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Koush Details New PushSMS Feature for CyanogenMod, a Secure Messaging Service


Yesterday evening, Koush took to the official CyanogenMod page on Google+, announcing that he has been in the process of building a brand new messaging service called PushSMS, an “app” that rivals Apple’s iMessage in terms of security. Koush took security and privacy to the next level, enabling users to send encrypted messages, allowing for a greater sense of security when messaging friends and family. 

It gets a little technical and fortunately for those who are somewhat illiterate on this topic, Koush gives a full explanation on the post. Here is a quick excerpt.

I’ve built out a secure/push based messaging plugin for CyanogenMod. Messages between two CyanogenMod will be encrypted end to end and sent over GCM. It’s built into the framework; so it works transparently, even with third party apps. (This is actually one of the cooler points IMO, and I do a lot of testing with GoSMS, etc)

It’s basically PGP (encryption + authenticity) for text messages, built into the system.

The service isn’t quite ready for testing, so don’t go downloading the newest nightlies quite yet. We’ll let you know when it starts getting built into the ROM. For more info on PushSMS, please check out Koush’s post on Google+ by following the via link.

Via: +CyanogenMod

  • MichaelFranz

    What would be really nice is to see the Android team in Mountain view cherry pick from CM 10.1, AOKP, PA and other great Roms. They should cherry pick great ideas like this, Halo, ribbons, PIE, and others and try and incorporate them or improve on them into a future android release. I wish we would see it, but i dont think we will unfortunately

    • Chris

      PAC-man ROM

      • Brandon Golway

        That still limits the usefulness to third-party ROMs. We need it to be integrated into AOSP for it to be truly useful.

  • so can i use this with google voice?

    if not, not interested

  • CaptainHowdy13

    I would rather find out how to get wallpapers to work on my Gnex now that they disappeared this morning. Pure blackness no matter what I do!

    • Brandon Golway

      factory reset.

  • brkshr

    He said he’s trying to work with the developer of TextSecure. So I think there may be hope that anyone can install TextSecure & receive encrypted texts from CM. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.thoughtcrime.securesms&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsIm9yZy50aG91Z2h0Y3JpbWUuc2VjdXJlc21zIl0.

  • asdfasd

    Just what the world needs…another messaging application

    • brkshr

      Actually, it will be seemless for CM users. You use your messaging app like normal. If you and the recipient are on CM it will be encrypted & sent over data. If not, it sends like an SMS. You will never know it’s doing this.

  • fragment

    It’s nice that he’s thoughtful enough to do something like this, I was hoping this is what google hangout would’ve enabled/allowed for. Unfortunately, its not as useful since I don’t know that many people that use CM or a ROM that would allow for PushSMS. People either have iphone/stock android phones, at the very least they have hangouts.

  • elemeno
    • brkshr

      Yes. Koush is actually trying to work with that dev.

  • Unfortunately, I only know one person with a rooted android device. This should be really nice, but I’ll only have one person to text…

    • Eric

      Most people probably have the same situation.

    • Hopefully Koush can get the frameworks and everything bundled into say a GoSMS extension that one could simply install from the Play Store or even his own messaging application that would work cross-device and cross-roms!

    • Brandon Golway

      Exactly what I was thinking. Out of all the people I know that have Android phones, only two that I know of run custom roms. One is my ex-girlfriend and the other is my roommate. It’s a cool feature but it’s only really useful to probably about 5-10% of the Android community.

  • Cory_S

    I know CM is popular.. but I only know 1 or two people who ROM. I would think my case would be typical, but maybe not.

  • Pedro

    Is it open source? Will it be available for all ROMs at some point?
    Edit: the post mentions open source. And the Github location.

    • JoeN

      Key word is Framework methinks.

      • Pedro

        I don’t think a framework change is a real issue for pretty much any current ROM.
        Might slow them down a bit, but code review is good.

  • jnt

    is it integrated with SMS? It sounds like it might be…

    • fragment

      It is, similar to Apple’s iMessage… if it detects that the recipient has CM+pushSMS, it will enable the encryption and they’ll receive an SMS text as they normally would (plus encrypted). Otherwise, it’ll default to standard, plain SMS.