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Thursday Poll: Are You Covered by Verizon’s 4G LTE Network?

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This morning, Verizon announced that the build-out of their 4G LTE network is “substantially complete” and that it covers 99% of their 3G network. This news comes right on schedule with what Big Red told us earlier in the year, but even though they claim to be 99% of the way there, we are still hearing from some readers who are still only in 3G territories. So to get a feel for Verizon’s coverage, at least in the DL community, we thought we’d toss out a poll to get your feedback.

Are you covered by Big Red’s LTE network or not? Simple “yes” or “no.”

Are You Covered by Verizon's 4G LTE Network?

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  • Brandon Golway

    I dropped Verizon last month, but I know this is still a big, fat NO.

  • Higher_Ground

    Yeah that sounds like BS to me. I mean I’m technically in a 4G area but when I’m at home I often get kicked over to 3G. If it was actually 99% coverage than ending up on 3G should be virtually unheard of. Then again, as I’ve been saying with a lot of things lately, it’s probably at least somewhat the fault of my phone (Gnex).

  • brinox

    covered when I’m outside AND at the top of a decent hill.. VZW would call that covered I’m sure

  • drathos

    I need a “Theoretically” option. According to Big Red, I have great LTE coverage, but 90% of the time at home, I’ve got no signal.

    Ironically, when I’m in downtown DC, near the Verizon Center and its big “4G LTE” sign, I’m usually stuck on 3G.

  • steveP

    Yes for both work on Long Island and home in Queens, but I’m not sure 1 bar of signal really qualifies as “coverage”

  • Guest

    I am covered equally by both AT&T and Verizon. Therefore, once my contract ends, I will be going with AT&T because Verizon sucks and I can get a Nexus on AT&T.

  • Geoff Johnson

    I wish Verizon’s coverage map showed signal strength like every other carrier, not just coverage/no coverage. I have no clue if it’s 4 bars or 1 bar.

  • socalrailroader

    They are FAR from done here in NorCal, and in the West. I sit in Redwood Valley, between Ukiah and Willits, both have LTE with VZ, but we’re still EVDO here. Just look at a coverage map of the Western US, it’s full of 3G only areas.

  • Corey O’brien

    Very rural Kansas 10.1 mbps down 2.8 mbps up. Every other carrier is lucky to have 1 bar of 3g. I hotspot my phone and carry 1 computer torrenting and streaming netflix. 1 computer browsing. And 2 other phones browsing. Data use is approximately 140 gigs/month. Yes Verizon definitely covers what I need.

  • artsr2002

    I have a mifi that picks up 2 of 5 bars and speeds range anywhere from .3mb down to a 1.2mb down. Yes, I checked that its set to LTE speeds and not locked the 3G speeds only.

    My friends down the street get much faster speeds on their 4G phones. Sux.

  • John Hopper

    Where was the barely option? It’s a crappy connection where I’m at.

  • tomgillotti

    Did anyone else notice the ad off to the side on here for ‘Recon Jet’, the Google Glass knockoff??

  • Tom Z

    I’m lucky… I’ve had LTE since the beginning living in Chicago. Even in Chicago I get upper 20 megs speeds.

    What really impressed me was the Verizon LTE coverage I was getting on a bicycle ride through the middle of Missouri. I was getting a LTE signal when people with other carriers were lucky if they even had any sort of data and in some cases voice service.

    Yes, I pay a little more for Verizon, but the coverage is worth it. And, I’m not giving up my unlimited data!

  • tomgillotti

    Not even covered by 3G…….

  • Jack Holt

    Verizon here in Montucky is waiving early termination fees because signal towers they were using through AT&T went dead and people ended up having no signal. Now those people can switch to AT&T without problem or losing a lung or kidney.

  • watchthesky

    They added 4G towers in my area earlier this year, but I only get one bar, and half the time I go back to 3G/

  • mikeszekely

    I was covered… until I got fed up with Verizon’s GNexus updates taking way longer than the GSM versions, not being able to buy new unlocked phones from the Play Store, and Verizon figuring that all they need is the latest Galaxy S and iPhone and skipping the best HTC phones. Now I can safely say that Verizon’s LTE network doesn’t cover my AT&T HTC One.

  • Adam Elghor

    i live by a small airport in eden prairie…so cell towers aren’t allowed nearby…cant even send a text in my house

  • Knlegend1

    Not anymore. Yessssssssss!!!

  • harryballs

    Get the Cellmaps app and toggle between 3g and 4g. 99 percent my butt. Not even close! I’m in a town of 9000 at the crossroads of I80 and highway 81, the only north/south 4 lane highway thats border to border inthe US and no 4g for 40 miles. Go figure.

