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The Droid Life Show Episode 29 is Your Pre-July 4 Party Starter


The weekend approaches, have you listened to the Droid Life Show episode 29 yet? The live show went down Wednesday night, but both video and audio replays are ready to kickstart your weekend. After all, you need tech prep as we head into the shortened holiday week, don’t you? Yes, of course you do.

During episode 29, we talked a lot about the future of Motorola (including new Ultra phones), the newly released Google Play Edition devices, Sony’s ridiculous Xperia Z Ultra tablet phone, the LG G2, Samsung’s new LTE-Advanced Galaxy S4, delays for NVIDIA and the SHIELD, and our favorite apps and games of the moment. It was another great time.

Also, we won’t have a show next week, since again, it’s a holiday week.

Make sure to catch us live as well when you can, every Wednesday night at 6PM PST.

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  • Bob

    Does anyone watch this FACKWORS? I commend you for trying.

  • Michael

    So, since I already watched this, can you supply me with something else? Maybe a new phone?

    • Joy E. Allen

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  • storm33x

    So the segment when they are talking about resolutiuons on the various phones. I predict that Moto will release a “purple” Droid Ultra Razr Maxx Hd with 4K resolution. Not 1080p but instead 4K. And it will be powered by the same processor in the new PS4. What do u think of this Kellex??

  • Thomas

    This show was “top dog” 😉