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The Droid Life Show: Episode 29

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We’re back! The Droid Life Show episode 29 goes down tonight in what should be one of our fullest and story-packed to date. We took last week off, but since then a number of important happenings have crossed our paths. We’ve now got Google Play Edition phones available, there have been leaks of Motorola and LG phones galore, Sony dropped a behemoth of a tablet phone on us, NVIDIA SHIELD and OUYA are upon us, and we even have some apps to cover. This should be a good one – join us live!

The show kicks off around 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). A live video broadcast and chat are embedded below. 

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  • yeahstillhaveabionic

    thanks again for another fun show. i would love for one of y’all to sometimes show the phones, apps, etc. that you are talking about on one of your screens.

  • HelloFranklin

    The Droid Razr Maxx HD LTE 4G ADVANCE MINI PRO

  • Franz

    Having Tim not be all the way to the right is blasphemy.

  • needa

    seven to thirteen minutes is normal for those kinds of things, depending on usage. just get you a couple of extra li-po batts and you can have a decent amount of fun before you get bored. and they are called discs. not frisbees. disc golf. not frisbee golf (pet peeve sorry).. and i am surprised they didnt use your drone for target practice.

    i can throw a disc at around 65 to 70 mph. they are hard enough to smack into a tree at full speed without a scrape. i laid a guy out one time because he ran in front of my disc. just saying… you wont be pulling my discs out of the air and you should be mindful of your $300 drone.

    • I think it might be folks like you that make me want to steal your discs 😉 juuust kidding. I’m always mindful of where you guys are hurling your discs. lol

      • needa

        lol. nah. i am one of the nice ones. my home course, hendersonville tn, has pavilions intertwined throughout. lots of kids and such. on the weekends… we always have to be mindful of those doing the reunion and birthday party thing. its a different culture out here in tennessee. we wave at peeps when driving for no reason and hold doors open for people when walking into a business. and we have an rc airfield on the lake side to keep the helis, drones, and planes out of the way.

  • Nexus_FrEak

    Poor Bionic

  • Bionic

    Bionic preparing for invasion

    • Thomas

      Looks like I’m out then 😉

      • TankerTuff

        Yeah every time I clicked view hangout app foreclosed.

    • needa

      sorry about earlier. i should have handled it better.