows any Android app to have GameCircle built into it by the app’s developers. 

Update: Amazon reached out to clarify that developers can use the GameCircle SDK to incorprotate these features into apps found on Google Play. That’s a big plus for users.

As you could imagine, this feature is available to apps only inside Amazon’s Appstore and you won’t be seeing this through Google Play. Besides, with Google’s launch of Google Play Games, they finally released their own solution to the demand for a cloud-based gaming service.


Via: Amazon

  • jay


  • starvethedead

    I’m pretty sure the author is wrong about GameCircle only being available for apps from Amazon AppStore and not Google Play.

  • BRIM

    And I had faith in Google succeeding in doing this…only to do it a half-ass way.

  • T4rd

    Who cares. When are they bringing Amazon Prime Video to Android?!

    • Nathaniel Webb

      As badly as i want this to happen immediately, they must be dragging their feet on purpose in order to use it as a selling point to lure new tablet users to the Fire line. This officially sucks.

      • T4rd

        I was thinking the same thing originally, but when they have had an app available for iOS, that doesn’t make as much sense.

        • Isabel Herron

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        • Manthas

          Agreed – the argument of driving folks to the Fire line of devices doesn’t really hold up any water on close inspection. And while it doesn’t mean anything specifically, some folks at Amazon are claiming that a normal Android app is in development: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=40651208&postcount=8

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  • ph0oky

    That reminds me, where is my Google Play Games app?!

  • Sirx

    Hopefully more than 4 developers across more than 5 obscure games will actually incorporate the service, unlike Google Play Games >_>

    • nsnsmj

      Plenty of games on Google Play use Google’s game services already. Also, why would they use Amazon’s game services on the Google Play versions of their apps? It can’t integrate with the rest of Android like Google’s services.