  • Nicholas

    Covered by that congeeeeeested network. I got .9 Mbps down today and .2 Mbps up. Sure I only had 1 bar of 4G service, but when that network was new I was still pulling down around 5 Mbps on 1 bar -__- Miss that…

  • Michael McHale

    Covered in VZW’s ultra slow LTE. yep.

  • T_Dizzle

    The survey is inherently flawed as I am covered by the 4G map at home but only receive 3G coverage. I drive half a mile in either direction and I’m covered by 4G again.

  • Pengwn

    What I consider coverage is a constant signal. What I currently have now is no LTE and sometimes 1 bar of 3G. The majority of the time, I have no signal. I only live about 45 min northwest of Chicago. I looked into their signal extender but I feel that paying for a device to boost your signal, when it’s stated on their coverage map that I should be covered with 3G and LTE, is criminal. I can’t wait until my GNex contract is up and I can dump this terrible provider.

  • XboxOne

    the people that said NO live under rocks

  • mike

    Verizon needs to update the lingering cell sites that only broadcast 3g to 4g lte. Even in an area where there’s solid 4g lte there still maybe a cell site near by broadcasting only 3g which is why phone teeter back and forth sometimes.

  • Andrew Kennedy

    Got LTE coverage In large towns in SE Indiana but all it takes is a 5 minute drive and you can be without any signal on any carrier. If only corn could boost signal…..
    hm might be on to something

  • Wes

    I’m sorry, but I’m tired of the Verizon hating. Yes I don’t think the customer service is that great…but I have to admit that the coverage that I’ve used in both Florida and now the New York/New Jersey area have been excellent. If you’re really tired of paying a little more or can’t stand their customer service…please stop complaining and do something about it…leave, you have many other options…More bandwidth for me 🙂

  • vermont

    Covered in a town of 2000 in Vermont for over a year

  • Nicolas Fuentes

    Sure I’m covered by LTE… but is that the right question to ask?
    LTE is supposed to be better data connectivity, right? It’s not.

    LTE is just referencing which of the 2 networks you’re actively connected to on the Verizon Network. Your bars, dBm, asu, & SINR can be within the acceptable ratios and your data speeds can still work at less than 3G speeds.

    IMO, more coverage means more overloaded towers that destroy the LTE experience.

    Even after referencing their support doc for “4G”? and 4 Support Tickets later, they provided me with no solution for why I am getting 2/2 in an area where I used to get 10+/10+ on an average.


    I’m no pro, I’m just sharing my experience is all.

  • dang1

    I use ~10 GB of the stuff/month

  • Cracker Jack Mack

    I get 16MB Download speeds in remote areas in Idaho such as in a small town I passed through called “Soda Springs”. It’s in the South-Eastern corner not far from Utah. About 3 hours from Salt Lake City, UT. So despite the fact that Big Red screws it’s customers quite often at least they are using some of that money to build-out their network. What I’m waiting for is when we have 99+% coverage with LTE Advanced. Whom ever gets there first will be the real winner.

  • HappyFunRock

    No 4G anywhere here in rural Colorado, at least the south-central portion of the state where I live/work

  • Been covered since the TBolt! Couldn’t imagine a world without LTE.

    • Franklin Ramsey

      Well you don’t look like you are two or three years old, so I am going to assume you have lived in a world without it, hence don’t need to imagine it!

  • I’m in the heart of Baltimore City on my GNex running latest CM10 nightly with 1 bar of LTE and just got this:



    • Jason Kahn

      Wow that’s 3G Speeds, get the same crap speeds in NY

      • My ATT friends get almost 20 down 🙁

        • EC8CH

          My VZW LTE speeds jump from over 30 to less than 1 depending upon the location and time of day. Sure the coverage map is large, but it is far from consistent.

      • Diablo81588

        That’s because you live in overpopulated new York.

      • Dominick White

        Where in NY? If nyc I can understand that with all those people using, 4G phones.. But here in central NY and more up north I am always covered. Took a trip for work from auburn to forestport NY and had 4G the whole way

  • sk3litor

    Its SAYS lte but it took me 45 minutes to download max payne. (1.36g) don’t know what that converts to but it sure seemed slow

    • Justtyn Hutcheson

      Averages out to ~4Mbps, so not great but not terrible over that long of a time period.

      • sk3litor

        Could you explain that conversion rate so I know for myself kind sir?

  • ace

    30 mg down here in middle of nowhere Iowa.

  • Thomas Cholette

    I’m almost always covered in 4G with the exception of a few mile stretch just up the road. My mobile signal always shows in the yellow and I typically have signal strength fluctuating from -90dBm to -110dBm. This is on a Note II. So if you call that covered, then yes. On my Gnex, don’t even ask.