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Verizon Reaches 500th 4G LTE Market, Now Covers 99% of 3G Network

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This morning, Verizon announced that with the activation of Parkersburg, West Virginia as a 4G LTE market, they have reached 500 markets in total. But more importantly, their initial build-out of 4G LTE in “substantially complete” and now matches up to more than 99% of their 3G network. In terms of people, Big Red serves LTE speeds to 298 million people across the country, which is about 95% of the U.S. population. They are indeed the leader in 4G LTE coverage.

The initial goal was to reach this state by the end of 2013, but early in the year Verizon adjusted plans after realizing they were months ahead of schedule. We’re now at the end of June and the initial workload is complete – I guess that means it’s time for VoLTE?

For reference, AT&T has now reached 315 LTE markets as of yesterday.

Via:  Verizon

  • AJ McGee

    Still out in the cold for 4g. Typical. It was over a year after 3G was finished that I was able to get it so in a year when they roll out 5g I might have 4g. Lol

  • buck

    I lose 4g signal constantly in a big downtown metro area and reverts to 3g. Brand new note 2. Work still needs to be done before they can even dream of volte

  • Tyler Bowden

    I drive between GI and Lincoln all the time on I80 and there is absolutely no 4G and it’s a major East Coast – West Coast corridor!

  • Grizzly

    still 3g at my house. go down the street..BOOM 4g…

  • duke69111

    I can see a Verizon Tower from my parents porch (Verizon Confirmed it was theirs) which is less the a mile from the house and no 4G.

  • duke69111

    That’s a total crock. It only looks that way because their 4g lte map shows a large portion of the country as 4G LTE Extended, which means you might be able to connect to 4G, but most likely cant. I hate these articles.

    • Trevor

      Don’t shoot the messenger. Droid Life is only reporting what Verizon is putting out there.

      • duke69111

        I know. These types of articles just irritate me. We’ve reached 99% of the users, however if you leave your home, your screwed. I would like to know what % of land area in the US is actually 4G LTE covered?

        • Trevor

          Yeah, I know what you mean. I find it hard to believe that 99% statistic as well.

        • Franklin Ramsey

          I think it is actually required that most of their users leave their home to get a 4G signal, just not their yard. I know I have to step outside to get 4G.

  • Destroythanet

    There’s a Verizon dead zone on my way to work. My Pandora always cuts out when I get there. I must be a One-Percenter lol.

  • FWGuy

    FYI — Those LTE only phones will be able to make a call if roaming or out of the country.
    I was in Mexico and it was CMDA and 3G only connectivity.

  • FWGuy

    I had to put a Verizon ground-station in my house to get reliable calls and data connection and I do not live way out in the country.

  • FWGuy

    In Texas I still find plenty of locations where I only get 3G Service and there 4G service is getting very-very-slow, with long delays (breaks) in data transmission !!

  • Daniel Aceves

    since when is this 99%?????????

    • duke69111

      I really wish they would color code each service in a completely different color. Then you could clearly see where each service is.

    • Jonbo298

      Their zoomed out map is a complete lie. That map shows the Des Moines, IA area and west towards Omaha show 4G the entire way. Zoom in enough and you see holes on I-80.

  • TKO

    I’m in the middle of a donut in central Il. 8 miles in any direction is 4G. Stupid 3G where i spend most of my time. Sick of it.

  • lameverizon

    matherfacker verizon false advertisement dead zone outside of my house……..

  • mcdonsco

    I know this is a population thing they are citing, but still, if it were 99% shouldn’t that mean 3g only is extremely rare even when in the boonies? Yet, I see 3g only all the time, even in populated areas (I’m usually in East Portland OR, suburbs and rural areas).

  • Still no 4G for me. I’m so sick of waiting on Verizon. US Cellular is the only carrier in town with 4G LTE.

  • Too bad I had the worst experience with Verizon while I was in Vegas and San Diego. I rarely had 4G coverage indoors in both cities. I need them to strengthen it now, instead of just offering it.

  • supermiah

    HWY 61 in Missouri!!! 1X the WHOLE WAY!!! I would even take 3G there. Between St. Louis and the IA Border.

  • dtm4

    I am frequently getting knocked down to 3G in Detroit, so there are definitely some coverage issues still. Of course I have a Gnex, so maybe it’s just the crappy radio in my phone too, but coverage isn’t what it should be in a major city.

