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Video: Quick Look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 Wireless Charging Kit

samsung galaxy s4 wireless charger

The Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging kit finally went on sale at the beginning of June for a not-so-cheaply-set price of $90. We got a hold of one today to show off in case any of you had plans on picking one up, but were waiting to hear more details. So, here is a quick look at both the charging cover ($40) and the charging pad ($50). 

The first thing you notice after unwrapping the charging cover is that it’s not as thin as the standard back. That’s not surprising, since it likely houses a charging coil that when touched to the charging pad, charges your phone. So if you were hoping to swap out the standard back for this charging cover and not add any thickness, that’s just not going to happen. This will also mess with the fit in your case should you use one. In fact, I tried to slap the phone into a Ringke Slim and realized immediately that it wasn’t going to fit. So if you upgrade to the charging back, wave goodbye to a case.

I noticed initially that the new back cover feels a bit stickier than the original back for my GS4, but that could also be because I just pulled a piece of sticky plastic off of the back. Hopefully it stays this way, since the slippery battery cover of this phone can be a turn-off.

The charging pad is exactly what it sounds like – a pad that charges your phone. It’s a flat piece of plastic with a soft-touch top and a rubberized non-slip bottom. There is one microUSB port at the top, along with a status light to show if your phone is charging or not.

In order to use the two together – can’t believe I’m typing this – you attach the charging cover and then set it on the charging pad. That’s it. Oh, don’t forget to plug the pad in. Boom! Wireless charging.

Samsung Shop:  Charging Pad | Charging Cover

You can find the combined kit in our accessory store with decent shipping rates.




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  • Gary Pasler

    Has anyone found a case that will work over the Samsung wireless charging back? This is the only thing I don’t like. Leave it to Sams. to make the back different enough..

    Do note that the 50% off coupon you get for registering your device, will get you 50% off EVERY ITEM in your cart (under 50 ea) – I got back & 2 pads for $70!

    • Cif

      You can go on eBay and get a silicone one for like 5 bucks. It covers up the buttons on the sides of the phone which made it hard push them. So I took a Razer and cut the sides of just where it covered the buttons up. It’s not perfect but it works well for me. And I love the wireless charger. If you register your phone on Samsung, you get 50% off any accessory under $50. Use it on the charging pad to save 25 bucks.

  • lensgrabber

    Would like to know if this will charge through a thin silicon skin or if you must go naked all the time.

    • Cif

      Yes charges through my silicone case.

  • beyeg

    I received the the samsung qi charger for fathers day and absolutely love it. the downfall of my thunderbolt was when the microusb went bad. that being said, i have never been a case guy, but have actually enjoyed having the slim case on my S4 and now am very nervous that I am going to drop this very expensive phone w/o a case on it because of the larger charging back.

    I asked samsung via twitter about cases that fit the qi back and was told that I was SOL.

    I am going to try to amazon product and see how that works – assuming that it will still work with my charging base.

  • Simon

    Please remove the blue protective plastic off your SIM and MicroSD card slots.

  • jim

    total waste of money,plug it in and save 90 bucks, just proves that a fool and their money are soon parted

  • thedanks

    FYI, I have been using the best case for this phone (SPIGEN NEO HYBRID) with OEM wireless charging back cover for weeks without a problem. Slight bump, doesn’t bother me at all and still fits flush. Both volume and power buttons work perfectly.

    • coolsilver

      Any pics? I have same case and been considering this.

  • Faber

    $90 = NO.

  • Harley

    Will the charging pad work with any phone that has wireless charging built in or a wireless charging back available to buy?

    • James_75

      Yes as long as the phone is using the qi standard.

      • Harley

        Thanks sir. I’d ask the retailer but they say yes for everything. That makes it not as bad on dishing $50 out if you can keep reusing it on any phone with qi stantard until it junks out.

  • ChuckDz3

    I really wish wireless charging would take off. Or the pogo pin technology. Something to get us away from Micro USB connections, they take a beating and every single phone I have had this is the first thing that goes bad. We need alternatives!

    • chris420o


  • NorCalGuy

    How is this better than having the wire? The pad makes the battery hotter than usual and you cant move the phone while its on the pad and I would also assume that it rake quite a bit longer to charge. And yet with my old blackberry charger I have like 10+ feet to move around while the phone is charging. Until I can put some distance between the phone and the “wireless” charger its just a bad money pit.

    • LionStone

      In the morning my phone is only 85°, not hot at all for being on the charging pad for 6-8 hrs overnight.

      • NorCalGuy

        That would be because you phone has finished charging, meaning no more heat transfer, by then or i would hope so after 6-8 hours.

        • LionStone

          Doesn’t matter if it’s charging, that alone doesn’t get it hot. Even when I’m tethering/charging on the LG plate it doesn’t get hot. I did see my phone get hot when I was streaming Pandora while lying on the plate, but because the sun was hitting hit through the window. Moved it over, crack the window, it’s good. And even while tasking and charging on the plate, it will continue to charge, unlike those pogo pins on the Gnex. I think with heavy use while charging, haven’t tried that, it’ll probably get hot, like streaming a movie.

    • Dominick White

      The charging times are not that much different, I was say the wireless charger takes about. 30 minutes to a hour longer if anything

  • First of all they both shouldn’t be sold separately and second of all it’s too freaking high!

