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HTC Releases Kernel Source for One “Google Play Edition”

Galaxy S4 HTC One Google Play Editions

Just as the “Google Play Edition” of the HTC One went live in the Google Play store, HTC went ahead and posted the kernel source for the device. Listed as the “One Special Edition,” you can tell that this is the Google Play Edition thanks to the carrier being “Open Market,” the region showing as “Google WWE,” and type listed as “Stock UI.”

Update:  They have since fixed the site to show “Google Play Edition.”

Hackers and tinkerers, go get some.

Oh, and Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition soon-to-be-owners, they dropped their kernel source earlier in the week. Link down below.

Via:  HTC Dev | Samsung

  • SaidEveryoneEverywhere

    <—-wants the wallpaper.

    • lagnis

      Look for Mood ICS Pro in the Play Store.

  • JoshGroff

    Color changed phase beam live wallpaper?! That’s awesome.

  • chris kilps

    does anyone know where I can get that wallpaper?

    • GAftly8524

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      I believe it will still help
      though as the Sense 5 roms ported from the HTC One have very few issues
      compared to the current AOSP roms. Bluetooth and Audio are biggies.

  • http://www.anandtech.com/show/7107/htc-one-and-samsung-galaxy-s-4-google-play-edition-review-nearly-nexus/2

    That’s irrefutable proof that neither the Google Experience GS4 nor the Google Experience One run Google-updated ROMs. They both run ROMs that come from the OEM and as such, Nexus 4 will still get updates faster. Your updates will lag by a few weeks bare minimum. This should save some of you some money and frustration. Don’t shoot the messenger.

    • Jon

      I personally don’t think that a few weeks, or a month or so of waiting, is that big of a deal. It sucks to have to wait 6 months to a year.

      • Blue Sun

        Still waiting for Verizon & Motorola to push 4.1.X to my Verizon Xoom 4G…

        • Dave

          Ouch….you have given up hope right?

          • No, it’ll get released. The VZW Xoom update has already been released to AOSP. It’s Android 4.1.2, build JZO54L. The update is imminent.

          • Blue Sun

            I had given up hope. 30 days ago DL posted an article about Motorola starting a soak test for Xoom 3G/4G owners. That got me excited that I might actually see the potential of the Xoom maximized. I have tried & tried to Root that SoB, without any luck. Don’t know why it has given me so much trouble.

    • PhoenixPath

      From the link:

      “…but I wager that this means GPe devices will lag behind their canonical Nexus counterparts”

      Hardly what I’d call irrefutable proof…don’t shoot the reader.

      Those I/O devices may have been demo units?

      • Dude, HTC and Samsung released kernel source. They don’t do that for Google ROMs. Google isn’t building or updating the ROMs for these. Demo units don’t matter. Demo units would still run Google ROMs if they were going to run Google ROMs in production.

        Plus, the irrefutable proof is in the fact that the build numbers are not stock Google build numbers. That’s always the telltale signs. That, and the kernel signatures are clearly OEM signatures.

        For minor Android revisions, the updates will probably delay by several weeks. For major Android revisions, expect 2 months. It’ll take a month just for chip manufacturers to update their driver hooks for a new major Android revision.

        Also, in the case of the GS4, it supports the S-View flip cover with the window, which means there’s at least SOME proprietary Samsung code in the actual ROM and not just the kernel. Same with the One. There’s definitely some HTC code in the ROM since the GE One supports Beats Audio.

        These offer the Nexus user experience, but these are not Google ROMs. Buy one or don’t, just know what you’re buying before you shell out that kind of cash.

        • PhoenixPath

          A few things:


          There’s still an awful lot of assumption going on here. My Nexus 10 powers off when I close the case I bought from poetic, meaning there was already some code in AOSP for altering screen state based on the case position. Since they’ve updated the camera app already for these devices, unless you’ve actually looked at the code, you can’t say for sure the screen-state code hasn’t been updated just the same.

          “These offer the Nexus user experience, but these are not Google ROMs.”

          In the case of the initial build, the kernels are OEM, the ROM is Google. Unless you’re a gypsy with a crystal ball, you cannot honestly claim to know what the next update will bring.

          • The kernel does not = the ROM, correct. But the S-View flip cover is not a typical flip cover. IT’s the one with the window that shows you relevant information with the cover closed. There is no support for that in AOSP. That’s Samsung proprietary stuff.