  • Justtyn Hutcheson

    Unfortunately, they also announced that they have pushed back VoLTE to 2H2014, with the first LTE-only phone in late 2014. And they won’t start refarming their 3G spectrum until mid 2015. Sad day.

  • omgitzjose

    I was in Miami for 2 weeks and Verizon has horrible LTE coverage there!

  • jaysynn84

    yeah how bout you hit the damm switch to turn my town into 4g instead of just having it listed as 4g on the site map. jerks

  • Bionic

    We all hate Verizon but let’s be honest. As far as their network goes, you certainly get what you pay for.

    • ddevito

      that’s debatable

    • LiterofCola

      Right you are

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      I’ve been with verizon forever.. And I’m starting to think otherwise. I have a few friends on AT&T and a few on T-Mobile and a few on Sprint. Lately I keep having signal issues and my friends aren’t… Sure when I have good signal and with LTE my internet is way faster than theirs.. but I just keep running into places where I get no connection at all!

      • Brandon Golway

        I switched to T-Mobile a month ago after having Verizon for 5 years and I have no regrets. My bill is about the same but I get so much more for my money. My signal strength isn’t that great compared to Verizon but the data speeds definitely kick the crap out of Verizon. T-Mobile is also upgrading their towers at an alarming rate, I think they were just messing around yesterday because in an area where I had EDGE I now have HSPA! The odd thing was that about 1,000 feet from my house my signal strength was -55 dbm (pretty much perfect) but when I got to my house it was about -88 dbm, when I went inside it was about -93dbm. Once they put in LTE that will definitely change though. Another great thing about T–Mobile is that if you have a crappy signal at your house, it doesn’t matter if because you can do Wifi calling, it only works on the stock rom though 🙁

      • jnt

        I switched to T-Mobile for a few months and while the experience wasn’t bad, it still couldn’t touch Verizon’s customer service, and when we traveled to east Texas, there was no coverage – no voice, nothing at all – in places where we should’ve at least been able to place or receive a call. With Verizon, we have solid connectivity all the way. Not all LTE, but a lot, and nothing less than 3G. Obviously this is one region, but we’ve driven from Dallas to Colorado and experienced the same in some pretty remote places. So I’m with @Bionic on this one. In the almost 5 years we’ve been with Verizon (less that stint with T-Mobile), I’ve never had a dropped call (edit: that I can remember anyway) and the data connectivity has always been consistent – not always the fastest, but definitely the most reliable.

      • Trevor

        I really like that AT&T’s LTE fallback is actually decent 3G (faux 4G) unlike VZW’s terrible CDMA network. Once my contract is up in December, I will definitely weigh the pros and cons between the two carriers.

        • Diablo81588

          ATT’s “fallback” 3G network is less than 2mbps in the houston area. I consistently get over 1mbps with EVDO on Verizon..

          • Trevor

            That’s good for Verizon’s 3G. I’ve always had terrible speeds with anything other than LTE. Hopefully in another couple years it will be a non-issue anyway once VoLTE is around and their network is 100% LTE.

    • T4rd

      Yeah, their network, coverage and unlimited data is the ONLY thing keeping me (and I’m sure most people here) with them. If they ever lose any of those advantages to another carrier, I’m going to leave them. Their policies and plans have just gotten way too retarded.

      • hkklife

        Not just their policies and their plans—their phones and support policies are retarded as well!

        Seriously, if AT&T wanted to REALLY put the smack down on Big Red, they would bring back a truly unlimited LTE plan–no throttling, no caps, no B.S. Charge a solid premium for it ($40-$50/month, tethering included) and they’d probably steal a TON of users. Even if they did it as a limited-time thing (holiday or back to school 2013 would be ideal) , a lot of people would probably pay an ETF to Verizon to get on AT&T and their improved fallback 3G/pseudo 4G speeds and their VASTLY superior phone selection (not to mention ability to BYOD such as the new Nexus Experience handsets etc).

  • Greg

    still no 4g for me in the sticks…..

  • aye_winchell

    Right now i’d be happy with 1x, apparently their lease agreement with AT&T ended before they were able to get their own towers built or whatever, so now we have no coverage whatsoever, and won’t for “several” days. What the definition of “several” is, is completely up for debate.