    • tomn1ce

      Did you mean expensive -_-

      • Expensive, high, who cares???? You got the gist of what I was saying, so just leave it at that!

  • Shawn Pourhosseini

    What if we have the S-view Cover..and like that but would enjoy wireless charging..am i SOL?

    • James_75

      Just buy a qi strip off Amazon or eBay and install under the S view cover. It’s a tight fit but it still fits.

      • ScoobySnack

        Does it still charge with a qi strip when the S-View cover folded back?

  • Zack Kolev

    I got the wireless charging back cover for my Tmo GS4 (recent convert from VZW to Tmobile, so far I’m glad I did it) and use it with the Nexus 4 wireless charging orb. It works great! I like that it keeps the phone at an angle, making it much easier to see it on my nightstand. Grips the GS4 well and seems to charge well. Don’t think its quite as fast as plugging it in directly to the wall adapter.

  • Thomas

    I’m thinking about buying just the back cover w/ my 50% off coupon code since it covers the camera lens. I still haven’t taken the original plastic off it as my buddy did on his & its already scratched pretty bad.

  • EC8CH

    Ditch the carrier branding at the same time… bonus!

    Takes me back to the days I was pumped to buy a GSM battery cover for my VZW G-Nex to ditch the carrier branding only to be bitterly disappoint.

    • Back in the day when we were young.

      • Bionic

        We were merely freshman

        • FAL_Fan

          Was just listening to that song yesterday…ah the memories…

  • Ryan

    Too expensive and too bulky. My LG Optimus G Pro comes with wireless charging just gotta buy the pad which is $40. I think wireless charging is over rated honestly.

    • Bionic

      agreed, how hard is it to simply plug in your USB charger? Not only that, but Samsung uses 2 amp chargers which are very fast, I highly doubt wireless charging comes close to those speeds.

      • Ryan

        Agreed. Wireless charging is only about 80% effective and these new super phones need so much power. Just be careful when plugging and unplugging your device not that hard.

        • EC8CH

          The pogo pins always seemed like a good idea to me… unfortunately I have ZERO first hand experience with them even though my phone has them.

          • Bionic

            my N7 has them and its like why did they bother putting them there?

          • EC8CH

            I forgot about the N7 pogo dock, I could have bought one of those. I was thinking more about my VZW G-Nex, for which a pogo dock would have been much more useful.

          • NorCalGuy

            The pogo dock for the gnex is cool if you are not using the phone but if you have it open for navigation and music the pogo pins just can keep up with charging the phone. You actually end up loosing battery while your phone gets super hot in the dock, for all its worth its a pain, it can take a min or two just to get it set up so the pins match and the volume/ power rockers are not being pushed (any CDMA gnex dock is just a modded gsm which is slightly thinner). So just to go to the grocery store prob not but long road trips it gets better just don’t expect your phone to be charged when you get there.

          • LionStone

            For the dock, it’s pretty nice but I wish it had more angle, it’s too upright.

        • James_75

          80% effective? My phone charges to 100% no problem on a qi charging pad… yes it takes longer to charge but it’s either charging while I’m sleeping or while I’m busy working at the office so it doesn’t matter how quickly it charges.

          • Ryan

            It charges to 100% lol. Just takes a little longer. It is nice to plop it down at night.

      • James_75

        It’s not hard at all… but, once you have a qi charger on the desk at the office and the nightstand at home it becomes super convenient to just plop the thing down and do nothing extra. It really is one of those things that you don’t appreciate until you have it.. I came from the DNA to an S4 and it took a few weeks for my Qi strip to come from China and I missed being able to use it.

      • LionStone

        For me I charge my DNA typically once a day, at night, so I don’t care if it takes a little longer than a cord. However, grabbing it for a call or whatnot at beside, then plopping it back is more convenient than dealing with a cord. Don’t need any light to place it on the charging pad as you would to plug in (if the lights are already off) and no need to focus carefully to make sure it’s the right side up. It’s a small convenience, and has more benefit when it’s built in. Tomorrow I’m getting the mom in law an HTC Window phone 8, has it built in as well, plugging in will be one less thing to do, nothing wrong with that 🙂

    • Dominick White

      It’s more fir the convenience, than anything else. It so much easier to just pick your phone up without having to unplug it when you are in a rush to get out the door for work.

    • Will Frame

      The Optimus G Pro is a great phone and highly underrated. But part of the reason I wanted it was for the built-in wireless charging.

      It’s really not that overrated. It’s something that should honestly be more mainstream than it is, especially on phones with covered ports. It should never require you to spend $40 to get it working (assuming you have the wireless charging pad already).

      I got my back for half price directly from Samsung. All I did was register my GS4 on the site and they sent me a coupon. I’m not all that thrilled with the fact that it adds thickness, however. Does that mean the Optimus G Pro would be thinner if it didn’t have it? I have a hard time believing that. And I picked up a Nokia wireless charging pad for $20 on Dailysteals, so you can get going with wireless charging for pretty cheap if you shop around.

  • Bionic

    Too expensive, and I would have to get rid of my case.

    • James_75

      If you get the qi strip (Amazon/eBay for cheap!) it fits under the stock cover and your cases still fit no problem. My S4 has a Ringke Fusion case and Qi all with the stock cover in place.