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SlamBots Hops its Way on Google Play, Features Great Characters and Animations


There have been some good apps and games hitting Android lately, a trend that we certainly won’t argue with. Another great looking game to launch that can be added to the list called SlamBots, brings simple, yet entertaining gameplay right to that phone or tablet of yours. 

The objective is pretty simple – as your character of choice, you continuously bounce around, looking for baddies to squish. But be careful, you want to make sure not to bounce into the boiling lava pit. If you land in that, you are going to have a bad time. Bounce on baddie after baddie to rack up combo points and see how long you can keep the streak going.

It’s free on Google Play, featuring a few ads here and there. Pretty awesome considering they could easily charge a dollar for this.

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  • EvanTheGamer

    Wow, from the trailer, the game does look quite fun.

    Also, honestly, I’d rather have paid a single dolla dolla bill rather than be annoyed by ads popping up randomly. Ah well, ’tis life.

    • hkklife

      Don’t forget the extra battery drain that usually accompanies these ”free” ad-supported titles too…