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Friday App Sales: HD Widgets, 10000000, Sprinkle, Combo Crew and More

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Friday means it’s time for us to find some sweet apps to keep us busy with over the weekend. Today, there appears to be no shortage of good titles to choose from, including some games/apps that we have talked about plenty of times. There is the pro version of Beautiful Widgets, as well as HD Widgets, another exceptional widget app for Android.

For games, there is Reckless Raving 2, 10000000, Sprinkle and Anomaly Korea. All good games that should keep you very happy. 

App Sales:

Plenty of good ones here to keep you busy this weekend.

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  • xihao855


  • Chris

    i was seriously looking for Reckless Raving 2, it sounded like fun

  • Josh Hendrix

    Final Fantasy 3 is half priced too. Still 8 bucks but you can easily put 60+ hours into an RPG like that.

  • Geoff Johnson

    Anyone else think the “10000000” was in reference to HD Widgets? lol

    • Emily

      I did but then I realized it was the game which I picked up from Amazon’s free app of the day. And I have to say I love it. It’s your typical Bejeweled/Candy Crush with a twist, and some skill involved. Time and thinking fast is really of the essence which makes this addictive genre game even more addictive

  • EvanTheGamer


    Purchased Hyperlight and Earth and Legend yesterday. Played a bit of Hyperlight and it’s freakin’ insane. It’s full of crazy ‘psychedelic’ space arcade shooter action and offers some cool techno music. Get it! (Best on a tablet(N7) I reckon).

    Haven’t really played too much of Earth and Legend yet so can’t comment.

    Combo Crew looks interesting, may have to pick that one up today.