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      Why would verizon have a lease agreement with AT&T..? No verizon phones will connect to ANY of AT&T’s frequencies automatically. (Unless you have inserted a GSM sim card into a verizon global or LTE phone OR turned on GSM roaming in the settings on a global phone)

      • Rich Mulvey

        Cell companies lease tower space from each other all the time. In many places, whoever owns the tower is legally required to lease to other companies so that the number of visible support structures is minimized.

        It has nothing whatsoever to do with being able to connect to different networks.

        • aye_winchell

          Also in Montana there can be a limited number of good placed to actually physically put the towers, so thats a reason its done up here sometimes, someone made a business decision, fine i can live with that, but it would have been nice to get a heads up.

        • monkey082506

          It’s not always just the tower space either. I worked for a fiber company that planned the routes of cell service. On multiple occasions Verizon would lease fiber from one CO to another if they had nothing in between. Same with AT&T, I didn’t see it much with T-Mobile and Sprint though, mainly because the lease cost is outrageous.

        • Nathaniel Newman

          Yeah VZW built a new CDMA/LTE tower in my area 4 years ago, prior to that it was 1X only, (try streaming radio on that!). Then after it was built they launched 3G, that was in 2008. Then in 2012 (?) They upgraded the tower for LTE. Now this year the leased the space to AT&T for a small site carrying GSM 1900 and LTE.

      • aye_winchell


        Im not making this up, this happened when Verizon bought Alltel, Alltel was cdma, Verizon was forced to divest and sold the Alltel business too AT&T in placed where verizon already had service, as a part of that agreement they signed a 3 year lease agreement to allow verizon to roam on there towers, dont ask me how, but that is what happened, in the article they are talking about one specific place but its like this all around montana, mostly on the outskirts of cities. Im just saying a heads up would have been nice, we have resolved it with an extender that plugs into the internet, it actually covers most of the buliding pretty good, but its not a long term solution, if we lose internet we lose all communication, phone, email and cell.

      • Diablo81588

        They share towers, not radios.

    • Brandon Golway

      Knowing Verizon’s usage of “soon” it could be six months lol They’ve been telling me for close to two years that’d we’d be getting LTE soon.

      • aye_winchell

        They’ve altered the deal, pray they don’t alter it further. 🙂

        • Brandon Golway

          I no longer give a crap about Verizon, I switched to T-Mobile 🙂

          • aye_winchell

            i wish i had that option, we have Verizon and AT&T, and AT&T here sucks so bad i already left them when they went from alltel to at&t. so im SOL.

    • Nathaniel Newman

      A local GSM provider has some of my area land locked. Where they hold all the contracts and other providers CANNOT build towers so it’s not just no 4G. Its NOTHING, no service of ANY kind from VZW. T-Mobile and AT&T have roaming agreements with this company but NO CDMA!

  • Greg Morgan

    My coverage in Seattle feels like Tmobile’s Edge Network. Everywhere I go, 5 bars of LTE and I only get 1Mbps if I’m lucky. :/

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      The last time I was in downtown Seattle I had the same problem!! (I’m so glad I don’t live anywhere near downtown) I was down there for Supercross a couple months ago. I couldn’t get a single web page to load with full bars showing of LTE.. I can only imagine that is the case during any event… YIKES

      • Greg Morgan

        Yes and unfortunately I work downtown everyday. I’ve contacted Verizon Support many times, but regardless of what I tell them, they just give me the same “there are no issues currently in Seattle” BS.

    • timrcm

      1Mbps would be INCREDIBLE (and impossible) for EDGE, lol. Be glad you have signal at all.

    • Trevor

      And didn’t Verizon promise download speeds of 5-12 Mbps?

      • aQuickBit

        I’m getting that out in east bumbf*ck nowhere-ville.


        I graduated high school with a few Amish kids if that gives any indication as to how far out there I am. I tethered my GNex to my 8X and ran the test at the same time on both devices.

        • Trevor

          Nice! I’ve found that their LTE speeds are sort of hit or miss. Really depends on location. Hopefully now that the LTE rollout is done, they’ll work on making it stronger in existing locations.

  • Cory_S

    I’m still constantly falling off 4G even in coverage areas. They keep expanding outward without ever filling in the holes. My entire block at work is a Verizon deadzone, you don’t even get 3G here.

    • Lakerfan

      I would agree with this assessment. Verizon 4g is great where you can get it but there are still lots of coverage holes that don’t appear to be filled anytime soon. Saying 99% coverage is very suspect…

  • Col_Angus

    They just rolled out 4G in Plattsburgh, NY last week, but apparently it isn’t “official” since it’s only 2 towers.