            Also, if they were Google ROMs, they would have Google build numbers. They don’t. JDQ39 is a Google build number. JDQ39.I9505GUEUAMFD is a Samsung build code.

    • LiterofCola

      But in the end you have faster updates for a phone without LTE (Nexus 4)

      • Blue Sun

        This will probably be an accurate statement until November’s release of the Nexus 5.

  • Adam Ropic

    I just recently bought the s4 through at&t, does anyone know how easy it is to get the google edition OS onto my phone?

    • Jon

      Well this was just released today. Give it some time and I’m sure the dev community will figure it out.

      • Adam Ropic

        will that be with or without rooting? im trying to not root my phone

        • Dave

          Rooting is fun, but has honestly become unnecessary now unless you’re just trying to totally customize it. Modern phones, especially your S4 are incredibly powerful and efficient. A custom ROM is going to offer extremely minimal upgrades, if any, beyond normal everyday use and customization. Hope that helps.

          • Adam Ropic

            it does, thanks. i love every feature on my s4 and its im not into the super customizing. im just used to the layout of something on the nexus, had Gnex for 2 years and still have nexus 7. so going away from nexus was a hard transition

          • Mario Williams

            I would suggest just getting Nova Launcher Prime with your S4 and see if that is close enough to the experience you had with your nexus devices. If not, go for the root.

          • Adam Ropic

            i never thought of that, thanks. ill give it a try

          • Jon

            I root my phones mainly just for the hell of it…but I found with my Note 2 and Galaxy S3, that Nova running on top really calmed my nerves in wanting to root. Especially now that you can install Google Keyboard, Calendar, and other apps…you can get somewhat close to feeling like you have stock, while still enjoying some of Samsungs tweaks.

            The problem is when Google releases their next version of Android, that’s when suddenly everyone freaks out cause they can’t get it. And that transition is coming soon. But they have slowed this down to about once a year now it seems. So I think everyone will chill more now.

          • Dave

            That’s what I did exactly.

          • Pedro

            Please compare the latest stock ROM and AOKP for the Nexus 4.
            Then try and make the claim that there are ‘extremely minimal upgrades’.

          • Dave

            My answer was based on performance and battery life. I’ve played with several ROMs on several devices. Paranoid, CM, AOKP, etc…I’d be surprised if you could load 1 or 2 more pages per minute or add an hour to battery life. I realize they are nice, bit the guy wasn’t even sure about ROMing anyway. If people like their features out of the box and are not confident, I usually lead them away. Make sense?

        • Rocco

          You cant flash any RUU without S-OFF… which requires root.

    • ceejw

      Sell your S4 and buy the Google Edition.

  • Michael Harrison

    This will be a big help to CM and other AOSP builds for the One as it will include stuff like the IR blaster which is normally missing from these type ROMs on phones that have them.

    • IR blaster doesn’t work on the stock Android HTC One

      • PhoenixPath

        They said it wasn’t supported…(which could simply mean no AOSP app for it)…that does not necessarily mean there is no driver available.

        We’ll still have to wait and see.

    • Rocco

      Wrong. The IR blaster is not supported with the stock google OS.

      • Jon

        Question, is it not supported, or just flat out not included?

        • Taylor Abrahamson

          AOSP does not support an IR blaster in any way (however the linux kernal AOSP uses technically can see and send messages to the IR blaster hardware)


    I’m sure this will help DNA owners with their AOSP rom building

    • Alex Boro

      Not so much. The One and DNA have completely different CPU’s. The DNA has the S4 Pro and the One has the 600. Also, the DNA runs on CDMA.

      • DNA OWNER

        I believe it will still help though as the Sense 5 roms ported from the HTC One have very few issues compared to the current AOSP roms. Bluetooth and Audio are biggies.

        • DNA OWNER

          It’s possible I have blind hope as well

  • Alex Boro

    Does anyone know if there is a rom or RUU for the google edition HTC One? I’m looking to flash stock android on my regular HTC One.

    • Rocco

      It was literally just released.

  • pubasnacks77

    Does anyone know if Verizon will be getting the Google Edition of the HTC One?

    • LiterofCola

      Nope, no CDMA versions

      • pubasnacks77

        Damn that sucks, thanks for the info

        • Verizon will never get another Google/Nexus Edition phone until they’re completely switched over the VoLTE

        • Jon

          That’s the way it is with Verizon and Sprint. They will always miss out on so many phones since they aren’t GSM.