  • Jon

    T-Mobile? ….crickets

    • Diablo81588


  • cb

    My S3 begs to differ.

  • MichaelFranz

    Now they just need to beef it up. I may be being greedy but i find myself still in my area in hit or miss spots for 4G and 3G.

  • Alex

    They may have 99% population coverage but definitely not 99% of the land area of the 3g network. Tons of places I’m still on 3g

    • Taylor Abrahamson

      Yeah. I think it means that 99% of their current customers have have LTE at their place of residence. which is much easier of a number to reach compared to 99% of the physical area covered by current 3G.

      • Franklin Ramsey

        More like 99% of their current customers at their place of residence, if they are standing outside. I know as soon as I step indoors at my house, it switches from 3 bars of 4G to 2 bars of 3G.

    • geedee82

      Went on a road trip last weekend and there were tons of places I was only on 1X! So they’ve still got a ways to go before VoLTE.

      • Geoff Johnson

        You were probably roaming

        • geedee82

          I was definitely not roaming, if I was then I would have mentioned that. I was connected to Verizon the entire time, never an extended network.

          But even if I was, these were major interstates I was traveling on, if I was roaming THAT OFTEN throughout the east coast and the south east then that would just prove even more why Verizon still has a ways to go before VoLTE.

    • danyay

      I wonder if some of these remote towers have the backhaul right now to roll out LTE if Verizon even wanted to.

    • geocab

      I get spotty 4G at my house and sometimes drop calls. I don’t live in the sticks, but my area is a Verizon dead zone.

      • Diablo81588

        Indoors or outdoors?

        • geocab

          The 4G thing is both indoors and out, the dropped calls are all in house.

          • Diablo81588

            Sounds like you have interference in your house. I haven’t dropped a call in four years since I switched back to Verizon from useless AT&T.

    • Raven

      Yeah, I call BS on this. I have recently been driving across both North Dakota and Texas and found myself on long stretches of road and going through various towns where I had good 3G, but no 4G.

      • aQuickBit

        But the fact that you could get 3G out there is still a pretty darn good thing and nothing to scoff at. Not sure Sprint or T-Mobile would even get service out in some of those areas.

      • michael arazan

        No Highway outside of a city or town is covered by 4G. I have driven across the midwest interstate highways and never get 4g unless I’m with in 2-4 miles of a large town or city.

        Having a 4G only phone is going to suck if you drive any where out side of a large populated area.

  • NeilOMalley

    I am the 1% 🙁

    • Brandon Golway

      So was I, that’s why I switched to t-mobile. I was tired of Verizon lying to me and telling me I’d get LTE soon in my area, it has been a year and a half since they first said we’d be getting it “soon”. T-mobile will have LTE there before Verizon does!

      • NeilOMalley

        I live out in the sticks. Verizon provides good service out here. The nearest T-Mobile service is 25 miles away. Horrible Sprint, and extremely spotty AT&T service. I can get Verizon service 10 miles out into the woods. I’m going to be with them for the foreseeable future whether I like it or not.

        • TSY87

          This is the sad truth for most people on verizon… you pay a premium, deal with their terrible phone selection, but you can’t really complain about their coverage (there are exceptions obviously).

        • TSY87

          This is the sad truth for most people on verizon… you pay a premium, deal with their terrible phone selection, but you can’t really complain about their coverage (there are exceptions obviously).

          • NeilOMalley

            I get a good discount on my bill from my work. As far as phones go, yes they don’t always have the best selection but as long as they have top end devices such as the S4 or HTC One I will be happy as I will just root and ROM them immediately anyway. Lets just say I’m neutrally content.

          • bryce elliott

            Verizon actually has a pretty good phone selection if you ask me

        • Brandon Golway

          Damn that sucks man! Once your closest T-Mobile tower gets upgraded to LTE you can probably switch 🙂 I think LTE reaches about 30 miles, it does at least 20 because that’s how far I am from my LTE tower at work. They also have wifi calling and texting to make up for their crappy coverage. Just something to think about….

          • Tim242

            No cellular technology reaches more than 10-14 miles.

          • Nathaniel Newman

            Not since the Analog days has a cellular signal reached that far!

      • Diablo81588

        No they won’t.

    • mechapathy

      I’m sorry, but I lol’d.